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  1. Work. Building a house on my moms property. More work. Sleep sometimes
  2. Cmon. It’ll be fun. We’ll bind em up. Stuff em full of brownies, no milk. Then, we flay them. So their uncomfortable inside and out.
  3. I want to try my hand at acting, but the closest theater is hours away. So, until I move my rump to a bigger place, I’m SoL. Good on ya for chasing it
  4. Also, A Crown of Stars. Solid fantasy literature
  5. It’s not WoT related, but I have an idea for a sleeve. I already have a cross on my arm, Celtic knot work. Now, I’m thinking a pentagram on my wrist, almost portal like. On the opposite side of my arm I want Yggdrasil standing tall, with a branch over the cross. Dangling from the branch will be a piece of fruit, and coiling around the cross will be a serpent, reaching for the fruit. Michael will be above the tree, arrayed for battle, with a trident aimed at the serpent. on the other side there will be Odin, hanging from the tree Huginn and Muninn on his shoulders.
  6. I enjoy autumn because it brings a close to the “work my rump off” season. It’s almost time to relax and enjoy some time off
  7. I would like to see The Dark Tower done properly. That movie was garbage
  8. Here. My friends and I made up a game called A-frame rodeo. You take 24 beers up to the top of an8 foot A-frame ladder. Sit, drink, keep your balance. Last person on their ladder wins.
  9. Holy crap, Vanions here! Im reading some shampoo bottles whilst pooing
  10. Here. Paying off bills, buying some extra equipment for the band. A few extra mics, speaker cables, pedal board for my bass. Music stuff
  11. Here. I dislike spring because I work outside and have to slog through the mud.
  12. Too broke. Wanted to go but....meh. That's a slick getup though! You did a good job on it
  13. Here. Magic the Gathering is the only game I play
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