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  1. Hang around for a while so I can still catch you when I come back. Glgl on any upcoming games
  2. I'm sorry for what happened from my part. I felt hurt by the implication that I would use personal attacks to further myself in the game. It's not something I would do as either alignment and i felt like my character was being put in question. I also got agitated that I was asked to leave the game as consequence. Seemed unfair to me but at the same time I didn't really want to keep playing anyhow so it was mixed emotions. Obviously didn't mean to offend anyone. Was just trying to entertain people. Obviously people weren't entertained. I'll take that into consideration. Also I didn't read the DT up until recently so I didn't realize an apology had even been made. So that's why I wasn't quite letting it go. Again, sorry. Thank you for that, not for me but for her. I know she will say something aa well but of course I wanted to out my two cents in. You couldn't have know that something so silly would cause that reaction and after I calmed down I realized that. I acted in the heat of the moment when she was so tore up and done stuff I shouldn't have. After Sooh said itt to let it go basically. I knew I couldn't apologize itt without breaking that rule so I had to wait until I died. Which was inevitable after my insane reveal. Again, I was wrong to imply that you were taking it to a personal level, I was wrong to freak out itt and I completely understand that. I can handle anything thrown at me specifically but I've spent my life trying to protect my sister because of the times I couldn't protect her. It was a very emotional response and while that's no excuse, I hope you can at least understand on some level. Again, thank you all for the game and again, I apologize for the poop storm it created and the results. I plan another hiatus so hopefully I'll catch you guys soon.
  3. Also ftr I didn't proofread that and my autocorrect just doesn't get me so.....sorry for any typos
  4. Ftr I fully accept responsibility for my part in the poop storm. Even though it was a joke, it hit buttons that you can't imagine, and I get that that is her/my problem. I should've let cooler heads prevail and taken it to the mod if I still had a problem. I do apologize for my overreaction to the remark. Once that was said and done everyone else reacted which is basically what this is all about. I'm sorry for that. My reaction is what initially started this all and I do apologize. With that being said, I still feel there were a lot of lines crossed that shouldn't have been and I'm not only referring to stuff that was towards me. But if the mods or admins want to punish me for doing what I done, i will accept without complaint an understand completely. @Sooh. I apologized in the dt but I am apologizing here as well for bot taking the route I should have. Thank you for the game...I know you put a lot of time and work into it as did James.
  5. It pays to remember that not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone reacts to stuff the same and not everyone cares about others.
  6. Well put, this is the major criticism us "older" players have with the newer methods. They work, sure......but they aren't fun, and I play this game to have fun. When that fun is removed, I don't play. Hence why I no longer play much. I said the same thing in dt. I am more than aware of how the game is played elsewhere and how personal it can get but I didn't expect it here. I also explained that my reaction to what was originally said was a major overreaction. I should have spoke with Sooh about it but I didn't and that was my mistake but I often spoke to "shanti" about how warm and welcome it is here. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule because "that's just them". I understand that what was said was something completely not personal but I have apologized for my overreaction. That's all I can do. Everyone else on this site has defended some people saying, "if they knew even part of the circumstances then they would apologize" but that's untrue and we all know it, because "that's just how they are". I'm about to make your day though darlin because this is my last time on DM. But I'd like to leave you with one final thought, since you aren't like me and don't know how to apologize about even unintentionally doing something wrong I'll hand some of your own advice back to you Gfy!
  7. I don't understand this. I don't recall a bus driver role. You're saying that in order for my results to be false in that scenario that there has to be a bus driver and they had to target the same person I did? I'm going to have to look bus driver up.
  8. Never was much good with sweet talk. Cause it's not the same aa dirty talk is it?
  9. Good point and a concern. It was a weird point for Dice to get that excited about. I've liked other play that I've seen, but his back and forth with Alfred will need to be explained. @ Dice - Will you explain why you chose this point to be very active about? You posted about it more than anything else, so it's obviously important to you. its only very active because i dont have many posts but ok not responding to a joke vote is often a bugbear for me there are exeptions like if i vote cass for being a maroon i dont really expect a response because we both know what it is. But if its a newbie thats a different story. i dont know if alfs played 2 games or a million games. But hes brand new here and if he gets voted out the gate by someone hes never spoken to i expect SOME kinda comment even if its a cheeky thank you. but the main reason that seemed very active is that we were both here in REAL TIME. we were talking back and forth and ive formed an opinion on him which is the whole point. The reactions afterwards are what im most interested in. and OOC hows ure mum? Fair enough. We need to blank the slot because eld is in, so there's also that. It's my grandmother, 92, and she's been declining for a while. We knew this, but she recently had a stroke, so we went to say goodbye and her worsened condition from the last time we saw her was especially hard on my son. He's good now though - he knows she had a good life and we should all be so lucky to see those years. Thanks for asking. <3 this response. It's hard losing anyone but it's great that she lived such a long life. Regardless, I'm sorry. My thoughts are with you
  10. Alignment cop....cuth is mafia aligned according to my results
  11. Fair enough....care to explain what makes you not trust me or is it just from last game? LolIt's just from last game. Policy lynch etc etc Get out of my head!!!!
  12. chances of it being fakeclaim are fairly lowi'm assuming just some scum redirection role at this point unless hm The lack of trust is because of last game lol
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