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  1. I no longer have the program that I used to rotate my sigs. I want to remove the Dain Ironfist one, but I don't know what is a good online rotater to use. Any thoughts?
  2. Well, Lavadearest, it takes one to know one after all. Mwahahaha!
  3. I think your grandmentor's name was Poledra or something like that. She was Blue and wasn't active after she took me on. Minuet took care of me and helped me along. Does anyone remember my mentor's name exactly?
  4. It's not a lack of interest. I'm just so busy these days. And it's been so long, I'd need to start over. Maybe after I finish what I'm currently reading, I'll give it another try.
  5. Triple Fudge Brownies 1 pkg pudding mix (small size) 1 chocolate cake mix 1 bag chocolate chips Make pudding according to directions. Whisk in cake mix. Stir in Chocolate chips. Pour into 9X13 greased pan. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes.
  6. I don't know. I didn't try any yet. I'm sure they're fine. This recipe is nearly impossible to mess up. I'll post it in the recipe thread.
  7. 1. How did you first hear about the Wheel of Time and what made you want to read the series? My sister, Minuet, who isn't here anymore, kept telling me about DM and how much fun it was. So, I finally joined. Then I started reading the books for context. I only made it to the 6th book, though. 2. If you could join an Ajah in the White Tower which one would you pick? (Lucky us!) Yellow or Green. Probably Yellow. I never can decide between the two. 3. If the Black Tower has Ajahs, what might some be? I haven't read that far so I don't know. 4. Who is a character you love, but would hate to meet in real life? Lanfear 5. Who is a character from another book that would make a good Warder? Jondular from the Earth Children's series 6. What is a scene from the books you're most excited to see on screen? Nothing in particular comes to mind. 7. What are your favorite and least favorite book covers? Anything with Lan on it. I have such a crush on him. 8. What is a location in the Wheel of Time you'd like to visit? Anywhere. Everywhere. 9. If you could make your own ter'angreal, what would it look like and what would it do? It would make children listen, so I guess it would look like an ear. lol 10. What is another book or series you think Wheel of Time fans might like? A Song of Ice and Fire, of course. And Earth Children. Several people already like those, though.
  8. Today I baked brownies to take to a BBQ with friends.
  9. You did great! Although Cross is no longer a Brown Sitter, now that she's Keeper. Not all Ajahs have Sitters. There is no Ren'Shai Sword Commander at this time. Well done! Part Three: Keeping Up 1) Do you have any questions? 2) Do you have any suggestions on how to tweak this class in the future?
  10. Hi everyone! Who is Mary? I'm so tired, I probably missed it. I don't do mornings well.
  11. My depression seems to have gone away, but my finances still suck. Next month should be better.
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