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  1. LilyElizabeth

    Lily's Uni journey

    I interviewed people already working in the behavioral health field, and learned a lot there. We also are creating eportfolios. Not sure yet how helpful that will be. She also had us research grad schools, but, with my age, I'm choosing not to go on after my BA.
  2. LilyElizabeth

    Lily's Uni journey

    The class I'm taking now is called Careers in Psychology. It involves things like researching careers and creating a resume, that sort of thing. I just updated my resume for the class and got an opportunity to use it yesterday. At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy this class, being that I have a clear vision of where I want to go, but it has turned out to be really helpful. And my A is pretty solid so far!
  3. LilyElizabeth

    November Chitter Chatter

    This is a fun thing to do with a pumpkin. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/pumpkin-stew/
  4. LilyElizabeth

    October Hangman: Spook and Mystery

  5. LilyElizabeth

    November Chitter Chatter

    Yum! I'm on my way over.
  6. LilyElizabeth

    October Hangman: Spook and Mystery

  7. LilyElizabeth

    November 2018 Roll Call

    It's a new month already!