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  1. I really enjoy Joe Abercrombie's series (one trilogy, one trilogy of "outriggers" related to the first, and an unrelated trilogy), NK Jemisin's (one trilogy, one duology, one longer series in the works), Scott Lynch (three books of a proposed seven), Patrick Rothfuss (two books of a proposed three) and I really liked the first book of The Runelords by David Farland, though I haven't read on in that series. Of all those, I'd say the Farland series scratches the most WOT-specific itch. The Abercrombie series is very much the gritty, soldier's view of fantasy, while Jemisin's books scratch th
  2. If the Dragon is constantly reborn, that would mean that at least one historical figure or present-day figure is Rand, and most likely Perrin, Mat or another character from the series as well. So... using the logic of the WoTworld, who would you place your bets on? I believe Artur Hawkwing was probably Julius Caesar and/or Alexander The Great, but I'd place bets on Mat as Alexander the Great as well. I see a definite kinship between Lan and Saladin. Both had a military destiny that influenced many of their decisions. Moiraine I could see as a reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth th
  3. I would desperately like to read Joe Abercrombie's Wheel of Time novel, but not for any reasons that would make The Wheel of Time a better series. :)
  4. The outrigger novel about Mat and Tuon going back to Seanchan. That story wasn't done, and only RJ could have written Mat properly. That said, I'd love to see Sanderson do a River of Souls novel.
  5. Thanks! I'm not sure I understand the division into different groups.
  6. Sanderson's line-level prose is pretty dull. He's just not a word guy. Jordan could fill a page--or a book--with those lush, powerful descriptions and Jordan really made everything seem so big and immersive in his world. But Sanderson has a good sense of plot. I think that if Jordan had lived to finish the series, his version of A Memory of Light would have been slower-paced compared to the one we got. Just about everything in those last three books hits where it should.
  7. My wife was never a big fantasy reader, but since we got an Audible membership, she's been dipping more into fantasy. She read my favorite fantasy book, Octavia Butler's Wild Seed, and loved it. She read the first three volumes of A Song of Ice & Fire, all of Joe Abercrombie's new series (which we jokingly call Half A--) and the Lies of Locke Lamora. Since we started dating fourteen years ago, she's had zero interest in the Wheel of Time. Probably because she's watched me agonize over the Wheel of Time, swear off it, go back to it, yell at Brandon Sanderson for his flat line-level pro
  8. I first read the Eye of the World in 1993, and bought each book when it came out, until Jordan died. In 2013 I reread the entire series, Sanderson volumes included, carefully timing it so that I would finish Towers of Midnight just in time to get A Memory of Light and finish it. This last year, I reread the first four volumes, then skipped straight to The Gathering Storm and reread the last three. I was surprised how much I liked rereading the series, given that I had sworn off it at least three times, and come back each time. Like a fool who abandons his lover... or a junkie who can't com
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