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  1. I loved New Spring. I read it after the third book. I thought that was a good time. I've just recently talked my sister into starting the series and when she asked about New Spring, I told her to read it between 9 & 10. My reasoning was merely because I liked the air of mystery around Lan and Moraine for as long as possible. I think shes going to jump the gun on it though lol
  2. Welcome! New Spring is amazingly awesome. Lan is my favorite character and New Spring has a lot to do with that!!
  3. Since when did DM care what is on my mind?

  4. Hey, fellow mother of Rand al'Thor..... howz bout some kaaf????

    1. Tigraine


      OMG! I never saw this!!!! Are you still active? PS....thanks for raising my kid ;)

  5. thank you....I had been reading the different threads and didn't see that one!
  6. I'm just wondering if the series will end without ANY main characters dying and staying dead, if not then who is going to die? Thoughts?
  7. Well...No. He couldn't be. lol...way to prove him wrong Asha'man :D :-*
  8. I understand that, but it never mentions that this specific Myrddraal is Shadar Haran does it? I thought that Shadar Haran is not brought in until later ???
  9. Doesn't it say somewhere that Myrddraal don't smile? The reason I ask is this...in Book 1 when everyone is in Baerlon, Rand meets a Myrddraal downstairs after going to get some milk and.... (The fade glided closer, in no hurry. It's stride had a sinuous, deadly grace, like a viper, the resemblance emphasized by the overlapping black plates of armor down it's chest. Thin, bloodless lips curved in a cruel smile, made more mocking by the smooth, pale skin where eyes should have been. The voice made Bornhald's seem warm and soft. "Where are the others? I know they are here. Speak, boy, and I will let you live.")
  10. I've read it somewhere before so I'm not claiming this as mine but I seriously doubt the Dark One will let the TP be used to seal him up seeing as how the TP comes from him or through him.
  11. I'm pretty sure that it was just part of the test...she had to want to be Aes Sedai more than anything...even leaving a friend to be executed.
  12. wow...that is incredible. How can you truly say that you have love for the Wheel of Time then state that you are gonna quit so close to the end? I will admit that I was skeptical of Mr. Sanderson when I heard that he would finish the series...however he clearly states that he is not Robert Jordan and he is not going to try to write like him. I think that the ending we see will be the one RJ intended it to be...the road to get there just slightly different. I agree 100% with saying that if you don't like Brandon Sanderson then you have no faith in Harriet or in RJ's faith in her. I have read books by different authors too but I'm not gonna claim to be an expert and put down someone's style of writing just because it's not the original author. Have some consideration for the original author and his wishes.
  13. my favorite part of fishing is probably the peace and quiet. i agree with you about the sport fishing and stuff....it's not about how many fish you catch....it's about the fun of catching them :)
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