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  1. September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

  2. September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

  3. Welcome to the Wolfkin (New Pups--Look Here!)

    Hi there. Welcome! Aiel Heart should be along shortly to welcome you properly. She's our Alpha Wolf.
  4. Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I murder Cross because she's good at her job. And I appreciate it.
  5. September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

  6. Lily's Uni journey

    Thanks. And this is the halfway point. I feel wrung out from trying to keep up with an accelerated class. Only 4 more years to go....
  7. Lily's Uni journey

    48 out of 50 on yesterday's test. Not as well as I wanted, but I'll take it. It's still an A.
  8. September Discussion--Song to Know You

    Life's a Dance by John Michael Montgomery pretty well sums up my attitude.
  9. September Roll Call

    My grandson makes me smile.
  10. September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

  11. September Hangman: Fall/Autumn

  12. Sigils Of The Shadow (Tattoo Ideas)

    I don't have any tattoos, personally, so I hadn't responded to this. 10 pts for the new thread idea.