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  1. But @Beidomon has been critical of the show in the past for not living up to RJ. To me, it seems like the goal posts keep moving. But maybe I’ve got it wrong.
  2. I still enjoy those books. I thought your criticism of the show was that it didn’t live up to RJ’s vision? Did I get it twisted? Because it’s odd to say that the show is bad because it didn’t live up to what the author envisioned, then turn around and say, “but the author isn’t a good metric.”
  3. What does any of that have to do with Harriet giving advice to the producers of the show?
  4. Be careful about drawing sweeping conclusions from snippets. They aren’t wearing armor in this scene. That doesn’t mean that they never wear it.
  5. What are you saying here? That Books 7-10 were bad? That RJ himself is a poor measuring stick? That Harriet doesn’t have valuable insight to provide? I am legitimately perplexed by this post…
  6. Harriet is listed as an executive producer on the show. What that means or how actively she’s involved is unknown. I highly doubt that they check with her on everything or that she has veto power over any decision making. But she has definitely been consulted. In fact, there’s video of her addressing the cast on RJ’s birthday.
  7. It’s hard to say without seeing it in full context. But I was pretty happy with the Logain clip. Magic is hard to visualize on screen - especially combat magic. Dr. Strange was probably the best one I’ve seen so far, and I get a similar(ish) vibe here, but hard to tell without seeing more. Without a doubt, it’s the most important thing for them to get right. If the magic is bad, the show will falter.
  8. I mean, cause neither of those scenes look as bad as you make them out to be? There’s also a huge difference between creating creatures like dragons and zombies (the Trollocs look fantastic) and showing the use of magic. One is a thing, the other a concept. At the end of the day, you’ve decided that you just don’t like the show and it’s all confirmation bias at this point.
  9. I mean, it is a show about magic. There are limits to how "real" it can look. My kids are into "Arrow" and "Flash" and "the 100" - I know that CW shows look like. I don't see it here. But okay.
  10. Exactly. No one can define what they mean by YA other than to say the shots look "posed". But the shots also lack context to tell exactly how "posed" they are. At least with proof that we're getting decaptitations, we can put the "YA means it won't be bloody enough" concerns to bed.
  11. What a great clip!! Truly great design! These trollocs are terrifying!
  12. At some point, I'm going to do a long post on my guesses for S1. But for now: I don't think we actually see Logain in Episodes 1 or 2. I suspect those two episodes will be almost entirely focused on the core group - the the possible exception of the pre-credits opener. I think we are introduced to Logain in Episode 3. And I think we get nearly an entire episode devoted to him, starting with him declaring himself the Dragon Reborn and ending with him being captured. I think Logain's arc merges with Moraine, Lan and Nynaeve in the aftermath of Shadar Logoth.
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