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  1. Here I am reading The Magicians, the first book in the trilogy.
  2. Welcome Spektre

    Also welcome to the band Spektre! I'll send you a welcome letter unless Chae has done it already!
  3. Welcome Spektre

    Socio sorry been busy with nursing school and finals. Almost done and finally i can have time to come back here.
  4. May 2018 Roll Call

  5. I am here as well. Last movie that i saw was Infinity Wars on Tuesday.
  6. April 2018 Roll Call

    Here! Nothing exciting. Just nursing school
  7. March 2018 Roll Call

    Mine is mint chocolate chip unless you go to one of those rolled up ice cream shops that have multiple flavors with a million toppings lol
  8. Cairos here i second your answer about spring. The weather is perfect. It’s not too cold and not too hot.
  9. Welcome welcome to the Band. I'm Cairos the XO of the Band. Its great to see new faces around here. I will send you a PM about the raw recruit program and once you get access.
  10. Welcome Illian Tear to the Band!!! I'm Cairos the XO of the band. I see you have met some of the wonderful and glorious members of the band. *glares at Dice* Yes don't listen to Dice..... Anyways I'll be sending you a PM about the Raw Recruit program and some info about the Band! Its great to see some new faces around here.
  11. *Cairos takes a seat next to Nikon and Kat* Hey if you lose you'll lose your knighthood and what Kat said! Also you have to work on becoming a Paladin lol
  12. Hello guys.

    Welcome welcome to DM. Like Song said, check out the social groups and also the role playing group of you’re into role playing. There are tons of great people on DM.
  13. Howdy Y'all!

    Hey welcome to DM. There are so many different social groups and also role playing groups on DM. Each groups are different and adhere to the groups in the books. Again welcome and come stop by the Band social group, Black tower social group or the white tower social group.
  14. Hi Jea!!!!! I’m still around lol. Wow graduate school! That’s awesome that you teach high school English. Your Son is so cute! I think you can read him WoT.
  15. Welcome to the BT! Its nice to see a new face around here kinda lol