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  1. Well they certainly should nab a good QB this year
  2. Gotcha. How'd you get that ps5 already? Also, I heard Cyberpunk is hella not great for consoles right now.
  3. Life Is Strange is supposedly really cool but it's basically an interactive story with some simple mechanics and puzzle solving. If you want difficult, play Star Wars: The Fallen Order. The story is amazing and better than any new movie except maybe Rogue One and the combat can be very hard and frustrating.
  4. Hey man let's see what you have in Hasty
  5. I'm waiting for a faithful Sabriel adaptation, ideally a mini series. One of my all time favorite YA/notYA/fantasy series.
  6. God help me...I've been revisiting Stargate:Atlantis for my nighttime chillouts. So cheesy but it still gets me. Watched season 1 of Utopia recently. I try to support Dan Byrd whenever I can and the show turned out to be pretty dope. Funny how unintentionally similar it is to what's been going on with Covid. Eerie some might say.
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