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  2. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe You're saying a lot about me. Do you have a read?
  3. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    I can only type and read so fast :P I've talked to you twice and you ignored me. What is bold? Cass7
  4. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Essentially trying to work out your Dice progression. I still don't see the 'serious/effort/dropping' you were focusing on? Changing to calling it poorly doesn't link? Cass7
  5. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    your thoughts on darthe are similar to mine
  6. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe Cass is talking about me a lot but really isn't talking to me. I'm not a fan of that this early, feels like you need a read before you get invested. Cass why is that?
  7. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Is this to general approach or the specifics of how I apply it? Can you provide thoughts on the bold, and answer the question pls? Cass7
  8. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    what list?
  9. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Current format (Name#) officially filtering properly. Eldrick2
  10. Androl Genhald

    Logain seems to be a great character to expand on in an outrigger series given his PTSD with the tower.
  11. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    I think it's safe to say an Amega/Cass team is very unlikely @Darthe I have started using them again. Don't think anyone else stopped. So...yes? Eldrick2
  12. Androl Genhald

    He's my favorite character too, largely because of the whole lava "you're too much of a good dick to be trusted with that much of the Power" scene.
  13. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    "Im not sure what you are saying here" This is getting circular, Essentially highlighting 2 problems: 1. You saying "start with me" for my reads on players is a problem because the recent answer/my current thoughts on you were right there and the tone of your questioning suggested they weren't / didn't offer any consideration of what I'd already put in the thread. 2. You dismissing the fact that I called you out on that by saying "you haven't commented on everything either" doesn't add up. One is specific ignorance, which looks bad when coupled with shade, and the other is not. Ie - you're possibly more interested in suggesting I hadn't done work than seeing/analysing what I'd already offered. Cass7
  14. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Hey you seem to have an excess of opinions. Do me a favor and give me one of those cliche lists so that I can flame you for it not aligning perfectly with my thoughts.
  15. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    @amegakure Like i said haven't been unusually quiet i've been watching an waiting for something tangible to talk about, not posting memes and gifs :) In fact if you are using my old meta not last game. I was always quite. So you shouldn't rely on that. a) as above - not relying on your old meta b) there is nothing wrong with memes and gifs Cass7
  16. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Also please keep talking about me <3 my internal need for attention is the only reason I wake in the morning.
  17. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    1. Darthe This is a whole lot of talk that I'm getting very little from. I do have a couple of quick questions though. Why is dice so suspect? I'm not seeing a root for that like at all and it's real tempting to say that this thread is full of forced pushes rn and discount these things because of it. Are we still using ISO tags?
  18. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    hmm whatever works for you
  19. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    @amegakure WRT "That's fine. How about Darthe now that me and eldrick both feel the same. Do you have another perspective you can share?" I'm not sure what you mean by this? My perspective on Darthe is unlikely to develop/change until he contributes more himself. Do you have issues with the thoughts I've already given on him to here? Cass7
  20. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    @amegakure Wrt your explanation of differences between this game and last KK/ta. FWIW personally meta for me is more important in context with knowing a person and how they typically think more than just what they do/don't do. Game patterns are dubious for so many reasons, but sometimes useful threads can be picked from them, and can be a good place to look in low activity - both for understanding, pattern and discussion. The time when I was considering other-game observations as a decent part of my thoughts on you was when your entry shook me, your follow up activity was essentially fluff then 'no comment yet'. The more you contribute, the more I look at this game.
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  22. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    >.> I miss post preview.
  23. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    Formatted it from memory. Don't remember which of you said the italicized. This isn't much to go on. Could be scum shading. Could just be early post picking at stuff that caught attention and not really solving yet. I don't know how much stock I can put in the first one. He might not even be serious. I commented on the second one. It was NAI and amusing he promptly forgot. FTR, please don't edit a quote. There are no nested quotes, and quoting you was a huge hassle. Eldrick2
  24. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    That post was a little hard to parse through. Got the sense you thought it was a reaction test, and that's what I agreed with (and thought was done poorly). Not sure what you're trying to equate to "serious/effort/dropping" Eldrick2
  25. PotC Mafia Game - Day 1

    ah shoot i forgot to bold.
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