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WoT: Season 1 Cast

"There are neither beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning..."

Season 1

Casting Agency

Amazon Prime's Wheel of Time TV show is cast by Kelly Valentine Henry, of the KVH casting agency in London.

Confirmed Cast members

Role Actor
(IMDB entry)
Date Announced
(news article)
Moiraine Rosamund Pike June 19, 2019
Egwene al’Vere Madeleine Madden August 14, 2019
Perrin Aybara Marcus Rutherford August 14, 2019
Mat Cauthon Barney Harris August 14, 2019
Nynaeve al'Meara Zoë Robins August 14, 2019
Rand al’Thor Josha Stradowski August 14, 2019
Lan Mandragoran Daniel Henney September 4, 2019
Tam al'Thor Michael McElhatton November 6, 2019
Logain Alvaro Morte December 4, 2019
Loial Hammed Animashaun December 4, 2019
Thom Merrilin Alexandre Willaume December 4, 2019
Padan Fain Johann Myers December 4, 2019
Alanna Mosvani Priyanka Bose December 23, 2019
Ihvon Emmanuel Imani December 23, 2019
Maksim Taylor Napier December 23, 2019
Unspecified Role Daryl McCormack January 21, 2020
Leane Sharif Jennifer Cheon Garcia January 21, 2020
Unspecified Role Maria Doyle Kennedy January 21, 2020
Liandrin Guirale Kate Fleetwood January 21, 2020
Unspecified Role Peter Franzén January 22, 2020
Kerene Nagashi Clare Perkins January 2020

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