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  1. In the context of WoT, being a channeler is part of one's "identity" as well. Remember you said The only reason I brought up being the "single" gay man in 1830s small town America, is because it's probably the closest analogue we have. There wasn't really a "group" or shared "culture", but they are definitely prosecuted. Of course not, magic isn't real. I was talking about society prosecuting a group of people for simply existing. Being Gay in small town 1830 America may not have meant an instant death sentence, but you aren't exactly going to be telling everyone you know
  2. Hate to do the "well actually" but "group" doesn't have to be a shared culture/values in this context. Males who can channel in Aiel Society are sent to the north to Die fighting shadowspawn. Shara, Men who can channel are breeding stock before being executed. Seanchan, Men are executed. Seafolk, men are drowned. Westlands, they are gentled/executed/suicided. "Everyone" knows what happens to a male that can channel in those societies. It's not that much different then being the only Gay man in small town America 1830s. There was no "Group", or "Shared culture" bu
  3. Nah Because even in the books, he has some horrible strategy fails. His biggest advantage is he's the farmer with a stick against a sword master.
  4. Producers & Investors are dedicated to selling a product for consumption. They'll put shows in front of test audiences to see how they like it. "Real" Battle strategies, aren't exciting to the mass population. They're exciting to historical battle nerds. Showing something like this, isn't very exciting on the screen. Seeing a bunch of elves jump over a shield wall, is exciting. Seeing people cleave people in two, is exciting even though it's not practical. Seeing form-fitting suits is exciting, even though it's not the most practical. The vast maj
  5. They could put out a Teaser for Jordan Con, 3 months later, a trailer out for SDCC, and an extended trailer for DragonCon, with a release in Late September/October. Or, we could see a Trailer for Jordan Con, with a release just before or just after SDCC. While yes, they can advertise to their 150 Million subscribers world wide "free" of charge, not every amazon user, uses Amazon Prime Video. The end goal for Amazon = More Subscribers, and subscriber retention. The goal for WoT's producers/Investors, is to get as many viewers as possible. Bigger returns. In turn, more
  6. They joined the White Tower at the same time? They're all from the Two Rivers, technically her "subjects". They possibly talked about some of their Travels with Moraine to Elayne? The Amyrlin has taken a special interest in all of them? People have literally became besties for less.
  7. Jordan Con April 23-25th 2021 Comic Con (San Diego) July 22-25 2021 Dragon Con September 2-6th 2021 These 3 are the most likely dates for a trailer drop IMO.
  8. Which is what I was expecting they'd do. Instead they just reran their Alexa's Body ad again. Why would hyping a series 9 months in advance be a bad thing? Shows routinely hype up with teasers, trailers many months before release. Our next possibilities are probably Dragon/Jordan Con or Comic Con.
  9. For one, no one "cares" about the football game. Millions of people watch it just for the ads and the half-time show. Then, Monday morning, millions more go to YouTube to check out "superbowl Commercials", including "new trailers/teasers". Getting it put into a "top 20 list" of "coming to theaters/tv 2021/22 is great for getting exposure out there that this is a thing. Hell, if Amazon does a teaser/trailer for something like Lord of the Rings, with something like "and more great shows coming soon", with those shows' title cards with release dates and/or Quarters Years, (Q1 2022) people
  10. That's hard to say when it comes to Producers, Studios, and all those involved. Showrunners constantly clash with those people daily over everything. Specially when executive producers promise garbage to investors. "Nothing Sunday (saving our copper for now)" "our copper" as in "their $$". Show runner production budget =/= Amazon Prime advertisement budget. "We're working on a new video". Doesn't mean someone else isn't working on something, even if it's just the show's logo spliced into a slide-show. It's not outside the realm of possibility that IF amaz
  11. Yea, after that tweet I believe if Amazon does a spot, it'll just be a text list of upcoming shows. The broader question though, is what "assets" Amazon can use from a show's production for "Amazon ads" for their upcoming shows? E.g. Could Amazon have advanced graphics from Rafe, and Amazon could unbeknownst to Rafe, make an ad using said graphics? So WoTonPrime's tweet could be an "Aes Sedi" answer in that "they" aren't doing anything, but Amazon could be?
  12. Medieval world you say? What kind of changes could they make to her character, that Randland isn't capable of handling?
  13. From what I recollect, Moiraine's first use in the main novels was on the Darkhouds, but I also don't even remember the first time Nyneave used it. Memories are fun that way.. I'm currently rereading TDR and should be getting to that point pretty soon in the next few days, so I'll keep an eye out for it. 😉
  14. I only recently started watching this and... Man is it good. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B08B48L4CQ/ref=atv_dp_share_cu_r
  15. I thought Moiraine was the first character to use balefire in the series?
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