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  2. Guenhwyvar, the magical panther companion of Drizzt Do'Urdern, the Dark Elf.
  3. Congrats ..and dont forget to have some fun between classes 😉
  4. Well that sounds like a match then, cause we need someone to run a debate with a fitting subject. If you been added to the warders club board u can see them there, if not I can PM you examples from the past discusions.
  5. That depends on the subject. I can never stop talking about some things.
  6. Well, if you Healed them, then you wouldn't have to hold the flows right? If you used a cage of Air and the person could channel, then you would have to worry about holding it as well as if they might break the weave. You would also have to worry about shielding them so they couldn't strike back at you.
  7. Wow! This is way more responses then I thought the question would get! Thank you for all your great ideas! When I posed this question I was thinking of it more as if you were being attacked by multiple people at once, and you didn't want to kill them for some reason, maybe they have valuable information, could you make someone weak by Healing them to buy yourself some time to deal with the other threats? I haven't finished the series yet, so I didn't know if that was possible.
  8. Unfortunately, not everything everyone wants kept will be, especially all the minor characters and storylines that lead nowhere.
  9. Ok so knowing it usually takes time to gather signups, I am doing it beforehand. Before we done knights and dragons, this year we are doing companions/familiars First come first serve, this will be an 8 slotted game since only playing a week 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  10. You cannot cut the Seanchan, they are huge, and have a huge impact on the story. Generally they just up the stakes, setting more pressure on Tar Valon and Rand, and really just the whole Westlands feal their touch, even though half of them never see a Seanchan. Spoilers Not to mention that Mat’s story wouldn’t be as grand. He wouldn’t be the greatest general in the world, with the greatest single army of the world. I never liked Egeanin, but (for reasons listed up above) I think they should keep her.
  11. I would like to see them keep Egeanin, I think her rise to the blood then her fall to become leilwin Shipless is at the very heart of the Seanchan Society in a way you could never do with Tuon. But it all depends on how deep they go with the Seanchan. You could cut the Seanchan, other than Falme and still tell a brilliant story, they are more about life post Tarmon Gai’don, not that i would want them to.
  12. Welcome. I'm the M'hale of this Black Tower. I should be around for the foreseeable future.
  13. Happy birthday. I've been sadly neglecting DM.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I can see Egeanin and Domon being cut, or reduced to bit characters with only a couple lines of dialogue, without it impacting too many plot threads. But you still gotta be careful; who became Egwene's Warder when Gawyn got his fool self killed? Egeanin. Who brought the second Seal to Falme? Domon. You can get around those particular examples easily enough yeah, but that's not really the point; these are things that you might not think of immediately and say "Sure, let's cut these characters." Then down the road, you find that there's a whole subplot or deus ex machina or whatever that the cut character/s were central to, and now you have to find a way to make the plot work without them. If that happens once or twice, no big deal, at best you find a smooth way to transition through the story beat, at worst you might end up with a few plot holes in an episode or two. But that stuff adds up, and with this series? Cutting minor characters could add up to a whole lot of problems real quick.
  16. That sounds interesting. I'm studying Psychology. I already work in the Behavioral Health field, but I started my degree before I got hired, and I don't need to finish it to get the promotion I want, but I'm going to, anyway, because I finish what I start, and because I want my degree. I've wanted one for decades - just couldn't decide what to get it in.
  17. Warning huge spoiler All the actors are only hired on a season by season basis and her character provides the “Red Wedding moment” for WOT that will leave non Book readers gasping “OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED“ i’m pretty sure Rosamund is aware of Morraine’s fate and has signed on with that in mind, getting her her to come back anything up to 6 seasons later might be more of a worry. Hopefully by the time Rosamund leaves, the rest of the main cast will be household names anyway. It’s a very similar situation to Sean Bean in GOT, get a big name actor, and surround them with unknowns, worked spectacularly well.
  18. Egeanin plays that role in the novels, sure, but it's not essential for her to play that role. We have Tuon for the Seanchan perspective later on, when it makes more sense thematically to begin humanizing the Seanchan. The revelation about sul'dam can be dealt with both more generally and more directly, confronting the Seanchan later on with converted sul'dam, while discussions among the main characters before that can deal with it being relevatory for the Seanchan in the first place. The whole bit about the Seeker can be dropped. If they keep the flight down the Arinelle for Rand, Mat and Thom, and I'm not convinced they will, Domon doesn't even have to be a named character for that, or show up again for his minor appearances later on. The Wonder Girls don't make use of him in Falme, and while he helps out in Tanchico, it's nothing that can't be handled by Thom, Juilin, and a bit of coin. Hell, I could see cutting out the Sad Bracelets storyline entirely. Semirhage can take over Rand some other way, possibly using the True Power, forcing Rand to take it to escape her. They'll have to find something else for Elayne and Nynaeve to do, but if they go north intending to return to Tar Valon following the fall of the Stone instead, they can encounter Suian, Min, Leane and Logain, and join that arc. Which would help keep Suian and Leane from becoming almost main characters themselves. And help tighten up the friendship between Elayne and Min to make the threesome a bit more believable and palatable for TV audiences.
  19. Hm define easy, just been trying to think whats easy but its really in the eye of the beholder aint It 😛
  20. The only problem with cutting Bayle’s story is how do Rand, Thom and Mat get to Whitebridge? Egeanin is also central to the storyline about Sul’dam being able to learn to Channel and she would be a good way to introduce Seanchan culture and the way they do things. I’m going to have to agree with @Ascended on this, they need to be careful who they cut, a seemingly minor-ish character can be far more important than the amount of screen time and lines they get. Egeanin/Lealwin is very much a window into Seanchan society, and her rise and fall. Do we need her relationship with Bayle Domon, probably not, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it did go that way.
  21. Yeah, we don't have one here..the closest one is hours away, I had opportunity to go last year, but I became sick, and yes this year it's not happening. But they do have it where we're moving, so I'm crossing my fingers for next year😃
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