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  1. Who's up for some Fantasy Baseball?
  2. I set up a DM March Madness Group. Try this Link for the invite. I've left the group 'unlocked', in case we have any late entries.
  3. True. It's just when I think tech giant, I think $$$. Wiki is always asking for donations. In something like this, it's relatively benign example of censorship, even for Wikipedia. It doesn't really change much of anything... The point can be argued either way based upon the way Green Peace was 'founded', and amounts to drama between two or more parties than hard facts. Now when Google censors Anti-Vaxxer propaganda, I tend to care far less about censorship of those ideas... Because Anti-Vaxxers through their actions/inaction cause death, and harm the public health as a whole. Largely though from my experience, Google looks to be pretty hands off on most things... (Caveat here is, they, like other tech companies are getting pressured to censor anti-vaxxers lately... Thank goodness.) But then there are times there's soo much data out there, so much information that Google prioritizes the new information over the old information, which makes it difficult to find a similar case with similar actors that happened a year ago, which can and does alter the public sphere on what happened now versus then, making it harder to draw parallels and gauge how the public opinion on such things have changed. Example, google R. Kelly Lawsuit. How many pages before you get to his 2002 lawsuit? Probably. All I can gather about it is the guy's been on the outs from Green Peace for awhile because of his stance on climate change, and other stuff. Whether the other founders saw the interview, got mad, de-listed him. Other Green Peacers, or even one of his or other right-wing fans of the shows he was on did it to stir the pot against raging liberals. I dunno. Side Note: I don't agree with him on climate change, but I do agree with him on Nuclear and some other stuff he has said.
  4. Why do you believe Wikipedia is run by SJWs? I wouldn't call Wikipedia a tech giant.... Specially when compared to Google. Google is primarily a search engine, that's meant to find information. Whether that information is true/false/misleading isn't always up to them to decide... except when they do. But when that data is coming from Wikipedia, and google probably has an logarithm that auto-updates in sync with Wikipedia, then I'd have to blame this on Wikipedia, over Google. How do you prove, that Google changed this exact search? How do we know that a Google Employee didn't make the edit on Wikipedia? How do we know Patrick Moore didn't make the edit on Wikipedia to stir the pot? How do we know one of the Patrick Moore Fanbois, didn't make the edit on Wikipedia a few weeks ago, and then told Moore about it? The answer is for me, it's Speculation. It's also largely irrelevant. Unless you're Patrick Moore and want to be remembered as a founder of Green Peace. I don't see his picture on anything when I do an actual search. If Krak is talking about the twitter post, maybe the one with his picture is from when google did show it?
  5. So my question is this. Is it actually Google expunging history, or is it actually Wikipedia edits, and googles Algorithm just updating to the latest edits on Wikipedia? https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Greenpeace&action=history It's been getting a lot of edits lately, which could trigger the google search bots to update given new data from Wikipedia... You'll notice that if you click on any of the names when searching for the founders of Green Peace, it hyperlinks you to Wikipedia. I also have to question if Patrick Moore or any of his guys, have been editing things on Wikipedia, to purposely stir the pot? This link will compare the latest version, to a version from 2015. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Greenpeace&type=revision&diff=888349945&oldid=676566608 The only thing I'm getting out of even the earlier version from 3.5 years ago, cause I know dick about Patrick Moore, is that he was a very early member (and future president of Green Peace in Canada), and that the list of founders is incredibly subjective. Do you consider the founding members to be the very first group that came up with the idea? (When it was called "Don't make a Wave Committee".) Were the founding members those who were on the first boat trip as Green Peace? I dunno and I don't really care. It sounds like personal drama between him, and the other founders, and him blaming Google for censorship.
  6. Funcom is having a Building Contest for Conan Exiles. https://forums.funcom.com/t/conan-exiles-building-contest/55054
  7. Not sure who all plays this, but I went ahead and got a private server for Conan Exiles. (for about 90 days) If your interested in playing Conan Exiles on a private server, PM me for server details! If you have any mod suggestions or server setting requests, let me know!
  8. Neither of us were innocent in that outburst. . We both fed off of each other toxicity during that exchange, and I happened to be the one who who got mad first. I took responsibility for what I said, and I left D&D for awhile of my own volition.... I was even told by Tyzack not to leave/take a break, but I did anyways. How about this. Either: A) Block me or B) Let's make a pact (deal?). I/You won't make any jabs, insults, at, towards, directly or indirectly about, You/Me, no matter how minor. This includes statements like "You conservatives, You liberals, you snowflakes, you NPCs, even when not directed at You/I but other users. If either of us do feel insulted, they may brings up the pact, and the other apologizes. Issue dropped. I/You have no interest in talking about the subject with You/I, and I/You will refrain from quoting You/I and replying to said quotes. I/You will read a post in full before commenting on the contents of that post. -If I/You don't/can't, a "I stopped reading after this" can be used. I/You will keep snark, quips, and sarcasm directed toward the other to a minimum. I/You won't make the claim to know what the other thinks or believes. I/You when reaching an impasse, will attempt to explain back to the other's argument without snark or sarcasm, in an effort to show that we understand the others' argument. I/You will accept the clarification of what the other meant, if an argument comes up because one party says they meant one thing, even when post reads like it meant another. I/You when arguing/discussing, will take a short breather and ask "does this post violate the pact?" ** If your interested in trying this, feel free to add to it. Otherwise, you'll find D&D is going to be a much smaller world. **
  9. Yea it's not even hyperlinked? And when I copy paste it, it went to a blank page. Now this is weird. My quote, hyperlinked it. #DMbeActin'Crazy
  10. I didn't know they allowed circle jerks at convention centers. /joke
  11. Got it. You're totally a Xenophobe, and you can't even argue that you aren't one. Which explains your emotional outburst when you said Which is definitely not something, someone would say, if they are capable of discussing things with people they disagree with. Funny how ya'll like to play the victim card when you get called out on your own b.s. but don't see your own damn hypocrisy with your insults that you claim are just for the lols.
  12. So you're going to talk to yourself? So #triggered at being called out as a xenophobe, when that's clearly your position. go ahead, Change my mind. But, you can't be bothered to have a conversation despite having wildly different beliefs.
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