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  1. Just saw this yesterday, and absolutely love it!
  2. Well, that's kinda what going on a Viking means. And don't kink shame Cousins! At least we took out those dirty Saints!
  3. Pfft. Everyone knows both these teams will lose; asMinnesota will go on a Viking at the superbowl, and walk off with the Rings & Trophy.
  4. Holy hell, I was not prepared for this.
  5. Going to give ya'll a hint. Little over one year after this movie released, a seasonal Family Friendly Movie with the exact same name and similar plot device was released.
  6. Look at the city in 3 dimensions. Also: Black Tower. I' can't help but think about Cards Against Humanities hidden card.
  7. Sorry Krakalakachkn, but I have to lock this. Half a year ago (maybe more) DM instituted a pretty strict policy barring the topic of Politics, as it was causing too much toxicity within the community. I'm going to work with the rest of Staff and to try and make sure some of these new rules/regulations are more transparent to new and returning users.
  8. No. And I never said the movie title had a year in it. Rather give the year the movie was made. This is important when guessing the correct movie.
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