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  1. That sounds fun! I hope we can get back to normal soon. I have heard of a baked Alaska but putting ice cream in the oven worries me.
  2. So, we can give Aspies alcohol? Can we get them drunk?
  3. Thanks, Cairo’s! We are very proud of him. How’s things going for you?
  4. We planted some cherry tomatoes and basil.
  5. Watch your step! Is Mother providing you with alcohol?
  6. Well, my friend face timed me. I could totally understand her but she sounds as if she had a stroke. I’m used to working with people who have disabilities and varied speech patterns. She wants to go home and I get that. However, I’ve encouraged her to stay in rehab and work as hard as she can. She can’t walk yet. Good news is her husband had contractors remodel their bathrooms for her and they are finished
  7. Does anyone make home made banana splits? We haven’t for a long time and I’m thinking of doing it again. When my sons were young we would have their friends over for root beer floats.
  8. Is anyone planting anything? Veggies, flowers, fruit trees? We started some cherry tomatoes and basil.
  9. You will never starve here!!! Welcome SableSage! We are very happy to have a new Green Mintee! I have no clue how I missed your welcome thread. 😉 I’m just late to the party. Here is your green chair. You can sit here while we hold your inquest. We are not hidden Questioners but we would like to get to know you. Question: 1. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
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