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  1. Has anyone else read this? I just finished and find myself wishing for someone with whom to talk about it.
  2. Basically my take as well, but far better and more mature than MitHC which I had to give up after episode 2 or 3 bc it was so poorly executed.
  3. If you still have hbo I just watched the 6-part Plot Against America and really enjoyed it
  4. Krak admits he was wrong. As pennance he will offer his 3 players a virtual smooch or a lovely handwritten letter. Their choice.
  5. Krak is frozen and apologizes. He figures the corona virus is gonna be a good time for mafia (maybe)
  6. Yeah that's about right. Give me another day or two.
  7. Alright I'll get this started tomorrow or Monday
  8. IMO it might be the worst spot in a 12 person league I'd rather be front-loaded or back-loaded.
  9. Dune and New Bond for sure can't effing wait but also Bloodshot bc Vin Diesel
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