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  1. political meme's & lolz

    I blame 4chan for Flat-Earthers, not Pepe.
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Doesn't really have to be shown to be there. It's a sci-fi trope at this point. Course, if the environmental systems are good enough it could blow enough oxygen out there just as fast as it escapes through a smaller hole. But I can't tell you how bad that system idea would be in reality.
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Sci-Fantasy Magic shields that keep air in but lets matter fly out. How do the bombs even DROP in a ship in Space? Wth wouldn't you.. umm. Launch them with some form of propellant so they move faster than your artificial gravity?!? Seriously, space bombers like that is the most retarded things I've seen in a movie in a while.
  4. More mass shootings...

    Back window Gun Racks aren't secure? Even with that box of open bullets flooding the passenger seat?
  5. Tipping is horrible

    *Shrugs* I look at good service as hard to quantify in exact terms, I just know when I've had great service, and when I've had shitty service. I never go off of how the food tastes, that's not the waiter/waitress's fault. I go off of how there attitude is with me, not specifically cheerful as that can come off as condescending. (And no one likes someone that' is way to cheerful on a Monday.) I figure it on how often they come to bug us. To much is bad. Beginning and end is Bad. (unless it's a quick 15 minute meal) If they practically throw the plate on the table and go "here's your damn food", well, they aren't getting a tip. It's quite hard for me to really quantify it. But I'm also not one of those from the older generations that will get up and walk out because they had to wait 5 minutes to long. Or belittle wait staff for a minor error.
  6. Trump Presidency

  7. Trump Presidency

    Yea, but I'm specifically talking about those things Democrats supposedly want to get done. Like Climate laws. Slip that shit under the Radar, Not tax cuts to rich corporate bankers.
  8. Tipping is horrible

    I don't know if it's a state law, or just something businesses do, but I've heard that even if they get paid the $4.25/hr server wage, if they don't earn the additional $3.00/hr in tips supposedly the business pays them $7.25/hr. I could be easily wrong on this matter, but I recall some servers talking about this, and why they liked it on Slow Days where they may only see 1 or 2 customers/hr. Course, if you live in a large town/city, chances are they don't pay there servers $7.25/hr. To hard to keep employees when the bar down the street pays $9.50, or iHOP pays $10.
  9. Tipping is horrible

    Many servers would hate that. Now it'll be harder to qualify for food stamps & earning several thousand more than they really are.
  10. Tipping is horrible

    Sharing of tips isn't really that horrible when you have some staff working a servers wage, but are barred from picking up the tips. Requiring all tips to be shared, is a bit of a shitty proposition, specially when you have servers who aren't pulling there fair share. When getting pissy because people put the tip on their card is just annoying to me. You bet you're ass I want you to pay income tax on that money like the rest of us! I damn well know thousands of servers only claim federal minimum wage ($7.25/hr/$15,080 ) and pocket the rest, effectively earning several thousand, if not 10s of thousands over minimum wage tax free.
  11. Trump Presidency

    Anything, specially if they want something environmental done. Slip it under the radar. Don't broadcast it to everyone in the media.
  12. Trump Presidency

    Maybe Democrats need to do what Republicans do, and not talk about the bill, but just sneak it into congress, or into other bills so people don't know the bills are even being discussed.
  13. political meme's & lolz

    That only covers preventable drugs. Once you take a drug to prevent something, future doses are no longer considered preventable. So you basically get it one time free. Example being, you go in, they recommend you need blood thinners. So you start taking them. A year later after mandatory blood work, or after your prescription runs out, it is now no longer listed as preventable, and thus becomes maintenance drugs. I don't believe anything else under Obama care was changed in the way you think, and even if it did, Obama Care was just Romney Care on the whole country... which is really just mandating insurance for everyone while not really having the government pay for it, thus it's 'free market' insurance.
  14. political meme's & lolz

    Just like with the Epipen, Insurance companies started to refuse to cover it, forcing people to use a harder to use off-brand that costs about the same as what it did prior. Insurance companies do deny meds you require, forcing you to take the off-brand they require (if it exists) or to pay for it out of pocket. And you are S.O.L if your insurance company won't cover it even after you've reached your maximum out of pocket costs. High Deductible plans, that's still what, $6000+ maximum out of pocket? If they do cover it, chances are they'll want you to fork over your total deductible, and maximum out of pocket before they do start paying... which isn't exactly an affordable amount of money for many (most?) households. Ever have to buy injection blood thinners for a loved one because it's the weekend and Insurance has to approve it? And they need that shit to Yea, it's shitty as hell.
  15. So, it's fine for religion to stick it's fingers into politics, but not okay for politics to stick it's fingers into religion? Why are you so against fingers! Anti-Fingerest! Ya Lies. You're only right when you turn. I must have missed the meme you copied this from. Dammit Nolder, you're just a filthy, no good, reposter. Have you no dignity! He's liberal. Even if he has the minority he wins. Because Minorities = Power. Right? Rofl, I knew those shots fired would trigger ya. Mafia has little to do with thinking, or logic, but everything to do with being socially deceptive. Hey, now I know why you're such a Trump fan!