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  1. I love to bake! This year i have done tons of baking with food and dessert. What i think came out well was my brussle sprouts with balsamic honey dressing. It was to die for lol. The only thing bad about it was that it was too charred on the top so you have that burnt taste to it. It was really good though. Now i make it all the time.
  2. I love to bake and to cook! Welcome to the Grays Piper!
  3. *tackles @dicetosser1* Where have you been bro!? *slides a MG brew to True* *waves at @Jeannaisais* Hey Illian!
  4. Woohoo!!! Congrats to my mintee too and her new warder! So exciting!
  5. Where is everybody at?! It's so quite in the Band! Maybe I should make some noise or put out some free bandies or maybe some of the secret MG brew! Maybe that'll get everybody back! *walks to the secret hidden stash and takes out some MG brew* @dicetosser1, @Jeannaisais, @Taymist Hope people come back and have some fun in the Band!
  6. SOUPS GALORE lol So Panera Bread has an autumn squash soup that is amazing. I like to make soups during the winter times. Target sells this soup during the fall time. Hopefully they have it during winter. Also another favorite soup is potato leek soup. Yummy.
  7. Congrats to the Blues! You got a great one! Congrats my mintee on finding your home! So happy for you!
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