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  1. huh. it makes sense. and by that i mean, i am a STEM guy and to me the idea of remaking from scratch something that someone else already got right is absolutely bonkers, but it's the kind of weird stuff i've come to expect from art guys. i'm sure it must make sense to them 🤔
  2. well, those relationship never felt particularly genuine, except perhaps with min, but that's mostly RJ not being good at writing relationship. but to make it acceptable, i think it would be sufficient to expand Myrelle's role and visibility. So now you'd have a poliamorous relationship of a guy with three women and another one of a woman with three guys, nobody could say there is no equality
  3. drawing conclusions from a few different looks and a dialogue line that may or may not be in contect is reading too much into it. there are certainly a hundred different possibilities to explain things satisfactorily. then again, we don't have much hard facts right now, so rampant speculations, taking small details and reading too much into it, is all we have. and that said, i admit i am mildly worried about those visual changes. not because they are important, or because they necessarily mean anything - they probably don't. but why didn't they use the exhisting concept a
  4. can you step down from amyrlin, though? i mean, sure, you can certainly be enough of a nuisance to all the ajahs that you are deposed, but if tower law does not allow turning down the amyrlin, i see it unlikely it has provisions for resigning. and getting deposed often entails being stilled, being made a servant, or other kinds of accessory punishments
  5. well, if the hall decides to summon someone as next amyrlin, the appointed person cannot refuse. they tried to raise cadsuane, and she had to go in hiding for a decade. So, whether or not nynaeve wants to be amyrlin does not matter. as for whether she would be a good amyrlin, no, she wouldn't, I agree with harldin there. then again, it would be far from the first time the hall picks someone totally unsuitable to the job (cough cough elaida. even egwene and siuan turned out to be competent by accident) in fact, a common strategy when the hall is deadlocked is to raise a suppose
  6. i think the third was new spring, which he actually wrote. unless i missed and he was planning more. i fail to see how she would be all that different from other amyrlins 😃
  7. So, i've read many fans complaining about small problems in the last three books. and while the general consensus is that sanderson did a good job in front of incredible difficulties, ultimately the only person qualified to finishing wot was robert jordan himself. However, i considered a few things that are making me doubt that. namely, regarding whether robert jordan himself would have done a good job finishing the wot. it starts from game of thrones. now, i'm not a follower there, so all i hear is third-hand accounts, but JRRM hasn't written any new book in... what, 8 years?
  8. i was just coming in to post that. in trailers they mix scenes and audios from all over the place to tell a shortened narration of the movie's incipit. i don't see why they couldn't have done the same here. that short sentence is certainly too shaky ground to draw any hard conclusion about changes to plots and characters.
  9. A good actor can impersonate the character, bring it to life. A good actor is someone who can stay there with a plastic armor and a towel on their back wiggling around his hands, and instead of being embarassed he'll be able to take himself seriously enough to convince you that he's actually doing magic. and the best actor is not always the one who most closely resembles the character's description. between an actor that most looks like rand and an actor that can pretend really well he's rand, they rightly pick the second. so, i will wait to see them in action before deciding anythin
  10. speaking of mat's character, he had very little characterization in the first two books, and most of it negative. he was the irresponsible guy that got everyone in trouble, and he got cursed with the dagger. he spends the first half of the first book making troubles, the second half being corrupted (which also makes trouble) and the second book being sick. he starts shining from book 3. I would not be surprised if the show changed stuff to make him more symphatetic from the beginning
  11. rand controlled directly cahirien, tear and illian. Mayene was strongly allied with rand, so we may add this too. ghealdan was technically controlled by rand as their ruler swore to perrin, but it was in anarchy between the prophet and the shaido, so i wouldn't count it. arad doman was in civil war. andor was in civil war, though they pretended it wasn't one. the borderlands were looking for rand. the remaining nations of tarabon, amador and ebou dar were controlled by the seanchan
  12. yes, this is exactly what i'm hoping to see: something that's good enough to suspend disbelief. people jumping over shield walls to engage, or masses charging each other disorderly while their leader is acclaimed as a military genius, just won't do.
  13. being the only gay man in a small town america 1830 does not doom you to certain death from taint sickness within a couple years, possibly after killing everyone nearby. male channelers could certainly be shown more compassion for a condition that does not depend on them, but besides that, i frankly have no idea how they could have been treated differently. And i don't think the question has ever been addressed in the whole 14 books, except perhaps in a bit of conversation between pevara and androl where it's mostly avoided. it's like in a zombie movie when a guy gets bitten. his friends
  14. that seems putting too much undertext on the whole thing. it's just a battle scene. why does everything have to be some kind of political statement? it's a 4 way battle between groups of people struggling to capture or free rand. the group curbstomping everyone else then asserts themselves as the new major power in the land. I even disagree with reding "man who can channel" as an oppressed group: there is no oppressed group, because there is no group. there's no channeling men culture, or identity. there's never been a group of channeling men before in the third age.
  15. which is exactly why i'm worried. it's not much a matter of realism, but of being so nonsensical as to become cringeworthy. still, there is some hope there, because a key trait of mat is his battle skill, and they need to show it somehow. can you imagine that plot if they keep up with hollywood tactics? Bashere: "soldiers! charge! soldiers charge in a disorderly mess at the masses of trollocs, get slaughtered Lan: "the shadow has corrupted our generals! doom is upon us!" Elayne: "mat, your ter'angreal makes you immune to compulsion, right? you're in command of t
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