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  1. Oh my word - this is just absolutely awesome, HC!
  2. My word! It really is an amazing amount of work, heh? We're all rooting for you! Soon, I'll have to call you Dr Bearer of the Kaf *grins*
  3. *Looks around sheepishly, shifting feet* ... uhm ... since the last ... incident ... I'm not supposed to wield any sharp implement bigger than my belt knife. Something about "poor aim" and "getting distracted half-way through swinging". I still say the Yellows should know how to grow ears back *sniffs* But I'll give you a huge big snugglebite instead! Then you'll be BloodKnighted, but in a good way!
  4. Wunderbar! Oh wow when were you here? Where all did you go? And I will do hehehe ... Guten Nacht und schlafen sie wohl 🙂
  5. Haha ... that is true! You have uncovered my closet Brown *grins* But only as long as it doesn't involve tests and exams.
  6. Congratulations, Haycraftd! I'm sure you'll do James proud 😁 Also ... I hereby dub you Master of the Kaf! Aka Mothers' Little Helper. And no, not this one:
  7. Russian is quite difficult, especially since some of the letters LOOK like our alphabet, but are actually other letters. Like a P is actually an R. Vera confussing! LoL And don't get me started on the counting! I thought French was bad, but I couldn't figure Russian out at all. Anyhoo, I love languages. I grew up speaking Afrikaans, English and smatterings of Dutch and German. At school I took German, and then at university I took French, Italian, Polish and Russian. I'm absolutely fascinated with Dialects and how quickly languages evolve, especially when groups of people move. I wish I'd studied further in that field.
  8. And not to mention the White Tower & Warders *grins* Anyhoo, welcome to DM, Constance! I hope you'll find a home hear, as many of us did.
  9. Today I ... Am just fed up with trying to sort out my mom's affairs. Red tape is insane.
  10. I agree with you, Jagen.
  11. I'm very sad to say that because Meatspace is a Nasty McNasty Time Stealer, Kaylee is having to step down as Head of the Yellow Ajah. She's been an awesome member of staff and we're all extremely sad to lose her in this capacity. There is good news, however! Nynaeve has agreed to be our Yellow Head again!! Please join me in saying a huge thank you to Kaylee, for all her time and efforts, and to Nyna, for agreeing to step up to the plate again!
  12. I like that idea! They can do it 1 Ajah (and Warders) at a time, or a few together. That means they can move at their own pace. I also like the idea of creating a list of topics, for those who can't think of something themselves.
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