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  1. “Hey, no promises, but I will try to do my best,” Aiden said jovially. Nox was well aware of Aiden’s block and the ‘fairy fire.’ There would be no channeling of Fire unless absolutely necessary, but if those little blobs of Fire decided to manifest overhead, well Aiden couldn’t control that. Not yet, anyway. Nox gave him a playful shove with his shoulders, returning the grin. This was nice. This was very nice. Despite the pretense, a morning stroll with an attractive man was just the thing Aiden needed. It made him feel normal. No Channeling, no Atharim, no fans, no
  2. Merdyn carried on eating his mutton stew as Eb reappeared, unceremoniously. She nodded to them and set her own bowl down in front of her. Merdyn felt a pang of guilt, realizing that he didn’t ask the serving girl to bring one for Eb. Then again, she was very adamant about her lack of hunger. He let the guilt pass and continued working his way through the bowl, now eating at a much more normal pace. The woman’s stomach made a loud, unflattering noise. “Apologies,” Eb said with a grimace. Merdyn’s spoon was halfway to his mouth, but at thos
  3. Merdyn felt the curious stares from the rest of the patrons, no doubt wondering what two black coated gentlemen did to cause Eb to run off to the bathroom like that. Were this a few months ago, he probably would have been less than alright with the presumptions. He might have even tried to stifle it by getting the rest of the patrons drunk. That wasn’t Merdyn anymore, not since he and Nox had gotten more serious with their affections. It was better this way. Lucky for them it was easy to tune out such things when the Void came easily. “I am getting hungry again,” Me
  4. Nox was full of useful information. Aiden had never scene the Power being used – when it was supposed to be - in any of the videos he’d seen on the net, but that didn’t mean anything. He had read conflicting information from second-hand sources. Better to get it from the horse’s mouth and Aiden was still a foal in many ways. “Well, that’s a blessing I’m sure,” Aiden said with a shrug. He dove back into his breakfast, gobbling down the last few morsels. He caught more than a few stolen glances and suggestive grins from Nox. It was funny how quickly things had shifted
  5. Merdyn nodded at Nox’s words. Of course, he was right about the matter. It was a bit of a relief. Merdyn had no interest in helping Eb work through her issues – had she been more polite he would have felt the opposite. As it stood, the day couldn’t end soon enough. One would think that he’d have been softened to such things because of Nox. To a point, perhaps, but he didn’t love Eb; he loved Nox. “The Dark One himself could not tear me away from you, love,” Merdyn said to his Warder in the warmest tone he could muster, “Don’t you forget that.”
  6. “I don’t really know what to think about the Atharim anymore. The Ascendancy himself was a member? And you and Li Tan? I can only assume there are many more Channelers that left the cult. They must not be able to detect us then? I mean, other than your stereotypical espionage. They don’t, like, have a machine that tells you if someone has the gift, right?” Aiden asked in an honest tone. The fact that Aiden did not know about the Atharim until recently really made him feel stupid. How did this shadowy organization escape notice for so long when it seemed that so many
  7. Ful guided Viviane through the front gates and onto the main property. An unfinished tower stood just beyond, gleaming black in the early morning sun. Copper tiles and stone blocks made up the various homes and shops that surrounded the Black Tower. It was all very severe and so quintessentially masculine. They had indeed made great progress in the short amount of time that they had come together as an organization. Commonfolk and initiates alike went about their daily tasks, not a few offering a polite bow or nod of the head to Ful and herself. Viviane twitched her red fringed shawl with ever
  8. Eb shot up from the table and scurried off through the tea house towards the back. It had been clear to Merdyn that she was not listening to a damn word that he had said. Really, who was in charge of selecting these people? There had to have been someone better, more qualified to deal with matters concerning the Alliance. Why did the leader of the Band find this woman acceptable to discuss- Then it hit Merdyn. She was having a mental attack of sorts. As if on queue, Nox asked if he looked the same way when he suffered his own spells. Merdyn felt horrendous over the
  9. A well-dressed, young man came striding out of the gates after speaking quickly to one of the guards. Apprehension painted his face, although it was clear that he was doing his best to hide it. Viviane assumed this to be Ful, the Dedicated assigned to lead her through the tour of the forboding facilities. Showing such emotion, Viviane thought wryly, these men really do need our help. They could learn much from the way we do things. An Accepted would never let a guest see them sweat. Viviane gave a slight bow of her head to the young man,
  10. “Earth is no problem for me, although I am a touch better with Fire,” Merdyn said jovially. Eb was clearly on edge. It was a wonder she was not loudly grinding her jaw or some other unattractive nervous habit. She didn’t even order any tea. Honestly, they did not have to come here if she was just going to watch them. He thought they had said as much when discussing the possibility of breakfast… But they were here already and there was little left for it. Merdyn had ordered a pot of Tremalking Black with a dish of honey. The serving girl didn’t take long. She was bac
  11. For all her claimed ‘worldliness,’ Viviane had never visited the Black Tower. Not until today. The large black stoned wall loomed before her, it’s heavy doors surprisingly open. Men in black coats sat watch, to be sure, but it was still a shock to see. The openness implied freedom and welcome. The White Tower had made peace with this group, but that did not mean there were not hushed whispers in the hallowed halls of the Tower; whispers about the madmen of the Black Tower and their tainted Saidin. Codswallop is
  12. Aiden spluttered at the casual revelation about Li Tan. “You’re kidding right? Dear God, they really do have their tendrils hooked into every aspect of society, don’t they?” A shiver ran down his spine as he spoke. Who else belonged to the cult? This was so much worse than Scientology. At least those freaks just tried to sue you and ruin your public life, not like the Atharim whose sole mission in the world was to enact Genocide on every human that dared touch the magic of creation. Nox was ex-Atharim and so was Li Tan. How many more had
  13. Splitting the flows… another skill Aiden needed to work on. Oh, he had no problem splitting it two ways, but it wasn’t easy and he had yet to achieve three ways. Nox insisted things would be easier so long as Aiden constantly practiced. So far, Nox was right. It was just annoying that Aiden had yet to master everything. He had never ever found a skill in life that he could not just pick up and perfect within a week. Channeling was different. True, Aiden could learn a Weave after witnessing it once, but that was as far as it went. Nox made
  14. Aiden did nothing to hide his shock. It was not that he didn’t think that Nox could cook… It was just that… Well… It was exactly that. Considering how Nox lived day to day, Aiden had always assumed that he was a ramen kind of guy. Not that there was anything wrong with that. In an age where magic and the internet is at one’s palm, well, it’s no surprise that certain skills fall into disuse. Aiden knew more people that could not cook than could. The fact that Nox could at least operate a skillet only enhanced his image in Aiden’s mind. What other skills did he have h
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