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  1. I personally don't feel i could live under the Seanchan, at least not with who I am now and what I've been through. I'm huge for freedom and equality on all parts, which really goes against the Seanchan 😛 In the past, I think I could have been okay being either da'covale, or part of the blood. I think I could have found peace in having some choices taken away from me, it does take blame from yourself when things happen, as you didn't get to make that choice. Their military though, deserves respect as you said. It's clear that they take pride in it, as it's something, I think, unlike anything else we see in WoT. I do also appreciate some of the omens that are embedded in their beliefs. I am a believer of, if it's meant to be it will be, but there are times where certain things happen that you just know something is up in the universe that maybe we don't understand. (For instance, once I was out for a walk, and my mom was at work. My grandpa passed years ago, and birds always remind me of him. So almost at the exact same moment I found a feather, and my mom shared something on FB about lost dad's with a feather. I just truly believe my Grandpa was there with us then, or watching over us).
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  4. Do i just start the thread here? Cause Lia has been MIA from here it seems....
  5. Sounds great so far :) So What and how then. How could be as easily as running into eachother. Or your character looks lost so I help you.
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