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  1. That is an interesting juxtaposition, most places would want people to see their arrested criminals as dirty animals. Aes Sedai want to show powerful people are able to be caged by them.
  2. Love Lezbi's videos and I think she might be right on this one. They might use this as the other aspect that makes Rand standout among TR folk rather than his height. Who knows, I await the show with much excitement.
  3. Isn't this exactly what Alsbet Luhhan is said to have done?
  4. Still a useful way to show he learned a different way of channeling compared to the Aes Sedai. At least I hope the note the difference and it isn't left to the audience to assume this is how men channel compared to women.
  5. I have a feeling that will be used as a difference between Men and Women. Easier to use Saidar to catch the arrows and easier for Saidin to just destroy them. Or perhaps it might be used to showcase Logain's strength. But either way it looked excellent in this clip. Also notice that Logain doesn't do much for movement when it comes to channeling. Rafe did say that each actor had their own mannerisms for channeling.
  6. Appears to be unless the edit has been made to misdirect us.
  7. Tweeter of Chaos is just spoiling us now.
  8. What I see with this picture is a group of Aes Sedai and their Warders preparing for an attack. Now due to the fact that the horses are hobbled This group knew this attack was coming and prepared their spot or they were ambushed while camped. Of all the Warders present it seems only Lan and Steppin are watching the incoming arrows, this makes sense as their Aes Sedai are not present. All other Warders feel their Aes Sedai's confidence with the situation so their eyes are focused on the incoming enemies. The Aes Sedai are focused on the arrows as it seems Alanna has linked with at least 2 of the sisters(my presumption from the way the weave splits in front of her). As they know what they can and can't do(there should be a joke in that) they have everyone close together to ensure the arrows come in a grouping making it easier to ensure they are able to snatch them all. And while the arrows are grouped together you can tell some are ahead of the others so they have been fired at different times/distances. To me, I don't understand while this looks "YA" or "CW" but as this thread shows we all have wildly different interpretations of certain scenes.
  9. Interesting that the Wheel of time Twitter has an alternate version of this poster as its banner.
  10. you may be right. I took it to be a Raven's head. But that might just be a horned Trolloc with his head tilted.
  11. I like it but not enthralled with it. Something is wrong the the colours...... and maybe the proportions. Like we know Perrin's jacket is blue in the trailer, why show it as brown here. Something is throwing me off. On the PLUS side I spy a Bird Head Trolloc on the left side.
  12. That doesn't happen formally until the start of Book 4. Unfortunately we are told they are promised to each other but they barely interact with each other during the first book. Presumable the showrunners are cranking up the emotion along with the characters ages. All of this just for the relationship to crash and burn which makes it all the more tragic for us. We don't know this trains route but we know its destination and it will be heartbreaking.
  13. Declaring he is the Dragon Reborn infront of the Ghealdanin nobility. Showing the battles he fought against the Aes Sedai. Show his capture and gentling. Show why people are afraid of Male Channelers . All things that happened during book 1 just off screen. But everything there, if shown, can build up the world without just telling the audience.
  14. Yeah that doesn't appear to be his book sword. It will be interesting to see what they are doing with that. Will he be presented his actual sword when they get to Fal'Dara to explain that he is actually a King. Maybe this sword breaks at some point and then we get an explanation about Power wrought weapons? Who Knows!?!
  15. OH MY GOD, look at the detail on the sword. The hilt, the blade, AHHHHHH. Remember when people were complaining his sword looked to short and it couldn't possibly be due to the angle of that one picture.
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