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  2. ...I might start with a smaller snake than that as your first pet. You know, just until you get used to things.
  3. Hiya Zander, that's quite the title you've got there. I can only assume it took years of hard work and dedication 😛
  4. Manshima Asha'man Shar'aman has been spoken well of as one worthy of promotion to the rank of Der'Manshima. Who will come and speak on Asha'man Shar'aman's behalf?
  5. if the individual images have a transparent background, save it as a png. that’ll preserve the transparency.
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  7. Welcome to your WT/DM class, Skelos! This class was designed to help you get to know and understand the White Tower and Warders, and what we're all about. We hope that it will also be a bit of fun and entertainment for you! We've gotten to know each other a bit already, but please feel free to post more about yourself here 🙂 I'm going to go ahead and post the first part of the class for you, so you can work on it when you're ready: Feel free to ask questions at any stage! Part One: The White Tower 1)What are members of the WT/War
  8. LOL! About the same, here! Exciting times *grins*
  9. i could possibly in photoshop depending on the file type they're saved as
  10. Howdy! You an old timer returning or a newer person to DM?
  11. Howdy Mother.... I'm still above ground and won't complain about it too much... Lololololol How about yourself???
  12. Shad can always speak for me!!!! ❤️
  13. Who can help me put individual images created in Doll Divine, onto a single background?
  14. Azshaya, Sword Captain I'm doing well, it's Friday now which means it's almost time to kick back and sleep! 😄
  15. No I'm just kidding, not that kind of margarita😛 Spring is in the air, and finally the yuky, dirty snow is starting to give way for the more pleasant sides of spring🌼 Share a pic that get you in spring spirit🌳 Flowers, barbeque, or bicycle maybe? ps had a little trouble desiding where to put this so hope it's not in the wrong place😁
  16. Welcome to the Black Tower @Nargbert !!! Well yes we do have a black and white kitty and it might be a little tainted.. but it be perfectly safe. We will look after you in here little troloc birdie❤
  17. True! We must practice really well then cause my channeling is a tad rusty..😏
  18. Right now..lifting boxes..😏 and it's not a help haha 😆 I usually do yoga..that and walking/jogging/hiking.. Thats it..and just thinking about my posture straighten up when remembering, or rolling shoulders and neck.. But I feel posture just comes more naturally when well trained, though you do see the every now and then sporty mc sporty with a bad slouching too I guess..🤔 That pillow trick sounds ❤LOVELY❤ I'mma try that! Thanks😃
  19. I just bend my back backwards (what am I talking about?) as far as I can. Or lie down with a pillow under/around my waist. What exercise do you do?
  20. Yup yup yup. Thank you. Don't worry, not many can resist the power bwahahaha.
  21. Hellow hellow Caddy Sedai and Dar'Jen Sedai. I'm green in more ways than one. Just started reading earlier this year. So, very very new to the fandom (I still don't have a complete picture of what I'm getting into). No, I don't have any pet, I'd like to have a snake but apparently it's not a widely acceptable family friend. *sigh* I mean, aren't they cuuute?
  22. I did something ridiculous today. Someone pointed out a cloud in the sky, and I immediately thought it should be all black with lightning around it because of the weather in WoT where I am. 🤦‍♂️
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