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  1. I still have this feeling that "Laila" is a huge pump fake. She's either an Aes Sedai (an Aybarra relative in the Tower could give Perrin a different motivation for leaving) or she's really someone else. I can't imagine starting the show with fridging Perrin's wife/sister. It's unnecessary.
  2. You're absolutely right. I was referring primarily to the Emond's Field folk, but I definitely should not have omitted Sophie. She's very accomplished.
  3. Honestly, I put very little stock in the 'look' of the actor. Given what can be done with makeup, costumes, etc. a look can change dramatically. Rosamund Pike (Moiraine) and Daniel Henney (Lan) are both established actors with excellent work to their credit. Alvaro Morte (Logain) is wildly popular in Spain and, judging by what I've seen, is also a very good actor. The rest are mostly unknowns with two or three leading roles in small films to their credit. I've watched clips of all of them and all seem very capable. I'm excited to finally see them on screen. Can't belie
  4. I get the feeling that there's really not much more cast to disclose. Who are we missing still? (I'll be more shocked if the Trakands are in Season One than if they aren't).
  5. Judging by this tweet from the official account, I doubt that we will get anything today. In fact, I doubt we will get anything prior to the release of the "official series teaser trailer", which I'm guessing will be out before the end of this month. The information Nae'blis shared on his channel was that foreign voice actors are doing voiceover work on 4/22. That would coincide with a late April / early May trailer release time frame. There were 5 weeks of filming remaining when filming in Czechia paused in November. Assuming they began in early April, that would mean they would
  6. Jordan's world is a very large place. And we must remember that Rand does stand out among the people of the Two Rivers. The choices smack of care about the source material far more than politics to me (not that political considerations weren't involved - they are involved with seemingly everything these days). It seems that the Two Rivers will be inhabited (mostly) by folks with browner complexions, dark hair and dark eyes. Rand's light skin and fairer features will stand out, as it's meant to. From the limited material available out there, they seem to have chosen excellent actors
  7. Thanks! I'm certain LTT and Ishamael will be in the show. I still think it could be that they don't show up until a later season though. I feel like Rafe gives very "Aes Sedai" answers at times...
  8. It can be done. But it's a high degree of difficulty. I'm guessing they'll just be Darkfriends who lure Mat and Rand into peril.
  9. Perrin's arc is messy at the end, no doubt. The dream spikes feel like a Sanderson invention to me (though I definitely could be wrong) and, for me, they killed Perrin's growth. The end of the story for Perrin felt very much like a fetch quest in a video game.
  10. Geography in tv shows tends not to matter much, lol. And given where we will likely meet the Grinwells (probably somewhere between episodes 3 and 5), the audience will think of them as living fairly close to Emond's Field just because of how early in the series we met them (if that makes sense). My concern about this is how they can write this without drastically underpowering whichever Forsaken they turn out to be. This early in the story, it's hard to believe that Ishy (assuming he is free and able to touch the world) wouldn't just kill Rand. If there's some deeper manipulation going
  11. Either that, or they will be the among the folks that start trickling into the Emond's Field when the Trollocs and Whitecloaks start to pressure the Two Rivers.
  12. I would guess that the series will try to veer away from being "Rand-centric", especially early on. Both because they want to avoid obvious tropes and because they want to highlight their ensemble cast.
  13. Since Logain's story line is completely distinct from the rest of the main characters in the show, it makes him a major character by default. We will be following his story. The question is where does his story begin? I get what you're saying here. But Logain's major defining feature at the beginning of the story is that he is a false Dragon. Now they may get rid of the "false" part. I think it would be good tv storytelling to have the audience (most of whom are unfamiliar with the books) begin by believing that Logain is the Dragon. So I think we will see Logain claim th
  14. I'm very confused about what book you read. Isn't that the end of the LOTR movies?
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