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  1. Ryrin

    99 Good News Stories in 2018

    This: 34. Costa Rica’s Supreme Court ruled that the country’s same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional, and gave the government 18 months to change it. BBC 35. India’s highest court struck down a century-old prohibition on homosexual sex, calling the Victorian-era law “irrational, indefensible, and manifestly arbitrary.” Al Jazeera
  2. Ryrin

    Hi, everybody

    Welcome to Dragonmount!
  3. Ryrin

    January Game: Favorite Stuff

    Anything on SNL Where is your favorite day trip?
  4. Ryrin

    Healers in November Discussion

    Thank you. I flew up to be with him. The surgery was successful, he had one radioactive iodine treatment, and his full body scan showed no cancer anywhere else.
  5. Ryrin

    hey everyone

    Welcome to Dragonmount!!! Have you looked around yet? Any questions???
  6. Ryrin

    January Hangman: New Year's Resolutions/Traditions

    Taking the Christmas Tree Down! If that's it, I need someone to step up for me as I'll be out of town for a few days. Darn.
  7. Ryrin

    JordanCon Anthology

    OMG!!! I'll need to get it!
  8. Ryrin

    Lily's Uni journey

    That’s the way to look at it. I did that with math and science because I really dislike those.
  9. Ryrin

    January Roll Call (2019)

    Thank you everyone for signing in.
  10. Ryrin

    January Hangman: New Year's Resolutions/Traditions

    Your turn WiFi!
  11. Ryrin

    Word Association

    Graphic arts