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  1. I mean, when it's a choice between death or survival, which are you gonna choose?
  2. I don't think that's necessarily true. People in first world countries might have the time to discuss it more/care more because they're not living with an unstable government or worried about food, but people living near oceans and in traditionally dry areas are probably already aware of changes.
  3. The War on Terror

    I, for instance, might think the statement "ban muslims" is stupid because it reads as ignorant at best and morally bankrupt at worst. "Let's go over into an area of the world and kill and blow shit up and then when a small percentage of the majority religion that lives there starts to radicalize against us, we should just ban the entire religion, thereby ridding our traditionally Christian country of the only doctrine - the fastest growing religion in the world - that offers a significant danger to our own."
  4. The War on Terror

    How is it stupid?
  5. Am I wrong or are most climate deniers living comfortably in first world countries?
  6. NFL Discussion

    A loss for me this week is saddening. I blame the jackass who owns 6 QBs lol That said, I just put up 179.2 points in my non ppr league
  7. NFL Discussion

  8. The War on Terror

    Every evangelical religion is far more dangerous to the planet and all her species than any terrorists ever could be
  9. I mean I plan on buying land in Tennessee and setting up some sort of commune.
  10. [Upcoming] BOND 25

    Pierce Brosnan ruin it for you?
  11. The War on Terror

    and Christians
  12. The War on Terror

    It was never meant to "succeed."
  13. Point is that the hardest hit areas will be in the southern hemisphere and we all know everyone in America could care less about that. You can argue about the point of no return - whether it's 2.5 or 4.1 - yet we're moving towards both of them and significant environmental changes will start occurring when we hit 2.0. They won't affect most first world countries too adversely right away, and that's the problem innit? If America were poised to be the most and first affected then I expect a lot of attitudes would be different. Anyone who isn't thinking actively about how they're going to be surviving in 20 years - and their progeny in 40 - is an idiot imo.
  14. NFL Discussion

    I'm sad to see the Falcons are dropping a lot of turds all over this season. Adam Thielen continues his effort to prove the most underrated top wide receiver in the NFL. Waiting to see if Kamara and Ingram can form a platonic working relationship Imagining what Saquon could do with a competent team.