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  1. Hello guys.

    Welcome welcome to DM. Like Song said, check out the social groups and also the role playing group of you’re into role playing. There are tons of great people on DM.
  2. Howdy Y'all!

    Hey welcome to DM. There are so many different social groups and also role playing groups on DM. Each groups are different and adhere to the groups in the books. Again welcome and come stop by the Band social group, Black tower social group or the white tower social group.
  3. Hi Jea!!!!! I’m still around lol. Wow graduate school! That’s awesome that you teach high school English. Your Son is so cute! I think you can read him WoT.
  4. Welcome to the BT! Its nice to see a new face around here kinda lol
  5. February 2018 Roll Call

    I’m here. I want spring to come! Can’t wait.
  6. Roll Call February 2018

    I'm here. Currently playing Mario Odyssey.
  7. January 2018 Roll Call

    Finish second semester of nursing school and also not be in the hospital this year!
  8. Roll Call: January 2018

    I agree with Cross. Its easier for me to navigate on the computer than the mobile. I like the new look.
  9. Welcome Back

    Yay!!! Glad to be back!
  10. Roll Call: November 2017

    Here. Mine would be ability to talk to dogs.
  11. I’m like 50-60 miles from Santa Rosa and I can smell the fire and the haze from where I live.
  12. October 2017 Roll Call

    Studying for nursing school ugh
  13. Roll Call: August 2017

    I love giraffes!
  14. August 2017 Roll Call

    I want to stab Leelou because she was my old mintee!