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  1. Thank you my darling! Did a mini-day-roadtrip which was great fun 😀
  2. Take your time, darling! But so glad everything is getting better now *snugglewubbles*
  3. Or hot chocolate. Lurrrve hot chocolate.
  4. Welcome to DM! I can never remember: which nr is The Shadow Rising? Do you have any favourite characters or groups so far?
  5. the sea my cats DMers Reading road-tripping flying exploring new places and things
  6. Elgee, Momsicle. We're having a very wet winter, which is an absolute blessing after the terrible drought of the past few years! Huh ... 2020 was actually good for something ! Who'd have thunk 😵
  7. The one that comes to mind is Citronella oil, to ward off mosquitoes. I've tried lavender oil for calming, but it tends to make my chest close up. I have weird reactions to things ... lol! The one thing that does work for me is peppermint extract or oil for a bloaty stomach.
  8. Thank you very much, my darlings! Those eats look truly delicious 🥰
  9. Give that one a Cookie. Man, I miss the Cookie Mines! *Snugglebites* Aaaanyhooo ... this isn't actually Spam cos I'm the Amyrlin and I can do what I wa.... erm. I'm here on official business *noddity* ... Welcome and all!! I like to hang out in the ceiling of the classrooms. Carry on.
  10. Welcome to DM! Min is also one of my favourite characters. She seems so down to earth.
  11. My one sister had a siamese cat which was called Bast (after the Egyptian cat god), but we all resorted to calling it Poephol. That's Afrikaans for A-hole 😛 It morphed into Polletjies after the Dominee came to do house visit one day. Dominee being the Preacher.
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