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  1. Date Would you rather go water skiing or snow skiing?
  2. It’s been cool here and we’re expecting more rain. Today it was nice. I went with friends to get a pedi and then out to lunch.
  3. I hate taking classes that don’t interest me. Ive had a busy week. Swimming, paint group, lunch out on Friday, pedi & lunch out with different friends today. Book club tomorrow.
  4. I’ve cut down on sodas but when I do drink them I drink diet. It’s an acquired taste. We used to eat out at lunch almost every day. Then, I switched to 1/2 hour lunch so I brought stuff. One of my friends and I used to switch off and bring lunch for both of us on different days. I follow some health foodies on Instagram and they have great ideas for making 4 lunches on Sunday. They you could go out Friday. I don’t mind eating the same thing for lunch for a couple of days.
  5. Welcome! We are happy to have you!!
  6. Wow!!! I just got Robert Jordan’s first book. Warrior of the Altaii.
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