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  1. Oh, that looks so good, Liitha! Thank you!
  2. I love copper brown so I’ll bet copper red looks really good.
  3. So excited for you, Cairos!!! I’m sure you’ll do great! Stay safe!
  4. I'm glad your world wasn't too rocked by what is going on. It only adds to the difficult life of a PhD student.
  5. I had a much better day today. I took the dogs to a large park, way in the back. I ran some no contact errands. It was beautiful outside so I sat in the backyard and watched the birds. We have a wild bird feeder out there. We have already completed gardening prep so more planting will take place on Friday. My youngest son and his girlfriend made dinner tonight. Awesome tacos. They also stopped by Marie Callenders and bought a banana cream pie.
  6. I felt a bit better today. I took the dogs to a large park way in the back and we walked.
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