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  2. I think I have some old rp characters tho I forget ranks n weapon scores but thinking of rping again. Lmk what needs to be done again... It's been a long min since last time... Lololololol
  3. I get him mixed up with Glalad so Gawyn isn’t a white cloak does he work for the white tower What exactly are the white cloaks? What is their purpose to the story and how are they different to younglings just a few things I find confusing
  4. Hey, welcome back! So I’m a nutshell, the In Character staff positions are Non Player Characters (so we don’t have to retire people every time players go inactive). So Valerie is the character MoN. right now, staff is low and there is no active MoN moderator to oversee and help out. That said, I am around to help out and we will be sprucing things up around here in the coming weeks. For the time being, I’m happy to help you if you want to pop over to PMs and we can work out directing you through the boards and getting back into it from there.
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  6. If you’re referring to my earlier post, please do not confuse speculation and hypothesizing for “espousing desire”. The subject matter was Rand’s triumvirate and how that would be adapted. I speculated about how they might handle it. I did not endorse any particular change.
  7. @SinisterDeath uses that to his advantage of course. Laugh or Die. Of course I totally respect this. I would do the same.
  8. Killing Is My Business ness and Business is Good - Megadeth
  9. Sinister's post becomes funnier because of the admin status. lol
  10. Pound sand sheepherder. like that? did I do good? I think I did good. 😛
  11. @swollymammoth Read some of the other posts out there first. All of this has been covered...
  12. Agreed. We've got a good community here. I much prefer talking about this here than the Facebook group I am a part of for WoT.
  13. Just stepping in here to say that I really appreciate that we can all discuss things like this respectfully and freely (and let's keep it that way!). Most criticism on Reddit gets downvoted to oblivion and brings out the pitchforks.
  14. The same questions (well, most of them) have been answered again and again and again. Wait and watch and then make your judgement. Or at least wait for the story trailer 😄 Source for this? They are trying to keep Rand's true identity hidden as long as they can. Never have I ever heard anything about shoving feminism into it. Logain's early story is an excellent way to show the audience the dangers of saidin and WT politics and Aes Sedai's capabilities. That makes the stakes higher when Rand being DR is revealed. Again, source for this? Every Q&A he has made has only solidified that every change they make must have a good reason. They won't make a book-by-book adaptation but adaptation of the whole series. That will allow them to smooth out the rough parts of the books and make the story flow nicely without too much boring stuff. IMO that is the right way of doing this. BUT in the end, we won't how good the show is until we have watched it. We can just hope for the best. 🤞
  15. I want no part of the backside of Dice...lolololol
  16. Hi! I'm wanting to get started RPing with my novice Elara, and was over in the TV RP private boards looking for IC info, mostly about the MoN at this stage. But the link I clicked to presumably go to the MoN's bio said I didn't have permission to view it. Since there's been very little activity over there, I just wanted to know if all the info there is still accurate? Not just for the MoN (Valeri still?), but for everyone? And if so, is there somewhere I can find info about the MoN? Also I wasn't sure where to post this so I hope it's the right place 😆
  17. I’m worried about this, too, because Rafe appears to be highly woke, and we know the industry and critics are, too. So yes, the show could easily go off the rails. BUT… there is also a more innocent explanation for this: it’s a trailer for starters, and much of the first season could be clever misdirection. That is my wishful thinking. We will see. Don’t care. Ok, so again, see Point 1. I’m a little concerned. BUT, much of what you’re seeing of the Aes Sedai could be a Logain storyline which would actually be a welcome addition to season 1. Yeah, I get it. But at the same time this is pretty low on my list of stuff to be pissed about. Some of the desires espoused on this message board for “retconning” certain character sexualities and gender identities is lot more bizarre than Rand and Eg hooking up. No idea what this is in reference to.
  18. I'm hardly an expert on trailers but I do know you should never put too much faith in them when it comes to accurately representing the story they're gonna tell. I imagine the point of this trailer is to sell the story and draw people in and hopefully it does a good job at that. Rand is at the heart of the story. Its impossible to tell Robert Jordan's story without him being front and center. I have to believe that Rafe understands that. And yes as the Aes Sedai are not a bit presence in the first book really but the 1st season isn't just the 1st book, and tv isn't literature so some amount of adaptation is natural. As long as the story isn't too warped from what it was it isn't gonna bother me much.
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  20. Yea, We're rough and tumble and full of fight, Thick as thieves and just as tight, We back the dice with all our might! And lol at Jak o' the Shadows!
  21. Keep in mind that Rafe has specifically said that he isn't adapting the Eye of the world to season one. He is adapting the first season of the Wheel of Time series. Meaning he will move plot points and characters around to adjust for the pacing of the TV show. And with completed source material I see no reason not to do this as you can focus on parts of the story that matter later one and introduce characters earlier or later as needed.
  22. I thought they might be! My Shot - Lin-Manuel Miranda
  23. And the oaths were also reducing their lifespans... so you look ageless but live less long than those who dont take them and just...age slower? It was always a "Hmm..." situation trying to imagine it lol
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