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Fan Mail

Contacting Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan has passed away.

His family still receives fan mail on his behalf. You can contact them via his publisher at this address:

   Robert Jordan Estate
   c/o Tor Books
   120 Broadway
   New York, NY 10271

Robert Jordan's estate does not have public email addresses. We are unable to forward messages or requests to them, sorry.

Contacting Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson is the author who completed The Wheel of Time book series. He is available to be contacted via his website, brandonsanderson.com.

Contacting the producers, actors, or anybody else involved in The Wheel of Time TV show
We are unable to forward messages or requests to the production team or actors from the TV show.

JordanCon is an annual convention held in Atlanta, GA. It celebrates The Wheel of Time and other genre fiction. This event is an excellent time to meet Robert Jordan's fmaily, Brandon Sanderson, and other fans from our community. Many of the Dragonount staff are involved with JordanCon, including Jennifer Liang, the convention chairperson.
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