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  1. No Tynaal was definitely not Arie's Mentor. She's my little koeksister. Maybe Arie mentored her? I don't recall that, but I remember they were friends.
  2. I like this one ... I think we'll keep him *grins* But seriously, you're welcome - at your own time! Sometimes he have something called cloudfaring. Don't ask me, I don't understand it. I'll bring it to the attention of the Powers that Be, if I can find them, though. Maybe someone can flip a switch somewhere. Hehehe no problem! I'm not English either (my home language is Afrikaans, which is derived from German and Dutch and a smattering of other languages too).
  3. Yep we saw it on the news. Sad times.
  4. Those are absolutely amazing! But I'd rather eat it than look at it ... lol
  5. And I've not had any decent chocolate this week! I'll have to try and rectify that.
  6. Fate looks interesting! Sadly I don't have netflix.
  7. As you can see I took a suitably long time to reply 😁 Now I wonder what happened to our new member? It makes me sad when they're scared off so easily 😞
  8. Today I trimmed my own hair. And because I'm a klutz, my own knuckle too. Cut a piece right out of it 🙄
  9. Long handles ... axes .... 😅
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