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  1. ummmmmm how does this go again lol Cairos Sedai ~ Gray Brother & Gray Sitter For me is the neapolitan cookies.
  2. Lol. I found 3 CGs that would help out in each regiment!
  3. *channels pink glitter from the cell* you know you missed me Mystie! *whispers to Lava* come open this cell so we can have fun!
  4. My parents bought turkey yesterday. I went to go pick up some preordered pies and cakes from a famous bakery today. I got a pear tart, a apple tart and a pumpkin pie. I looked at them earlier and they are all fancy lol. It’s hard to bake at my grandparents apartment because it’s small. So we opt out to buy stuff instead.
  5. -For fun I like to play video games and play with my English bulldogs -for relaxing I play video games, play with my English bulldogs and watch tv -for work out, I do heavy weights as well as cardio -to make time pass, I read anime or the new, also video games and cooking and baking -to comfort others, I always try to be there for them when they need it. I also listen when they need to vent. Also I make funny faces and also give out hugs. I’m a big hugger! - what makes me laugh...almost anything lol.
  6. @dicetosser1 eh maybe you are one or not, that is the question lol
  7. *gets grabbed by Lava and follows to the red dungeon*
  8. *gets pushed in here by Lava* well hell my bonded Mystie! Long time no see! *snugglebites the pink, I mean the red queen*
  9. WELCOME TO THE GRAYT THANKSGIVING TABLE!!!!! This week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in America. Also this table is about things you do around this holiday as well as traditions you do around Thanksgiving. For those that don’t celebrate thanksgiving but have a similar holiday please tell us about it! So let’s get this Thanksgiving Table festivity going!!!!
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