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  1. I think you misunderstood what was being said. Xena was popular, and was successful. Stating that they wish the WoT show is as popular is not the saying they wish this show has the same budget or style as Xena.
  2. Heh, this reminded me of this massive contest they had in the 90s. Mountain Dew/Pepsi had a word based contest, where the top prize was going to NZ on the Xena set.
  3. Could make it look like an ethereal icepick going into the brain.
  4. Or as we learn later in the series, hand waving and finger wiggling is unnecessary when channeling, and Strength has nothing to do with it. *Thought* is all they need. How a channeler wiggles their fingers, waves their hands is a telltale signs of who taught them. It's kind of like how Nynaeve applies basic first aid principles when healing. She doesn't need to do those actions to heal, but it's part of the routine.
  5. What? No. We literally have scene clips of the main cast way beyond this first episode.
  6. Well Actually... Perrin is canonically 6'-1", and Rand is 6'-6". Rand's only a hand taller than Perrin, but yes, otherwise you're correct. My guess is Rand will appear taller than most of the folks, but Perrin is also a big-lad, so they didn't want to bother trying to make Rand a hand taller than Perrin in every shot.
  7. This Topic is dedicated to discussing Season 1 of the Wheel of Time TV Series. No book spoilers are allowed. If you haven't caught up on the latest episode, please avoid this topic until you have.
  8. @Elder_Haman @king of nowhere@TheDreadReader @TheMountain @Borderlander, @DaddyFinn I split this topic off as it became a new topic.
  9. You definitely could, but this begs the question, do they have to identify each individual arrow to do that? If so, that would require tracking multiple objects travelling at 120-300 feet per second, snapping a weave around each of them that alters the air density causing their velocity to hit 0 and float in air. If they aren't targeting individual arrows, but doing a big "shield" of air in the general direction that the arrows were coming from. They could certainly change the density of air in a 60 foot by 60 foot by 5 foot area that would accomplish the same thing. Either of these would 100% work in the show. From the books though, I'm pretty sure they'd just make a 120 foot by 120foot by 1/16th solid wall of air, or as others have suggested, a strong gust of wind to push them away.
  10. Presumably it's a weave of air. To "slow" down an arrow like that you would either have to A) Identify each individual arrow and "Grab" it with a flow of air like a 3rd hand, and stop it. B) You can't spot each individual arrow, so you create a "wall" of air between you and the arrows. That wall would have the consistency of "Jell-O" (Ballistics Gel), to slow them and stop them in mid air. It has to have to be thick enough to prevent arrows from going through.. It cannot be dense enough that the arrows ricochet off due to surface tension. But thin enough that the arrows travel a few feet before slowing down. Or just Create a solid wall of air that could be a micron thick, but hard as a rock that cause arrows that come in contact with them to ricochet off. I don't know if Aes Sedai understand the concepts of Friction, and Density. If they could affect an object that passes through a field to affects it's friction, density, gravity, ect I think we'd have some really interesting applications of that in the books... that I'm not aware of. 😄
  11. In another thread, I mentioned that stopping arrows like that would take infinitely more complex weave, and One Power than simply creating a "shield" of air, and letting them bounce off. In D&D terms, they're running under "Rule of Cool" over "realism".
  12. This Topic is dedicated to discussing Season 1 of the Wheel of Time TV Series. Full book spoilers are allowed. If you haven't caught up on the latest episode, please avoid this topic until you have.
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