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    That, and there's still YouTube...
  2. Rand will be losing in his last battle with the DO until the very last when he learns the DO's real name. Terry. Rand will become enraged and smite that sucker down.
  3. Yeah, but Barms is close with Jason. Real close...
  4. I posted a link in the JordanCon thread where someone asked for transcripts - it's a rundown of everything that happened. Basically, TOR said they would be open to publishing them and Harriet and Brandon were a little skittish about it.
  5. Amazon will have release information if it has been announced. If not, you can always email TOR.
  6. Dabel Bros does a good job with novel adaptations. They've done solid woork for GRRM, Laren K Hamilton, and now Jim Butcher. If you like graphic novels, or the prospect of a visual companion to the novels, this is really great news. And the last time I heard anything about Red Eagle, it was RJ clearing his throat before he spat on them. ;D
  7. That's crazy! That would be like if they meade The Hobbit into two movies or something.....
  8. You are all invited to the Illuminators Org. We have a private board called the Scribes Chapter House that is devoted to writers and writing. We work on callaborative stories, poems, and have just introduced a quarterly zine that will feature submissions by writers like yourselves. Occasionaly we have published authors do a Q&A. David B.Coe was our latest guest and Patrick Rothfuss was here last year. We also have another private board called The Critique Circle where everyone submits short stories or excerpts from novels and we all read and critique each other's stuff. Then ther
  9. Not that I suggest reading these threads if you are trying to escape the controversy, but if you are looking for actual posts, forum entries, and info other than just opinion, go to Brandon Sanderson's website, hit the forum link, and go to the 2nd page where someone asks about Terry Goodkind. It's easy to see why so many people get involved in the debate.
  10. I have to agree with RAW here, as the topic is speculation towards who would be worthy of writing AMoL. IMO, Goodkind is just nowhere near the calibre of writer it will take to pull this off well.
  11. I've read a few of the SoT books and my first impression ws that RJ was not the only one that TK was borrowing from - as soon as I saw a "Mord-Sith" I almost fell out of my chair, and that was before episode one was even an idea. Of course, Lucas borrowed alot from Edgar Rice Burroughs, etc., but TK was never the most original writer, and has no business tinkering around with anything WoT related.
  12. I think that a different approach may be interesting - The title, AMOL, can be read as a tribute to RJ as much as the title of the last book. Why not have Harriet, WIlson, TD, editors, etc. Outline and write about all of the notes that RJ left. This could be a book in and of itself and include cool stuff about RJ. Then a group of RJ APPROVED writers can each write a section of the story. Dividing the book up into sections and then having "Section One: as seen through the eyes of Nei Gaiman" would be cool without trying to pin someone into trying to mimic RJ's style - which can't be
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