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  1. You must sound just like us South Africans then! *grins* I must say that there are some American accents I find very hard to understand. I think they're Southern. And then there are quite a few British accents that are incomprehensible. In fact, I dated a guy from England for 2 years - couldn't understand a word he said. Didn't even know we were dating because I just said yes to every question he asked.
  2. Yep. It's a beautiful accent too! 🙂 Luckily most people don't know accents well enough (unless it's from their own area) to know that actors aren't doing them quite right. As long as the actors portraying characters from the same are sound sort of similar, I think that's enough for most viewers. But when you start mixing a Dutch accent with Irish and maybe Welsh ... that won't work ... lol
  3. Welcome to Dragonmount, Ana! I hope you're going to love it here 🙂 I'm exactly the same! I used to beg my teachers to just give me the handbooks to read, because whatever they're saying up front in the class just becomes "blah blah fish paste" from the 3rd sentence 😛 Do you mind telling us where you're from? I ask, because the name Analiese sounds more Afrikaans/Dutch/German than English. I'm from South Africa, and my home language is Afrikaans (derived mostly from Dutch and German).
  4. Has there been any talk of how they're going to handle accents? If we look at the Emonds Fielders, they're Dutch, English, Irish, Australian, and New Zealander (main lot). Are they going to have them all speak with one accent, like they tried with the Northeners in GoT? If so, which accent?
  5. I've always thought that the ageless look is described exactly like an overdose of botox and facelifts.
  6. Talmanes, Lord Dobraine, and Narishma spring to mind. And Laras 😁
  7. I think those would have been an excellent replacement for portal stones - not sure how they're going to turn them into Waygates. But, I'm glad they're using something real as something from the books - it must be so meaningful to the people who live there.
  8. *Sniffs* just because that 1 ... 2 ... a few *chokes a bit* times 🤨
  9. I think Ceara would work. She looks the part, and seems like a really good actress to boot. Rachelle Lefevre is still my favourite for Morgase. She's a good actress, and looks that part too. Going off topic somewhat, what about Nils Allen "Booboo" Stewart Jr for Narishma? He's so damned cute! Plus, the hair!
  10. You so get me *grins* I don't even think it's the fact that it's squat - it's the ... not-smooth not-pearlescent finish on the outside. This does not, in my extremely un-humble opinion (Aes Sedai can't lie :P) resemble something made by Ogier and Aes Sedai. This looks like something designed and made by men. I think that's my gripe, in a nutshell.
  11. I don't really care where the Ogier Grove is, but that Tower just looks squagly ☹️
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