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  1. Just another day for us. Been together for 9 years going on 10!
  2. I’m here. It’s raining here and in the 50-60.
  3. Here! Mine is finish up nursing school and graduate!
  4. I’m here! Goal is finish and graduate nursing school!
  5. Just letting you all know that we have a new recruit. Be nice to her lol
  6. I can stab people with needles legally if they give me permission lol
  7. Omg omg omg it’s Horn!!! *tackles horn and chains him to the chair* so no leaving! What’s new buddy!
  8. Welcome Lethira to the Band of the Red Hand!!! I am Cairos and I am the XO of the Band. You are the newest recruit to join the Band. *hands Lethira a bandie to drink while some of the band members arrive* Tell us a little about yourself and how you came across WoT and the Band of the Red Hand. Also feel free to join in any of the threads that interest you.
  9. Welcome Lethira to the Band! I will try and get you situated and I’ll send you a welcome PM!
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