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  1. @Jeannaisais Christopher Paolini is planning on writing book 5 in the next year or so for Eragon. @Lavandula Ender's Game is one of my favorite books ever. And if you like it enough there is a series that continues the story if you want.
  2. The Count of Monté Cristo is a good book. I reread most of the Cosmere in last couple weeks before Rythms of War comes out.
  3. Welcome. I'm the M'hale of this Black Tower. I should be around for the foreseeable future.
  4. Happy birthday. I've been sadly neglecting DM.
  5. If you're struggling with tWoK might I suggest reading some of his earlier works first? Warbreaker is usually recommended to be read before or in the middle of Stormlight, and it's his second work and a lot shorter.
  6. Hello there, I'm here and I liked the Mandalorian and I'm excited for the Obi-wan show/movie.
  7. Welcome. Dont forget to check out the clubs.
  8. I ran a second mile today, 20 seconds faster than the last one.
  9. They work the exact same way. As far as I know.
  10. I'm here. I have to do school everyday, so that takes a couple hours. But then I either read, play games, watch YouTube, or listen to podcasts.
  11. @Songstress welcome your new member of the light...
  12. And @Lavandula if you read the pinned threads, that might help.
  13. I remember you. And the other staff have been lazy (jk, I know they have IRL stuff to do).
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