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  1. i have to say, every single concern expressed here make sense taken individually, but when taken all together, the amount of negativity in this board is staggering. so what we learned so far by reading posts - wot will fail because the director is incompetent - wot will fail because the director has no respect for the source - wot will fail because the items don't fit the descriptions enough - wot will fail because they will change the plot - wot will fail because they will not change the plot - wot will fail because of bad release date - wot will fail b
  2. if the "big change that fans won't like" is the removal of caemlyn, i'd say we get off light. there are so many things they could screw up, introducing the trakands in season 2 and skipping the meeting of rand and logain (incidentally no, that scene is not plot critical) is the least of it. i mostly forgot the exact quote from sanderson, and having read it again, i am more optimistic. sure, sanderson would never directly speak ill of the show. but from everything i know of him, he would not blatantly lie either. and he had a good, strong, and - most important - unrequired praise fo
  3. wait, we got whitecloak armor? when? where? by the way, one small bother about the books was how armor was never shown to be effective. I can't recall, before the final books written by sanderson, a single instance of a sword thrust being stopped by a breastplate, an arrow pinking off a plate. oh, fighting people were shown with battered armor, so it was implied it happened, but it was never shown. i would not mind heavy armor being shown as doing its job.
  4. if i recall it better, siuan was appointed because the ajas were at an impasse, unable to pick any candidate, so they decided to get a young, easily manipulated aes sedai. of course, siuan outmanipulated them as for elaida, many of her supporters figured they could gain power by helping her oust siuan and then becoming her inner circle of advisors. indeed, they did for a time, before elaida gradually reasserted control
  5. i would count the show successful if i like it. and it's not cancelled, because if i like it but they leave it unfinished it would suck.
  6. I agree. I didn't pay attention to the detail there, but i do remember, those cloaks in the lord of the rings were kinda underwhelming. I also agree that it can't be that hard to pull off that kind of effect, as people do it over internet calls all the time... except, that effect when made over internet call is far from flawless. people can put a picture behind them, but it will glitch. we accept it for internet calls, for twitch streams, because we know the people doing it are not professionals and they are working with what they have. i doubt we'd accept it for a movie. and
  7. for all that I can agree with the sentiment, there is another problem to consider for the ageless look: assume you have all the special budget you want. Even then, how the hell are you going to make it??? It's all fine to write in a book "they had the ageless look". What is established by canon is - anyone who knows the look will ALWAYS recognize ANY aes sedai, excepting of course newly sworn ones. - nobody who knows the look EVER mistook ANY regular woman for aes sedai They are said to have the wisdom of old age in their eyes, but a smooth skin. Well, there are women who k
  8. pity for the cloaks, but frankly, after they told that they dropped the agelessness, i was expecting them to do the same for the cloaks, for the same reason. also, if they have a teangreal that makes fancloth, i never understood why limiting themselves to cloaks and not make also regular clothes, and maybe even tents, with the thing.
  9. Regarding the trailer, i can't tell if his answer is a yes or no
  10. actually, someone did actually, you did You've both been feeding with aggressivity that was mostly directed at others, or by others.
  11. both true. let's break it down... i appreciated the concept art. though it does not say much on the finished product. i liked the set of emond field. that half second i've seen of lan was convincing. can't speak for moiraine, that was too short for me to get an idea. the sword, the dagger and the guitar had been underwhelming. very generic, nothing special about them. I'm generally happy with the cast, with only a couple of distinctions: - i think perrin should be thicker than that. i'm willing to get over it because finding an actor big enough to play t
  12. errr.... no? i would have never thought anyone could fixate over something as insignificant as physical aspect. even now that i finally understand what you're getting so salty about, I still can't figure it out. characters are defined by who they are, by what they do, not by how they look. if i did some plastic surgery to look completely different, i'd still be me. if you take my house and paint it a different color and planted something new in the garden, it would still be my home. if moiraine is tall and blonde and with blue eyes, whether rand's sword is a katana or a c
  13. there was a light effect playing tricks with her hair, so i may be in error there, but in those two seconds of teaser, wasn't she dyed black? a lot of actors are going to look different with the make-up from the scenes. personally i think "mat" is too white to be a believable farmer; farmers worked under the sun most of the time, and they would have tan skin, regardless of ethnicity, unless their normal color is already darker than that; i hope they do something to make it look like he got more sunlight. only a minor detail, though. and of course i fully agree that preemptive
  14. it makes perfect sense. semirhage lived by her reputation. humiliating her was effective.
  15. in just a couple of days, we'll know if those voices about a trailer on 12 may were founded or not. i'm not very optimistic, though, as too often in the past i've been deluded. i keep hoping, but now i'll belive we get a trailer after i've seen it
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