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  1. Skechid paused in thought. "They would have to die. And I think..." He turned to the prisoners. "What are your plans for today? If there is nothing then you might as well follow me to the Infirmary. I'll need to speak to the M'hael and have you two as witnesses to this atrocity." He gestured to the prisoners. "I doubt they will get to a fair trial, but it's always good to have a good amount of evidence before something permanent likes execution is done." Without waiting for their replies, Skechid wove the Gateway to the chamber beside his office. He motioned for them to step throug
  2. Skechid surveyed the scene as the commotion cleared. The other two could clearly handle what was needed and Skechid's own twin daggers disappeared into his sleeves. Not many knew the danger of his Adderstings, but one slight cut of the blade would mark the end of a life. Skechid's own face darkened as the rogue Ashaman Karavin seemed to shimmer in the hot air and disappear. "What in the Light?" Skechid heard himself whisper. That was not a known weave and something told him that it was not exactly something taught by the Black Tower. Nor could he feel the residue of the weave. But
  3. Camigwen sighed inwardly. She expected as much from the White sister. In fact, she had a feeling she was very alone in this objection. Her ownhands were tied. As an Aes Sedai, she wanted nothing to do with the Black Tower or at least nothing to do with the men channeling, but at a Yellow, this mission presented an excellent opportunity to study the effects of Saidin and perhaps how the Bond would world. For all she knew, the Taint could be held back by.... something. There had to be some kind of measure against that right? Light. "Very well. I see your point. And yours, Regalia." C
  4. Skechid nodded coldly to himself as the two other Black coated men began their work. He peered into the darkness of the cavern. The cave lookd ancient, carved by water that has since receded when the area was affected by the Breaking. The late Storm Leader who had found the cavern was a personal friend of Skechid's, one of the first few Ashaman who had joined the Black Tower during it's founding. But he was long gone. The Taint had taken him and Skechid had been the one to administer the poison. Even though it had happened a long time ago, the memory still burned him. Too many had been lost. A
  5. Regalia frowned at the White sister who had interrupted her meeting with Camigwen. Her face was smooth, but Regalia could sense tension in the sister. And that wasn't surprising. Most people in the White Tower were tense these days, considering how things were going on in the world. But still, for a White sister, it was unusual. They were uncaring about events of the world to a fault, constantly spending their time considering logical problems that gave Regalia a headache. Understanding this, seeing Astradore in such a fix, shocked Regalia, "Perhaps you could give us some views." B
  6. Camigwen regarded the Blue Sister standing before her with a pursed lip. Regalia Frantelle was Blue to the bone and was every picture an Aes Sedai today. Her stance was quiet and her face emotionless, matching Camigwen's own stone face. "So what now, Sitter?" Regalia asked churlishly as she straightened the front of her dress. "Will the Yellow Ajah join us in our mission?" Regalia kept her face smooth, only her wringing hands betrayed her nervousness. It was not an easy mission. "I cannot speak for the whole of my Ajah, but personally I think this mission is insane and
  7. Skechid looked at the two men before him. He sensed eagerness in one and slight distress in the other. He could empathise with both, since his own first impression of the store was one of intrigue and shock. Intrigue because he could remember feeling the resonance of Saidin in the place and it throbbed. And shock because he never realised there were so many of these relics. "Ter'angreal are dangerous. No less dangerous than a knife in a baby's hand, so it would do you good to not be too eager. Many of these items are unknown for their usage and purpose and there have been instances
  8. "Recrafting ter'angreal?" Skechid whispered with an upturned brow. Was that even possible? Of course, it was simple and common place in the Old Age, but these days few had the ability to even study those relics much less make them. Skechid's own Talent with Healing was marveled to be rival to what was done during the Age of Legends, but so far with ter'angreal... "How many of these items have you studied so far? We are far from being archived in terms of our own ter'angreal store. Light knows someone could afford to tidy it up. Perhaps you would be keen to check them out? WIth supervision of c
  9. "Interesting." The word slipped out of Skechid's mouth as he let himself feel the residues of Saidin which had been woven. Clearly the newbie had beene xperimenting with Saidin and perhaps they had somehow stumbled upon something. That was quite common these days, considering the fact that so much was lost in terms of knowledge of the One Power. These so-called experiments were the only way they could learn more about Saidin and its uses. "Nonetheless, it is dangerous to try weaves without proper instruction. You should be more careful." Skechid gestured for the injured man to ste
  10. Hi. That's all. I'm bored. *points to the giant doodle of a frog on a nearby wall in explanation*
  11. ((Mind if I step in?)) Storm Leader Skechid brushed his hands over his tired eyes. It had been a long night, followed by a busy morning. It seemed like the Eyes and Ears reports would never end. Being Master of Spies was no joke. At first, it had seemed fun. Handling the intrigue and portends of the world, but these days all it involved was reading and signing paper work. Paperwork. Yucks. Whilst nothing was alarming in itself, the lack of overly exciting news worried him. The End Times were coming, Skechid was sure of that, and there should have been way more activity in the world
  12. I'm from Singapore. Which is kinda near Philippines and many of my friends are from there! So... Mabuhay! Nice to have a fellow South East Asian here... There are so few of us.
  13. Wow you got a new game console? So fun! I wanna play too! What games have you bought? It's been a while since I played games so I'm probably not familiar with the newer games. LIke Mario or Street Fighter I probably get. Ya know? ,,, Kidding. Congratulations!
  14. White Tower because... well... this IS the White Tower board and I hear Elgee has a special "toy" that many of us have heard of but so few of us have actually... "played" with. Edit: I just realised this is over. *sad face* Oh well... *goes play with Elgee's "toy"*
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