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  2. Hi! I'm a newbie here. I've just finished reading The Eye of the World. I liked it a lot. I am glad to be a part of this community.
  3. O mighty man, tall on the field you stood, no sword in hand and yet men below yield for he wielded the wyrmwood; no axe or weapon slashing; a shield
  4. Welcome aboard. We love seeing new members joining. Hopefully our WT & Warders Group Leader, @Kathleen will be free to come chat with you too. I did see the email that arrived earlier, either Kath or I will check it out. 🙂 I'm away from home at the moment so bear with me.
  5. My favourite WoT character is Jahar Narishma. To quote WotMWiki: Despite being so amazingly strong, being one of only 3 trusted by Rand, and even being foreshadowed in Prophecy, his "screen-time" is very much under-played in the books. I feel that there is much more to Jahar than what we're shown. He's often dismissed as just a "pretty youth", yet he's one of a minute few who stand up to Rand - even shows anger towards him to his face. He also stands up to the Salidar Hall, which could not have been easy for a young male channeler. I real
  6. A Whitecloak and an Asha'Man walked into a Warders' Yard ...
  7. What a terribly sad thing. Wilson was a true Child of the Light and it was a blessing to have him in our lives. My condolences and those of the White Tower of Dragonmount to his family.
  8. This is sad. Brings back memories of his constant work with RJ when he was sick. Good thing they were of the same kin.... tough, strong and insightful. Thank you W.G.
  9. I am so sorry to hear about his passing. I have never met him, but he sounds like a wonderful man, who did not deserve to die so soon. Sending good wishes to his family.
  10. I first heard that saying some months back just can’t remember where. WOT sets up so that everything has to be treated as Canon and can be written of as another turning of the Wheel
  11. Along with casting, there are also going to to be major changes, one being that the first three books weren't aimed at a far away ending which is why Ishamael won't die 3 times, etc. Another big change is will we get the AMOL ending or will we get some version of the one if RJ lived. So another turning of the wheel is a better way to think and that phrase isn't mine, I heard in a youtube video, who can't remember where he heard it.
  12. I’d be glad work with you, if you would be willing to work with an Asha’man?
  13. My heart goes out to all family and friends. He was a lovely man and I really enjoyed are few conversations I was blessed to have with him.
  14. No, cancer can never take the best of him. The best remains with his family, friends, and those that knew him. My condolences. May his memory be a blessing.
  15. Greetings, I have read the rules, understood them, and agree to abide by them. I have also filled out the form. Thanks in advance.
  16. I like the idea of thinking about the show as a new turning of the Wheel compared to the books. Opens up a fresh perspective for us book fans and you don’t lose all your hair worrying about castings.
  17. Thank you for your insightful piece. I enjoy many of your videos about WoT! Without disclosing too many details, I am a bisexual fan and increasingly consider myself non-binary, although I am seen as male in my day-to-day life. I agree that if there are issues, they are mostly due to omission rather than trying to say something horrible about LGBT+ people. I also do appreciate the moments of frankness. For instance, some rather explicit moments in my reread were when Ailil and Shalon were revealed to be having an affair, and the mention that sister-wives of the Aiel are considered
  18. Last week
  19. We are devastated to learn of the passing of Wilson Grooms, who died peacefully at home after a courageous battle against cancer. Wilson was Robert Jordan's cousin although they referred to each other as brothers. It was Wilson who guided the WoT community through the sad days when RJ passed away in 2007. Since then Wilson has been a pillar of our fan community. He will be missed dearly. Sending love to Wilson's family including his wife Janet, and his daughter Marisa, and their sons Miles and Jonathan. Rest in peace, Will. You always said you'd give "the b
  20. We love new people! *Claim all the new people to the Tower!* Welcome!
  21. We’d love to have another Warder! PS I already have mine.
  22. I think the Forsaken are castings we might not even hear about until the show releases. Rafe Judkins has said that the prologue will feature in some way, so Ishamael and LTT will have to be cast. As for other Forsaken including Lanfear, I'm not sure if Season 1 will even go that far into TGH. Personally I'm looking forward to the Morgase and Elaida castings.
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