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  1. Hello Aman, I am a very, very old member who is returning. Delenn Sedai, former First Reasoner of the White Ajah. And I definitely remember the mattress incident. πŸ˜‚
  2. Yes, 'tis true. About half the rules that exist now were because of us. Especially, the rules about keeping things on the boards here and umm... various others.... where the powers that be prayed we would go off the boards 😈
  3. I think so! Was there only once? Surely there was more than just that. 😚 I remember her threatening us all with that at one time or another. πŸ˜‡
  4. OMG I do remember πŸ˜† we were trouble back in the day! I am hoping that with the show finally kicking off that many of us will return. We used to have a party on these boards! Clean, well mannered parties of course πŸ˜‡
  5. As long as Straczyinski is still running the show, I have faith. And more than a little interest. *grins* But I too would like to see it go beyond where it stopped before, and perhaps a bit more detail on the time frame before the final episode. 🀞
  6. Hi Lily! It's nice to (re)meet you! Hi Mashira! Thank you, it's really great to be back. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone and meeting all the new people. 😊
  7. *senses Elgee just before she rounds the corner and spins to catch the flying Amyrlin Seat* I have missed you too!!! *snugglewubblebites back* You will have to catch me up, I have been out in the wilds! What is Discord? *snuggles*
  8. R&U Delenn Sedai of the White Ajah Raised Sep 29th 2007 (yay for archives) it's been a really long time... can't find my old email and password souvra'dar bonded to Elgee ❀️
  9. Mother? Where are you? I am in need of snuggle bites and someone to let me back in under my real profile, please!
  10. Welcome to DM GreenMan. Yeah, all that they said, but if you make your way further down the boards to the community boards we rarely talk about details from the books so it would be a good place to get started.
  11. Delenn


    Hey there, Fia! Welcome to DM. I am Delenn, a Sister of the White Ajah. Would you mind telling us a little about yourself so we can get to know you better?
  12. *points out the giant plate of Brownies and Blueberry Muffins siting just inside the Great Hall*
  13. Aww come on. You could have access to both Niamh, the Browns and the Reds then...
  14. JD ~ This is the address for requesting admittance to the Guild MaA@tiffanyfranklin.net
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