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  1. GAME NOTES: All QT links are now posted in the OP. Okay, first and foremost, my work schedule continued to be a smoking crater of disaster during this entire game. I thought I had arranged things so that it wouldn't be and it just didn't turn out that way! It kills me to not be able to be fully attentive and the vc mistakes are just horrible, so there's that. Not my usual, but ... It was fantastic to watch how fast the Town gathered themselves together and stood strong! Even after the coroner info was hidden! Nice work! On that notenThe Dark Stone was always planned, but not mentioned because I did not want it to play a role in Cass' decision making (could've broken the game if she decided to out herself on D1... you get what I'm saying here). So, I kept it "dark" from everyone until she did die. I would have updated the DT OP, but QT wouldn't let me. Now you see... Had the Minister been killed, protective roles would have gone to the Mafia. MVP goes to Kaylee for putting on a cape and saving the day with VC's! THANK YOU!! A search party has been sent out for Nyn. It's possible one of the monsters escaped from its cage and got to her before the game even started... It was a lot of fun to revisit the theme again! I had planned more interludes to explain what exactly was going on and didn't get around to them, but maybe at some point I'll gin out a few short stories or something for background material before Suras VI, heh. Thanks to all for playing!
  2. Dead Thread All other QT's are welcome to be posted - in a bit I'll transfer all of them to the OP.
  3. Tension coursed through the veins of the Blades and the air across the floating city was thick with it. Overcast skies blocked any light form the moon or stars and darkness enveloped the skiffs completely, sending most to their huts for the night. But a few did not return to their shelters to wait for dawn. A fist was held high and a shimmer did appear, surrounding one hut and the person inside. Some skiffs away a smile crossed the face of one who had just signed a death warrant. The warrant was served when Cuth was caught making his way back to his own hut. A quick puff and a poison dart was embedded in his neck. He didn’t make a sound as he crumpled to the deck. CUTH HAS BEEN KILLED. However, the smile upon the lips of the evil-doer was short lived as a pair slipped from the shadows on either side to face him… Sinta blades whirled in the darkness, the ring of steel meeting steel a jarring contrast to the silence of the night. But the tumult ended quickly as two blades found their mark and crossed through the heart of the last assassin. BARM, LAST MEMBER OF THE MAFIA HAS BEEN KILLED. Dawn was still hours away, but ed and Zack quickly found LZM and Verb. Together they met Eldrick, The Minister, to let him know that the threat had been eliminated. Tomorrow they would return to Sel Arren and plan for the next attempt. But tonight, a cask of rum was opened and a well deserved toast was had. TOWN WINS.
  4. It is now Night 3. You have 24 hours to submit NA's.
  5. Manoj climbed the tower at sunset and waited for the last light. The small crowd that had gathered below him was restless, distracted. He knew why they were here. He just wondered when they would see the path that lay clearly before them instead of giving in to the temptation of deception. There was a small amount of tension, a brief argument and then a hasty dispatch. TRESS HAS BEEN LYNCHED. As darkness enveloped the sky and fell over the floating city, Manoj lifted the hand holding he blue stone. For many years he had listened to the song of the leviathans of the deep. Now he called to them. Fishermen circled the city with their nets. As the leviathans rose to meet the call, they would push the fish up as well and the city would have enough to last another season. Other things would follow the fish as well. The sea dragons and the Myshir Trept, but that was always the way. There was no escaping reality.
  6. Final Vote Count Barm ( 3 ) - Cuth, Zack, Tress Tress ( 4 ) - Eldrick, LZM, Verb, Barm With 8 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.
  7. Deadline has passed - gonna need a bit before the scene is posted.
  8. Whew - crazy insane day. Okay, so, deadline is Saturday, 8 pm EST - basically 24 hours from now.
  9. And many nights before. Kaylee is Aces.
  10. Hold up - wrong game. My bad.
  11. I'm really positively sure that you don't. You would run straigt to the ******package store if you did. It's a lot. Serious now.
  12. Are you seriously asking this? Do you have any idea how much I drink?
  13. It is now Day 3 With 8 alive, it takes 5 to lynch.
  14. The sun melted into the horizon and as that last glowing ember of light flickered out, they began to move. The first blade to drag across a throat was luck, really. There are times when the one you hunt just happens to walk within your range with no idea you are there. Remorse would be an appropriate emotion if you were of a mind to be moved by such things… dice slumped to the floor, blood streaming down his neck and chest, dribbling onto the wooden planks and pooling, draining between the cracks and into the water beneath where darker things took notice. Others were more careful more observant, and that had been taken into account. Zander padded silently across a bridge from one skiff to another, slipping behind a hut and stopping to listen. Satisfied with the sounds of the night, he started forward but came to an abrupt stop when the wire tightened around his neck, cutting off all sound. He dropped to the wooden planks and writhed, clawing at his neck until the lack of oxygen brought darkness over his vision. Shad prowled the out decks, searching. There was a puff and he felt the sting in his neck, knowing instantly what it was and nearly clearing the blade from its sheath before falling flat. Killa whispered, but she did not know if anyone heard her. Time passed and she did hear the quiet footsteps behind her, along with the whisk of steel slipping from leather. She readied her defense, but did not relish the fight. She reacted a moment too slowly when she sensed the blade flying toward her and then there was nothing but oblivion. Leelou smiled grimly in the darkness, pleased with what the night had brought her. She made to leave the hidden recess she had occupied for the last few hours, and felt the sting on her shoulder. Gasping, she whirled to find that it was a razor thin spike, obviously placed there after she had concealed herself… they had been watching her the entire time. But it was not the spike that bothered her so much as the sticky sap that coated it. She dragged a finger across it to smell and her last thought was that it reminded her of flowers. In a hut watched by none, a dark stone was held aloft and spoken alive. As the words died, a fire was lit, but that fire was black and it spread across the stone and the hand that held it. It moved down the arm, the body onto the floor and quickly enveloped the skiff, then those around it until it pulsed across the entire city. Upon that moment, a terrible magic was unleashed, erasing the true identity of all who had traveled forth with The Minister, leaving only the carcasses of the dead. LEELOU HAS BEEN KILLED ZANDER HAS BEEN KILLED DICE HAS BEEN KILLED SHAD HAS BEEN KILLED KILLA HAS BEEN KILLED
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