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  1. New Moridin and Cuen'Shaidar

    *Stabs Cross* She'll get used to it. It is a sign of affection, after all.
  2. Gardening with Lily

    I think you shouldn't. Not only is he loyal to me, but he feeds me well, too.
  3. July Chitter Chatter

    Don't you have enough health problems? You have to have blood sugar issues now too? I'm sorry, Sis. You deserve a break.
  4. Gardening with Lily

    That is incredible looking!
  5. July Chitter Chatter

    I just bought some Blue Bunny that has caramel ice cream, caramel ribbons and little chocolate pieces filled with caramel. It's a nice change from the usual caramel praline ice cream that I can't have, since I can't eat nuts anymore.
  6. Gardening with Lily

    Permitted? *laughs* That is amusing. Some licorice tea would be nice. And do you have any cheesecake?
  7. Points for activity

    20 pts each to the following members for being active in the group. Dar'Jen Elevia Barm Cross Adella Verbal Leelou Illian Tear Minuet If I forgot anyone, sign in here to get your points.
  8. Gardening with Lily

    Yes, please, Tear. Come sit by me.
  9. Gardening with Lily

    I agree. This is losing its amusing quality. You need to be more entertaining to guests if you expect them to stay around.
  10. Gardening with Lily

    Yes, Verb can be my resident squeaky toy.