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About Dragonmount

Who we are
Dragonmount.com is a fan-maintained website dedicated to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series. It is an online community of people from all over the world who have come together to experience the series to its fullest.

Our goal is to provide visitors with a website which enriches their experience of The Wheel of Time. We do this by offering news, discussion forums, social media, online clubs, role playing, an online store, games, and much more. The true focus of this site will always be on the community itself and the friendships we share. We hope that this site will be a place where one may come on a regular basis to socialize and meet new people who also love reading these incredible books.

Before his passing in 2007, Robert Jordan himself was one of our frequent visitors to the site. We continue to host his blog, which is occasionally contributed to by his family.

Dragonmount is also proud to be a friend to Brandon Sanderson, the acclaimed fantasy writer who completed Robert Jordan's unfinished book series.

The site is run by Jason Denzel, the site founder, along with Jennifer Liang and their awesome volunteer staff.

We are not officially affiliated with the authors, Robert Jordan's estate, his book publishers, or other rights holders. We are, however, frequent collaborators with all of those groups. Members of our staff have volunteered as beta readers and thematic consultants on various WoT-related projects, including the books themselves.

In October of 1998, Dragonmount opened its doors to the public. The site was founded by Jason Denzel with the help of a number of other people. Our goal back then was to simply provide a place for fans of The Wheel of Time series to come together and discuss the books in a web-based setting. There were originally six Organizations (only five of which had leaders), which were intended to be smaller "clubs" within the larger community. The site was not extremely attractive back then and was very slow loading up, but we still managed to get by.

Over the next few years, after numerous server and internet provider upgrades to accommodate our swelling presence, Dragonmount exploded with popularity and was able to proudly claim to be one of the most successful WoT sites on the Internet. Most importantly though, the website has become home to fans from all across the world. Thousands of people came here (and continue to do so today) on a daily basis to meet up with their friends and to delve in deeper into The Wheel of Time universe. Our site has many stories about the people that come here, and every day a new story is made, and new heroes are sung in story and song. Ask any Gleeman.

Currently, we are in our 9th major revision of the web site and we look forward to all of the exciting things that the future of this site has to offer. Most of the current website was hand-crafted from top to bottom, and no Ogier were hurt during that process.

Disclosure of interest
Dragonmount does not accept money to promote or market The Wheel of Time series in any way. Occassionally we have accepted small tokens of appreciation for our work, such as early copies of the books, or other small promotional items. At times, members of our staff have been a part of, worked for, or led, organizations which had business dealings with those outside groups. For example, in 2011, Tor Books funded a video to advertise one of the books in the series. No profit was made, and every penny was funneled into the movie. (You can view it here, along with a behind-the-scenes feature).

Jason Denzel and Jennifer Liang are both board members of JordanCon, a non-profit organization which accepts prizes and giveaways to help promote the annual JordanCon convention.

Dragonmount has been an affiliate of Amazon.com since 1998. Links from this website which point to Amazon give us a small percentage of the purchase. In addition, we are an official reseller of Wheel of Time jewelry from Badali Jewelry. We make a small profit off each jewelry item for sale in our Online Store. In 2012, Dragonmount became a seller of Tor's DRM-free eBooks, which includes the entire catalogue of Wheel of Time books. We retain a profit off each eBook sale. The vast majority of our website profits go to funding website upgrades, maintenance, and other projects related to the community.

Sound the Horn! The Hunt is on, and may Dragonmount be your hunting-place!

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