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  2. Ah, didn’t think of that. Like when you see a scene in a trailer but it never shows in the movie…
  3. I think there is a good chance the poster isn't representative of a scene in the show... Just suppose to garner interest.
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  5. Agreed. I liked the poster with no information available - I hadn't noticed it was labeled as a Waygate. Not like anything from the descriptions in the books. That said, if it truly is a waygate, I will need to see it in action during the show before passing judgement...
  6. Yes. I will do that in the future if multiple posts is annoying to people! But then it'd also be a really really long post.
  7. @Wolfbrother31 You know you are able to edit your post, allowing you to add your stream of conscious additions to that post, instead of triple-quadruple posting in a row, right?
  8. Which is again ... The marketing makes no sense. Cause if you know 0 about the WoT it's a lame poster. And if you're a fan and that's a way-gate, it's a lame poster (iconic?) On the other hand, if the alt-text is wrong... If that's the edge of Shadar Logoth. Then it's iconic, maybe an actual scene in the show, and I'm hyped! Because that's awesome. So even though there's evidence otherwise. I'm going to pretend it's Shadar Logoth. And say. I love this poster!! 😅
  9. But since we know that they aren't making it for us. And Rafe probably doesn't have control of that. Why not have a bad-ass poster with Moy-Rain and Lon fighting Troll-Acs or something?? 😂... That would be a poster that would get non-fans hyped and even if they did it "wrong" ... I could still get excited about. The weaves are cool. And the clouds/sunshine ...as has been said, that's a nice touch.
  10. Right. Wasn't @redgiant's point exactly that? That there isn't any evidence that casting wise they aren't staying true to what is essential to the story? Which is why the knee-jerk "get that racist stuff out of here" comments made no sense to me. I think the nuanced point is that all the stuff that has been released or said (casting being one piece of that) don't inspire the confidence in me that this will be ...faithful ...to the WoT. But, as you also know @SinisterDeath ...because it's been said ad nauseum even since I've been here... They are obviously NOT making it for the fans. So I guess we just need to temper our expectations... Cause I do have growing confidence that it is going to be a "good" show. Entertaining on the level of ...say... well "the connective tissue between LoTR and GoT". That was probably the thing I liked most about what he said.
  11. rand has that look. I'm too lazy to look for the link, but there is a picture posted somewhere of the EF5, and rand stands out. at first i was worried mat would be too white, because the actor is, but he got some tan and is now basically undistinguishable from the others. rand stands out. on the other hand, "they turned the story on its head to make a political statement" doesn't exactly roll off of the tongue... there are perfectly reasonable expression that have been ruined for being used in the wrong context by the wrong people.
  12. Keywords and Phrases like "Woke Casting" and "Diversity casting for Diversity sake" are often dog whistles* by Conservative Justice Warriors to troll with indignant outrage.
  13. That article is speculation, based on on unofficial Casting information.
  14. @Ararana24. I wouldn't put too much stock in that. I don't think anybody actually has that kind of info on the first episode. But I also wouldn't totally discount it. Rafe did say that fans should "gird their loins" for the changes. @JenniferL I was going to say I expected more from a community admin ...but then I thought about our different contexts and let me see if I got this right. For you. You've heard the "the casting is off because they are not the right colors" argument ad nauseum ... and it even got a little racist. Right? So you're reading our comments through that filter and ... I think, missing the nuance. So imagine that new people who don't have that context...who have just jumped back on DM or only been here a couple months... Might read your reaction. To them it seems emotional and dismissive and totally ignores the point being made. The color of the cast doesn't matter to the people who have commented so far ... If they picked the best actor/actress for the part that is what matters. But a certain look (at least for Rand) is essential to the STORY. But, again, for new people ...they're looking at all the things that have been released...which is: casting, some pictures, a few 5sec clips, a little from Rafe on Twitter and Youtube, and a poster ... And all those things TOGETHER, I'm wondering ...wait ... is this about making the WoT or something else? Because so far... Almost nothing, has been very WoT faithful. But I've just realized...from this past interview ... It probably isn't Rafe's fault. But ... I think I understand where you are coming from Jennifer because if I read a hundred posts complaining that the cast doesn't look right ... I'd be tired of it too. But I don't think that's what is happening here.
  15. i don't think we have any solid proof either way, but i know of nothing that would corroborate that story. and the way it's written does not make it sound very trustworthy
  16. Haven't posted here in a long long time and had to recreate my account, so my apologies if this has been discussed, but with the show around the corner I've been paying closer attention. Can anyone tell me if this article been debunked? https://boundingintocomics.com/2020/02/06/exclusive-amazons-wheel-of-time-features-big-change-to-perrin-aybaras-character/ That is umm... errrr... yeah no thanks. I'll be skipping this show. I already had very little faith that any TV or movie adaptation would do any justice encompassing the huge world WoT is, but to make changes like that...
  17. I don't know if it can help, but in France there is a new version of "New Spring" that should be released on the 03rd November, as 2 new books in pocket size for the same date ! In addition it's not the good subject, but I'll be happy to see an update on the french new cover as we now know the cover of books 19 and 20 ^^
  18. that is also possible, indeed likely. all the thing about "diverse cast" and "inclusion" is practically mandatory nowadays, unless your target demographics is right-wings extremists. no, a lot of people don't really care either way (as in, not really caring that a work of fiction also has to be a political statement), but if you lack those, you'll get harsh criticism. though wot already supports an inclusive cast, with various cultures looking like many different ethnicities.
  19. I generally take a vacation in August myself but it's been put off to October this year and I'm really feeling it lol Glad to hear you will have a break soon!
  20. I seem to remember you from the archives. Light or Shadow Faction? Nope. That will probably change with the release of the show, but for now stuff is pretty quiet. Have you found everything alright?
  21. Hey, everybody. I’m back. Again, sorry for the suddenness of it, this was the only chance I’ve had to go anywhere in almost a year, and I wanted to take it. Awesome. Thanks for stepping up, Illian. Much appreciated.
  22. As far as themes of the story, one of the biggest ones isn’t Good vs Evil, it’s duality. So good and evil, man and woman, shadow and light, etc. Notice how many characters seem to have an opposite. Semirhage is like an evil Nynaeve. Perrin has Slayer. When the Tower splits, both the rebel and not rebel groups have Black Ajah Keepers and a Forsaken hiding out. The poster hints at this duality. If you look at the larger version of the poster the clouds behind Moiraine look like a ☯️. I think Rafe does understand the story. He’s just choosing to focus on different aspects of it than we did as readers. And that’s fine. It’s an adaptation, not a transcription. I’ll decide if I like after I see it.
  23. Let’s not bog this down into a bunch of bickering over the casting. It’s done. It’s happening. Not only is it a really bad look for you to constantly complain about the race of characters, it’s BORING. There’s nothing new to add to that conversation. It’s a very dull topic and no one is interested in hearing you complaining anymore. Feel free to complain about the Waygate for a bit. It’s going to get dull eventually, but I’ll let you have that one for now.
  24. You know what though. I think it's quite possible that many of the changes aren't Rafe's fault ... But the Executive Producer and non-fans fault. So. I will stop being hard on Rafe. I wouldn't want to be in his 👟
  25. At least Moy-Raine's cloak is blue 🤣 ... Nah. I'm excited at least we know for sure that it's coming in November and we'll get a trailer in the next month or so!
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