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  1. Please join me in welcoming our new Mistress of Novices, Arie Sedai! Arie has been a member of Dragonmount for many many years, and therefore brings not only a wealth of knowledge and history, but also many innovative ideas. I think we are in for interesting times! I want to take this moment to thank our previous MoN, Kaylee, for her exceptional service to the Tower. She has many IRL matters that currently need her full attention, and therefore has to step back from a staff position for a while. We wish her all the best and she'll be returning to us soon!
  2. Hahahaha sharp! You definitely need to head on over to the Warders 😁
  3. My favourite WoT character is Jahar Narishma. To quote WotMWiki: Despite being so amazingly strong, being one of only 3 trusted by Rand, and even being foreshadowed in Prophecy, his "screen-time" is very much under-played in the books. I feel that there is much more to Jahar than what we're shown. He's often dismissed as just a "pretty youth", yet he's one of a minute few who stand up to Rand - even shows anger towards him to his face. He also stands up to the Salidar Hall, which could not have been easy for a young male channeler. I real
  4. A Whitecloak and an Asha'Man walked into a Warders' Yard ...
  5. What a terribly sad thing. Wilson was a true Child of the Light and it was a blessing to have him in our lives. My condolences and those of the White Tower of Dragonmount to his family.
  6. A Whitecloack Warder. Oh Light. I mean - you'd be very welcome!
  7. Well I'm on my laptop not phone, but duh ... Paint .... I forgotted 🙄🤪🥰
  8. *Eyes suspiciously, then hitches her seven striped stole up* ... Welcome to Dragonmount, Jax. Might we be seeing you over at the White Tower and Warders?
  9. Oooh I love this kind of puzzle! I'm just not sure how to play this online?
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