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  1. Thanks, everyone. The interview went really well. Now it's a waiting game. I hate waiting...
  2. So, we could have sent you messages through the boards? Sort of like a ouija board in reverse?
  3. For those of you who can see this, I'm requesting positive thoughts, prayers, stuff like that. I have a job interview tomorrow for a company I've been trying to get into for over two years. This is the company I hope to work for for the rest of my working life. The job is perfect for me, and I'm perfect for it. I'll tell you all more about it if I get it.
  4. I survived the first week. I did better than survive. So, far, everything that has been graded is 100%, even though I didn't have time to read 2 of the 3 chapters. I'm glad there is an index in the back of the book lol.
  5. Jason is doing his best to try to solve it. It is frustrating, I know.
  6. It's hard to procrastinate without DM to play on. I wasn't affected by facebook that I know of. I did have to work quite a bit today, though. Yes, actual work. Ugh! And then there is this discussion board thing for school that I have to do by tomorrow...
  7. I can post, too.
  8. It's the first week of Developmental Psych and, like every other class, there is a week and a half's worth of work to do. To top that off, I got my weeks confused and thought this was spring break, so I offered to work more hours. They have scheduled me even more hours than I agreed to. I'll be chatting with them about that today. Meanwhile, I'm just a bit panicked. I know, deep breaths and put one foot in front of the other until it's done.
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