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  2. [A] BENTHOS Mafia - SIGN UPS

    Good trolling, Zander. Good trolling. Though you do sound like what my nan used to lol
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  4. Thoughts on the Aiel

    Because the aiel are standing around in loose formation with weapons that are poor at countering cavalry.
  5. Welcome Haycraftd

    Thanks everyone! And welcome Lessa--I'll consider it.
  6. July Hangman - Favorite Television Series of All Time

  7. Trump FP

    It should also be noted that unlike the investments by the Soviet Union in the Third World the Chinese have not particularly engaged or seen a need to supply military arms to friendly governments or entered into military alliances. The Chinese involvement is almost exclusively economic. It should also be noted that while the Chinese have in fact invested billions in the Third World much of their investments are at best problematic. They have essentially have had to write off 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 billion of investments in Cuba. Their deal with Venezuela for Oil is at best economicly doubtful. Since 2008 China has also invested between 5 and 10 billion dollars in the Nickel, tin and copper industries of the Andes countries. At this time has actual production not gone up but capacity has also remained rather stagnant. And let's not even mention the investment black hole that is Brazil, where the only thing that disappears quicker then international investments is accountable politicians. Now I hope (for the sake of the people in Latin America) that the current wave of Chinese investments actually raise economic production and living standards but from the prior experiences of the British, French, Germans, Americans and Canadians I think that Chinese investments are even less likely to work out either for the Chinese investors or the people of the of the effected Latin American countries. I say this because nothing that the Chinese are doing or the other nations have done has changed the fundamental business culture in those countries. It's not so much that the economies in those countries work on crony capitalism but that their economic system actually resembles more a crony type of fuedalism with a dash of fascism thrown in. Until that fact changes the likelihood that conditions in those countries will substantially improve is in my opinion doubtful at best.
  8. Trump FP

    Actually the amounts they have spent have all been on a reciprical bases. They are getting deals on natural resources in return for their investments. Also your historical knowledge of the amounts invested in the Third World by the West is faulty at best. The amount of loans to the Third World and other investments by The World Bank and private lenders that have had to be written off simply dwarfs the investments that the Chinese have and are making. I also see nothing terribly wrong with such investments. The Third World is getting capital which it is for once using to actually grow their economic production and the Chinese are getting raw resources.
  9. Help me understand: religiosity

    "The purpose of the government is to direct the efforts of a society toward a better future. That includes directing the market through taxes and incentives. Left on its own, tobacco companies would be trying to get kids to smoke. Government intervened once we realized the dangers of smoking, introduced taxes on cigarettes and restrictions on tobacco advertising." The purpose of government is to protect from foreign and domestic threats to the society. "some R&D necessitates government intervention, and renewable energy is one of them." Really? What makes renewable sources of energy in the 21st century any different then the development of steam and then combustion engine power in the 18th and 19th centuries? What makes it different from the development of oil as an energy source in the 19th centrury or natural gas in the 20th century? You are making a claim based on your preconceived notions of the limitations of the market not on any rational argument based on hard facts. The government intervention as such only quickened the market reality. Once the nature of tobacco smoking was scientificly known the rate of smokers began to decline. The purpose of the taxation of tobacco like all "sin" taxes was to raise revenue on the backs of products with only limited sociatal acceptance. The market would certainly use fosil fuels rewards of the market would also incentivise the development of knew renewable and cheap sources of fuel. As the supply of fossil fuels would begin to decline and prices would rise, there would be greater and greater market incentive for private parties to develop renewable energy sources.
  10. I'm just coming to the end of KoD now. Some of these storylines might factor into the longer term plan, but I can honestly say that absolutely none of this book was *riveting*. Faile? I never felt she was in danger. The casual threats of rape were unpleasant but not overly interesting. Perrin? He got from point a to point b. Passable reading, but nothing to raise the hackles or stir the soul. Mat? Mat had spurts of being interesting but it was so spread out it's hard to be excited about the overall thing. Tuon, all I can really say is that she's the most interesting romance in the series. But that's more a shot at Jordan than a real compliment. I don't recall being overly bored during any of Tuon's sequences, but something needs to happen before I start glossing over bits of those. Luca, still don't care. Rand exists. Blew off a hand. Oh well, moving on. (Very self-aware of him.) (Semi's plan was pointless and anti-climactic, btw) Elayne is ridiculously boring. I don't care how much she blames Rand for her condition, or how little she enjoys goat's milk. It's not fun reading. And I feel comfortable calling her stupid for trusting in prophecy too much. Min said she'd deliver the children alive. She never said she'd live for more than 2 seconds after that, or that her children wouldn't be Black Ajah blackmail fodder over the dragon reborn. She wasn't scared for even a second during her capture? Then she lacks imagination. "How'd they find us?" "A woman warder!" "And I'd have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids! Nyah!" "Hey, I know that we're losing this battle terribly, but what if we finally decided to use the Power strategically, despite the fact that we've spent the entire book making excuses for why we can't?" "Ye gods, that's just crazy enough to work! As long as somebody's shouting Elayne's name at least. It won't work unless there's a rallying cry." "FOR ELAYNE AND ANDOR!" "Your crown, milady." I'm not being intentionally negative, I'm just finding it hard to be overly positive. There's nothing that makes this *bad* reading, it just seems to have lost the magic that made it *good* reading....
  11. @Jagen Sedai I have all of them on my phone. Forgot about the search feature! The relevant quotes are above.
  12. LoC chapter 7:" There were reports of strange occurrences in Illian and Cairhien—there might have been others, but those were the ones they saw—villages taken by madness, nightmares walking in daylight, two-headed calves that talked, Shadowspawn appearing out of thin air." LoC chapter 12: "Most of the muted talk seemed to be about the weather. That and tales from elsewhere about strange happenings, two-headed calves talking and men smothered by swarms of flies, all the children in a village disappearing in the middle of the night and people struck dead by something unseen in broad daylight." I think there was another mention in the next book, but it's generally the same thing that was said above.
  13. We're usually quite restricted in terms of the start date, but having a sub is awesome! We usually need them <3
  14. I would love to join in the shenanigans, but I am not available until July 31st. So, if you start on the 29th then maybe I can be a sub. I will be out of town traveling on the 29th and 30th. My phone is not DM friendly.
  15. July Hangman - Favorite Television Series of All Time

    Oh woops. __/_____/t_/_e__/a__/_a__
  16. July Hangman - Favorite Television Series of All Time

    T Did you catch my "A" above? Sorry, for spamming the thread. Oops.
  17. [A] BENTHOS Mafia - SIGN UPS

    sign me up *sighs*
  18. [A] BENTHOS Mafia - SIGN UPS

    Sorry :( this continues to be a bad time for me and mafia rn
  19. July Hangman - Favorite Television Series of All Time

  20. Ahhh, good point. I would love to see the quotes. Also this is why I have the .pdf or other electronic formats of the books too--soooo much easier to scour!
  21. July Hangman - Favorite Television Series of All Time

    A The Temple of Winds, so you know what I am talking about. Severed Souls and Warheart were hard for me to read because they really got dark and dismal.
  22. New Moridin and Cuen'Shaidar

    I think that was directed at Cross. Barmy it is good to see you.
  23. New Moridin and Cuen'Shaidar

  24. I haven't seen that meme. That is cute.
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