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  1. August Chitter Chatter

    I know how difficult breathing problems are. I thought my sewing class was today but it's tomorrow.
  2. Lily's Uni journey

    I am too!!!
  3. Lily's Uni journey

    I’m finding Amazon is cheaper than the school bookstore for my son’s books. Yes, it’s happening!! I wanna hear about the job too.
  4. August Chitter Chatter

    Thank you for your appreciation of my son’s work. Lady, the forest is sooo wonderful. The sun through the trees, the smell, the sounds of the birds and critters along with the running water in the streams and rivers. Lily, you are a “reentry” student!
  5. All the World's a Stage

    I think it’s likely different if it’s your career and you need the work. I really enjoy community theater a great deal. I think the arts are very important.
  6. July Hangman - Favorite Television Series of All Time

    Ok!! We have a winner it seems. Can you please choose a topic and start one for August? Thank you.
  7. Mentorship

    Yes. I think discipline is one too. Remember when Galad and Gawyn thought Mat couldn’t beat them with his farmer’s staff? Things are not always as they seem and I think that both the Warder and Mat taught Galad and Gawyn some humility and caution.
  8. 5 Ancient Stoic Tactics for Modern Life

    I will. I just need to refresh info a bit.
  9. Parenting tips

    True. Water seeks its own level.
  10. Leavetakings

    I saw that!!!