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  1. Elgee, Mommy Dearest. Snow Pudding with thin Custard. (Make the snow pud from the egg whites, and the custard from the yolks.)
  2. This looks so cozy! I spoiled myself today by kicking off my slippers, hanging out at DM for a few minutes, and joining this thread! LoL ... but now I have a craving for some Argentinian Malbec With some biltong and droewors (thousand times better than jerky dried meat, and dried farmer's sausage).
  3. Elgee, Ma. I have so many issues on my mind that I feel like a chameleon on an MnM box. Mostly my focus is on the tenants (I work for a Rental Agency), and how they're coping and what I can do to help. Amazingly, my experience as Amyrlin has come in incredibly handy! I started to think of the tenants and owner as my "children", who I need to guide and help. I therefore spoke with one of the largest companies in the industry and worked with them on an idea to help people who can't pay their rent. They took it to their legal staff, and eventually came up with the documents needed for that and a few other ideas, which have been distributed to almost all the agents in the country. Had to push the boss a bit, but we're doing well in this regard. We have way above the average in rental collection stats in the country. That being said, it's also heart-breaking. In order to help people, they have to complete application forms and send through supporting documents, like bank statements. One woman sticks in my mind, and keeps me awake at night. I could see on her bank statements that she was buying R20 electricity and under R300 groceries a week. That's about $1.50 and $17. To feed herself and 3 children. We go through that amount of electricity in a day - how is she coping with it for a whole week? Can they even cook? It's winter - do they have the geyser on for hot water to bath? Luckily I was able to persuade the owner to give her a massive discount on her rent for 2 months. That meant that from the end of April she at least had a few thousand Rand more to spend - enough for food and electricity etc. The situation still haunts me, though. The other stress is of course that we're living on just my salary (which just covers the rent a few other things), as my sister has been retrenched due to Covid19. She's getting a small government grant but her May one only came through today. I cope by watching mindless things like Flip or Flop on TV.
  4. Awesome to have you back, Rhea! And I love this monthly thread of yours.
  5. Sorry, loves - life is insane at the moment.
  6. Nope haven't tried that. Have eaten duck, goose & ostrich egg though.
  7. Visiting one of the neighbouring villages, Jacobsbaai:
  8. Summer vacation (October) at Langebaan - feeding the seaguls on the stoep:
  9. I don't know where that is, but I want to go there!
  10. Well done on searching, persevering, and eventually getting there, Lava! I'm really proud of you, and your dedication to finding your right place. *Great big snugglebites* 🥰 .... now go read the rest of the series! 😜
  11. I laughed so hard at this! 😅 And I agree! This would be more to my taste:
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