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  1. The seals were only as big as your hand. A small to medium sized plate. I'd imagine a Plate made out of Iron, wouldn't be more than a few pounds. I don't know the specifics on Cuendillar, but somethings we know. If two objects touch, and are turned into Cuendillar, they become one object. In my minds eye, it's like the OP grows a layer of Ceramic over the Iron, adding to the object, adding more weight. It's possible a sword could exist. But depending on what gets added, an edge may not be sharp. But a spiked club would never break. A bullet would keep its shape, and the heavier weight would be great. Armor, if made thin enough, and in a smart manner, could both be lighter and more impenetrable. And for the love of all that is good. Don't wear armor while its being turned into Cuendillar!
  2. I want to say RJ addressed this at one point, or at least indirectly in regards to Weapons. Anything made out of Iron can be turned into Cuendillar, would almost always be insanely heavy. Now there could be ways around the weight. Take "Dragons" as an example. What if they just made a thin tube out of Iron that weight like 5 pounds, and turned it into Cuendillar. If it gained 5 pounds in weight.. it wouldn't even matter.
  3. Lame... yet I'm oddly okay with it. Probably 'cause I WANT to see this in theaters.
  4. Does the movies Title (including "the") have 3 or more words in it?
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/DiWHY/comments/jfakh3/does_she_just_leave_them_there/
  6. Does the IMDB Page for this film list it's release date After December 31st, 1999?
  7. Welcome to DM! Glad you're enjoying the books! As an FYI, at the top of the page there's a link called "Clubs", which leads you to DM's extended community. Some of these Clubs are based on the Wheel of Time, some aren't. https://dragonmount.com/clubs/ I personally run the Entertainment club. The Art's Guild started up a few weeks ago.
  8. Does the IMDB Page for this film list it's genre as one of the following: Horror, Comedy, and/or Adventure?
  9. Does the IMDB page for this film have a "Content Rating" of R, NC 17, or Not Rated?
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