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  1. to me it seems that fain's powers are mostly fear based... controlling people through their emotions and such... and since the dagger seems to increase paranoia it seems to add up... so maybe we arent sure exactly how he does it but we know some of his tools
  2. I had to go with Sammael, evil little general with a Napoleonic complex... awesome
  3. I would be a nameless soldier in the pre Band of the Red Hand, 3rd from the right in the back of the column of Cairhien cavalry... dont bother remembering my name as I get killed in a skirmish with the Shaido, turns out those women with short spears are deadly...
  4. it all depends on who fights first... the last battle could be like the trolloc war with a horde of trollocs and dread lords flooding south from the blight through a near undefended borderland and laying siege to the major strongholds of the good guys (wt, bt, etc) at which point if it is all so spread out rand could not easily just wipe out his opposition, he'll be fighting from the defensive and trying to rally his troops and counter attack or if he does attack first, there is a good likely hood that he'll break the seals and confront the dark one directly while the battle rages around
  5. thats assuming that rand is attacking the dark ones forces rather than battling the dark one, or even if he is on the defensive and doesnt have a chance to use them, like for example if fain or luc/isam attacks him and that starts the last battle where, I'm guessing it will happen on many different battlefields, one of course being Shayol Ghul, but fights at the white tower, black tower, multiple areas of the borderlands, and one of the seanchan held areas seem logical as well when, I figure at least a few months between the end of kod and the start of the last battle... and thats if
  6. my top three favorites would be, dumai's well, ingtar's last stand, and mat wupping galad and gawyn... some other great ones though would be, the cleansing, rand before siuan with lan's training, perrin's defense of the two rivers, tuon meeting mat's army and realizing that he is a general, nynaeve rallying the malkier for lan, mat's deal with the seafolk, rand earning the name shadowkiller, moiraine's "death"... and countless others
  7. it would be cool if the dark one won... and might actually work, assuming he was mostly boasting about stopping the wheel of time (not sure if he is able to or not) if he did win then you have four more ages (current age is 3rd age, age of legends is second age and apparently modern times is the first age that leaves 4 unaccounted for) so the dark one could rule for an age or so, get overthrown by the next incarnation of rand/ltt then you still have 2 or 3 ages to get back to lose the ability to channel and forget about the dark one... so there is enough time for the dark one to break loose an
  8. ah so in theory he would have access to all of LTT's knowledge from the age of legends as well as everything he has learned on his own if the personalities were to join? thats pretty cool... if they were to merge though what would happen with the separate personalities would it be some sort of compromise?
  9. but that doesnt explain the knowledge he gets from LTT about the age of legends... stuff that rand wouldn't know such as the real names of the forsaken and real locations and events...
  10. on a semi related note... is LTT insane? I mean I know he is incredibly depressed and sort of mad from grief over killing his wife... but I seem to remember Ishy removing the taint caused insanity and I dont think that has returned...
  11. How do I deal with them all? I drink... a lot... just kidding, mostly. After enough rereads I don't usually have a problem remembering most of the characters while I'm reading (unless they are unimportant)and when I'm not reading I usually just need to know them for posting stuff online, and then I can look them up online if I'm unsure.
  12. Well sure the pattern isnt alive... but it is... well a pattern, and as such it has a certain plan for what it is supposed to be. Thats what the ta'veren are all about, the pattern fixing itself. I guess the pattern could spin out something to fix itself, like the Song, but it could also have been trying to weave the hole closed for the last few thousand years or whatever.
  13. they didnt revere strength as a means to power by itself... but greater strength meant a greater ability to help others... which they did revere... but it still wouldn't be likely to be the ring as most angreal and sa'angreal were most likely passed around to those with the most need to help with special projects and the like
  14. i dont know if the bore will be healed or not this age... it will have to be at some point though (unless you believe that this is the real last battle with the dark one being defeated forever... some do), but i think rand is planning to heal it rather than seal it, and i heard a theory a while ago, it deals with the pattern healing itself... the bore is unnatural and so the patern naturally wants to close, the only thing keeping it open is the seals, which explains why the seals are failing and breaking despite being made out of cuellendar (sp?) if the pattern is trying to close itself
  15. the seafolk expect it because they were promised it in a deal... i'm not saying i like the seafolk either, but disliking them because of a deal that elayne and nynaeve made doesnt seem right... and i must admit i do like how the two "aes'sedai" got smacked down in that deal, they were fresh off being raised and thinking they ruled the world now then they get into a bartering match with some masters... then to compound it mat helps them out with the seafolk later, and all but says "next time you need to deal with these sandlickers, give me a call"
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