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  1. Valeri Sedai, Mistress of Novices, came to a stop in front of Viviane’s table. She wore her shawl and looked the very picture of the quintessential Aes Sedai. Her face was blank as stone and her eyes barely seemed to touch Viviane. All voices in the room quieted and every pair of eyes fixed themselves on the Mistress of Novices. In a loud, commanding voice, Valeri announced to the young, red-headed girl, “Viviane Accylon. You are summoned to be tested for the shawl of an Aes Sedai. The Light keep you whole and see you safe.” Viviane had heard similar words before when she was tested for the ring. The breath caught in her throat, but she knew better than to say anything. The young Accepted gave a curtsy to the Mistress of Novices before being lead out of the Dining Hall. Every eye followed her out the door and as soon as the pair had passed over the threshold, the Dining Hall broke into a flurry of hushed whispers. The entire Tower would know of Viviane’s test before she had even begun it… Although it seemed the test had already started. On they went through the Tower; servants, Novices, and Accepted all darting out of the way as the two-woman procession crossed their paths. Aes Sedai could be seen going about their day, some giving Viviane a knowing look. She kept her eyes forward, focused directly on Valeri Sedai’s back, refusing to acknowledge anyone. This was her night and she was determined to see everything go smoothly. Light! It has finally happened! Mother will just be beside herself when she hears! Oh, I wonder what it will be? The Arches again I should think… But what now? More dream dimensions? What will the hundred weaves do? Viviane thought to herself, her mind a twitter with all the possibilities. Much as before, Viviane found herself in the bowels of the Tower, standing before that familiar double door; tall as a fortress and twice as wide. Valeri Sedai channeled the doors open and wasted no time in entering the silent chamber. Stand-lamps laid along the circumference of the room, the bone-white walls magnifying the lamps’ blazing fires. It was almost blinding. Viviane followed the Mistress of Novices obediently into the Chamber. The strange ringed Ter’angreal sat before them, glittering in various colors of the rainbow. Valeri intoned the single word, “Attend,” and seven Aes Sedai, one from each Ajah, came to stand in a ring around Viviane and the Mistress of Novices. Each one was wearing their shawl. Viviane couldn’t help but notice that Jagen Sedai had come for the Reds and Lillian Sedai had come for the Whites. A chill ran down Viviane’s back, but she did not let it show. Calmness flowed out from every pore of her body. In that same commanding voice, Valeri called out, “You come in ignorance, Viviane Accylon. How would you depart?” Viviane answered in a firm tone, “In knowledge of myself.” “For what reason have you been summoned here?” “To be tried.” “For what reason should you be tried?” “So that I may learn whether I am worthy.” “For what would you be found worthy?” “To wear the shawl,” Viviane answered. Viviane immediately began to remove her Accepted’s dress, stockings, shoes, everything, until she was as naked as her nameday. This was the part she had hated, but it was only Sisters here; no peeping eye would be allowed down here and if they were found, they would be dealt with severely. No. Viviane had nothing at all to worry about. Going on as Viviane disrobed, Valeri intoned, “Therefore I will instruct you. You will see this sign upon the ground.” The Mistress of Novices channeled and used a finger to draw a six-pointed star in the air before Viviane. ~ [[OOC: @Jagen Sedai feel free to jump in anytime you like.]]
  2. Jagen sniffed at his last question, but affirmed what he has assumed about some of those ‘Damane’ and ‘Suldam.’ The White Tower had begun to lose numbers to these foreigners and that was not good for anyone. It was no secret the Tower had seen fewer and fewer recruits over the course of the last few generations, but to lose what they already had? The lost could very well cripple the forces of the Light; especially if these Seanchan turned out to be agents of the Shadow. “I have heard of Elmora, but unfortunately my travels have yet to take me there. I am sure it is lovely, aside from those that would collar Channelers,” Merdyn said as he filed the information away in his brain. The M’Hael would expect a full report before it came time to retire for the night. He went on, “I agree on that fact, Jagen Sedai; the Ageless face is not common amongst the Seanchan… We had reports of a few female captives with the typical Aes Sedai look, but no one could be sure without getting close enough…” Merdyn would have to send for any information the Black Tower had on the previous run-ins with the Seanchan. Jagen sat her cup down and Merdyn refilled it as she went on. The Red Sister offered him a spot of lunch and then went on to insist his full obedience while investigating the matter at hand. The M’Hael wouldn’t like it, but if he sent Merdyn on this mission then that meant he trusted Merdyn. With a nod of his head, “I have not yet had my midday meal, Jagen Sedai, and I accept your kind offer. It would be an honor to dine here with you,” Merdyn said as he finished pouring for the Red Sister. Going on in a polite tone, Merdyn agreed to her terms, “You have my word on that matter and if there is anything I can do to reassure you on that, please let me know; anything save for the Warder bond, there is another that has laid claims on me although the bond has not yet been placed… If it pleases you, I can send word to the Black Tower and have a small force begin to make their way into Elmora, incognito of course… Although I may be getting ahead of myself on that front.” Merdyn finished pouring his own tea and smiled widely at the Red Sister seated across from him. The day was turning out marvelously so far. ~ [[OOC: it has not been RPed out, just something I came up with on the fly. I am obviously down to RP that with you though :D]]
  3. [[attn: @Chaelca!!!] Viviane pushed the potato hash around on her plate with an air of dejection. Oh, she maintained the serenity expected of an Accepted, especially one that had spent ten years wearing the banded dress; but that didn’t mean she couldn’t explore her emotions privately. It was lucky for her that none of the Sisters could hear her thoughts, otherwise, she might be treated like a Novice again… Five, that was how many girls had been tested for the Shawl in the past three months, and all five of them had been raised to the Accepted after Viviane and had obviously spent less time wearing the banded dress. It was unfair, to say the least. Viviane was leaps and bounds ahead of those girls in terms of her studies and her mastery over her own abilities. Why she had personally helped all five of those girls with their work before earning the ring! What were these Sisters thinking!? Viviane had grown used to the idea of never attaining the Shawl. She knew the Hundred Weaves, practiced them every single day… There was no question at all that she could pass whatever test the Aes Sedai had cooked up, but still, she was made to wait. Perhaps the Sisters thought that Viviane had done such a good job at mentoring Novices that they would keep her in this bloody white and banded dress forever! A punishment for her family and their ‘minor transgressions’ against the Tower from generations ago… Viviane let out a sigh despite herself. She knew none of that was true. Why she had never even heard any of the Sisters bring up her family’s history more than once or twice and that was always as an afterthought. It was clear that the Accylon women had made it a bigger deal than it was. Most of the Sisters didn’t even recall the incident. Even Viv forgot it most of the time… Twenty years in the Tower had done much to reconfigure her brain, at least that’s how the Browns put it. Finally giving up on the plate, Viv admitted to herself that she had little appetite for dinner tonight. She may very well regret that later, but she still had a few chores to do before it was bedtime. If she was really that hungry, she’d bribe one of the servants for a day old crusty roll or a bit of cheese; and then pray that they did not rat her out later. Viviane dutifully cleaned up her meal, rising from the benches, when her eyes finally left the table and fell upon a woman entering the dining area. Her breath caught in her throat, the tray almost crashing to the ground. It was the Mistress of Novices and she was wearing her Shawl… Oh, Light! Can it be…!? Viviane thought flustered as she schooled her face to remain the perfect picture of serenity. The Mistress of Novices was indeed moving in Viviane’s direction, all eyes in the room turned to stare openly at the woman. Viviane’s right hand shook slightly before she caught the twitch.
  4. All reqs now complete! @Chaelca I just sent you the accepted quiz! :D :D :D :D
  5. Edited the main post. Lih and I did another 'aes sedai rp' scene since my Grey lady scene is now inactive. I have heard that we can combine post counts from different scenes to count towards a req in this situation? Is that correct? If so, I'll be sending the accepted quiz to you asap, @Chaelca :D
  6. Lillian Sedai left Viviane with much to think on. As soon as the Aes Sedai was out of sight, Viviane’s face crumpled for a moment. She scrubbed the back of her hand over her face, acting as if she had an itch. Upon lowering the hand, her face had regained that mock Aes Sedai clam. With an effort, she slowly left the Gardens, walking with a certain grace that would certainly not suggest to the others that she was upset. What does the woman expect me to do!? Next, she will tell me that I am to scrub chamber pots like a common servant! Pffaw… The nerve of that… Viviane thought to herself with rage. The whole scene replayed back in her mind as she walked back to her quarters. Lillian wasn’t like most of the other Aes Sedai. She was caring and tender, in her own way… Despite the anger, Viviane had no other option than to trust in the Aes Sedai. What else could she do? Anything less than following instructions would result in further punishment, and perhaps even see her kicked out of the Tower! That could not be allowed to happen at all. With a stiff upper lip, Viviane promised herself that she would do anything and everything that Lillian Sedai asked of her, even if it slowly killed her inside. The plain wooden door to her room slowly creaked open and Viviane walked through the doorway. It shut behind her and all the emotions she had been holding back suddenly came to the forefront of her mind. Viviane ran to her bed and punched one of the flat pillows, all the while crying silently to herself. The forced abstinence sounded like the worst possible kind of torture, yet again, what were her alternatives? Viviane would preserver. Even if it killed her.
  7. Taking her blade, she got to her feet as she added. "Your other classes involving Saidar are canceled and other tasks shall replace them. And when we renew your training, you will not resume your private self-improvement sessions." Pausing for effect, Lillian's countenance softened. "If you wish to study beyond the curriculum, you may come and find me so I can at least supervise you. If you burn out, you not only harm yourself but put others at risk. When someone burns out they also lose control and anything can happen". "Think about that during the week, and on my offer. I'll see you at dinner tonight". At that, Lillian left Vivian's company. There was still plenty to do before the day was done and it gave Vivian time to gather herself. Lillian was her teacher, not her mother, and she doubted that Vivian would appreciate her acting like one.
  8. Viviane’s eyes goggled at Lillian Sedai’s words. Ten days!? She thought to herself incredulously. There was nothing for it, however; Accepted were expected to follow anything the Sisters had commanded of them, no questions asked. It was hard not to burst out with a cry or a shout, but Viviane was Accepted and almost a woman in the eyes of the Tower. She would not act like a Novice; especially when there were other members of the Tower wandering the Garden. It would be the talk of the Tower if she let her emotions get the best of her. Practicing the flower bud meditation, Viviane breathed in and out. Within moments she felt the calm descend upon her and let the frustration, anger, and outrage melt away from her mind. She nodded, blush rising in her cheeks, “Yes, Aes Sedai.”
  9. "Sometimes one should know when to be patient and, when necessary, know when to take a step back so they may take two steps forward." Lillian doubted that the girl would know where this was about to go, but it was for her own good. "For the next ten days, you are forbidden to embrace the source." The look on Vivian's face betrayed surprise and more, but Lillian simply forged on. "If you embrace it for even a moment, I will find out and your time shall begin anew. Once it is done, we shall re-examine your earth weaving and you shall have the fresh eyes necessary to do so, eyes unclouded of frustration."
  10. Lillian surprised Viviane, the Source flooding entirely from her grasp. She let out a gasp of shock at both the Sister’s appearance and the lose of Saidar. Lillian Sedai had always been gentle and kind towards Viviane, it was a refreshing change from some of the Sisters that held their nose too high in the air. Viviane knew her place, but all of these women had been in her position before; it would have been a nice change of pace if some of them had remembered that fact from time to time… The Aes Sedai offered words of wisdom as to where Viviane may have been misstepping; that was not to mention the fact that Lillian Sedai clearly knew that she had been practicing much more than she should have while unsupervised. Accepted were allowed to do so, but sometimes Viviane pushed it. “I didn’t know that was possible, Lillian Sedai, honest,” Viviane replied meekly, “I’ve always been weak in Earth and in Fire… I had thought that if I just kept practicing at them both, I would grow into those elements; but it seems like my efforts have only made things harder. Oh, how I wish for and crave the shall! It’s frightening to think that I may fail my test, should I ever be summoned, if I don’t get a grip on my command of all five elements… What if I am summoned and I still can’t even make a flower blossom or light a candle? I must get better at this!” Viviane’s eyes glowed with fierce determination as she looked back to the kindly face of Lillian Sedai.
  11. The rising upset in Vivian was plain for Lillian to both see and hear. It was not some foreign concept or feeling for her, she herself had once been in Vivian's position. Decades may have dulled her memory, but she could still recall her frustration with the earth element. Her own mentor had shown nothing but disappointment at her failure, she would not treat her own student so. Especially when the problem lay not in weakness nor laziness. "It isn't what you would think.” Smiling reassuringly as she shuffled closer to Vivian, Lillian took the girl's nearest hand in her own and squeezed it gently. "It isn't because you aren't trying hard enough, in fact, it is because you are trying too hard.” That had Vivian's attention, and now Lillian would make use of it. "You've over-practiced enough that you've ingrained your water use subconsciously as a crutch. That is one of the dangers of pushing yourself too quickly.” A hint at Vivian’s… extra activities.
  12. [OOC: The following scene was done through PM with Lih (Lillian Sedai) and myself (Viviane.)] ~ It was a lovely day in the gardens; that much was true. The delicate blossoms and rich green leaves danced in the gentle breeze that had picked up from the north, Viviane’s hair followed suit and started to get in the way of her vision. She gave an exasperated sigh, stopped the weave she was performing, and pulled the red locks away from her face, making a quick and sloppy braid to avoid the same thing happening again in a few moments. Starting up again, Viviane let the Source flow into her and drew upon threads of Earth and Water. The later came easily enough, it always did, but only a small trickle of Earth came to her… Same as the last twenty attempts… This particular weave was a family secret used at the shop for generations beyond count. One of Rowan’s ancestors, who had trained in the Tower, discovered this little ‘Novice Trick.’ The weave in question was normally used on fabrics… Rowan decided to break from tradition and try it on some plants. A large flax plant sat before her and she tried in vain to settle the weave upon the plant in an effort to improve its natural make-up. If Viviane’s theory was correct, the trick would work much more efficiently on the actual plant instead of the dead fibers that made up the fabric. Improving the plant would greatly expand its yield and quality… If only she could make the bloody thing work! The weave collapsed upon itself with little fanfare and Viviane hung her head in defeat.
  13. Hi Arath! Name is Odd :D I'm one of the newer BT members. Got an Asha'man by the name of Merdyn. Can't wait to have a scene with you <3 welcome back!
  14. This Red Sister was coming off more like a Brown, at least from what Merdyn had heard of the other Ajahs. She seemed to lapse into deep thought every so often; Merdyn didn’t think what he was saying was that interesting. What could be on her mind? Was it the Sean Chan? “As you are no doubt aware, Jagen Sedai, my brothers have been heavily recruiting ever since the inception of the Black Tower. We have been combing every corner of the continent in search of other men that may possess the ability to Channel. We have not been ignorant to the Sean Chan; we are aware that they have taken hold of Tarabon and have tried to ignore recruiting there the best we can… But more and more men are coming to us from Tanchico and so we can no longer turn an eye from the area,” Merdyn said between sips of his tea. Setting the fine cup upon the table, Merdyn leaned his elbows upon his knees and moved forward in his seat, looking Jagen Sedai directly in the eyes, “We sent a very small group, no more than five men, into the city. They were in residence over the course of the last month; getting word out on the street that the Black Tower was in town… All of this passed through back channels and the ‘underground,’ as I’m sure you assumed… We had great success in the endeavor, but after 50 men left the city for flimsy reasons… Well, the Sean Chan started to grow suspicious.” Leaning back once more, Merdyn’s expression grew dark, “No one is exactly sure how they found out when and where our Recruiters were performing this operation, but the point is that they did find out. About a week back, 10 Sean Chan soldiers, all male, slipped into one of the recruitment meetings… They wanted proof, I guess… Word is that after one of my brothers started the ‘flame’ test, the 10 soldiers revealed themselves and a bloodbath ensued. It should have been easy for them to escape, but after slaying the soldiers, my Brothers came out of the inn to find a plethora of Damane and Suldam just waiting for them… Oh, we took out a few of them, but in the end, their superior numbers won out…” Merdyn was silent for a moment, internally asking the Creator to bless the souls of the fallen brothers of the Black Tower. He sighed and went on, “I do not doubt that the Sean Chan will come after us as they will no doubt come after the White Tower, provided they are not dealt with sooner… So it seems to me and the M’Hael that our two Towers now share a second common enemy. Tell me, Jagen Sedai, have any of your Sisters been collared by these foreigners?” It was not war that Merdyn was trying to instigate, although the sooner these bloody bigots were dealt with the better. Perhaps if they could find a way to weaken the Sean Chan numbers, sabotage them, free their captives… Something had to be done. The Lord Dragon had yet to turn his attention on them; that fact burned at Merdyn’s insides. A powerful force that hated any and all Channelers, believing them to be lower than dirt… They were efficient and could very well dominate this continent if left unchecked. Merdyn did not come this far, did not find his true love in life, to have it all taken away by some hateful foreigners. He would die before that happened.
  15. Viv can be raised? @Chaelca? My second scene didn't meet the post reqs, but I think I hit the word count. I'm obviously okay with that lol so long as you lot are. @Jagen Sedai she would be 29-30 when raised in retro. I'll have to do some math later to see what her age is in the main timeline. And sorry for my absence last week, work was a bit much. I'll get a post up for Merdyn later today.
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