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  1. Good here, still able to work from home! Living rural has it's advantages. 😄
  2. AFAIK, healing like that would almost require a wound in order to get the body to start the healing process. Theoretically, you could go all Steven King's Misery on someone through endless torture & healing. IF, a person were able to keep healing someone even after they are fully healed. It's entirely possible you could effectively cause Cancer in that person. E.G. The cells keep 'healing', developing and growing Tumors incredibly fast.
  3. Nah, that I knew. It just gets me that a Potato is a Tuber, and a Tomato is a Fruit. You eat two completely different parts of closely related plants! Course, there is this. Dragon Tail Radish. This Radish you don't eat the root, you eat the seed pod! (I didn't even know about radish seed pods until I let one stay in the garden too long.
  4. What trips me out is that Egg Plants, Tomatoes, Peppers, and Potatoes are all in the Nightshade family of flower plants. (Potatoes even grow a poisonous fruit!)
  5. Sneaky little spam-bots. I shoulda known that this was a bot by this comment alone. rofl.
  6. It is not a sin to be any of those. Why does everyone have to have a Persecution complex? The "Real" Perrin? You can imagine characters in the books however you want. I guarantee that you don't look anything like how I imagined Perrin looked. Does that mean we cancel each other out? How sure of that are you? You do know, he's hit the gym... Right? He's on that Marvel Super Hero regime. Remember Chris Evans before Captain America? Interesting thing about that... Who says it's politics? Sorry. But people that use all these key words like you, are bringing politics into it. Your ruining your own childhood fantasy. Really? I seem to recall that being one of the most popular and highly rated TV shows on the Sci-Fi channel. I was never a fan of the original, and never got into the new version. But the new one at least looked less boring. Who says its out of 'social justice'? Ya'll keep citing it as Woke or SJW garbage. Even though there is plenty of evidence within the books that justify the casting beyond Rafe being a Social Justice Warrior. Cite me one page that says Perrin is Caucasian. One page that says his skin is white as snow. Don't bother citing the cover art. The cover art is notoriously inaccurate to the books. (Perrin doesn't have red hair!) Funny thing about that. Ya'll that are all so busy being anti-SJW/Woke/Etc, also fight and trash on those new works to. Someone comes out with an LGBT comic, or movie? Railroad and trash it on social media. Talk about how bad it is. How SJW it is, why it's ruining children or society. Hell, look at the majority of the backlash against Birds of Prey. 99% of it has absolutely nothing to do with the acting, the story. It has to do with it being an SJW feminist nightmare. I've still yet to read any critical element about why the movie "sucks" beyond all these key-words that keep getting regurgitated.
  7. I tried to make a Gold/Silver metalic dragon. Didn't turn out that great. Resin, skin colored. Thought process was to paint the clothing, not the skin. lol I've ordered some gray resin as that seems to be the most easily usable color. Printing a Flesh colored Totoro just seems wrong.
  8. That was an awesome story, and exemplifies just how awesome the gaming community can be. 🙂
  9. I've been trying to dig up the one mini I painted a few year ago, but no luck so far. It got destroyed in the last move so I can't exactly take a new picture of it. Let's just say yours is light-years ahead of mine.
  10. The D&D Beyond tracker doesn't do much in the way of automatic math/dice rolls for you. (You can opt to do auto-initiative rolls for npcs, but that's it) More or less, it's effectively the digital version of running it on paper, only automating turn-order by showing you which character's turn it is. This is how their interface looks. Now Fantasy Grounds, that's about as automated as you can get. You can do it all manually to, it's just obviously not as fast.
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