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A Thanksgiving meal to remember..or maybe not?


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giphy.gif The calmness has finally set itself over the whole of shayol ghul, and delicious smells seeps into the room from the kitchen. The factions are squabbling between themselves like usual.

A young shadowspawn loudly proclaim it smells like stuffed novice. The leader of the dreadlords snorts an drives her fork trough the foolish spawns hand, clearly it smells like roasted lightful..

From the end of the table you can hear the black ajahs wispering eagerly amongst themselves, probably conspireing to some or other crazed plan. 

Lily, the dark one, snickers for herself in the kitchen, then pops her head into the dining room; "dinner is ready my sweets!", she yells over the squabling. 


(Wait is there glass shards in the stuffing? And does the punch taste a little awkward? Did someone "forget" to remove the nails from the nail soup?! ??)

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