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  1. Agelessness is hard to make work over several years. And as much as I love the idea that wielders of the power have a weave that protects them from hot/cold temperatures, I do see why they had to cut that out of the tv show also.
  2. So excited for season 1 of The Wheel of Time TV Show. I just had a thought this morning that I'm sure many others have had well before my shower epiphany lol. Am I correct in thinking that there aren't any Forsaken in Season 1 ? I havn't seen any actors cast to play Ishamael, Aginor and Bathemel. If anyone has any different information on this please let me know and also I wonder how the Forsaken will be intertwined in the show. Let me know what you folks think. Thanks!
  3. I believe that the Moraine focus will be on the first episode for the most part. Most probably with scenes from the prequel in order to establish a backstory.
  4. Min trans-gendered ? really. Please no. Don't do that to us Rafe. Any other character other than the main cast.
  5. My thought may have been said already but I read the Moraine focus in the promo materials to be for the purposes of hiding the fact of who the Dragon Reborn is to watchers of the show who haven't read the books yet. This doesn't mean she isn't a huge locus but I think it's important to keep things in perspective.
  6. I think the Moraine as central character will be mostly in the first couple episodes with her viewpoints gradually becoming one of many.
  7. In regards to Nae'blis' original post. Please Rafe don't go down the cure word route. Hearing shit or fuck out of a characters mouth in the WOT would be so utterly stupid. If curse words need to be added beyond the ones mentioned, then let the writers create words rather than use the boring tripe of pushing modern idioms into a fantasy setting. Also, we don't need WOT to look like GOT in regards to sex scenes or nudity. It's shameless catering to the lesser aspects of humanity. Be tasteful in your use but seeing nudity in every other episode etc, seems overkill and not necessary to me. I realize I'm probably in the minority here but that's how I feel.
  8. My question is regarding Luc. Gitara sent him to find his fortune in the Blight and he went willingly. So I'm wondering what people take from this about his personality. Did he willingly merge with Isam or was he forced? I would really like to have had more details in the books about those kind of details. I'm a huge fan of the history of Rand's family and this aspect has always intrigued me. Thanks for any insights anyone may have.
  9. There were plenty of 2nd and 3rd tier characters to kill off, I dont see the need to kill off a major character at all. I only see that desire as a result of G.R.R. Martin's books and his obsessive need to kill off anyone that people began to care about. There was no need in my opinion to follow his example.
  10. If I had my say Id have left the top 7 characters alive at the end of the book, I get that the need to show self-sacrifice and that anyone can die . I blame the whole obsession with the "realism" of major characters being killed at the feet of G.R.R. Martin who made it fashionable to knock off major characters left and right. There were a copious number of 2nd and 3rd tier characters that you can knock off to show "realism" , which in fact Jordan/Sanderson did quite effectively. There was no need to kill off Egwene or any of the other 7 main characters for that matter , excepting Rand of course, but that's another whole can of worms to be discussed elsewhere in the forum. I know many people didn't like Egwene and were glad that she was killed but having Cadsuane as the new Amyrlin !? <shivers< What about the plan of Egwene's to absorb the massive number of potential Aes Sedai into the White Tower ? I can't imagine Cadsuane ever being willing to do such a thing she is just too wedded to how things were handled in the past, she most definitely is NOT a visionary . Also, Egwene had developed into a great leader and would have led the White Tower for conceivably a looong time .Anyway , that's one of the things id have changed in the series. Everyone's thoughts are encouraged and in fact hoped for. Let me know your thoughts on what i've said. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for this reference . I am re-reading TDR now and wondered why Rahvin didn't recognize Mat.
  12. Hi. I am new to Dragonmount and am excited to share ideas, questions and have fun with others who aren't just fans of WOT but FANATICAL ones :) I am unsure if this question has ever been asked before but here it goes. Does anyone else feel like the Seanchan got a cushy deal in the Last Battle ? It seemed to me in reading and re-reading "A Memory of Light" that they were barely involved in the battles and suffered the least number of casualties compared to Egwene et al. There were no POV accounts from Tylie or Karede. I read a couple scenes where their damane were active and a single time where their calvary was involved in helping Egwene's forces escape the Trollocs/Sharans but THAT's it. Next thing we hear is that Mat is pulling them out of battle as a tactic that supposedly helps the battle in some way that I can't see. Meanwhile Egwene, Lan, Elayne , and Rand's forces are beeing butchered !. Does anyone feel the same as me and if so what effects do you think the seemingly insignifigant losses that the Seanchan suffer will affect the world post Last Battle. Thanks for reading this to the end, I tend to ramble sometimes. I look forward to hearing from you.
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