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  4. OMG there are just some things you cant unsee...... im not game enough to go to the next page.....
  5. Even Alison Brie would be better or Camilla Belle - if they want an actress without any skill; Cate Blanchett must cost a fortune, and maybe she's too old.
  6. I think Pike is perfect. Utterly perfect, and very close to how I have always pictured her. Some of the popular choices would just be dreadful decisions. Awesome choice if she takes it. Pike can be very youthful looking, older at times, arrogant and with just that touch of potential darkness that Moiraine has.
  7. Then we just need two (taking Cass out) and we'll get this off the ground now; if we don't get it soon we can always just do the 8th, up to y'all!
  8. For your personal safety, we have included airbags on this outfit.
  9. reyler needed to reincarnate?
  10. It's certainly an interesting choice. Height is a factor, but if they cast Rand as his actual height I don't think it should be that much of an issue. I really want to see how she can work alongside a character that is a hothead (aka Nynaeve) and play off that.
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  12. Also, hijacking the thread for a moment... @Nynaeve
  13. If the Rosamund Pike news turns out to be true, and she accepts the role, and the role is indeed Moiraine, I totally support it. She wouldn’t have been my first choice, but she’s a talented actor and will no doubt do an excellent job. If you have a problem with this casting, I’m sorry but you’re not going to like the series. It could (and inevitably for some other casting choices WILL) be worse. If any of us want a chance of enjoying this adaptation, we’re going to have to shelf our vivid mental pictures.
  14. Yes pls! (Someone find a +2, or +1 AND finish my assignment! 🤣)
  15. <<<Hugs, Lilly>>> After my wife and I saw the latest Avengers, she came up with the idea of watching all eighteen-or-so MCU movies in order. We just finished Iron Man 3. Captain America is my favorite, personally, because I admire his character in the first movie. It saddened me a bit to see him become an insurgent, but I suppose it was inevitable given his moral code versus Fury's pragmatism.
  16. It’s going around today that Rosamund Pike has potentially been cast as Moiraine. I’m down with this. How about you?
  17. We did. 🙂 It was a nice and mellow evening. We ordered in Chinese Food (because getting into a restaurant in our town on Father's Day is a nightmare and no fun for anyone), and watched Iron Man. Our son wasn't old enough to watch it when it came out and so came into the MCU about half-way through, but Iron Man was his favorite character by the end. So it was an easy everyone-likes-it family choice.
  18. I would like to see someone who has acting abilities. They say Moi will the star of S01, so please, get a real actress.
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