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  1. Hurricane

    I'm so glad you're ok! *hugs*
  2. The Blade's End Tavern

    Just listened to an interview with her. That's definitely a Cape Coloured accent. For those who frown at the term "Coloured", that is an official race classification in South Africa - we have mainly Black, Coloured, Indian and White race classifications here.
  3. The Blade's End Tavern

    Oh right! She's the one I think will make a great Leanne Sharif.
  4. Hurricane

    That is so scary! My thoughts go out to everyone there.
  5. The Blade's End Tavern

    I have no idea how they can do that - the two are nothing alike! Mind you, the so-called South African accent which gets used in Hollywood is something I've never heard in South Africa itself ... lol
  6. The Blade's End Tavern

    That's great! We'll have to do more of that *grins*
  7. The Blade's End Tavern

    Let's see if you can open this: Recording (3).m4a
  8. The casting thread

    My first choice for Morgase is Rachelle Lefevre (she played in Twilight too): Rachelle Lefevre is a Canadian actress. She has starred in the television series Big Wolf on Campus and had recurring roles in What About Brian, Boston Legal, and Swingtown. Wikipedia Born: February 1, 1979 (age 38), Montreal, Canada Height: 5′ 6″ To play her daughter, Elayne (who's supposed to look like her, just younger) I would pick English actress Rachel Hurd-Wood: best known for her roles as Wendy Darling in the 2003 film Peter Pan, Corrie McKenzie in 2010's Tomorrow, When the War Began, and Sibyl Vane in 2009's Dorian Gray. Wikipedia Born: August 17, 1990 (age 27), Streatham, United Kingdom Height: 5′ 7″ TV shows: Clique, Home Fires
  9. The casting thread

    One of the best realistic suggestions for Thom Merrilin that I've come accross, is Neil Patrick Harris. Thom has to be able to do all kinds of acrobatics, take down a Fade in a knife-fight, etc. The old favourites to play him are just that - too old.
  10. The Blade's End Tavern

    Rooibos, or redbush, tea originates from South Africa, but has gained vast popularity worldwide. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, so when made into iced tea, it is a wonderfully refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Load it up with ice cubes, slices of strawberry, and sprigs of mint for a cool drink that not only tastes great, but looks beautiful too. This recipe is so easy to make that you’ll never opt for shop-bought iced tea again. All you need to do to make iced tea is to fill up a jug with cold water, tea bags, sugar, and lemon juice. If you can resist it, leave it in the fridge for at least an hour to fully infuse. Rooibos has a delicate flavour, and infusing it in cold water helps to preserve this. If you fancy a more grown up treat, the iced tea is a perfect mixer for sparkling wine or a splash of gin for a fresh summer cocktail. Make up a large batch and store it in a jug in the fridge – it is a perfect crowd pleaser if you want something a little different to accompany a barbecue with friends and neighbours. Ingredients 4 rooibos tea bags 75g sugar juice of 1 lemon strawberries and fresh mint, to serve Method Put the tea bags, sugar and lemon juice into a large jug and pour over 1 litre cold water. Leave to infuse for about an hour, giving it the odd stir. Using cold water preserves the tea’s delicate flavour. Leave in the fridge to get really cold. To serve, add ice and slices of strawberry and sprigs of mint.
  11. WoT Wednesday with Rafe

    I've been trying to find that for forever! Thanks, Barmie :)
  12. The casting thread

    Shall we start with a particular character, or just toss things into the hat?
  13. Better late than never, right?

    It's wonderful that you've found your way here at last! Have a look around and see what grabs your eye :)
  14. I get lost myself, sometimes ... LoL I'll move it for you - you'll probably get more exposure there.