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WoT: Season 2 Cast

"Duty is heavier than a mountain, death lighter than a feather..."

Season 2

Casting Agency

Amazon Prime's Wheel of Time TV show is cast by Kelly Valentine Henry, of the KVH casting agency in London.

Season 1 Cast

Click here to see the Season 1 cast. New additions introduced in Season 2 are listed on this page below.

Confirmed Season 2 Cast Members

Role Actor
(IMDB entry)
Date Announced
(news article)
New Main Characters
Mat Cauthon   Dónal Finn (replacing Barney Harris) August 19, 2020
Elayne Trakand   Ceara Coveney October 8, 2021
Aviendha   Ayoola Smart April 22, 2022
Masema Dagar   Arnas Fedaravicius December 6, 2021
Unknown Roles
Unknown Role   Natasha O'Keeffe October 8, 2021
Unknown Role   Meera Syal October 8, 2021

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