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  1. I don’t think too many actors are actually busy now. Stupid COVID
  2. Not at all. I picture Verin as very dowdy and matronly. Someone who isn't particularly remarkable looking. Tilda is kind of the opposite of that. She's a little odd looking - almost otherworldly. And there's nothing matronly about her. I'm not familiar enough with Florence Kasumba's work - outside of the Marvel context to know whether she would be a good choice for Semirhage. She certainly matches the physical description though.
  3. I don't think they will drop it. I imagine it being some sort of Instagram filter type of visual cue that won't be hard to apply, but won't really change the actor's face all that much.
  4. I think the comment was that Tilda Swinton should play Semirhage. That would be a home run. She can certainly portray that sadism.
  5. Right on. Cadsuane is in your face, brutal and honest. Sort of the opposite of Umbridge. Kathy Bates has the right vibe. If I’m dreaming way too big, Meryl Streep.
  6. I love Kathy Bates, but I do think she might be a little old for the role. If you haven’t seen Margo Martindale’s work, check her out in “Sneaky Pete” or “Justified”.
  7. If I’m dreamcasting, I want Margo Martindale for Verin.
  8. I think it unlikely that they will skip Baerlon. And I think it likely that Shadar Logoth will take place in episode 3. I believe only Morgase and Elaida will be in season 1, with Min, Elayne and any of the other Trakands being introduced in season 2.
  9. 1000% this. Writing, acting and production will determine whether the show is good or not - not whether there's graphic sex and gore. Like you, I have kids - a little older - and like you, I have no problem with them reading it (though my youngest fell hard into the Cosmere and WoT is way at the end of his reading list now). I would love for them to be able to watch it with me. I don't know if you've ever watched The Last Kingdom. I feel like it is a show my older teen boys could watch, and deals with similar levels of violence and sex as WoT. That's sort of the vibe I hope they go for on this show.
  10. That might open the show. I still think we will have a pre-credit opening with Gitara. I'll bet you a shiny, new quarter.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, Rafe has already said that they won't be starting with the Prologue. I bet that it will be some combination of the end of the Aiel War, Rand's birth, and Gitara's foretelling to open the show.
  12. I think this is spot on. My big hope is that they consciously avoid the gratuitous and focus on the story. As written, the book is closer to TV-14 than to TV-MA.
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