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  1. The more the merrier, @Jagen Sedai ! @Lih-Lyh has already volunteered her white, but thank you for offering. I will take you up on writing for the tests though!
  2. Not sure how we do this... But after I finish up the 3 Arches scene with Viv, she'll be taking her Oaths. I'm just posting that fact here in case anyone wanted their Sister to be in attendance during the scenes. @Jagen Sedai has already expressed her desire for her Red to be there, so there are 6 other spots open *wink wink*
  3. Hi Arath! Name is Odd :D I'm one of the newer BT members. Got an Asha'man by the name of Merdyn. Can't wait to have a scene with you <3 welcome back!
  4. everything is kosher on my end. can we maybe start another 'roll call' thread for the upcoming month? it would be nice to know who is currently active on the rp without harassing everyone individually. I've got a story bubbling in my brain, messaged @Cass very briefly about it as it requires her approval, but it would help my thought process out if I knew who was still active as of the coming month.
  5. i'd like to contribute to this... mainly with a layout or description of the Farm/BT... With the blessings of @Taymist and you lot, I can compile info from the website and previous scenes, so we have a concrete layout of the Farm... that is, if we don't have one already... I'm a sucker for settings.
  6. I completely endorse this idea. Will start with my next scene. And I share the same hopes, @Jagen Sedai !
  7. Not a problem at all @Cass !!!
  8. @Jagen Sedai I have all of them on my phone. Forgot about the search feature! The relevant quotes are above.
  9. LoC chapter 7:" There were reports of strange occurrences in Illian and Cairhien—there might have been others, but those were the ones they saw—villages taken by madness, nightmares walking in daylight, two-headed calves that talked, Shadowspawn appearing out of thin air." LoC chapter 12: "Most of the muted talk seemed to be about the weather. That and tales from elsewhere about strange happenings, two-headed calves talking and men smothered by swarms of flies, all the children in a village disappearing in the middle of the night and people struck dead by something unseen in broad daylight." I think there was another mention in the next book, but it's generally the same thing that was said above.
  10. Yes, this sounds fantastic. I've been thinking about what group I want my 3rd character to be a part of. I was thinking SC or CotS... It'll be a minute before I do so (waiting to raise Merdyn and Viviane to the 2nd pin and shawl before I add a 3rd to my character portfolio.) This is a great idea, though. I'd love to be apart of it. If not, I can't wait for my Channelers to be able to square off against your army
  11. @Jagen Sedai and @Cass there were one or two throwaway lines about talking/two-headed animals. I can scour the books if you want, I know it was mentioned sometime after book 3... It got brought up 2 or 3 times, IIRC. Usually, it was a main character (I wanna say Nyneave or Elayne was one of them) remarking on the 'common folk' talking about nonsensical rumors.
  12. @The Don have you resurrected your CoS character? I'd love to do a CoS character, but Merd and Viv keep me very, very busy... Once they have attained the second pin and the shawl... Maybe... I digress. It would be amazing to get a CoS character in on the action. I also had an idea of a 'phantom dragon reborn' attacking everyone, bubble of evil to be sure. If not now, it might be a fun scene to pursue in the future, especially for us BTers... What better way to sow confusion and Discord amongst the forces of the Light?
  13. LoC chapter 14, dreams and nightmares @Cass
  14. I'm with my fellow BTers. I've always wanted to take part in some books prompts, even if they're broadly defined or super insignificant. Night at the BT sounds fun. Especially if it happened when everyone was asleep. There were 2 Trollocs in one of our scenes and then a minor bubble of evil in another (a single overgrown weevil), so I wouldn't mind if we used either one of those. It would create a nice scene of panic if everyone was roused in the middle of the night because of something big and scary happening (like in Salidar... Forgot what exactly happened... I just remember the Aes Sedai thought the Forsaken were attacking, but they weren't. So they linked and searched Salidar for the threat in the middle of the night.) Perhaps Merdyn's soup kitchen explodes in the middle of the night and hundreds of overgrown weevils errupt from the smoking wreckage? So not only do the BTers have to deal with that, but most of their food stores are then destroyed. Just an idea. Especially considering Merdyn and Ful have a scene atm where they're buying foodstuffs, so that would just suck for everyone. I know I'd be upset if everything I bought was now engulfed in flames. Other than that, I'm down for anything. I also loved the mention of talking and two-headed farm animals in the books, so if we don't do something as dramatic as an explosion, talking animals would be a fun one too. Especially if they were rude and foul-mouthed lol. But that would just end up being more of a comedic scene, I think. We need more of a threat to keep our characters on edge (other than the last battle) so I would prefer a more violent or frightening scene.
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