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  1. So where do I start from lol. Need to get back into reading lol.
  2. Never heard of Mistborn. i need to start reading again. Nursing school got me so busy and now studying again for the nursing licensure exam is tough.
  3. It’s the nursing test called the NCLEX. It was so hard.
  4. Welcome Mat! Glad that you can join the Band of the Red Hand club!
  5. Omg it’s Charis!!!! *hugs sis* things are good! How are you?
  6. Current Members List Per Regiment Cairos ~ Marshall General/Club Leader Infantry Zanatron Mystica Taymist Calavry The Bard Bade Dicetosser1 Sooh Nynaeve Cass Wildfire Archers Illian Tear Rhea Jeanaisais Thane Nikonis Shad_
  7. Alright ladies and gents! Sign in for August 2019. Please state name and regiment! 1. Cairos ~ MG 2. Thane ~ Archers 3. Jea ~ Archers 4. Illian ~Archers 5. Tay ~ Infantry 6. Haycraftd ~ Recruit 7. Shad_ ~ Archers 8. Nikonis ~ Archers 9. Sooh ~ Cavalry
  8. Welcome back Illian Tear. Sure you can rejoin as an Archer. We are currently putting the points and rankings on hold. Due to activity and membership things will be on hold. Glad you’re back though.
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