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  1. Well done! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 If you start a discussion as SD suggested, I'll definitely pop in and join in 🙂
  2. TO HERE!!!!: https://dragonmount.com/forums/forum/33-the-white-tower-warders-social-group/
  3. In Randland, I would say that it's a pyramid built on combat skills, loyalty and honesty. You can't have just one or two of those - you need all three. Obviously there's no point to a Warder if he doesn't have combat skills. And if he's not loyal to his Aes Sedai, again, there's no point to having him. And if he lies to his Aes Sedai, she can't trust him. The whole pyramid would collapse then. On DM, my personal needs would be for entertainment first. I really do love laughing and having intelligent conversations. Equal to that, someone who I can be myself with, 100%. I was very lu
  4. Do not spam this thread. Spam will be deleted with no explanation or warning. Spam is anyone who doesn't have a legitimate reason to post in this thread, ie person joining/returning, the MoN/MaA, the Amyrlin.
  5. Staff Structure Amyrlin Seat / Group Leader : Elgee Handle: Elgee Staff Email: dmwtorg@gmail.com Personal Email: lg_curepipe @ yahoo.com Most-Used Messenger: PM me on here, or email me at the above address, or catch me on Discord (Mother Elgee#8533) Keeper of the Chronicles / Assistant Group Leader: Cross Handle: Cross Personal Email: dmwtorg@gmail.com Most-Used Messenger: PM me here Sword Captain of the Warder's Guild / Assistant Group Leader: Handle: Azshaya Staff Email: dmwtorg@gmail.com Most-Used Messenger: Private Message on DM Mistress of
  6. Spam, Thread-Hijacking, Off Topic Often confused with each other, but not to be confused with "having fun" or "light-hearted posting"
  7. Changing Ajahs/Disciplines, Paths, Handles & Making New Accounts Changing Ajahs/Disciplines or Paths Since the inception of the White Tower Social group there have been instances in which Ajah or Path switches occurred, or people have left the WT altogether. While this has hardly been a common occurrence, these situations do occur and we would like you to be aware of how to handle this with the courtesy expected and to know that this matter is not to be taken lightly. Do NOT announce this in public. Doing so is considered the height of rudeness and extremely inconside
  8. BONDING Rules and Guidelines Through the years, things have evolved at the White Tower & Warders of Dragonmount to the point where we wish to formalise exactly what Bonding means here now, and who can do what to or with whom. We do not wish to "take away the fun", but the less drama due to miss-understandings, the better. Below you will find some rules which are in effect now, and some guidelines. Rules: Bonding is a word used exclusively by those who can Channel. No other association or relationship can be called a Bond.
  9. You must be 13 years or older to join Dragonmount! A Rough Guide to PG13 In general DM tries to use the MPAA Film Ratings as a guide to how to handle the PG 13 rule: I *think* that about covers it. Again, if something is not covered, use your brains and/or accept whatever a higher ranking member tells you. As written up by Claire, Amyrlin Emeritus Fully endorsed by Elgee, Amyrlin
  10. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO You will start your journey at the White Tower and Warders as either a Novice, Algai or Undecided Initiate. Raising through the ranks is meant to be a journey as much as it is meant to help you discover where you want to go. As an Algai, you have started the path to become a Manshima, and then finally a Der'Manshima within the Warders Guild. As a member of the Warders Guild, you can choose to join one of three disciplines of like-minded brothers and sisters in battle. As a Novice, you have dedicated yourself to control your potential to chan
  11. WHERE ARE WE a Club and a Forum Does that sound confusing? Let me try to explain. The White Tower & Warders Club is easily accessible by anyone. You can "enter" (aka click the join button) here all by yourself without any help from anyone. Maybe you just want to read something interesting, or you see there's an Event happening that you want to participate in, or you think it might be fun to be an Aes Sedai or a Warder. There's no pressure on you to actually really truly JOIN UP and take classes and work to one day become a Warder or an Aes Sedai.
  12. Welcome to the White Tower and Warders Social Group! Image by our own Cross WHO ARE WE a community beyond the books The term "Aes Sedai" means "Servants of All" in the Old Tongue. The White Tower and Warders Social Group has used the philosophy of Servants of All to create a social setting based on the hierarchy, purpose and set-up of the White Tower and Warders in the WoT series. This inspires the way in which we interact and some of the activities which we organize, although we are a social community and not a role playing group. We offer people of varying
  13. Please be welcome to Tar Valon, the Board where the White Tower & Warder Official Events will be held. All members of Dragonmount are welcome to join in our Events, though only the board moderators and Event Leaders will be allowed to start threads here. For further information about the White Tower and Warders, see this thread.
  14. You make a good point there. But the Black Ajah is not the Tower, or individual Aes Sedai - they're a whole sub-group with its own agenda.
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