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  2. Starting a new painting. and Finishing a new painting.
  3. * Mutters at Mother: "About time. My arms are on fire." *Sheaths his sword and pins the Der'Manshima pin to Lavandula's collar* Welcome, Lavandula, to the ranks of Der'Manshima!
  4. Ah...ok I'll check it later maybe I find some answers😃
  5. Like Dune, hate Ender's Game? And The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a weird book that's all flashback. A guy is going back to his childhood home, and stops by the house of one of his friends where he remembers the things that happened there, but immediately forget them again when he leaves.
  6. Today
  7. I am really enjoying this discussion. :)
  8. Can't remember now ... does it say so in the Bonding 101 pinned topic?
  9. I can't help it, he's just so cute when frustrated 😁 Sleeping in my own bed💜 I wonder if health care places got bad beds on purpose so people wouldn't want to stay longer than strictly nessesarily? 😂
  10. I did not *huffs* I merely am quite fond of my head😇
  11. Yeah that wouldn't matter to me anyway promise is a promise..I am a little curious as to why (as far as I understood it) only full aes sedais are able to bond but warders can when they are manshima wich is the equal of accepted?
  12. Just to clear up: we don't have that here at the Social side.
  13. ... what did you break now? 😒🤨 😍
  14. I made sort of a corn & chicken chowder the other day (it's not something that I've come across here in South Africa, but I've seen you guys talking about it). It was quite nice!
  15. 2003! Goodness ... I'd love to try a newer version one day, if they're still making them. Here's what I have so far (I play a few hours a month, maybe):
  16. Sim City. I have an ooooold version ... 2006, maybe? Ima go check now and see - brb.
  17. .... there there *pat pat* ... 😇
  18. Exactly! We think so alike *grins*
  19. So we as the White Tower & Warders would like to know how best we can attract, retain and serve our members. To that end, we have a few questions (and might have some more coming). Please help us by answering any or all of them as honestly and constructively as you can. What makes you post? What prevents you from going into areas that aren't strictly "yours", like maybe other Ajahs' boards? Would you like to participate in events? What kind of event would you like to participate in? Where do you think events should be advertised? (Ooh) Once upon a time I didn't give a damn But now here we are So what do you want from me What do you want from me Just don't give up I'm workin' it out Please don't give in I won't let you down It messed me up, need a second to breathe Just keep coming around Hey, what do you want from me What do you want from me Yeah, it's plain to see that baby you're beautiful And there's nothing wrong with you It's me ' I'm a freak but thanks for lovin' me 'Cause you're doing it perfectly There might have been a time When I would let you step away I wouldn't even try but I think you could save my life
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