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  1. Krakalakachkn

    NFL Discussion

    What a terrible week to play Brees and Kamara. So glad my spot is secure.
  2. Damn right I didn't. EDIT: Aaaaaaand realized this is the game thread. Apologies your honor. I'll see myself out.
  3. Krakalakachkn

    Black Ops 4

    Has it gotten any better?
  4. Krakalakachkn

    Fallout 76

    How is BO4?
  5. Krakalakachkn

    NFL Discussion

    The Falcons were trash 😐
  6. Krakalakachkn

    Fallout 76

    That sounds....like absolutely no fun. Imma wait maybe 2 months before I start playing
  7. Krakalakachkn

    Fallout 76

    Yeah I'm waiting for them to iron out all the kinks before I start to play. Always heard New Vegas was great so that's what I'm doing now.
  8. Krakalakachkn

    NFL Discussion

    Hopefully the Saints-Falcons gsme proves similarly entertaining. Btw Riding that 5 Game win streak, half a game behind first place. Ya Krak doin shit.
  9. Krakalakachkn

    Farewell, Stan Lee (1922 - 2018)

    Basically True
  10. Krakalakachkn

    NFL Discussion

    Anyone watch that Rams/Chiefs game o.O
  11. Krakalakachkn

    Fallout 76

    Biggest pros/cons?
  12. Hi @Cass!! Unfortunately if this were starting after next week then I'd say yes, but this coming week is super busy for me and I don't want to detract from a game - you know, more than my usual poor gameplay
  13. Yeah if that's the case then it's gonna be you and Dice talking to each other
  14. Krakalakachkn

    GoT Mafia "A Song of Wolves and Villagers"

    I would have shot you.