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  1. I just started my journey as a Tiktoker, doing broadcasts and such like. Just wondering if any of you do Tiktok? My username is Skechid001 there. So look me up if you do and leave your username here so we can add up. If enough people do it, we could start a WoT community there as well. I feel so lonely with all the Mobile Legend and suchlike communities there. Anyway, hope to some of you there.
  2. I had a similar experience as a Soldier as well. The interior decorator here seems to have a perchant to padded walls though. I never really understood the appeal. But to each his own. Also, don't mind the smell, it's mostly because we are covered by the Dark One's Taint and sometimes it can get musty from lack of cleaning.
  3. I usually use them to exchange of pies, favors and angreals. Why? Did you not learn this as a Novice?
  4. Doný Don't think I don't see the parchment and quill hiding behind your... behind and is scratching away with the Power of the Saidar thing. Also, you drew THAT part wrong. It's usually a lot... wider and squiggly.
  5. Arent you stuck though? The DO's Taint has a strong hold on this place. Logistically it's complicated.
  6. It depends if your Taint is feeling well. Scratch at it if it smells funky.
  7. I have a different way of meditating. Instead of clearing my mind and trying to not think of anything (which is as good as telling me not to think about a pink elephant), I take whatever thoughts come into my mind and learn to recognise it, set it aside and move on. Basically not focus on it in an irrelevant way, I do that before I sleep, just to let it wash over me and then file it into a corner. It also helps if you can focus on your breath and a point slightly above your navel. But I never manage to do it for long. After a while my mind starts to wander again. Usually in a very disturbing and slightly worrying direction.
  8. You know Taint also refers to a body part right? We Healers know these things. *weg*
  9. I sleep. And eat. And try to enjoy the moment as much as I can. Life is short and it's been fully reminding me of this fact. So I try to keep it present and mindful. Otherwise, listening to music always helps. Also, when I can, DM.
  10. One of the brightest sparks of my university life passed away this week. Suddenly and unbelievably. I haven't yet started to grieve because I'm still numb from the news. But my heart is broken and I am still unable to process everything. She was a choir mate, someone I went clubbing with and just general ball of energy. I can't understand.... And I can't see her for the last time either because, I recently moved far away from her. So... that's that, I guess....
  11. Oh it IS pretty if I do say so myself. *beams happily*
  12. @Delenn Sorry this took so long. Let me know if there is anything else I can change for you.
  13. *points to the crater in a distance, where, oddly enough, a pink plushie in the shape of an elephant was raised on a pole*
  14. I sense a disturbance in the Taint. Has someone brought chocolate again? Does noone remember the last time someone fed the Ashaman with SUGAR?
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