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  1. I always loved Moiraine. I admired her courage and self sacrifice. I’ll come back to comment more later.
  2. I’d love to learn weaving with an inkle loom!!
  3. Wren!!! ❤️ How are you! Tell us what’s happening in your life!
  4. I'm new to this website but I'm a fan of  wheel of time series  it has been a awesome experience reading the books. I've only read 1 thru 8. I got #9 now on audio book 

  5. Are you enjoying summer? We are buying a house. It’s supposed to close by Tuesday! Fingers crossed. It’s an older house with hardwood floors, a fireplace, and new flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. The best thing about it is that it has a built in pool! Oh, there is a lemon tree and other fruit trees plus grape vines. I’m trying to move while I have lateral & medial tears in my meniscus. I have a good friend that is helping me.
  6. 😮 That is so... fabulous!!! I’m over here packing, and packing...
  7. Would you like to tell us a little about yourself?
  8. Nice! I hope to have more time to spend here.
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