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  1. There were plenty of 2nd and 3rd tier characters to kill off, I dont see the need to kill off a major character at all. I only see that desire as a result of G.R.R. Martin's books and his obsessive need to kill off anyone that people began to care about. There was no need in my opinion to follow his example.
  2. If I had my say Id have left the top 7 characters alive at the end of the book, I get that the need to show self-sacrifice and that anyone can die . I blame the whole obsession with the "realism" of major characters being killed at the feet of G.R.R. Martin who made it fashionable to knock off major characters left and right. There were a copious number of 2nd and 3rd tier characters that you can knock off to show "realism" , which in fact Jordan/Sanderson did quite effectively. There was no need to kill off Egwene or any of the other 7 main characters for that matter , excepting Rand of
  3. Thanks for this reference . I am re-reading TDR now and wondered why Rahvin didn't recognize Mat.
  4. Hi. I am new to Dragonmount and am excited to share ideas, questions and have fun with others who aren't just fans of WOT but FANATICAL ones :) I am unsure if this question has ever been asked before but here it goes. Does anyone else feel like the Seanchan got a cushy deal in the Last Battle ? It seemed to me in reading and re-reading "A Memory of Light" that they were barely involved in the battles and suffered the least number of casualties compared to Egwene et al. There were no POV accounts from Tylie or Karede. I read a couple scenes where their damane were active and a single
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