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  1. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    LoL ... go you, Mills! And I'm glad you like your bacon desert *grins*
  2. I've found my new goal

    Were they the only runners? LoL ... well even if they were, kudos to them! They'd beat me regardless!
  3. @Arie ... I also had one but the wheels fell off ... But reported up to here ... LoL
  4. The Warder Field Trip

    You'll find the Bonding rules in post 3 of the WT/Warders 101 pinned topic, at the main WT board. For more guidelines (like stop with the flaming RPing), you'll find some information at the Hall, in the Purpose and Rules of the Hall pinned topic, particularly in this and this post.
  5. Arie, please be a bit more specific about what exactly the problem is?
  6. Yes that drives me nuts! Happens on some threads too, but ALL the pms.
  7. Aah ok. I didn't get the notification of a tag, just that you quoted my post.
  8. Happy Birthday, Millon!

    Happy Birthday, Millon! Hope you're having a fabulous one :)
  9. Do you mean that some people don't "get tagged", or that they are unable to tag others? I don't even know how to tag someone, to be honest, or what it then does.
  10. IWW - Dancing floor

    I like that!
  11. Thank you, Jagen - I'll add that to the list.
  12. IWW - Dancing floor

  13. IWW - Dancing floor

    Women can do all kinds of things - even Afrikaner women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2aUNIdjaIs
  14. IWW - Dancing floor

    Those are so diverse, but both so lovely! I've never seen that instrument, Myst, but I must agree with you - very soothing!
  15. Highlights and Lowlights of the Past Year

    A highlight for me was that I could also say "me too". That might sound strange, but it was the courage of others which gave me the courage to speak out. It's also encouraged me to not just shut up and take things anymore, but to rather stand my ground no matter what. Hopefully it will be a tide that sweeps around the world, so that more and more women gain that courage. When such a thing gains momentum, it comes to a point where there is no longer any way to stop it.