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  1. Not a horrible choice. I could even see Rhavin. Buuuut, he might be too busy between Witcher & future DC movies.
  2. Not a bad pick. I still like Aubrey Plaza, because I know she can play crazy very well.
  3. The "DO" is the metaphysical representation of Chaos & Entropy within the Wheel of Time Universe. The "Creator" is the metaphysical representation of Order & Creation within the Wheel of Time Universe. The "Wheel" is the metaphysical representation of "Balance" between the two opposing forces, and the "Serpent" represents eternity & cyclical time. There's debates as to how much if any interference the creator has had within the books. I don't necessarily agree that the voice at the end of TEOW was the creator, but LTT/or earlier incarnations. While the DO is "Imprisoned", it's interaction within the series is almost always through 3rd party hands. Influencing the hearts and minds if you will. It does have more "direct" interaction with reality the closer you get to the "bore". Bubbles of "Evil" are almost physical manifestations of the DO's chaos, injected into the tapestry the wheel weaves, like oil on water, poking it's head through the gaps in the threads. As we learned in the final battle, Destroying the DO, would result in removing that little bit of chaos within every human being, effectively taking away our very free will. There is no doubt in my mind there's influences of these entities taken out of Hinduism, Greek/Roman, Norse Mythology, and even Christianity/Judaism. Looking purely at the OT , the "serpent" was what goaded freewill in humanity. If it wasn't for that bit of chaos and curiosity, Humans would never have had free will. At least, that's from the biblical perspective. Greek/Roman you have similar stories like Pandora's Box & Prometheus, all about punishing humans for being curious. Having free-will and not doing what we're told, is kind of a running theme really.
  4. Well, as you said, she's only got a handful of scenes. So you can spend big $$ without blowing your whole budget casting a singled actor for an entire season. It's also entirely plausible by the time we get to the season where Semirhage comes into play, that Florence could cost just as much as Tilda. Agreed! I could actually see someone like Miranda Hart from call the Midwife as Verin. Verin Bird like? I dunno about that. Casting Tilda as Verin might make the reveal to obvious. And you have to admit, Tilda can look really imposing
  5. Yea it was about Tilda Swinton. Like, she would be a totally perfect casting for Semirhage, despite not having the complexion described in the books. And I'm fine with that.
  6. My thought is when you see her, you initially hate her, with her snooty attitude towards Rand. That actor can do all of that, just by seeing her the first time. The fun part is seeing people squirm when they begin to like the character. Looks wise, she's not far off from descriptions. Both her and Kathy Bates have similarities. They're both short, they're both "More stout than slim". She's waaaay to old to play Elaida. She's way to skinny to play Cads? What about... Semirhage? I know she's far to pale from the book descriptions, but if we go by acting ability, I think she's be great at playing someone who went from the Best Healer ever to a cruel sadistic person. *Shrugs* When I read Cadsuane, and I admit I need to get caught back up in a re-read where we meet her again, but I recalled her being "In your face, brutally honest", with either a snooty smile on her face, or a completely emotionless face, staring you in the eye. Kathy Bates always seems to come off as angry while being brutally honest to your face. "Umbridge" or rather Imelda Staunton. may be capable of telling that harsh truth, either with a smile or a stone face. If she summoned her Umbridge, I'm pretty sure she could say sweet little old lady words, while stabbing you in the gut.
  7. What about one of the sisters in book 2? That Moiraine goes and visits? Also I imagine this as Cadsuane:
  8. Correct. But it did tell us everything about every color of thread in a tunic, the button placement... Just because it doesn't describe the exact number and shape of testicles Mat has, or the Firmness of Nyneave's breasts, doesn't mean they can't "show" it, when it's spelled out that "oh, and she's topless" or "oh, and he's running around in the buff". Nudity can be shown, and still not be sexual, even full frontal shots. Is it fan-service? Perhaps? But the whole show is fan service. Hate to say it, but there's actually lots of tv shows these days, that show a plethora of nudity, including dongs. And sometimes it's completely non-sexual. Depending on if they do multiple rated versions, one for Prime, one for Cable TV, this can either be done with multiple/alternative shots, or blurring. If you recall the FX Drama "Nip/Tuck" from a decade ago. They did a LOT of shots that completely skipped any nipple. But if you go and watch it on Hulu, you find out that they actually did shoot it with nudity.
  9. Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the first chapters of EoTW include Tam & Rand taking a Bath before getting attacked by Trollocs? (Potentially a full-frontal/ass scene) We may not get "explicitly detailed" acts of violence and nudity, (Something can be said about letting the reader fill in the details) but since this is going to be a TV Show, those details are going to be filled in, via camera work & CGI. So we don't need to read about entrails spilling from flayed corpses, we'll bloody see it. While the focus is on the characters reactions to whats going on around them. All-in-all, I'd expect most of the nudity within the first season to be incidental/bathing related, while most of the gore to be based in horror, chase scenes, and segments straight out of a Vietnam film with PTSD inducing explosions caused by lightning. There's also something to be said about keeping a lot of the incidental nudity within the series non-sexual, and the sexual scenes early on, showing off just how prudish two rivers folks are until about the time we hit the Aiel.
  10. I didn't even know this was a thing... And it's been out since 2013. O_o
  11. Nope, on DM, when you copypaste a youtube link, it automatically recognizes the format, and injects the video directly into the post like it is above. What is bizarre to me, is it didn't do that for the OP, nor made a hyperlink which should have happened (as it was the right format) if for some reason the video can't be injected into the post.
  12. Youtube actually auto-shortens it that way when you click on "share". It is interesting DM didn't do it's normal url thing with the link.... I'll see if I can fix that.
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