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Ayoola Smart Cast as Aviendha

Jason Denzel
  • Ayoola Smart has been cast in the iconic role of Aviendha for Amazon Prime Video's Wheel of Time TV show. 

Rafe Judkins, the showrunner for Amazon Prime Video's Wheel of Time TV adaptation announced today during a pre-recorded video for JordanCon attendees that Ayoola Smart will play the role of Aviendha beginning in season 2. 



Here's our announcement video, given by our video host Ebony and her daughter Aviendha:



Ayoola ("eye-oo-la") Smart is an Irish actress with extensive theater and TV credits for her young age. She's had notable roles in Killing Eve, Smother, and the BBC's adaptation of Les Misérables. 




You can view a showreel of some of Ayoola's work here.


View the season 2 officially announced cast so far


What do you think of this casting announcement? Let us know in the comments or on our forums.  



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She's no sea folk, they're really dark. She's got the right hair color, but the eyes are wrong. Skin is light, as the aiel are a very sun browned people. Not really like that matters if she can carry aviendhas attitude. I'm more worried about the character of the character, then the simple visual presentation... 

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For me, this is not Aviendha ? Aviendha is my absolute favorite char in the books and according to the books (and in my head) she dont look that way.

Ayoola needs to do a extreemly good work on getting Aviendhas attitude right to get even close.

Rose Leslie who played Ygritte in Game of thrones is more accurate. The fun thing is, Ygritte in GoT is almost a copy of Aviendha in WoT. Why not use the same actress?

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She is not a sea people; they are really dark. She has the correct hair color, but the eyes are incorrect. The aiel have pale skin and cupcake 2048 because they are a sun-kissed people. That doesn't really important if she can bear aviendhas attitude. In the end, it's the character's personality that concerns me more than anything else.

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