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  1. It would be the series, not just that one book. Pretty much everything on my list is from a series. Yea.. so, a 'Mary Sue' character is one that is basically over-powered, with no flaws.. Btu Kvothe has plenty of flaws. It's also a term people use in Dungeons & Dragons for when someone makes an OP character with basically no personality/backstory, that's perfect in every way. I don't believe he was in the darkelf trilogy, but definitely in the Icewind Dale Trilogy. (Which was really the first Trilogy, the Darkelf Trilogy is technically a prequel written after the fact) He's an Antagonist & Nemesis for much of the series, but Drizzt never kills Artemis, because Drizzt thinks he can change him. (Tip: He can't) Later in the series they become more like Rivals, often working together against a unified enemy. No they aren't! And that's why I put them together. Magnifico Giganticus, is a charismatic Clown. The heroes of the story stumble upon him, being assaulted by soldiers, and so they rescue him. From there, he tagged along with those intrepid heroes going from town to town, planet to planet, in search of a shadowy organization that they believe exists in addition to the original Foundation. At one point, they start holding rallies, and Magnifico Giganticus plays a Visi Sonor to the audience. Unbeknownst to the Heroes of the story, or the Reader, Magnifico Gigantius is the Mule. The Emperor, that's been hunting them, and this shadowy organization. And they led him right to it. We learn that the Mule is actually From that planet, that they call Gaia. That he's basically a twisted mutant version. He's a tragic figure, and I like him. From him, spawned Final Fantasy 6's Kefka, the greatest villain ever... A Villain that won, blew up the world, and then got bored and let the heroes 'defeat' him.
  2. I may as well add my list, in no particular Order. 1. Kvothe - King Killer Chronicles. 2. Vin - Mistborn 3. Perrin Aybara & Faile Aybara 4. Matrim Cauthon 5. Duncan Idaho - Dune 6. Logen Ninefingers - First Law Trilogy 7. Sand dan Glokta - First Law Trilogy 8. The Mule - Foundation Series 9. Tyrion Lannister - Song of Ice and Fire 10. Arya Stark - Song of Ice and Fire 11. Drizzt Du'Urden - Forgotten Realms 12. Jarlaxle - Forgotten Realms 13. Artemis Entreri - Forgotten Realm ... Can't think of anymore off the top of my head.
  3. Remember, on Earth, those genes arose as a Mutation. In Randland, those genes are already present in the population. But, in order for those genes to dominate the gene pool, they have to become dominate. They have to have some social or survival reason for those genes to dominate. The closest example we have of this, is working away from the ability to Channel, in that the Aes Sedia were basically self-sterilizing the population by not breeding, thereby limiting the prevalence of the One Power in the rest of the population. We don't know how effective or in-effective Nyneave's and other Wisdoms herbal medicine is. But that's still leaps and bounds better than Earth had 8000 years ago. :Wink: And, we don't really know what the mortality rate in the 2 Rivers is. AFAIK, everyone is quite healthy except when plagues run through.. But they don't exactly have Vaccines either. Sources of Vitamin D: Sauce Agriculturally rich areas like that, got more than enough from Diet. Milks, Cheeses, Eggs have a year round supply. You can keep various vegetables in root cellars. Technology all available to the Two Rivers... That wasn't available 8000 years ago. And as I've stated before, RJ mixed and matched cultures and Heritages. That was his thing. Just because he said they are culturally welsh, doesn't mean their heritage can't be East-Asian. The Aiel, being Irish was, for whatever reason, his inside joke.
  4. *Shrugs* I was thinking it was closer to 20,000 years. Dammit Sanderson! Either way, there's a glaring issue. This isn't Earth.. (Well, maybe it is. but that's a discussion for another time) A) The genes that have those physical traits already existed 4000+ years ago. B) There's a lack of natural selection due to Technology & Magic. What I'm saying is, there is no advantage to being white, or black, in those climates that prevents people from having offspring, causing certain genes to become more prevalent. We also have a vastly different culture 4000+ years ago in Randland, then Earth did 8000 years ago. Less Hunter-Gatherer, more 1500's europe/agriculture/kingdoms. Less men having 10 kids with 50 women to more marriages, with 16 kids.
  5. Possibly? It's only been 4000 years since the breaking?, which is like 1/5th the amount of time it took for the genetic variation that led to white skin. We also lack a natural selection tool that would cause genetic lines to die off due to climate. The exception to this is the Aiel. They live in such a hostile environment that the weakest of them will/did die off... or at least, wandered off to become the Tinkers.
  6. There are indications that the Aiel are based on the Zulu, Apache, and Japanese. Yet, they are one of the few cultures he has literally stated has a heritage that is basically Irish. Again, RJ mixed-and-matched Cultures and Heritages. Just because one culture is based on a culture, doesn't mean they share a heritage! *Nods* Heck, his Height,Eyes, and Hair are more than enough. Plus, I'm sure Elaida and Morgase have both seen an Aiel in their time. Perrin has exactly the correct amount of beard hairs. *nods* I never stated Tam was an outlander. The point that was missed here, is that people do leave, and people do come back. And clearly Tam isn't the only one to have left the Two Rivers in the last 2000 years... which is basically what some people are arguing. Go read my prior posts, go check the wiki article. People came back, over time. It's never stated in the books how long it took them all to come back. It never states how long it took them to come back, how many generations, or that no one left and came back with wives/husbands from outside Manetheren. It's also a stretch to assume everyone in Emmonds field is an Inbred Cletus. We have at most, a vague history of the Two Rivers, from several unreliable narrators. Yea.. there's this thing called Exercise. Google some Marvel actors transformations before they got casted.
  7. Read the books, the Aiel are not exactly 'dark' under their clothing. This isn't something only I'm asserting. Pretty much the entire fanbase is behind this interpretation that the Aiel look like Gingers. If they cast the Aiel wrong, it's going to cause more of an uproar, then the two rivers casting. Also per Robert Jordan. Made the pertinent part easier to read. ^
  8. Memories play tricks on us all. I blame Brandon Sanderon's Ruin. It's the only explanation! There could definitely be reports, but paper is different than seeing. We basically have to possibilities. Either the Two-Rivers folk physically stand out soo much compared to everyone else in that region, that everyone in that region just intrinsically know that they are from the two rivers. Specially when dressed as farmers. Or the two rivers has had it's own traders, albeit rare enough that people in the region actually know what they look like but don't see them all that often... If I had any guess, it's that the two rivers folk used to trade outside the two rivers far more then they do currently, but the instability of the region prior to the Aiel War led them to just stay in their little shelter area... And that any population on Randland isn't going to be as clear-cut as some are making it out to be. Aye. That's kind of what I'm getting at. That certain degree of variation is present within the group that was casted. From the casting, we could say that say that Egwene represents the average, with Mat & Perrin representing the variations of each spectrum. And Rand is clearly the red-headed stepchild that was bullied. Exactly. So, we have Age of Legends which we're going to assume is NYC. Then the breaking where each major area breaks up. New Landmasses form. Then we have about a 2 to 3000 years of Wars with the Shadow, Artur Hawkwing, etc, before we we finally reach the 1000 year lull between then, and the current era. (give or take) By this point, cultures around Randland have been pretty well established, and we have no idea what people looked like a thousand years prior to the start of the books. But we also have to remember that humans tend to clump together, even within their own little areas. We clump together by looks, we clump together by social status. We clump together by proximity. We clump together with friends instead of enemies. There are going to be clumps of people who look different then the average person that we'd associate with that area/culture, but their mannerisms, their clothing, are going to tell us where they are from more so then how they physically look.
  9. Common Look, doesn't mean everyone looks related. Outlier doesn't mean it never happens. The Two Rivers is synonymous with every rural small town in America where 'no one leaves', yet everyone knows someone who left. At this point, Rand is what, 17, 18? Rand is stating things from his experiences, what he's been told... Yet he was surprised to learn that his dad left when he was a kid. (Looked it up in the Companion. Two rivers hasn't seen a Tax Collector in 6 generations, 150 years, and the Guard in 7 generations.) Here's the thing about Rand..... He's actually not that smart... or at least, simply not well educated.. He's quite frankly ignorant about the world in general. Remember that scene in one of the books where Rand mocked and laughed at a merchant, when that guy told him Silk comes from worms. Rand is what I'd call an unreliable narrator. You're still thinking about Randland in real world earth terms. The two rivers has one culture, and that's two-rivers culture. If there's any theme RJ had, it's that Culture =/= ethnicity. He literally mixed and matched. There really is no guarantee that the original Manetheren's were all one 'ethnicity'. But if we do assume that RJ assigned a different Ethnicity to every one of the 10 nations, why would he make Manetheren the same as Aridhol or Coremanda?.The places that are now Andor and Cairhien? I explained in my prior post, that there is no way The Two Rivers have been genetically isolated for over 2000 years, nor did I say only traders are responsible for bringing in new genetics. We have to remember that prior to the breaking, their world was very different to our own. When those people scattered, that doesn't mean they scattered along ethnic lines. Find me one description of what Eldrene looked like, or what her 'ethnicity' was. What did Aemon look like? Can you find me a single description of what the people of Manetheren looked like? That's not logic, that's justification. 1) We can claim that everyone in the two rivers is a descendant of Manetheren, but we have statements like "the old blood is strong", implying it's been muddled. Prey tell, what has that old blood been muddled by? If everyone is a direct descendant, on both sides, uninterrupted for 2000 years, then everyone would be strong in the old blood. They'd also have a hard time finding someone that isn't their cousin. 2) The people came back.. Eventually, and Over a thousand years... 3) How many people came back? How sure are we that only descedents of Manetheren came back? 4) How many came back with wives from Andor? Husbands from Saldea? 5) How many people left for wars in the early years? How many went to trade their goods in Baerlon? How many didn't come back? How many came back with new wives? All of this opens the possibility that the Two Rivers isn't full of backwood cletus looking rednecks, and that you're going to have a common skin-tone, with people + or - that common. Rand being the biggest outlier, with his red hair and gray eyes.
  10. Came here to say <3 Drizzt. With all the stories that authors done with Drizzt, I almost wish he'd done a 'what if' Drizzt choose the Sorcere school, over the Melee-Magthere. They basically hinted that he was equally gifted due to his strange birth.... something that hasn't really been brought up again?
  11. Question. If the two Rivers is 100% Isolated with Tam being the one outlier in the last 2000 years, How would Elaida even know what a Two Rivers person looks like? AFAIK she's never stepped foot within the Two Rivers or Emonds Field. Moraine is probably the last Aes Sedia to go there since the Queen of Manetheren died! And there's the genetic distribution within the Two Rivers region, that prevents everyone looking like Cletus.
  12. 'Geographically Insulated" not "Isolated'. Meaning War parties don't march through the two rivers, it goes around them. Two Rivers Tabac is known across Randland. 2,200 years prior, Manetheren fell. https://wot.fandom.com/wiki/Two_Rivers The whole area was basically wiped out, we can only assume survivors fled. Over the course of the next 1000 years known as the 'free years', people filtered back into the two rivers, started farming, and developed the world famous Two Rivers Tabac. Many of these people, were direct decedents of Manetheren, many were not. A thousand more years, we have people coming and going. Some setting up Inns, and Businesses. Merchants settling down. People going off to wars and coming back with Brides. Tam cannot literally be the only person to have left the Two Rivers and come back with a bride in the last 2000 years. That's just asinine. It's literally only been one generation since the Aiel War. A War that caused the rest of the nations to band together to stop the Aiel. A War, that Cairhen and Andor are probably still recovering from, even if they don't look like it. That kind of peace, and relative stability of Andor for the last 500ish years, is what's really caused the Two rivers to become isolated. Tax collectors haven't been there in a generation. But they did go there. Merchants come and go, but really, only those who know where to acquire the Two Rivers Tabac go there. Their economy goes beyond just there little part of the world, so why should we believe everyone in the Two Rivers are going to be inbred hillbillies that all look alike?
  13. The Aiel live in the Desert, Rand did not. The Aiel are by nature pale, but nature put them in the desert so their skin naturally is tanner. Go back and read some character descriptions, Rand stands out both in hair/eyes, but also complexion. Not greatly (due to tanning), but enough. Sauce: Wot.Fandom.Wiki
  14. Well.. umm. Perhaps not the torture of Rand, as that can be kept within the PG13 range... but the Battle of Dumai's Wells might be quite gruesome.
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