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  1. Oh my word I'm so proud of you!!! You rock, Brother Dearest *grins and snugglebites*
  2. Oooh that sounds nice, Panchi! Can you post us a picture of your hair? Don't have to put your face in, if you don't want. I've got some red dye here ... maybe I should colour mine red again?
  3. *Steps forward and pours a chalice of water over Maera.* “You are washed clean of all ties that bind you to the world. You come to us washed clean, in heart and soul. You are Maera, Accepted of the White Tower. You are sealed to us now.” *Places the Great Serpent Ring on the third finger of Maera's left hand.* "May this ring always remind you that being an Aes Sedai means being the Servant of All": *Pulls Maera to her feet and kisses her on the cheek.* “Welcome, Daughter."
  4. Hehehe welcome! I'm also an old person, but at apparently I'm cuddly. If Barmy hasn't changed my description again. So which person / groups in the series is / are your favourite/s? (I like to give options, as you can see.)
  5. I agree with Ryrin! At least you also keep us entertained with your writings, so there's another plus point 🙂
  6. The way this year is going, I wasn't going to tempt fate by doing a roll call on the 1st of April! So anyway, vote in the poll and then post here with your path and rank (look it up, if you don't know!) so we can keep our records ticking over. Love you guys. Or to be more Amyrliny, may you shelter in the hand of the Creator, my Sons and Daughters.
  7. I really worry about you - things look absolutely crazy out there! How are you managing to see a friend? Also, what is rototilling?
  8. Goodness me it sounds like you have a lot going on, Panchi! It seems the lockdown came just in time to give you some much needed rest. I think many of us are seeing the positive aspects of this too. For me it's working fine, as I can work from home. 2 of my sisters are here with me so it's not lonely. I'm hoping that by next week my actual workload will have calmed down enough that I can grab a free day or 2 myself!
  9. And of course, presents! Here's something to add to your formal wear wardrobe:
  10. Dear Mystica, I hope that you know how much we all love you, and that we all wish you a very Happy Birthday! May the year ahead get better and better, and may only good things come your way. Let's get this party started with some Birthday Cake and drinks!
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