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  1. It's no big deal and by no means required by the mod to ask. It's just my preference.
  2. I don't think you slipped. My point was you were answering for your previous incarnation. No we, weren't asked.
  3. here is the QT. http://www.quicktopic.com/50/H/Xg9D34rHRLfS Nothing really exciting.
  4. It happened in ithis last game but that was a rare occurrence. You are likely right.
  5. How many are here? Can everyone chime in without voting and say they support a no lynch?
  6. Lol..NB. I'm not gonna do a whole quote case on Dap in 1/2 an hour. lol again at you stating you'll move from me to a whole new train. Lol even more that you want a random lynch.
  7. Your only question to me was "when would I stop fake hunting". Currently, I'm hunting. Nothing fake about it. You bluster got you here plus you never mentioned why you thought Dap 1 was scum. Teh you played sloppily and it looks like you'll swing. Oh, well. Seen worse lynches that your here. To you comment about if you survive. Refer you to the first rule of holes. NB, I've asked multiple times to explain. That "fake scum hunting" jibe was purposeful to get you to explain when you weren't willing to. Didn't work. Several times since I've asked blatantly and you still don't explain. Then you try and turn it on me. Classic scum move. You bury your scummy posts in tons of spammy pics. Another scum move. (this is your biggest tell NB) You ignore direct questions. Scum move. Again..I wish we had 1 more day.
  8. I'm curious as to why Darthe is still voting Des at this point???
  9. I've been forth coming in my opinions. I'll give a detailed answer to that question if I survive the day AND you answer mine. I'm holding you to your reasoning if at all possible. The real reasoning..not your claiming I skimmed Basel (the mods) post.
  10. So you are standing by the I am scum because I missed Basel's post about Dap? What in heavens name do you mean by "answered the mail?"
  11. You gonna explain your vote on me yet? Once again I'm ignored. What you talkin about Willis? Exactly what I thought you'd say. Gawd I wish we had one more real life day cause I'd be all over you.
  12. You gonna explain your vote on me yet? Once again I'm ignored.
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