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  1. LilyElizabeth, Green Sitter I have to pick one? Okay, snickerdoodles.
  2. I'm not a part of that club. Keep me posted, please. If he does get it running, I'll join.
  3. My daughter and I bake together for Christmas. We were just talking about making cookies yesterday. I want to make snickerdoodles really badly. She wants to make sugar cookies with colored sugar on top. I guess we'll do both.
  4. My very first bonded, other than my sister, was a Red, and he was definitely passionate and spunky.
  5. What Elgee and DJ said. I would emphasize the warm and welcoming. I'm not really into crafts with my busy lifestyle, and I'm definitely not into cooking, but I love it here!
  6. The Browns that I know are kind of quiet and steady is a word I think I'd use. When you get them to open up, it's worth what you find. They are treasures!
  7. I am a Harry Potter fan and I used to love coming to the Blues and talking about that. I'm just not that big into fandoms, or I might have gone Blue.
  8. @Mashiara Sedai Now that you have had almost a full semester under your belt, how are you liking the charter school? Enquiring minds and all...
  9. When I think of the Whites, I think of some really nice people. I know they are supposed to be logical and all, which tends to equate with non-emotional in my head, for some reason, but they aren't at all. They are a great bunch of people who I wish were around more.
  10. I'll get around to all the Ajahs eventually.... When I think Red, I think fiercely independent people.
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