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  3. Welcome to the Ren'Shai Dojo, this is the disc thats about honing your body and being into fitness, so we are prepared for whatever migth come. We like to talk about what it means to survive, but we also enjoy kicking back talking about sci-fi, gaming and such. Our members consist of (inactives in hidden content): Regent Discipline Leader: Arie - Yellow Aes Sedai Der'Manshimas: Vanion - former SC ThorkinBarrimore Haycraftd Aspiring Manshimas: our shields:
  4. It's entirely possible if Amazon puts out a trailer, it's going to be a combo featuring footage from all their upcoming shows.
  5. Was sort of avoiding a new thread, but information needed updating, and I'm sure Lava will appreciate not getting unnecessary PMs. 🙂 Previous Thread: https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/108926-mearearth-field-trip/
  6. Welcome to the Me'Arearth Dungeon (thats gaming dungeon you nimwits not jail), in this disc we like to read and think. We often debate books, logic, fantasy, travel and similar topcis. Like your D'n'D or other games, come on in and debate the book of the month over a good board game, and a drink from the bar of course! In the past we hosted events like Dr. Who week and the like. Our members consist of (inactives in hidden content): Regent Discipline Leader: Arie - Yellow Aes Sedai Aspiring Manshimas: Our
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  8. Today is the first day I've done anything other than work and sleep. I think I'm getting over this finally. I took a COVID test and it came back negative, but I'm not convinced. I think it may have been a false negative. Anyway, about the class. So far, it's been pretty boring. We've been covering the history of Asian immigration to the US and (the not so boring part) Asian attitudes towards how to be a "good Asian girl or boy" growing up. Did you know that Asian girls in many cultures aren't allowed to associate with males other than their father? Many men view Asian girls as des
  9. At $5 million for 30 seconds. That makes the two minute trailer I want pretty spendy.
  10. If Myrrhi had been a cat, she would have purred when her Warder - Her Warder - ordered Schirrù to kneel. She would have purred even louder when the man actually complied. She felt so proud of her Gaidin. Schirrù told her how he had come to know her name and insisted he was not a darkfriend. She listened, but refused to believe him. Then man looked evil, felt like evil. Further questioning was necessary ... Unfortunately, they couldn't afford to stay in Schirrù's mansion. The man could call for help, a servant could wake up, staying was way too risky. Elessar quickly cam
  11. There is a tower! How strange! Doesn’t look grand enough for the White Tower, but concept art. Maybe their on their way to the blight and those could be one of the guard posts that line the border? The decay of the forest and trees wouldn’t be seen until past the border. Or if we’re going to deviate enough, that could be one of the seven towers of Malkier!
  12. dont bite the hand that feeds you 🙂 😛
  13. i havent baked for years...you can make most cakes in smaller portions though and freeze them in portion sizes so you only take up as much as you need...there also microwave baking in coffeecups...portion size 😛 but really almost anything goes in cupcake forms 😉 i surprized people with that in the past, making cakes usually thats really big in cupcakeportions, many cakes less messy to eat that way too i honestely is happy with not backing i like the decor thing mostly and so am happy if i am allowed to do that at times on others backing or such...while i do
  14. is it my eyes or the photo or is there differences to the white on botom and on top of it? (yeah my eyes feels crosseyed so unsure if i am catching the nuances of this in the screen light right). you use tape for those clean lines or you got another trick? i havent played with tape yet i seen it used in several painting tutorials, been wondering about doing that but need a consept that would work for a pic with edges or such...also unsure of if i can get it working right since i dont use canvas but paper...gather painttape and then make the glue of it less strong before puting it o
  15. i want to get back into drawing canines so that i can maybe make wolves, but feel like i dont know where to start, so trying to come up with something else object wise to draw that i feel like drawing 😛 people for me is not a favourite, clothes i sometimes like drawing though...but also there is the photo course i started on i really want to get into, without being able to move about too much there is limited stuff to photograph though...training is helping though slowly i feel less stiff for each time i trained, so we will see hows everyone else doing, and whats on yo
  16. This is exciting. I read an article that said the LoTR show wasn't going to pick up production again until February -- so it would likely be end of 2021 or 2022 before it would be released. I hope WoT comes out this year! Does anybody have an educated guess on a month it might be released? Summer? June? I would get all my holed-up friends to watch! Last picture has got to be Shadar Logoth, and it's perfect! Love it. Eerie. Really like the Bel-Tine picture too. And I imagine the Tinkers camp being bigger, but I'm not going to nit-pick! The second to last picture .
  17. This is very helpful. There's a couple series in there that I've never read, so I'll have to pick them up if they are on WoT fans GOAT lists. Who are the authors of the Riftwar Cycle & Deverry Cycle? @Harldin
  18. Aman both are correct - that's two points for you 🙂 Phae got two pointses as well as James. Lemme do the math... Phae 4 James 2 Cross 2 Aman 3 Phae you are the winner !!!! Here is your prize : Well done all ❤️
  19. ❤️ Wow Phaedra ! Belt is important, no one wants to lose their pants 😂 The game ends here with a tie between James and Phae. Well done guys 🙂
  20. I do have a lot of weird and random thought XD The last one I had reading your thread about WOT nationalities. I thought that I'd love to come from Antiva... which is a city of Thedas (Dragon Age Universe) 😂
  21. Picture 4: First I thought the red-coat figure with long hair is Egwene. Then I realized the horse she/he's riding doesn't look like our dearest shaggy mare, Bela. But wait...why so "meticulous" with concept art ??? These pics are magnificient and that's all we need!
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