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  1. And as Rand's sanity starts to fray, he also begins to believe he has some insight into who is and isn't a darkfriend.
  2. There’s no proof this is going to happen. We know there is a Tar Valon set. But it is not confirmed that any of the EF5 will go there. And definitely not confirmed that Rand will go there. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Rand DOES go to Tar Valon in EotW - albeit in a dream. So we shouldn’t just assume that any appearance in TV will be a giant deviation. As for the symbolism, I can cope if the city isn’t shaped like a giant vagina.
  3. There's no question that WoT's worldbuilding is a unique strength that sets the series apart!! But that worldbuilding can't sustain multiple seasons of a tv show unless that show's characters are compelling. The task for the writers is to build good characters first and then fill the world around them. This process doesn't have to detract from RJ's worldbuilding (though it is no doubt a danger) and can - if done properly - highlight the worldbuilding. Whatever happens, character development has to come first and the things that detract from telling a good story about the characters should properly be discarded.
  4. The "4 locations" was discussed in terms of a hypothetical, so I wouldn't put too much stock in that being the actual number of "big sets" being 4. But we do know about a few "big sets": Emond's Field Shadar Logoth The unnamed village built in the quarry Fal Dara An unnamed location (Ghealdan) used for Logain filming It is also most definitely the case that smaller locations - especially interiors - are easily done in the studio. And we will certainly be getting digital additions.
  5. At a minimum, I'm guessing they've been combined just for purposes of pacing.
  6. I think the question that you have to ask is what combination of events, timing, and location are necessary to maintain Jordan's vision. So to go down your list: 1. Baerlon What's important here is the events, but not so much the timing or location. Both of these events can be moved to another time and/or location without sacrificing much, if anything, of Jordan's vision. 2. Four Kings Again, the events are important - especially Rand's channeling. From a timing standpoint, that needs to happen when Moiraine isn't around, but otherwise these events can be moved geographically without sacrificing much. I'm guessing the events of Four Kings will be changed to incorporate Thom's introduction. But the meat of what's important will probably be kept in some form or fasion. 3. Whitebridge Thom's "sacrifice" at Whitebridge is not that important and the Bridge is unnecessary - we will get plenty of awe and wonder and mystery. Easy cut. 4. Camelyn Lots of important stuff happens in Camelyn. But for simplicity's sake, you can break it down to three important things: meeting Loial, meeting Elaida and the Trakands, and the moment when Rand sees Logain. Loial (and the Queen's Blessing) can easily be moved to somewhere Camelyn adjacent. The Rand/Logain moment can likewise be moved to anywhere. And the Trakands are best saved for season 2 for lots of different reasons. It's really not like omitting Bree from LotR at all - the hobbits sought out Bree because that's where Gandalf told them to go (and where he sent Aragorn). Camelyn is never an intended destination for the EF5. Eh... I think we risk getting bogged down in the lore here. They don't need Someshta to link the Eye to the AoL. Indeed, cutting him makes sense for the same reasons cutting Bombadil made sense in LotR. It would require a ton of effort and energy to bring to the screen, but there's never any real payoff and we won't have sufficient time with Someshta on screen to care much about his death. That's not to say that Rafe should abandon some of RJ's subtle foreshadowing or ignore the lore completely. It's just to say that none of these cuts will really do anything to damage the spine or heart of the story.
  7. I think 6 is the bare minimum and you'd hope for 8 or 9. It would help if some seasons were 10 or 12 episodes long instead of 8. And it will also help if they keep the runtime close to an hour per episode.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised to see a mash up of sizzle reel content from each one of the Prime shows that are part of the panel. So yeah ... glimpses of some creatures, a sense of the tone, maybe a quick battle sequence ... stuff like that seems likely. I'm feeling like late-September, early-October feels more likely than November/December. For one, the release of the new tv tie-in book covers was recently moved up. And it's always seemed like the suspenseful tone of EotW fits with a Halloween time frame (to catch folks who are looking for something spooky). It is also worth bearing in mind, that there may be some financial benefit to releasing prior to the start of the 4th Quarter. (I don't know when Amazon's fiscal year starts, but there are often budget considerations involved in what quarter a business does thing). Anything before 10/1 can be charged to Q3, which might very well play into the decision about when to release.
  9. "Hoping to be more 'Shadow and Bone' than 'the Nevers'..." Not setting the bar very high. If WoT isn't clearly superior to S&B I will be disappointed. Not that S&B was horrible, but it doesn't jump out as great t.v. Amazon wants great t.v. from WoT, not S&B.
  10. Gotta hand it to you. I was dead wrong about the ComicCon.
  11. Yes. But also, no. You want people who love the books to love the series, certainly. But they will also want to appeal broadly to a new audience. Also, many people who read the books only read it once and moved on. They will remember the broad strokes, not the intricacies. I totally agree with this. Rafe & Co. don't have to make big alterations, but there is room for changes to be made. My hope is that every change they make to broaden the appeal of the show aligns with an artistic choice to pursue a vision of the story that is more impactful on the screen, rather than to pander to the broadest possible audience. The end of GoT was hot garbage. But WoT has one huge advantage - the novels are finished. There's a huge difference between having GRRM's notes about what's supposed to happen and having a completed story. Hell, it doesn't seem like GRRM knows how to get his characters where he wants them to go. (Though it's very possible, he's decided to re-write the entire ending based on the intensely negative fan reaction...) But that won't be a problem for WoT. WoT's problem will be the pacing leading up to the end. Say everyone starts to tire of the series after ... the Cleansing. How quickly can you get from that point to the Last Battle? But at least the ending won't be entirely unfamiliar and counter to the character development because they still have mileposts they can hit in each character arc. And so I don't think you ever get here. Each character has important moments that the show can build toward from the beginning and those moments will constrain the options. Unlike GoT, there is no point at which the writers will be untethered from the author's original story and so it will be much more difficult for them to lose the threads. There are going to be "invented story-lines" - or at least scenes and dialogue that do not exist in the books. And I think it's those scenes and that dialogue that will make or break the show. What they add (by necessity) has to feel at home with the rest of the story. Fortunately, I think we will know early on. Logain's story will be a good barometer of what the "invented" content is going to look and feel like.
  12. Nor should it be. IMO, the adult themes have to be handled in an authentic way. On the other hand, there's no reason to shoehorn in a bunch of other things. So I hope they don't try to add material just for shock value.
  13. I'm interested to see where this is headed. Yesterday clearly marked the beginning of a new phase in marketing. That's the first truly official thing that we've seen that isn't meant only for fan service. Keep an eye on "The Tomorrow War" tomorrow. (It stars Chris Pratt and is an action, sci fi movie.) Amazon is going to want WoT to appeal to the same people who watch that movie. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a slightly longer teaser attached.
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