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  1. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The TV show will a Rafe Judkins remix just like LotR was a Peter Jackson remix.
  2. Does she have that much of an influence though? Berelain has in my opinion 5 important roles in the story. 1. Trying to seduce Rand. 2. Stewardship over Cairhien. 3. Chasing Perrin 4. Providing troops and some moral support during the hostage crisis 5. Romantic “target” for Galad 1 and 5 could be scrapped outright without loosing anything. If you really want you could replace her in 1 with some unnamed woman who just appears just once. For 2. you could just have Dobraine be the steward from the beginning IMO. I have made my opinions about
  3. I think Berelain could be cut without changing the plot much. She doesn’t have much impact on the plot and when she does it could be argued to be some of the worst moments in the series. This whole rivalry with Faile was one of my least favorite parts of the series and there isn’t really a point to it in my opinion. Every reader knows that Perrin won’t cheat on his wife and there isn’t some grande resolution that justifies wasting so much time on her. Add to that that much of this happens during the hostage plot which is also one of my (and many other people’s) least favorite parts
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