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  2. Dearest Master @JamesBrown, I humbly ask for your permission to move in to the barracks on the day before next first quarter moon. Sincerely Novice Lavandula, Aspirant quarters room 2, White Tower.😇😇😇
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  4. We started going trough stuff, there is a lot of junk but some hidden treasures, today I found the latter. What I thought was a box of rest yarn, was instead a box of finnished or almost finnished knitting and crocheting stuff (not all mine), the cutest little baby overalls, two jackets, lots of knitted socks, crochet patches for a blanket, pot holders, and kids dresses😀
  5. Ryrin and dar: well that makes sense, it has to be the stubbornness and persistence that makes the greens fighting spirit. 🙂 Millon:
  6. Leaves a cup of hot chocolate for mumsy. Hope you'll sleep better tonight *hugs*
  7. Awww....what a beautiful and cosy thread lily🤗 being in the greens are so good, I had a rough year so far, I do try my best to keep the spirit up though and focus on the positive🙂
  8. Ummm..break?? Buy?!?! *gulps* 🙀 Now now, she can hardly keep you accountable for what was already broken, just any new damages.😁 Just a sec.. That's better! Oh no!!! Did you get something in your eye? 🕵️‍
  9. I see it differently. the flame had two properties. one: When two channelers setup for a Voldemort/Potter faceoff, the two beams of power cancel out at some point between the two of them until one overwhelms the other. This is unique as presume that any other weave pointed at a balefire beam would be consumed immediately regardless of power, and the balefire would cut right thru and destroy the victim. two: When balefire strikes anything, that object ceases to exist prior to the strike. This is described as the weave loosening. What that means precisely is not clear, in scientific terms, imagine the energy used to create the universe and as the universe expanded from that original singularity, space-time was formed. The destruction of space-time may cause a local singularity as distance no longer exists in a local area and all matter collapses. Presuming this creates a small blackholes which evaporates in seconds generating hundreds of kilograms of antimatter, without doing the math, that may destroy the planet. So long as Egwene gets there in time her weave can reverse the looseness of Space-time, and prevent the entire planet from being broken.
  10. Aiel do not face the draft. But an Aiel with the ability to channel would need to go to learn how to control Saidin. That Aiel would not be available to sing to the plants. I see no reason they couldn’t maintain the way of the leaf. The Aiel really had two original seemingly unrelated tasks, follow the way of the leaf... and care for the trees of life.* It isn’t clear to me when the Aiel started serving the Aes Sedai, one Aiel served Meirin before the Bore. Originally the Aiel had few channelers, but in the last 3000 yrs, Randlandians culled the ability from their people and let countless women die prior to having children and hunted down all the men, most before they had more than a couple children. During that same period, the Aiel had women who lived hundreds of years mating with other Aiel, slowly increasing the channeler DNA in their population. Upon DNA, the Traveling people (Tinkers) were started from the Aiel, they not only forsook their responsibility to the trees, they also forsook their promise to transport the magical objects. During the last 3000 years, they “stole” people’s children, aka brainwashing people into their crazy cult. Building dwellers didn’t like think because they would lose contact with their adult children in a world where people expected their children and grandchildren to live within walking distance and marry someone the parents knew well and trusted safe for their child. Thus the original redheadedness was eventually lost and the traveling people looked no different than Randlandians. The People of the Dragon, I believe it may have merely been that once LTT became the Dragon and the Aiel served the Aes Sedai and LTT was the leader of all Aes Sedai... Kinslayer, once the Bore was sealed, it would appear that Kinslayer merely retired (or continued to work, irrelevant) but he had kids and he got a huge palace, and his family lived with him. I recall somewhere it mentioning Kinslayer walking thru the hallways killing everyone in sight, movement, the weave doesn’t really matter. Ishy didn’t encourage Kinslayer, Ishy came after to gloat, torture Kinslayer by healing his mind so he could recall the murders. Then Kinslayer committed suicide and created the Dragonmount at that very spot. Rand was born near that spot. While most people were not violent, some rare cases existed. One of the Forsaken tortured her patients. The Aes Sedai properly demanded she accepting the binding rod which is not very way of the leafy. It would seem the general population may be capable of a nominal level of aggression note the glimpse into the Age of Lengends when the man wearing a fancloak (old name for Warder cloak) knocked over the young Aiel Rand was riding in his memory. The man only apologized once he realized he knocked over an Aiel, behavior considered equivalent to knocking over a small child. Fencing, while the rich could play this sport and we know boys generally wrestle, spar with quarterstaffs, these definitely seem too violent for Age of Legends Aiel and Tinkers today.
  11. Just the falling kid is enough to make this at least a plausible theory, and he doesn't have to still be ta'veren by the time he meets Suian.
  12. What if the camera switches from a disembodied place to Moraine’s perspective and she sees a faint light about Nynaeve’s head, but at the same time she hears a faint aria, then when Egwene approaches from behind, the aria returns.
  13. Prometheus was the inspiration for Hercules, both inspired the Jesus story. To be clear, Neo’s power in the matrix originates in the real world. He stopped a spider while awake.
  14. Saw a video on Rommel and actual lines were taken from Rommel. Also I remember someone else telling Mat almost verbatim what Patton said to Rommel. Rommel was also one of the great generals and often won with smaller numbers, preferred infantry...
  15. Chocolate is good anytime including 2am.
  16. Impressionist island or mainland?
  17. A / M _ _ _ _ _ A _ E / W _ _ _ / _ W O / _ _ _ A W _
  18. Sure. I play Pathfinder with my kids. At least when work and school aren't dragging me away.
  19. Aiden spluttered at the casual revelation about Li Tan. “You’re kidding right? Dear God, they really do have their tendrils hooked into every aspect of society, don’t they?” A shiver ran down his spine as he spoke. Who else belonged to the cult? This was so much worse than Scientology. At least those freaks just tried to sue you and ruin your public life, not like the Atharim whose sole mission in the world was to enact Genocide on every human that dared touch the magic of creation. Nox was ex-Atharim and so was Li Tan. How many more had left the cult? That would be good to know. Such individuals would be incredibly useful, if only for their intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the organization. Aiden didn’t want to go to war with these fools, but he did want to be prepared in case their eyes ever fell upon him… Which they very likely already had. Aiden was a very famous individual who could Channel. He associated with Nox and many other people that he figured the Atharim would like to see dead. Yes. He was definitely on their radar. “Let’s check it out, then, this school of his. Maybe we could learn something or maybe help? After we do your patrols, of course,” Aiden said with a smile. Giddiness started to well up inside of him at the thought of studying with other Channelers. Oh, Nox was good and fine- more than fine- but this was a chance to network and socialize. And Li Tan would be there. Aiden didn’t know him personally, they had only met once or twice at a Gala back in the states, but the man was attractive and kind; a winning combination. Did Nox know the man? Had they killed monsters and Channelers together when they belonged to the cult? So many questions. Aiden smiled wider and gave Nox a kiss on the cheek before digging back into his delicious breakfast.
  20. Praline Impressionist or Abstract Paintings?
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  22. https://www.facebook.com/groups/407484983347169/permalink/647499172679081/ Come help me recruit and join their page as well!
  23. Yeah, at the end of the meme or whatever the hell you want to call it, they were angry that they had to eat at the iHop where they had really bad service that one time. . . . They rolled a Critical Fail, natural 1. hahahah
  24. I'm almost afraid to put Dragcave in my google search history. . .
  25. We're goin to have to make this one our own personal then. hehehe Did you ever get a chance to sit down to a table, Lil? I am so upset I wasn't able to finish the game we were working on. Or even start for that matter. I'm tellin you. Once things get settled and if I can get a decent basic gaming computer or even a laptop I'm goin to start something on Roll20 for any DM friends that may be interested.
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