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  1. As you know, our beloved Daruya has stepped down as Keeper of the Chronicles, and we are in need of a new one. I urge all full Aes Sedai who qualify per the short list, to apply. Below is a long list of duties which would be preferred of the Keeper, but the following short list is what is essential: Short list: 1) I must be able to put my trust in you. 2) you need to be organised, detail-oriented and preferably know how to work with google docs (though the latter is easily learnt), as your job will be mostly "secretarial / personal assistant". 3) You need to have a mature and stable personality (the opposite of me, therefore :P) Here's the long list: I. Assistant to the Amyrlin a. Serve as the Amyrlin’s back-up when she is away or unable to fulfill her duties. b. Help the Amyrlin come up with innovative ideas for improving the SG, including starting new threads, planning new events, or changing Group policies. c. Remain in constant contact with the Amyrlin about major issues or decisions that involve the Group. d. Occasionally consult with DM Admins alongside the Amyrlin about problems with members that extend beyond the Group. e. Other tasks at the Amyrlin’s discretion. II. Maintenance of Boards and Threads a. Organize and maintain the Group-wide Event Calendar in the Hall. b. Read and respond with constructive feedback to the monthly reports (if we do those again). c. Help maintain the various usergroup documents. d. Maintain the WT Picture Album to make sure all updated pictures, new pictures,rank changes, promotions, demotions, or Ajah/Discipline changes are accurate. e. Maintain various sticky threads throughout the Group. III. Assistance to Ajah Heads a. Serve as the liaison between Ajah Heads. b. Consult with the Amyrlin over Ajah Head applications/interviews. c. Orient new Ajah Heads to their positions. d. Help resolve intra-Ajah and inter-Ajah conflicts f. Help Ajahs with activity levels and planning events if needed. IV. Etc a. Working closely with the Amyrlin and other Staff on a regular basis for various projects. b. Delegation of tasks to ensure equal workload and participation. c. Set an example of leadership and adherence to all WT SG and DM policies and codes of conduct. d. Ability to remain emotionally distant from tough decisions and be able to carry out necessary actions in an unbiased and fair manner. e. Be prepared to come up with ideas for the Group, discuss ideas with others, and take responsibility in finding people to make the ideas a reality. f. Have a forward-thinking focus on what can be done to improve the Group as a whole. The Keeper can expect to spend anywhere from 5-10 hours a week completing these duties, so make sure you can dedicate that much time to this position before applying. If you are interested in applying, please send this application in to dmwtorg@gmail.com with the following information and "Keeper Application" in the subject line: Your handle: Best instant messenger service/address to reach you at: Have you read the duties of Keeper, and do you feel you are capable of carrying them out if chosen? Can you dedicate 5-10 hours a week to your duties if chosen? Please explain why you are interested in the position, why you think you would be a good fit, and any ideas you have for the future of the WT/W SG. Any other comments? I will be accepting Applications until I find someone suitable. Each applicant will be contacted for an interview as well. If you know of someone who might be a good candidate, but they are not currently active, please have them contact me at the above email address or via PM if they are interested. If anybody has questions regarding the application process, I will be more than happy to answer them here or in PM. Good luck to all who apply!
  2. It used to be like that when there were a lot of aspies, but then they dwindled and we changed it to individual classes because people had to wait weeks or months for others to join so there could be a group class. If traffic picks up, we'll definitely think about going back to that.
  3. Haha luckily I'm well insulated by a lot of blubber! *Grins and snugglebites Lii*
  4. They get sent to you via PM once you have a Mintee.
  5. I get a bit mad with people who slam poor Faile. I put it down to them reading without comprehension. They either don't notice or forget that Faile is about 15 years old when she first appears. I've met many an adult who doesn't come near her level of maturity or savvy. Aaanyhooo ... welcome to DM! I see you're already made your way to the WT & Warders, which is awesome! I've had mostly the same experience with WoT as you have, so far. Once called an irritating client "Boy" whilst looking down my nose at him ... lol
  6. I missed spam? bummer ... 😛 I had chocolate cake. It were gooooooddddd ... *burps*
  7. *Plops down on Don's lap* How ya been? *Admires Lava's subtlety* *Pouts at Lii*
  8. Formally welcome to the White Tower & Warders, Caldazar! You're in very capable hands with our beloved DJ, but I hang around here too just to get to know our aspies (and because I'm a bit bored but don't tell anyone cos then they make me work!). I hope you have a lot of fun here!
  9. Oooh a Red Minty! I mean to say ... welcome to the White Tower and Warders, Maera! I'll be hovering around because I'm bored ... I mean because I love to see what the minties are up to. You're in very very capable hands, though, so have fun!
  10. I made it through the day! Thank the Light we had 2 and a half hours of load shedding (no electricity) again, so I could just sit there and read a book and chat with the boss. Not so much fun when we had another 2 and a half hours from 6 till 8: 30 tonight. Our government sucks,
  11. Thank you! Today I ... had my first cup of Kaf in a week! It was yummy 🙂
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