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Chitter Chatter - Sumer Edition 2024


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Awesome! We are finally done with the school year.

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Kansas helping a friend with her department at Naka-Kon. 😸 She runs the Cultural Events department that handles more traditional Japanese activities, as well as the opening and closing skits (the Con mascot has an actual ongoing storyline and cast of characters to interact with). 

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That sounds fun, Lady!


I had surgery on a hernia on May 2nd. Still recovering. I'm changing jobs to working for the State and making $10,000 more a year. I ended my old job Friday, and start the new one on Monday, so I have a nice week off to rest and recuperate. I'm really excited about this new job. It's still a case management position, and my new supervisor is a real gem, according to two people that I know who worked or currently work for her. The benefits are really good. $26 every two weeks for health insurance with a $20 copay, as opposed to what I had - $385.80 every two weeks, with a $25 copay, and the specialists are $10 cheaper on the copay. Then there are the actual costs for things, which was astronomical with my old job and cheap or free with the State. All in all, a much better move. 



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The job sounds awesome, Lily! 

The Con was definitely a blast. Lots of work, but a good time. Which is nice, because I'm going to be spending a lot of the summer working on developing new curriculum for work for next year. At least we'll be getting paid for the additional time since it's outside of our regular teacher contracts, so the extra income will be appreciated. 

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