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  1. I had always imagined that the traveling people would meet up with the Ogier and here them sing and start to sing along with them. I had thought this would somehow be important to the last battle.
  2. I've read and enjoyed several of his books but I wouldn't mind if he exclusively did Stormlight books for the next 10 years. That first one was by far his best work.
  3. Why deprive yourself of enjoyment? Read them all in order. Then read them again. The do what I did and listen to them.
  4. update. I read the first two books and have no interest in reading any more. I just don't feel any buy in on any of the characters. Story is kinda cool...but too disjointed.
  5. Although I just listened to TEOTW and and listening to TGH now. Listening to the books provides a whole new perspective. I believe all the detail RJ provides comes through much better listening to a reading. Enjoying it very much. Plan on listening to them all. I've always found the exact opposite with audio books - I can't pay attention to them, so I miss more than I would have done if I was just reading them normally. I think when I was younger that would have been a problem for me. But I listen to talk radio now more than music so I'm kinda prepped for audio books now I think. I love it actually. I repaired and painted a fence last week while listening to TEOTW and I found myself doing a more complete job of it too..since I wanted to keep listening to the book. :P
  6. Although I just listened to TEOTW and and listening to TGH now. Listening to the books provides a whole new perspective. I believe all the detail RJ provides comes through much better listening to a reading. Enjoying it very much. Plan on listening to them all.
  7. Unfortunately the bolded is very much open for debate. We have two installments in the WoT that offer almost zero rereadibility at this point. Unpolished prose, lowest commen denominator plotwork and poor characterization rear their heads all two often. All of that without getting into the numerous mistakes and continuity errors that Team Jordan have admitted exist. No one expects Brandon to write as good as RJ, we do how ever expect him to write as good as Brandon can and that most certainly hasn't been the case. The verdict is still out in regards to his legacy in relation to the WoT. As an aside I am interested to hear how you think he has grown as an author? Most say he stalled out after the first two Mistborn books and the initial praise of TGS(based on intitial fan gratification as the sentiment as shifted hugely sense) hurt him in the long run. Perhaps if fans had offered a more reasoned critique from day one we would be in a different situation than we are now. I hope that AMoL is his best work yet as Team Jordan have owned up to mistakes and claimed they need to get this one "right". RJ deserves no less. First bold. I had no problems reading the the WOT installments he wrote. Only thing that nagged me was Matt's character in the first book. The voice was wrong. I think many here, and I'm not knocking it, read WOT as though they read a history book studying for an exam. I do not do that. Read for pure enjoyment. And although I love complicated stories, I don't try and figure them out as I read them. I let the story come to me as it is paced in the book. So while I can understand that view point, I disagree in the unreadability claim. Nor have I found a majority to agree with that viewpoint as you insinuate. Second bold. I found the Mistborn series entertaining. Not great works. I found Warbreaker somewhat entertaining, less than Mistborn. While he is great at creating unique magic systems, they don't enhance a story imo. The Way of Kings is far and above any of his other work including his WOT additions. I think his work on WOT has influenced his prose in TWOK greatly. By having to pick up RJ's torch he has learned a great deal about writing. After reading TWOK and being thoroughly impressed with it I have great confidence that AMOL will be by far his best WOT work. All that said, it's opinion. I'm just offering mine.
  8. I can sum it up simply. Sanderson's positive contributions to the series far out weigh his negative ones. I very much appreciate his efforts and love for the series. I very much appreciate his openness with the fans as he continued the series. He himself has stated that there was no way he could duplicate RJ. And, no one else should have expected him too. It is unfair to do so. I believe though, that he has improved considerably as a writer just by being involved in the project. His first book in the Stormlight series is a masterpiece in my opinion. I don't think it would have been without his work on WOT.
  9. Getting to the end of the 2nd book. Never in a hurry to pick it back up, but once I do I'm captured. Kind of a strange feeling that is.
  10. Joffrey The blond kid from "The Karate Kid." On the same note his Karate instructor. Mr. Cobra Kai. Big jerks heh.
  11. Albuquerque NM. Amazed at all the people from around the world. RJ touched on a lot of people.
  12. On Book 2 myself. Book one is tough until the 2nd half and you can start identifying with some of the characters.
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