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  1. Curls up I come bringing coffee and warm blankets
  2. I personally don't feel i could live under the Seanchan, at least not with who I am now and what I've been through. I'm huge for freedom and equality on all parts, which really goes against the Seanchan 😛 In the past, I think I could have been okay being either da'covale, or part of the blood. I think I could have found peace in having some choices taken away from me, it does take blame from yourself when things happen, as you didn't get to make that choice. Their military though, deserves respect as you said. It's clear that they take pride in it, as it's s
  3. I had an appointment booked for a tattoo when covid hit and it got canceled 😭
  4. I'm still holding you to that promise ^^ I have two tattoos but plans for lie 3-4 more.
  5. Arie

    I seeeeee you....... ❤️

  6. Arie

    <3 one day

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