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  1. Merdyn’s eyebrows climbed up towards his hairline at the ‘greeting’ offered to them on behalf of the Band. Was this the Eb mentioned in the missive? He opened his mouth, ready with a snide comment to lob at the woman, but Nox pulled him forward and jumped in before Merdyn was able to utter a word. He closed his mouth and resigned to being towed along by his Warder. The woman jabbed a finger towards the barracks, informing them that they could stow their belongings there. Merdyn did not bother to inform her that they would be returning to the Black Tower at day’s end. Nox pulled out the cloth bag that contained the leavings of their food wrapped in oiled paper and cord. He didn’t exactly offer it to the rude woman, but he may as well have. Merdyn wasn’t sure why this all bothered him so, but it did. Growing up as a noble had hardened him in regard to social situations. Light, even his time spent at the Black Tower had only served to strengthen his backbone. Why should this woman get under his skin so? Perhaps it was due to the prestige he had felt at being called to both the White Tower and The Citadel to serve as an ambassador of sorts. Or perhaps it was the disregard she had shown to both Nox and himself. Or maybe she just had one of those personalities that gave a chafe to one’s good mood. Whatever the reasons, none of them mattered. This Eb, whoever she was, would have to be dealt with as if she were the Queen of Andor herself. Merdyn and Nox were here to represent the Tower and its interests. Nothing more. If Eb didn’t like them, or if she refused to treat them with respect- well, that was of little consequence to the powers that be. They would just have to bear it. Merdyn clenched his jaw and forced a smile onto his face. Nox would no doubt feel the irritation through the Bond, but he would just have to endure it as Merdyn tried to squash the emotions. You are essentially a male Aes Sedai, man, Merdyn thought to himself, Buck up and act like one. Those women of the Tower wouldn’t be cowed by some brutish captain. No. They would be doing the cowing, they would- Merdyn shook his head and banished the thoughts. He was not Aes Sedai. He was Ashaman. What those women could get away with was more than any man of the Black Tower could dare dream of. No. It would be better to woo this woman into compliance. Get on her good side. Charm the living Light out of her. The smile was coming a little easier the more he thought on that. “Oh, yes, we are quite stuffed,” Merdyn called out in a cheerful tone to the back of Eb’s head, “You are more than welcome to the food we brought. Although we would be just as fine sitting with you while you break your fast in the city, perhaps we could have some tea instead while you do so?" This was going to be a long day.
  2. Aiden carefully watched Nox as he wove the shield, memorizing the weave as the thing settled upon the brute. He only needed to see a weave once before committing it to memory. Nox had shown Aiden a number of useful weaves, although most of them had been for battle and the killing of monsters. Everything else Aiden had learned was due to the observations of other men wielding the Power; Jaxen Marveet was first amongst them. There should be a book… or a website or something for us to share these tricks, Aiden thought to himself, Rowan mentioned a message board for the women… We should follow suit. Nox admonished the group of men, smiling at Aiden sometime in between. A second shield slammed onto another man in the group. Aiden moved towards the two shielded men, hands reaching out to take both by the neck. Orbs of ice materialized above the head of a third and shot out at Nox and Aiden, one of which struck at Aiden’s right hand. He recoiled at the blow and started singing on instinct. “Well, you can run like a rabbit, fly like a bee, No matter what you do, you’ll never get away from me,” Aiden sang in an upbeat voice as the light erupted behind his right shoulder. He grasped the Power and deftly began to weave Fire, “Cause I’m right behing you baby, right behind you baby, Well, I’m right behind you baby and you’ll never get away from me.” Countless fireballs erupted into being, swirling around Aiden. One shot out and struck the icemaker in the head, his hair bursting into flame. Two more found their mark on the men that had channeled earlier. The rest of the men took the hint and fled before the rest of the fireballs found their mark. “Well, you can make up your face, dye your hair, No matter what you do, turn around and I’ll be there,” Aiden sang on as he brushed away the glamour that he had taken on earlier and divided the flows, channeling Air and imprisoning the three brutes that remained with bonds around their limbs. Aiden looked to Nox and smiled, “Have you got the police on speed dial?”
  3. Aiden’s eyebrows shot up and he faltered in his song at Nox’s mention of dancing on stage; a great howl preceded this as the Power suddenly vanished from Aiden’s grip at the abrupt stop of his song. The entire room turned towards the commotion and not a few of them gave Aiden a very hard look. He mouthed the word ‘sorry’ to the onlookers and each turned back to their beers and their ogling. Aiden very deliberately avoided turning to look at Nox. “Oh?” Aiden asked half over his shoulder, “You’re constantly surprising me, Nox. I’m slightly offended I wasn’t invited to watch you practice.” Images of Nox in a revealing costume, moving to a primal rhythm flooded Aiden’s mind. His cheeks flushed as the mental scene progressed into something more raw. Throwing his head back, Aiden drank down half of his Stella and silently cursed himself for not grabbing a pack of smokes before arriving. Booze may not have been the best way to cool down, but it was the closest vice at hand. True, he had a joint hidden in his coat pocket, but he didn’t want to feel spacey or sluggish just yet. Shouts from the front of the room broke Aiden out of his bubble. The dancer had finished her set and the stage sat empty, prompting those men to grow impatient. Nox had walked up to the group of trash which had caused the commotion, urging them to chill out and grab another drink- for free no less. Aiden found his voice and started singing once more, “When the twilight is gone and no songbirds are singing. When the twilight is gone you come into my heart.” The light of the Power sprung up from behind. Aiden went on, “And here in my heart you will stay while I pray.” Raging torrents of energy flooded Aiden’s every particle, charging him with the sweet and violent power of creation. He deftly wove Air, Fire, and Spirit into a complex and sizable weave, settling the thing around his entire body, yet not completing the thing. This was his insurance policy, a nifty trick he had picked up from Jaxen Marveet’s performance those many nights ago. “My prayer is to linger with you, at the end of the day in a dream that’s divine,” Aiden kept singing to himself to hold the power. The group of men were openly sneering at Nox. The largest of them laughed heartily and downed the rest of the amber liquid in his mug. “Yeah, and the rest of the night will be on you if there ain’t another skank up on the stage in the next sixty seconds. We came here to see some tail, so make with it or get me drunk,” The largest of the men said. The goon turned to look at Nox and yelled, “Well, what you waiting for pansy!?” He whipped the glass mug at Nox, which narrowly missed his head. “My prayer is a rapture in blue, with the world far away and your lips close to mine,” Aiden sang as he let the weave settle over his body and tied the thing off. In the blink of an eye, his form and musculature swelled to four times their size- at least they appeared to. Anyone looking at him would see a man whose head brushed the ceiling and with muscles large enough to rival The Incredible Hulk. He stopped singing and let the Power wink out; the weave stayed in place. Aiden walked over to the group, trying his best to look as menacing as possible and spoke in a rumbling baritone, “Ya’ll are gonna have to leave if you wanna keep ya’ heads on ya’ bodies.” One of the skinnier men started yelling at Aiden, “Sit down, freak!” That same, little man started weaving Fire. Ah, crap, Aiden thought to himself as he saw the weave begin, Other Channelers.
  4. “You almost sound like you think that I can’t multitask,” Aiden said in a rueful tone. He gave the other man a wink and let him lead the way out to a table on the main floor of the strip club. Nox stood behind him, taking away Aiden’s fun. He found himself hoping that there was at least one male dancer performing, but it was a futile wish. Women were beautiful in their own right, he had even found a few attractive over the years, but there were no urges within to bed a single one of them. Men just had so much more to offer. With a raised hand, Aiden signaled a server and ordered a double whiskey and a beer back. She was back in record time, sliding the glass and the bottle over to him. “Hey, aren’t you-?” She began, but Aiden held up a finger to his own lips and slid a substantial tip over to her. “Yup. Keep that thought to yourself and we can take a selfie or I can autograph something for you or whatever you’d like.” The servers eyes lit up as she nodded enthusiastically, rushing away to tend to her other tables. Aiden figured that a word or two from Nox would keep her quiet, but that would make Aiden look like an arrogant diva- and he was not arrogant. Aiden threw back the double whiskey in one gulp and sighed to himself, scanning the room for the roughians. They weren’t hard to spot. The men seemed to be behaving themselves so far, but that could change quickly. “Heavenly shades of night are falling, It’s twilight time,” Aiden began singing very quietly to himself, “Out of the mist your voice is calling, Tis’ twilight time.” Light sprung up behind his shoulder as soon as the song touched his tongue. It was both amazing and frustrating that he had a Block which required him to perform. He had met other Channelers that could not touch the Source unless they closed their eyes, those same people couldn’t do more than touch the Source since one had to actually see the threads of the Power to weave them; and then another he met had to be almost blackout drunk to do anyhthing. If he never broke his own Block, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing… so long as he never lost his voice or the ability to move and dance. “When purple colored curtains mark the end of day,” he went on singing to himself to hold the Power, “I'll hear you, my dear, at twilight time.”
  5. Hello dear friends ^_^ So, I have a newly raised Red that is in desparate need of some weapons training. Does anyone fancy a little scene together to help train her? I'm open to anyone that wants to play around. if it's any character outside the Tower proper, we can totally come up with a reason for her to be training with them. I don't mind writing a solo RP for the purpose, but it would be much more fun with another player ❤️
  6. Aiden shrugged at the insistence that they walk. Whatever Nox wanted was fine by him, but it was not inaccurate to say that Aiden was a little crestfallen at the walk; he had planned on making full use of the privacy his stretch limo offered them. “Sorry for the false alarm, Coop,” Aiden said to his driver through the open passenger side window, “We’re just gonna walk over to Nox’s. Take the rest of the night off.” Cooper insisted on waiting around for them about two or three more times before finally accepting Aiden’s early dismissal. The man was dutiful if nothing else. They made their way down a few blocks and came to a strip club, turning into the alley and entering through a side door. This is where he relocated to? Aiden thought with a touch of shock. He had offered Nox a place to stay multiple times in the past. Aiden owned a 10 story condominium in Tverskaya and also had a (mostly complete) mansion in Suzdal, but Nox had turned down the offer for both buildings. Aiden could not see why Nox would opt for squalor when he could have luxury free of charge. Nox changed into a security t-shirt and Aiden drank in the sight of his bare torso, not being the least bit subtle. Staff came and went, greeting Nox with warmth and kinship. Perhaps that was it. Regardless, Nox had work to do thanks to the louts that had sauntered in ahead of him. Nova barked down from the stairs and Aiden smiled up at it. “I’ll have to bring Lasher around next time I come through,” Aiden said with a nod up towards the pup, “And if you’re gonna go play mister-strong-man, I think I’ll join you… That is, I think I’ll go enjoy a cocktail out there until you’ve had enough work for the evening.” He winked at Nox, stole another kiss and chuckled playfully, “Besides, you might need backup. Right?”
  7. Nox was both startled and confused at Aiden’s statement. He then implied that the two of them would not be going back into the club, but back to his own place. Blood flushed Aiden’s cheeks as his thoughts went elsewhere. There had been another night, months ago, where Aiden had been sure he and Nox would have gotten intimate with each other; Sage had been there and he would have been included in the trist as well, but Nox denied the both of them. That night was the entire reason that Aiden had assumed Nox was untouchable- yet here they were. Aiden’s pants were growing tighter by the second as Nox kissed him and whispered in a breathy tone. With a wicked smirk, Aiden corrected himself, “I never said I wanted to hunt tonight.” He wrapped his arms around Nox, pressing into the man and feeling a physical confirmation between the two of them. Without asking, he pulled out his Wallet and sent a message to Cooper. “My driver will be pulling around momentarily,” Aiden said before kissing the other man deeply. Electricity seemed to crackle between them as their tongues met and danced about. Aiden heard a few giggles and whispers from the entrance to the club. He pulled his head away and looked over to the source of the noise. Sure enough, a group of 20-something-year-old women stood oogling their love fest, not a few of them had their own Wallets out, recording a video of Nox and Aiden. Aiden smiled at the women and tugged Nox along, making his way to the main street. “Ladies,” Aiden said and nodded to them. They tittered even more, making their own greetings, Wallets swinging around to record the pair as they left the alley. “Fans,” Aiden said with an eyeroll- oh yes- the inner Rockstar was coming out now. It always happened when he was feeling cocky; intimacy always made him feel cocky. He grabbed at Nox's back side and asked wolfishly, “How far away is your place?”
  8. Previous scene: Gone Too Long ~~~ Merdyn stepped through the Gateway that his Warder had created. His feet landed firmly on the packed earth of the Embassy's Traveling Grounds. Nox was right behind Merdyn. The Gateway disappeared without ceremony. He glanced over to Nox and smiled warmly, still feeling relaxed from their night together. The pair had awoken well before the dawn. Merdyn had thrown together a large meal and Nox had made a Gateway to a hot spring located somewhere in the north. They had broken their fast together and bathed each other there before returning to their hut to dress for the meeting with Calder. It had taken a little over an hour and Merdyn had found himself wondering why they had not done something like that sooner. He was positively beaming. Dawn had just started to break over the horizon, casting a hazy glow to the violet sky overhead. The air was crisp and smelled of nature and the green things that surrounded the Citadel complex. Merdyn looked around, impressed with the structure that had been erected for the Asha’men. He had only ever been to the Citadel once and he had still been a Soldier at that point. It felt like that had been a lifetime ago to Merdyn, so much had happened since then. He had never actually even been inside the Embassy, so he was not sure what to expect. Merdyn took Nox’s hand and gripped it firmly. He spoke warmly to his Warder, “Do you know anyone in the Band, love? The last time we were here, I don’t think I spoke to anyone but you or Ful… What sort of people are our comrades?”
  9. Kali was gone just as quickly as she had appeared. Aiden still clung to the Power, singing quietly under his breath, “I’m off the deep end. Watch as I dive in…” Nox did not move an inch. It felt like an eternity while they both stood alone in the alleyway. Aiden finished singing quietly and let the Power wink out as the song ended. He was all too aware of the way Nox had pressed against him and Aiden’s body had responded to the contact; Nox had to have noticed. Aiden took a chance and grabbed Nox’s remaining hand, spinning him around so that they stood face to face. “Rowan- she uh- I think she’s encountered that one before,” Aiden said uneasily, “Was gonna talk to you about that after the club. She’s been doing some research lately, but I didn’t really think…” He exhaled deeply and bowed his head, tightening his grip on Nox’s hand. Rowan had a few choice encounters over the last few weeks that had shifted her attention away from Voodoo; the first had been with a Sentient. Since then, she had devoted most of her time to networking with other female Channelers and exchanging information on their magic and what was going on in the unseen world. Aiden had given her the brush off. Oh, he had heard all about the monsters and the Atharim from Nox, Sage had shown him security footage of some of those things, Dorian had spoken at length on their efforts to track and eliminate the threats to humanity… But none of it seemed real. All of it just seemed like stories. Aiden did not doubt them, but he didn’t really take any of it seriously. They lived in the CCD, for God’s sake! A Channeler ran the dominion, why should they have anything to fear? That Sentient hadn’t even really done anything of substance- still- there was a wrongness that radiated off of her. Something primal, an ancient fear, had awakened in Aiden when she opened her mouth and tried to draw them in. What would he have done if she had not left them? Fireballs could only do so much. Nox insisted that she could not hurt them, but he wouldn’t have placed himself between her and Aiden if she was harmless. What had Rowan said about Sentients? Emotions… The ability to alter emotions. Could she have enslaved the two of them? Aiden shivered at the idea and looked back up, eyes meeting Nox’s. “I want you to take me hunting.”
  10. Merdyn could feel Nox’s anxiety rising through the Bond. Was it due to the prospect of leaving the Tower? Merdyn was not leaving him again, so it couldn’t have been that. Light, how frequently did Nox feel this way? He had given no indication that these feelings were starting to build up, yet there they were after reading the letter. It had to be that- leaving the Tower- had he been this anxious the last time? No, the last time was because they had Skimmed and Nox had hated that empty blackness. Was the cause of the anxiety always different? This Bond was a blessing if only because Merdyn might learn how to quell the anxiety within Nox before it had a chance to take root. With a warm smile, he took Nox into his arms, encircling him protectively and placing a kiss upon his cheek. He could feel their lockets pressing at their chests, but decided to ignore the pressure. “We can leave whenever you want, so long as we are not late tomorrow. I admit I don’t fancy the thought of leaving tonight. I’ll cook us a nice dinner, you can read to your heart's content, and maybe we can- um- you know? Enjoy each other’s company before we turn in for the night,” Merdyn said as tactfully as possible. They didn’t need to do that last bit, Merdyn wasn't even sure if he should have brought it up, but physical contact could be healing and being intimate was the closest they could get to each other outside of the Bond. Dinner wouldn’t take long, not when Merdyn could cook with the Power. He had set up a little cooking station just behind their modest home for these nights they shared. Unfortunately, no matter how far away they were from the rest of the dwellings, the smells of roasting meat would draw in some of the other men towards the hut. Then again, he could pawn off the leftovers and the clean up onto the others. It wouldn't be hard to chase them off after that. Nox and he were Asha'men after all. The prospect sounded fabulous. ((ready to move on to the next scene whenever you are, Nox :3))
  11. “Sentient…” Aiden murmured under his breath, barely a whisper, as Nox spoke with Kali. Not good. Not good. Not good! He thought to himself. The blue fairy fire sprung into existence above Aiden’s head as the rush of emotions flooded his system. One-touch from this woman and it could be all over for the both of them. Kali’s presumed fling for the night took off down the alleyway and out onto the street after Nox inquired about his identity. The Sentient didn’t so much as flinch when the man broke away, she only had eyes for Nox. That just wasn’t going to work for Aiden. It was obvious that Nox was about to ready a Weave, so there was only once course of action that Aiden could think of. Aiden began to sing, bellowing out in a rich baritone, “Tell me something girl? Are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there somethin’ else you’re searchin’ for?” That strange, ethereal light sprung up behind Aiden’s shoulder as he sang the first few notes to the song; this was his Block, his handicap in Channeling the forces of Magic. People like Nox could command the forces of the Gods with nothing more than a thought, but not Aiden- he needed to sing or dance to call forth such energies. Nox had insisted that one day Aiden would break his ‘block,’ but how he would do that, neither of them knew. They had tried a few months ago, but the efforts had only served to make Aiden blush. Incidentally, Aiden was hoping to recreate those efforts tonight, although his motives were purely carnal. Weaving Fire, Aiden readied a few Fireballs to launch at the Sentient if she took even one step towards them.
  12. Nox rose from the bed to join Merdyn at the door. He could feel Nox doing so without even having to glance back. It was the strangest thing. What were the limits to that particular feature of the Bond? Merdyn found himself absently wondering if there was a limit to the distance at which they could detect each other. This Bond could prove to be most advantageous in combat. They would have to start working on joint tactics to be sure, but Merdyn was confident that they could give the Forsaken a run for their coin if the two of them practiced enough. That was a big ‘if,’ but still… Merdyn filed those thoughts away for a later date. At present, he had a missive from the Alliance to deal with. Nox made an off-handed comment about the young Soldier that just delivered the letter. Merdyn looked over to his Warder, a wry smile plastered on his face. “I guess we can ask him later. He was working the Traveling Grounds when I arrived,” Merdyn said with a laugh as he used a flow of Air to rip open the seal on the letter. He quickly scanned the contents and then started over, rereading the thing a touch slower just to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. “Love? Forget what I said about staying at the Black Tower…” Merdyn said as he handed the letter over to Nox. “I am to report to our Embassy at the Citadel tomorrow by first light. Calder Berrick of the Band has need of my services.” Apparently the M’Hael was so pleased with how Merdyn had handled the Red Sisters, that he decided to name Merdyn as a liaison to the Band of the Red Hand. It was not an unwelcome development, on the contrary, this was the sort of thing that Merdyn was raised for. It was enjoyable work. Not to mention his sneaking suspicion, which he had for months now, that this would be the purpose that he would serve at the Black Tower. It was only grating because everything was all happening at once. But that's how it always went with these things. At least Merdyn was starting to feel important again… If only due to these assignments.
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