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  1. DPR

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    That, and there's still YouTube...
  2. Rand will be losing in his last battle with the DO until the very last when he learns the DO's real name. Terry. Rand will become enraged and smite that sucker down.
  3. And no matter what, the Trolloc costume contest has WIN written all over it. I've already started looking for entry material. heh
  4. DPR

    Most online

    Actually, that was pretty much all from me spamming. heh
  5. Sad. And there is no room for writing under those circumstances, I know.
  6. Hey Wert, what exactly has happened to Scott? You always hear that he has had "problems", but never what exactly those problems are. Also, do you have any scoop on what happened to Queen of the Red Sands?
  7. Terry Goodkind does not write fantasy. Fantasy is stoopid.
  8. We talk about this one all the time down at the Illuminators. Scott Lynch is favorite there. Come on down...
  9. I think we should have a christmas party. ;)
  10. It's a trick question. You have to shrink the T-Rex. Duh...
  11. In the spirit of fun, and literary bad-assness, I'll throw in the following: Drizzt Do'Urden - R.A. Salvatore - Bob ain't the greatest writer, but his character has won the hearts of millions. And is nigh unbeatable with his scimiatars. Garet Jax - Terry Brooks - I know, but re-read The Wishsong of Shannara. GJ is a perfect machine. Vlad Taltos - Stephen Brust - I still love love Jhereg and this character. Bad-ass meets wise-ass - unbeatable. John Carter - Edgar Rice Burroughs - If this doesn't ring a bell, don't worry, Pixar is working on fixing that. In the mean time, pic
  12. Yeah, but Barms is close with Jason. Real close...
  13. Good move. TOR did a decent amount of Twittering during JordanCon, which was great for info!
  14. I'm going to second Kivy on this one - Mieville is a fine writer, and I'm a big fan of oblique / New Weird / bizarre stuff, but he is a little scientific about being weird and it does feel like work. I'll read his stuff, but I always come away feeling a little bit like I've been balancing the books all afternoon. *Not to get off topic, but Kivy, was the follow up to Scar Night good?
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