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  1. My mom died. You bought an apartment? Pics!!
  2. The last Sunday we went to visit my mom at the old age home. We realised she was sick, but we didn't realise how serious it was. We arranged for the doctor to see her the next day (Monday), but in hind sight we should have loaded her in the car and taken her straight to hospital. She would probably still have died, but at least she wouldn't have been in such agony for so long.
  3. LoA for the next week or two. Taking care of my sister who's recovering from a shoulder operation.
  4. Ooh yes! I think she looks perfect for Leanne. And I agree about Maria for Siuan too.
  5. Good grief ... really? I have nothing against the lady, but why pick someone who doesn't even vaguely resemble the nation which Liandrin comes from?? Who are they now going to pick for Amathera, and the Innkeeper who's name I now forget? I just don't get it.
  6. I google various things, like "warrior prince" and "young warriors" and then I follow the leads.
  7. It's a pleasure, Darling! Nice ones, Arie! The detail on that middle one is amazing.
  8. It's a wonderful idea, heh? Love the pattern on that material too.
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