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  1. If you have any Suggestions or Improvements you'd like to see on this Site, the Forums, or Clubs, feel free to post them in this thread.
  2. Here's a list of some minor QOL tweaks I've made over the last couple of weeks to make DM a better experience for everyone. 1) "Spoilers" and "Tables". During the last update, Invision Community forum software stopped supporting BBCodes. We now have to use buttons. If you want to make text hidden spoilers, simply highlight the text and this button . If you want to create a table, click this button. If you want to quote some text click this button 2) Seeing Clubs & Club Topics while in the Forums I know some of us still aren't used to the
  3. O mighty man, tall on the field you stood, no sword in hand and yet men below yield for he wielded the wyrmwood; no axe or weapon slashing; a shield of molten rage, a blade of frozen hate upon thy shoulders sat a mantle of orange
  4. O mighty man, tall on the field you stood, no sword in hand and yet men below yield for he wielded the wyrmwood
  5. I believe you're supposed to pick the next type of poem, and/or maybe the next line?
  6. The woven weaves of Mother Elgee Smothers knaves with a decree A knee you shall bend and with glee they mend
  7. You mean a '48 Ford Convertible right?
  8. My only guess is that this (Bot?) only reads their own fanfiction. 😉
  9. Does it involve an extraterrestrial or extraterrestrials?
  10. As the title of this thread asks, is it worth watching? Is it a waste of 4 hours? Or is it the best film since End Game pt 2?
  11. Hey all! I merged the "Movies & TV Shows", "Video Games & Board Games", "Music", "Books", and "Youtube" forums all into a new forum called "Entertainment Discussion". If things pick up, we might see some of those forums come back. For the Month of April, I would like to know what type of activities you all would like to see the Entertainment Club Host?
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