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  2. That'd make even more sense then cause the horn would summon both of them from wherever they are and put them in the same mist/fog/cloud where they would then inevitably duke it out. For a Hero from the dream world, or possibly even a 3,500 Yr. Old Forsaken, the Horn summoning would make perfect sense & they'd know what is going on. But anyone living in the waking world, that is a reincarnated hero, wouldn't know about it at all, and the process of being summoned by the horn would be confusing. Hence Rands confusion, and ours since we are reading from his perspective.
  3. Mmmyeah no think dice would be to impressed if I started tagging him again, lol.. Anyways looking forward to finally begin the program, this will be very interesting indeed (especially since I'm not overly interested in veapons or fighting haha)!
  4. Hi! I have read, understood, and agree to all the rules and guidelines, and I filled out the form.
  5. I am unaffiliated. These days I am more attuned to Yellow Ajah But, I was once a fierce Green, yes! I am a Martini Sedai. *LOL*
  6. Lol! You can post As many muppets in your personal thread lol!
  7. Yes sir! 😀 Man..my posts feels so empty without dice and the muppets..
  8. That bad?! Need a hug with that? 🤗
  9. Ohhh yes!!! Thanks Lii! *takes the martini and drinks the whole thing* that’s what I needed!
  10. Because that’s the way it’s always been! Lol!
  11. well once i got around to stop looking at the colors on botle and actually read it ...it seems i found us some gin *hands @Cairos a martini*
  12. @Taymist what’s strong darling? I need something that’s strong with a kick!
  13. *grumbling to self* why always they wanna split us up..
  14. Broadly all that I can say about the casting is - Nice job of cultural appropriation but the WoT casting team... 😞
  15. Thom is one of the most dynamic and amazing characters in Fantasy literature. Heck, most of our major characters (ie Emond's Field 5, Thom, Elayne, Moiraine, Lan, Loial, Min and Aviendha -- at least that's how I count them) are among the greatest characters in Fantasy. Even the secondary characters like Juilan, Bayle, Davram, Siuan, Leane, Faile, Gaul, Verin, Logain, Rhuarc, Galad and the Aiel Dreamwalkers are pretty amazing and are gonna be tough to portray as well. And that's leaving out the Forsaken, some of whom are pretty dynamic themselves.
  16. Oh I wouldn't know, since I'm not allowed to drink..😏 (if I were to take an edum...uneducated guess .. I would go for anything marked 'tay's')😇
  17. Round 4 = North by Northwest New movie picked for Round 5. 1.
  18. Today
  19. tumbs up now question tracker if i post one in chat would i be able to lure you in there too?
  20. Welcome Lava to your Raw Recruit time! Much like the body being made up of many parts, so too is The Band of the Red Hand. Our Senior Staff leads as the head however without our arms, legs and body we are nothing. At the end of your Recruit Training you will be able to select which of our three regiments you would like to join however, prior to that, we would like for you to spend one week with each regiment getting to know their members, structure and core. We will assign three to four tasks for you to complete by the end of your Recruit Training which should help you understand The Band as a whole. In addition to this, the CG and RLO of each regiment will assign one to two tasks for you to complete during your week long visit with them. If you complete these tasks before the week ends you will earn that regiments Recruit Medal. If you do not complete them before moving onto the next regiment you won't be able to earn their Recruit medal but, during your final week as a recruit, you will be able to come back and complete any unfinished tasks to earn your recruit stripe. The three Recruit Medals and the Regimental Stripe are prestegious awards, which you may choose to attach to your siggie, but are not required so if you don't manage to complete the tasks that's okay. In order to earn credit for completing your tasks we ask that you report the status of all tasks, and links to the post they were completed in, here in your recruit schedule thread. It is your responsibility to report your progress and if we do not catch a task which you don't report as completed you may miss out on earning one or more medals because of it. These three medals may only be earned durring your Recruit Training and, once you join a regiment, may not be available to earn. At any point in time, after visiting each of the three regiments for one week, a recruit may select a regiment to join by PM'ing the Marshall General their decision. The MG will award you with any unawarded medals and post a formal announcement of your decision during your Graduation Ceremony. If at any time you have questions for me please send me a PM or ask in this thread. TheSocioPath Raw Recruit Schedule: December 9th - December 30th MG Missions: Task 1: Task 2: Task 3: Task 4: December 9th - December 15th Task 1: Task 2: December 16th - December 22nd Task 1: Task 2: December 23rd - December 29th Task 1: Task 2:
  21. Things got moved around at one point, this thread was spun off from the casting thread.
  22. Welcome RR!!!! You’ll have your own thread during your time as a raw recruit!
  23. I finally found this place! @Lavandula and @Liitha what’s good to get here? *cuddles up next to his bonded* how are you doing my dear bonded @Elgee?
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