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  1. I’m working on organizing. Leaving on vacation on Tuesday and will be back Sunday. We had a nice Father’s Day. Anyone else?
  2. Oh wow! We we just ate some zucchini from our garden and will eat some yellow squash today! Tomatoes too!
  3. Abusive language isn’t tolerated here. Please edit it. Thank you.
  4. Please follow if you have an account there.
  5. Ryrin

    June Roll Call (2019)

    I use my calendar on my phone.
  6. I’m old for a human, not old for an Ogier!
  7. Usually they can come back and the places will have covered/stored their food or will make new food. My son was outside of a “situation” for 7 hours the other day. A man had killed his wife and was holed up in his house with firearms. He was there in case any of the police officers got injured. I think he’d prefer a fire.
  8. I was thinking that very same thing!
  9. Ryrin

    June Roll Call (2019)

    Lady, you are very organized! Since I’ve retired it’s mostly “what does Ryrin want to do today?” Lol.
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