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  2. Yeah, modern AS really the impressive things (other than Warder bonds, etc) it’s the individuals who are the big exceptions in the comparison. But also AoL AS training was much more comprehensive in general, plus they lived about twice as long without the 3 oaths. Don’t forget, the Forsaken are powerful, well trained, and experienced, but they’re also every bit as human as the modern AS, and several times fall victim to that hubris that they must inevitably actually be better than modern channelers. Obviously channeling groups outside of the AS don’t fall victim to the same issues in ma
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  4. Does anyone know why the Oath Rod caps lifespans at 300? Not sure why, and none of the books I can find say why. If anyone remembers any interviews with RJ or BS, that would be great. Thanks.
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  6. There’s not a limit on guesses, is there? Feel free to guess, if you want.
  7. The problem with the theory of Logain going mad and killing his family ala Lews Therin is that Logain did NOT go mad. Vainglorious, yes. Affected by the taint, no doubt (although I don't recall any such manifestation in the books). Stark raving mad, definitely not. A totally mad Logain could not do any of the things he actually does once he appears in the books if he were that far gone. They are making him a bigger character, but (i hope) not a totally different one.
  8. Well done! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 If you start a discussion as SD suggested, I'll definitely pop in and join in 🙂
  9. @Asha'man Shar'aman I don't think I'm gonna be able to get this ... maybe @Lavandula or @SableSage or @Harldin knows?! Who else is around/might be able to guess this?
  10. @Fano'Lan Redux I don't understand. Now I think I get that you are saying if the WoT first episode is about promoting a personal agenda you'll be done with it; but what would an example of that be? How would WoT promote a personal agenda?
  11. I only recall one personal agenda article given a spotlight on this platform and prefer to not link it
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  13. I've had Prime shipping for years but did not activate the streaming service until I heard about WoT. Not sure what you mean by "Amazon's misleading numbers" but I'd imagine they distinguish between their Prime members and the folks utilizing the streaming service ... not one and the same.
  14. To what article are you referring? Can you link it @Fano'Lan Redux
  15. Cheers Wolfbrother31 - hopefully it's an enjoyable ride. As long as they don't try to portray Faile as some sort of domestic violence inviting victim, the team will get enough rope to hang themselves from me. If the promotion materials and episode 1 present like a particular article on Dragonmount, I won't return for a second episode. Either way, it will be fun for me in the interim.
  16. I think I'd be pretty happy with a trailer; I find it really hard to believe it's coming out this year when there's been virtually no promotion to the wider public. If we could get a trailer say - during the NBA Finals. Oh, glorious that would be!
  17. Most, if not all, of my negativity disappears with a firm release date. The rest I can judge after seeing it. I still have very high hopes that I’ll love the show despite any known and speculated changes.
  18. It's been too long since I've read the series to play this game... need to do a reread at some point.
  19. @Asha'man Shar'aman I think it's probably a borderlander but I don't know ... I'll let someone else guess!
  20. @king of nowhere that's funny! but there's also some voices for success too. So ... let's try to make and add to a list of why we might think that WoT will succeed (I hope!) - Amazon has a PILE of $$$ and is looking to make the next GoT. -Brandon Sanderson praised Rafe and didn't have to do that. Plus he's a good guy who wouldn't lie. -A bunch of people do have Amazon Prime because they want that free shipping = big potential audience (I know I'm in that boat- otherwise I would have to agree with @Beidomon that I would keep pretty much all of the other servic
  21. i have to say, every single concern expressed here make sense taken individually, but when taken all together, the amount of negativity in this board is staggering. so what we learned so far by reading posts - wot will fail because the director is incompetent - wot will fail because the director has no respect for the source - wot will fail because the items don't fit the descriptions enough - wot will fail because they will change the plot - wot will fail because they will not change the plot - wot will fail because of bad release date - wot will fail b
  22. Whether that's true or not, all of the shows @SinisterDeath referenced are legitimately popular shows. And Prime has some other excellent originals as well. WoT is in fine (rich) hands.
  23. The other thing GOT had going for it besides HBO was that it appealed to a broader audience. It was basically just sex, swords, and political intrigue for nearly all of the first season. The series really eased into the supernatural / fantasy elements. With WOT, you are much more immersed in the fantasy from the very beginning - from Trollocs to the “magic.” And the next rebuttal is “that worked fine for Lord of the Rings.” And again, WOT ain’t LOTR. Fantasy can be a tough sell for broader audiences. I’m not trying to be overly pessimistic - I’m just saying the odds are a
  24. Nope, never heard of any of those shows except for Good Omens, and that was because I had already read the Gaiman book and happened to see the ad for the show on Amazon. Again, I don’t care what Amazon’s misleading numbers suggest - I’m pretty sure Disney+ is kicking the crap out of Prime because of their Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney catalogs. Amazon’s numbers are almost surely massively inflated by the free shipping crowd.
  25. You've never heard anyone rave about Invincible? The Boys? Good Omens? The Expanse? I dunno what kind of viewership Disney+ is actually getting, but content wise Prime/Netflix have more (Netflix has the best quality-quantity content, Amazon just has quantity). Disney+/HBO Max are a watch and dump streaming service. The only reason I've kept Disney+ for as long as I have, is we bundled it with Hulu.
  26. I think the single biggest hurdle for WOT TV is that it is on Amazon instead of Netflix or Disney+. I suspect that Amazon’s viewership numbers are extremely inflated. Anecdotally, I know a great many people with Amazon Prime memberships for that “free two-day shipping” but I’ve never heard anyone raving about the latest shows on Prime. It is always Netflix and Disney+. Always. One reason GOT took off is it was on HBO. Which at the time the series started was still a major player in original content creation for cable. GOT quickly became HBO’s flagship series, which played a signifi
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