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    Three more
  3. Please Be Kind - Rewind

    No, sorry Ryrin. Any other guesses?
  4. Discussion

  5. Discussion

  6. Happy 20th Birthday, Dragonmount!

  7. September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

    Oh, that's good. Spiked!
  8. A Song Of Wolves and Villagers

    If his roommate joins we'll have 13.
  9. Discussion

    I think I'll do the Sting already, otherwise it takes weeks, then I can put up the statistics upto then, and then something by Cher, she'll also have five (alike Moonsorrow). Takes an hour or so, me not being in a hurry.
  10. Happy 20th Birthday, Dragonmount!

    Still waiting for that fan film.
  11. Fallout 76

    I'm on xbox so we good
  12. An event you don't want to miss

    Lol not well. I drove half of the people off and the other half did miserably. In retrospect it was too esoteric. Still dope though. Second attempt two nights ago went far better. Well received.
  13. Fallout 76

    Hard to say. I'm on PC, so theoretically I can play with Xbone, but with Ps4 and crossplay issues, who knows.
  14. Fallout 76

    I had no plans to buy the next Fallout game but this is set in West Virginia. WEST VIRGINIA. These bastards got me hook, line, and sinker. Yeah dude I'm definitely into it. Is it cross-console compatible?
  15. An event you don't want to miss

    How'd the trivia go.... 8 weeks ago? :P
  16. Fallout 76

    I Might be getting this. Since it's going to be co-op, maybe we can organize a DM F76 co-op team, thing?
  17. Fallout 76

    Release date is November 14th, 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One Beta releases in October
  18. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Wow so many good things!
  19. An event you don't want to miss

  20. Suspension of Disbelief

    One thing about Star Wars is that to make outer space battles fun for the audience then you have to suspend some reality. Sound, for example. Few people would want to watch a silent on-screen dog fight for 10 minutes so Lucas adds in the sound of bombs and lasers even though, y'know, space. Gravity, for example. bombs wouldn't just drop like that - a pretty glaring error and one I'm not willing to overlook. Also how Rey & Friends jumped to hyperspace within the gravity well of a friggin planet. But whatevs, I'm more willing to forgive that one and they used it in Last Jedi too. I suppose it's all in what you know, though. Tyz brings up a good point about caloric intake and now that shit is gonna bother me to no end.
  21. Suspension of Disbelief

    Yeah I'm 100% with you on this one.
  22. NFL Discussion

    I need Crowell and the Jets D to stop doing all the things
  23. There are other, less deadly fun things. *pulls out a squirt gun and ambushes Illian*
  24. Kavenough

    Thank you, Lenlo. The creepy “boys will be boys” excuse for sexual assault and “she wanted it” because she was present in the room. How can anyone call that normal?
  25. September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

    spiked apple cider
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