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  1. LilyElizabeth

    Lily's Uni journey

    And, I also used to tutor Math!
  2. LilyElizabeth

    Lily's Uni journey

    The problem is that I can get really comfortable with the material in the textbook, and then they throw something else on the test and in the homework. It's not right and it's frustrating.
  3. LilyElizabeth

    January Game: Favorite Stuff

    Sedona What's your favorite ice cream?
  4. LilyElizabeth

    January Game: Favorite Stuff

    Cracker Barrel What is your favorite place to spend a weekend?
  5. LilyElizabeth

    Healers in November Discussion

    Isn't it funny how something like this can make us appreciate time? I have had two times where I had to fight for life and I feel the same way. I am so glad your son is cancer free!
  6. LilyElizabeth

    January Game: Favorite Stuff

    The Wizard of Oz Who is your favorite actor?
  7. LilyElizabeth

    Ask Narg. Narg help

    Narg, my grandson makes too much noise in the mornings when people are sleeping. What should I do?
  8. LilyElizabeth

    January Game: Favorite Stuff

    Obama What's your favorite movie?