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  2. JamesBrown

    November Hangman: Outdoor Activities in Autumn

    _ H O P P _ N G / _ _ R E _ O O _    No A, S, T
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  4. Florida ballots today are no different then ballots in other states. By the way in Florida every county gets to design their own ballots, basicly because every county has different races and different propositions. Again, many states have the same system of allowing counties to design their own ballots. The different styles of ballots is a function of the Constitutional division of powers which allows states to run their own elections with a few limits to insure constitutional minimums. Its a function of Federalism. Also it's not unique to the US. other Federal systems such as Germanys also have the same feature. "so is the system that allows (doesn't do anything to prevent) passive non-voting. Ehat are you suggesting mandatory voting on all races?
  5. beadsman

    GoT Mafia "A Song of Wolves and Villagers"

    I mean, I'm pretty sure I said I thought Socio seemed off from the very start. At first, I'll admit my read made pretty much no sense, but it ironically led to Socio actually looking suspect. That was an interesting conversation D1.
  6. Katiora

    GoT Mafia "A Song of Wolves and Villagers"

    Well I thought day ended yesterday and I'd screwed up and gotten distracted and not gotten on but it looks like I actually haven't missed ANYTHING. And I do believe the entire time that I said I thought Socio looked suspicious. BTW Socio if you are town and town wins then you win, regardless of if you're alive. The only ones that HAVE to live to the end to win are Survivor and SK type roles. Even mafia as a whole wins if they're team wins. Just a FYI. Oh and VOTE: SOCIO
  7. Its just a bunch of bread and clown emoji's. Dang Nolder, you broke everyone with the most basic of responses
  8. Florida has shitty ballots, is what I'm learning. Also, that there at least 50 different styles of ballots in the country is arcane, so is the system that allows (doesn't do anything to prevent) passive non-voting.
  9. Cross

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    i murder illian for failing math. dude, you still need 20 more points before promotion
  10. Tom_Johnson

    10 Tips for Effective Webpage Copywriting

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  11. Krakalakachkn

    [Upcoming] BOND 25

    Holy **** I just made that connection! I watched SPECTRE in the theater and just this year went and watched most of the old Bonds. Did NOT realize Waltz' character was the same. Now I definitely have to rewatch SPECTRE.
  12. But why the meme? Bread & Circus is a rather common term when describing the way the Roman government handled the population.
  13. Except of course that it's not only Republicans who have complained about the rather strange behavior by the Boward County Commisioner of Elections. She destroyed the ballots in the 2016 Democratic Primary election although the law required the ballots to be held for 22 months and the ballots were the subject of a law suit by the losing challenger in the priomary election. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-sb-broward-elections-supervisor-broke-law-snipes-canova-20180514-story.html She is the epitamy of a Democratic party hack. She even claimed that the attempt to view the ballots in the 2018 election was a "racisit act" fueled by Trump and Scott.
  14. You give me proof its election fraud and I will be behind you 100%. Seeing as you only care about fraud and influencing elections when it goes against you though, I have a hard time jumping on your boat without evidence.
  15. Literally the only reason it might go Republican is because he sued and put intense pressure on the supervisor who kept mysteriously finding votes and refused to tell anyone how many votes were left to count which she is required to do by Florida state law 30 minutes after polls close. I don't know if Arizona has a similar law but they at least reported how many ballots there are left to count. For some reason it's taking them an incredibly long time to count them compared to literally the rest of the country and coincidentally in one of the reddest states the Democrat candidate has pulled ahead for US Senator? Isn't there a famous quote by...I think Lenin? That goes something about how it's not who casts the votes but who counts the votes that matters? I think that lesson is being applied by Democrats and probably has been for many years. How about you don't support election fraud?
  16. It's bread and circus. I thought that was pretty obvious.
  17. JamesBrown

    November Hangman: Outdoor Activities in Autumn

    _ _ O P P _ _ G / _ _ R E _ O O _    No A, S, T
  18. I guarantee you I can find videos of people burning Obama in effigy, but seeing as you agreed people were acting like children, I don't think its necessary. Point is, people need to grow up.
  19. Illian Tear

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I murder Cross because I have enough points yet haven't been promoted.
  20. Cross

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    i murder luc for not knowing what i am in shayol ghul and for disrespecting my ajah. he's murdered twice for that
  21. "Besides, you can't tell me similar protests didn't occur when Obama was elected. There are children masquerading as adults on both sides." Well actually such proteests did not occur afer his election. the Equivalent would be the birther movement which is a bit different as it does not argue that he was not elected but that he was not entitled to run. I agree with you that it's a similar thing and that it does come down to childish behavior by supposed adults.
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