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  1. Never!!!! And for the sake of the game.. Sweat
  2. Nyn, Rey, Lily...you guys game?
  3. Eddie, Krak, Adella, Killa. Get your rumps over and sign up for Shad's basic mafia with me and LZM
  4. I'm still on the head of wrong turn territory, life is life lol Is it weird that all the old faces are showing up at the same time? Nah!!! Ed I was just telling you we needed a mafia game with all of us old-timers. Where mafia is right again!!! These youngin confuse me with how they go about it! *Stabs everyone* *Bear hugs everyone* *Stabs again for good measure*
  5. My daughter's first birthday is tomorrow, well today since it is after midnight. I'll shed a few tears for you too
  6. I loved New Spring. I read it after the third book. I thought that was a good time. I've just recently talked my sister into starting the series and when she asked about New Spring, I told her to read it between 9 & 10. My reasoning was merely because I liked the air of mystery around Lan and Moraine for as long as possible. I think shes going to jump the gun on it though lol
  7. Omg it's so exciting to me for the oldies but goodies to be coming back. Gotta be honest, I've missed you guys and DM. A bit too sentimental huh? *Randomly stabs oldies*
  8. Welcome! New Spring is amazingly awesome. Lan is my favorite character and New Spring has a lot to do with that!!
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