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  2. Does the One Power prevent pregnancy?

    Just go back and look at any and all of the BA hunter POVs. Or those of any other prominent AS in the later books. Half the greens are described as wearing "deeply plunging necklines that exposed half the woman's bosam" or, they describe some other AS as "you would think she was a green," because of her neckline.
  3. I suppose that's a less "out there" interpretation of it, and would yield to it being a more defensible position. I've always been curious every time they say that any force used against it only makes it stronger. How does the strength of something 'unbreakable' increase, and how would an average person test that? Wouldn't the theory just stop at "that stuff doesn't break" instead of needing to guess at a strength increase?
  4. I don't think the indestructibility of cuendillar implies the absolute rigidity of its molecular structure. We know that the True Power can destroy cuendillar, and we are told that it absorbs any force attempting to break it. To me, this implies that cuendillar's atomic or molecular structure is more like memory foam instead of a rock. You can apply force in an attempt to change or break its bonds, but it will just return to its normal state. Of course, the threshold of force necessary to even change those bonds is probably very high to begin with.
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  6. Haycraftd

    I've been singing a good fourteen years, give or take. And thanks! And I did sing about a farm in that little clip--I sang about Parliament. I'll be singing another set of songs soon--although, alas, none of the songs will be about a farm, although I'm quite sure many farmers and farmhands will have sung said songs. I'll figure things out and give y'all something worthy--my talents are not only in my vocal skills (or lack thereof) and my other musical skills--apart from music, my skill is probably in writing--and I will employ it here. I can't tell you how dull writing a dissertation can get sometimes--but on the other hand, writing something creative is magnificent--even if you're just writing to yourself and have invented someone to talk to in formulating your thoughts, it's like your character runs away from you, you just become a typist.
  7. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    Day Four: Guess the Animal ============== # 10: # 11: # 12:
  8. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    That's the end of Round Three, and here are the answers. # 7: Answer: A Llama Unfortunately, no one guessed this one correctly. # 8: Answer: A Reindeer (or Caribou) Unfortunately, no one guessed this one correctly. # 9: Answer: A Giraffe Congratulations to @blank, @Cross, @Kaylee, @Mashiara Sedai, and @Ryrin for their correct guess! At the end of Round Three, the score is as follows: ================ @blank 5 @Kaylee 5 @Cross 4 @Mashiara Sedai 2 @Ryrin 1 Lots of time to make guesses. On to Round Three!
  9. If cuendillar truly cannot bend or break... Then pushing on one end will move the other end exactly simultaneously. If it had any give at all then a large enough force could bend or break it. If it had any give at all, it would behave like regular matter, and pushing on one end of a cuendillar stick would move the atoms that make it up infinitesimally closer until the pressure wave reached the end of the rod and restored it to its original size. But if nothing breaks or bends it, then the atoms don't move closer when you push it. There's not a pressure wave going down its length. Every atom along its entire length moves in sync, staying exactly the same distance from the others. You've got yourself a faster-than-light communication stick. There's not a lot that could be used for that would impress people in the Third Age, but faster than light communication, even over short distances, could do some neat things for us. Assuming we take everybody at their word on cuendillar's properties, anyway.
  10. Woot! :biggrin: Welcome back! Don't hesitate to give a sign if you need an RP partner! I need to climb up the ranks with my new Novice lol
  11. Tuathan'an List

    yup... the last time I edited it was in 2016. Well I know what I'll do tomorrow evening lol *shakes head at silly self*
  12. true XD Well so far, since we are doing heavy work in the garden we could use a shovel and a rake. This would make gardening way funnier lol
  13. Welcome to the Band Spektre! I hope you'll have a great time with us Our active members will come greet you here in a bit. In the meantime, make yourself at home and don't hesitate to tell us a bit more about you! Remember there are some rules in the Band : no channeling (no no, that's what the witches do, not us) - no spilling your brew (brew is sacred *wise nods*)... >> << Now, what are the other rules again? @dicetosser1
  14. Hey Spektre! Welcome to the Band I am Chae the second in command. Don't hesitate to ask me any question you may have. If you are into music, there are two game/threads where you can already post! Music Game What are you listening to If you want to have a try at writing Jak 'O the Shadows verses, you should have a look here (posting in these threads is a good way to earn points and climb up the ranks *evil grin*)
  15. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    So cute <3
  16. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    Really ? O.O I didn't know shame on me lol But then Blank is the winner lol She said "bingo " first
  17. Mirrors of the Wheel

    I don't think Rand would be any more open to AS. Elayne is still one, and he'd still have the same relationship with Egwene, another AS.
  18. Now that's creative thinking! I love it!
  19. Mirrors of the Wheel

    I agree that Nynaeve would still be the same nurturing figure, but what about Rand? Would he be more mellow? Less suspicious? More open to Aes Sedai help? Egwene would still want to be Aes Sedai, although her impetuousness might be tempered by Perrin's cautious nature. I can easily see Perrin becoming Egwene's warder, and the two forming a T'A'R superhero team. In that scenario, someone else would have to tend to the Two Rivers. Maybe Elayne sends in help and incorporates it into Andor proper?
  20. You could create arbitrarily large forces by interlocking meter-long segments of cuendillar pipe and using it as a lever. Attach a cuendillar container to the fulcrum and have a mile-long lever, and you could probably crush coal into diamonds. If not, add more lever.
  21. political meme's & lolz
  22. I think you're confusing Green Ajah with Berelain and Birgitte...
  23. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia Signups]

    I don't read champs games. I still have PTSD from mine.
  24. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia Signups]

    Actually ^, I don't want to take Kaylee's place, since she already signed up, so I will just help you mod and sort of be a part of this :).
  25. Jurassic World [Basic Mafia Signups]

    Hm...can you promise I will die within a week? My classes start one week from today heh.
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