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  1. “Elayne had red gold curls and big blue eyes.” Wheel of Time Companion under “e.” page 242
  2. As for unexpected things .... I’m listening to the WoT on Audible. I had always pronounced Nynaeve as Ny-nave but it’s Ny-neeve.
  3. I was responding to this: “But let me address the elephant in the room: many people on Twitter, and I'm sure other places online, are freaking out over the color of skin several of these actors have.”
  4. Is Marcus Rutherford a big guy or does he have to bulk up for Perrin? 😂
  5. A friend mentioned to me that the Three Rivers was an isolated community (the back end of nowhere) & had the rare visitor from outside. It would be assumed that a community such as this would be insular and would marry among themselves and perhaps the villages close by. This would not lend to a rainbow of people. That being said, another mentioned that the actors may have done a great job in the auditions at portraying the characters. So there’s that. I think it’s ridiculous to say that it’s “racism” of any form that drives those who disagree with the casting based on the descriptions provided by Robert Jordan himself. Let’s hope these actors do a bang up job on the series!!
  6. Robert Jordan described his characters, their clothing, appearance, and cultures in great detail. That is not Egwene.
  7. Great news about the AC, not so much about the IEP. Lol. The first day of school is usually so crazy! You lived through it!! First say of HD for your son. Was he nervous?
  8. We went to the lake yesterday. It was so relaxing. Lots of swimming. We went to the chocolate/candy/ice cream store to grab some chocolate and then went out to dinner.
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