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  1. Hi Grachus. I'm 2/3 of the way through the Great Hunt. I've given it a rest for a few weeks, but need to get back in to it. It's a bit of a toil at times. What he says in 30 pages, I'm sure he could say in 10. There is lots to like about the second book. Looking forward to the third book.
  2. Hi Grachus. Just bagged a further 35 pages of the Great Hunt. There's not much action in it so far, but it trots along nicely. Starting to really enjoy it, but the first couple of hundred pages were soo slooooow... I need to average one book every 10 days to finish on time.
  3. Hi, I'm new to the Wheel of Time. I've wanted to read the series for a few years, so in January I set myself the challenge to read it all by the end of the year. Easy! However, I lost momentum early on, and as it happens I'm just over half way book 2, when I should be on book 9. I've picked up the pace, but I worked out that I need to read about 80 pages per day to succeed. Not too confident now, but I shall persevere! Anyway, I'm just glad to be here 🙂
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