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  2. Civil War Documentaries (though that's a close one!) Pet a Tarantula or a Porcupine?
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  4. No, you’re right. I’ve experienced this myself. I’m not the same person I was when I was 12 and which characters I identify with has changed too. That’s the nice thing about the Wheel of Time, it may not speak to me the same way it did when I was a kid, but I still find themes and characters that resonate with me as an adult.
  5. I can understand the slaughter of armies brought out to stop them from getting at Laman, that's a given, arms were brought to bear, and battle was made. But the maltreatmen and disdain shown towards civilian commoners is what bugs me the most. Those are the people who had no knowledge of what Laman planned to do before he had the chora tree cut down, could not have stopped him from doing it when he did, and probably didn't even know about it afterwards. All they knew is suddenly these crazy veiled gingers come running down from the mountains laying waste to everything before them, calling them Treekillers. "What frakking tree?" They had nothing to do with killing a tree! Did the rest of the Aiel treat the Shaido who didn't put up with Couladin and Sevanna's BS like absolute crap and blame them for C&S's actions? No (they might not have treated them great, but they didn't basically kick them in the face the way they did to the common Cairhienin). I actually have more respect for the Children of the Light, partially because they stood for something, and partially beacause they were about 20% right (around 1 in 5 Aes Sedai turned out to be a Darkfriend afterall)*. I might not agree with most of their attitudes, actions or tactics, but as a whole they didn't perpetrate wholesale slaughter in the wetlands with poor justification. If someone thinks the death of a tree, not matter what sort of tree, no matter how precious or what it represents, is worth the lives of thousads, tens of thousands or more, then they are seriously messed in the head. One tree is not worth the life of even one human being. Period. And of course the Aiel knew there was no way they would be able to just come pouring over the mountains and into Cairhien to take and kill Laman without armies coming to stop them. Wwhy else would they have come in such numbers if they didn't expect resisitence? How many Aiel does it take to kill one wetlander after all? No, they knew there would be serious resistence, so they knew it would be a slaughter. In that same vein, the whole concept that honor is something worth taking or giving a life for... that's insanity. "Death before dishonor" (as I've heard some say in real life, and in some fictional settings) has got to be the most foolish, asinine, mentally unfit, nigh suicidal statement conceivable to me. That's not to say one shouldn't act and behave with honor, but honor should never be the "be all and end all" of life. Life should be. Life is what is precious, not honor. Honor is a goal to attain and try to maintain. Taking a life for matters of honor doesn't make you a noble warrior, it makes you a cold blooded murderer. Nothing more. Giving your life for honor, whether on the battlefield or in some sort of suicide, that's simply suicide. Nothing more. My take away from the series is that in addition to the tendency to blame an entire nation for the actions of one man with all the power, the Aiel have little care for human life in general, including Aiel lives. To them, like many real world cultures today, life is cheap. And I find that immoral. (Of course, there are a number of cultures/groups in these books that this could be said of as well, just the Aiel are the most egregious offenders in my opinion, but I'm willing to hear arguments for others.) * For that matter, in some ways I have more respect and understanding of the Seanchan even; I do NOT agree with nor condone slavery in anyway, but I understand why they leash the damane after the what?, thousands? of years of channelers ruling over their own petty nations as tyrants. Isn't that what the books tell us Luthair's fleet found when they crossed the ocean? (I'm including the Big White Book in that) Now, sure, the leashing of channelers was a political move by the ruling class, but in the mindset of the underclasses damane definitely needed to be leashed due to their cultural memory of history in their lands.
  6. All those pics are amazing! Thank you my dear bonded! *snugglebites*
  7. I mean Feb 2nd lol! *tacklesnuggle Cass*
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  9. Maybe he needs some Yellow help with those viruses ... LoL
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