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  1. Time for more Warder pics! Feel free to use them for your Avatars or Signatures, btw 🙂
  2. And lastly 2 Manshima to keep them all out of trouble:
  3. I have some more pics for you! Feel free to use them as Avatars or Signatures. Here are some for the Initiates, who're thinking hard on which path to choose:
  4. Yeah I like those as well! Wish we could dress like that in meatspace.
  5. 1. Nynaeve 2. Siuan Sanche 3. Whiny Rand
  6. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Taymist has agreed to become our new Head Nut. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating her! I believe you will be needing this: 😄
  7. Isn't your calendar different from the standard Western one?
  8. Bluebeard is a wonderful story! Though dark. Mind you, I think most fairy tales are quite dark. Trying to think now what my favourite is ...
  9. .... is this something like Old Year's Eve? Celebrating the last day of the year?
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