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  1. I'm gonna be that "well actually guy" here. It's shaped like a Vulva, not a vagina. 😁
  2. ...What... What if they make it even more obvious? Like, a couple of different shades of Pink walls, lots of trees along the ports, and an infamous tavern no man can find?
  3. Many people read New Spring around books 7-10, it's a good reprieve. You could always do what I did, and read the Great Gatsby between books 8 & 9. That really made me appreciate fast paced writing!
  4. Was just thinking... "Big Set" is an interesting choice of words. Emond's Field is a "tangible" location, just like Fal Dara, that the characters "explore" multiple locations. Caemlyn & Shadar Logoth don't actually need to be big sets. They can be almost 100% CG. The "sets" for those locations can come down to Inns, Taverns, "Houses". We the viewer don't need to "actually" see Rand exploring all of Caemlyn, we only really need to see the Inn set, and maybe a courtyard set. Something like Four Kings & White Bridge could be a mix of big and small set... depending. Heck, do we count a "real" city as a "big set"?
  5. This seems to have links to where to watch? https://www.ign.com/articles/comic-con-at-home-2021-schedule-panels-announcements-how-to-watch
  6. If they were to air the Shadar Logoth Episode during the Week of Halloween...
  7. It Is indeed. Left to right Mat, Egwene, Nyneave, Perrin, Moiraine, Rand, Lan. Steve took the picture.
  8. Teasers Trailers definitely are. I seem to recall a few Marvel movies dropping trailers during SDCC, but who knows if I can trust my memory. Damn! You might be right!
  9. Rand would stand out pretty much anywhere in "randland" as he's basically described as the only 6'-6" Ginger for a thousand miles in any direction. 😉 This is one of the few photos we have of the main cast, in the same area under the same lighting. One of the biggest complaints about casting Marcus was his lack of "bulk". I believe it's been stated most of the cast (Not you Barny) has underwent the "Marvel" Diet/Exercise regiment, and will probably continue to "Bulk Up" as the series progresses.
  10. Do I get to say "I told ya so" , that they'd make some kind of appearance at ComicCon?
  11. People in Two Rivers don't all share the same grandparents, and definitely aren't the result of generational incest. The "homogeny" argument is tired, and that word is never used in the books. 😉 If you want to go along the route of which actor doesn't look like they could share an ancestor, that goes to Madeleine Madden as she is of Indigenous Australian descent. Some of the earliest Indigenous Australians ancestors diverged from East-Asian populations 54,000 years ago. So what I guess I'm saying is; it's easier to suspend disbelief, then to focus to hard about an actors genetics. Imposing book Lan, comes down to how he looks at people, not his physical stature. A lot of Fan Art cast Aragorn as Lan. Interesting fact, Viggo Mortensen is only 5'-11". Daniel Henney is 6'-2". That makes him easily a handwidth taller than Viggo. This is a picture of Daniel next to Hugh Jackman back in 2010. (Supposedly Hugh is 6'-3")
  12. It's "figuratively" eating it's own tail when you look at it from top-down, which actually works within the scope of infinity.
  13. Honestly, D & D are not a good example at all of when "doing your own thing" makes a shitty product. Read this article: ‘Game of Thrones’ creators confirm that they had no clue what they were doing TDLR: They had no clue what they were doing, it succeeded despite they're failures. Really, it's a testament of how good of a writer G.R.R Martin is, that even two bumbling idiots who have no idea how to write a script can steal from the book and make a world wide phenomena. Something not everyone knows is that G.R.R did his "time" in hollywood. He wrote scripts before, and it actually translates to his books pretty well in that regard. To be brutally honest, G.R.R's books translate to screen a LOT easier then the Wheel of Time does. I think he could have finished it. Whether it your bookshelf buckled under the enormous mass of it, is another matter entirely.
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