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  1. This is probably a long shot but I just finished the book - anyone want to discuss the movie, guess the arcs, etc?
  2. Weird. Looks like cilia rather than teeth.
  3. I want no preconceptions or spoilers of any kind!
  4. Anyone else basically losing their mind over this upcoming epic?
  5. @Verbal32 you ever talk to Yates anymore?
  6. Yeah it's been a nice break after...14 years of posting.
  7. Since 1933, teams with a 39 point lead and 0 turnovers have gone 440-0. Today the Falcons broke that streak. SMDH.
  8. Yeah idk about it but I might figure it out. The Jags just did Fournette dirty.
  9. I'm running a "creative" league - a vampire league - and I'm trying to think how I could run a mafia fantasy football league next year.
  10. I ran one 3 years ago but I've struck out the past 2 years.
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