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  1. Lol..the tomfoolery didn't chase me away. I just realized that most of my mafia playing passion is gone vs other interests I have, namely weigh lifting and coaching my nephew's t-ball team. That is taking my free time now. Mafia is a time intensive game if done properly...and I stopped doing it properly.
  2. I'm gonna cancel my sign up. Thanks DPR.
  3. Mynd is playing? WB Mynd. If Mynd is playing I'll come out of hibernation to play as well.
  4. meh..i was just looking for reactions. wouldn't have stayed on you for a lynch.
  5. But i was here on lylo...which you claimed I wasn't. I made a solid case on tommy..but yes, too late. Which is why I'm taking a break. Lost my WIM as the new kids around here say it.
  6. I'm sorry..but did I not present the case on Tommy scum? But for the middle part of the game..you are right, I sucked.
  7. thats 5 tommy. game is over...nice job getting me lynched.
  8. meh...that's 5 right? Game over. Gratz scum. I was too lazy this game. Sorry guys.
  9. I know what you were referring to. I was trolling/joking a bit because I'd been accused of that same thing the last few games.
  10. I want to re-iterate my Tommy reasoning here. Go back and look at the Wombat cop claim and see who immediately called BS on it. How can anyone who is town and therefore ignorant to alignments be so comfortable calling BS on a cop claim? Most town players would back off a bit even if they thought it was BS. They'd take the time to re-evaluate their read instead of pushing to lynch a claimed cop role. The scum team was rolling and could afford to lose someone in order to out the cop. The fact that Wombat opened up so early in the day proves they were running a gambit and willing to sacrifice Wombat to do so. Tommy was too knowing at that point. He was also the perfect scum mate to use in this regard because he had been bussing Wombat the whole game. Do NOT give him credit for going after Wombat...as it was all as set up.
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