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  1. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Asha'man Light I'm definitely a Lan fan.
  2. That's a useful perspective. I am excited by what I've seen of the Greens thus far. Just a little partial...
  3. I'm so excited to see more. The trailer certainly intrigued me and I want to see more, so in that regard in is very successful. While several things are not how I envisioned it, I am optimistic. Always interested to see how others see things. So hoping they do it well.
  4. Agreed. Atlantis was very good. Universe was...ok...but it didn't have the same feel of the other two. I've heard a new Stargate series is in development. I'm hopeful.
  5. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Asha'man Light Favorite series...Supernatural, Stargate, Jericho. That's a few of them. Favorite movies...Predator, Terminator, Young Guns. I got a lot of shows and movies I like, so hard to pick top favorite.
  6. Might as well give this a try... As Moiraine I will done a dark blue silk dress bearing the red, green, and white bars of House Damodred down the front. My hair is adorned in an elaborate coil, the kesiera chain woven into my hair so the small sapphire hangs in the middle of my forehead. I will find a good baker from whom I can purchase a variety of fruit tarts and honey cakes to bring to the festivities. Lan can assist in carrying and delivering these with me me. As to decorations, I will acquire bouquets of flowers that are in season. I will have these delivered fresh to the hall.
  7. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Asha'man Light So I am definitely Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit for the myth and magic and lore, but WoT for the grandness and scope. While LotR is epic, there is something to be said for the intricacy of WoT.
  8. (Stabs Arie.) Just a little stabbing to get things moving...
  9. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Asha'man Light While I prefer a good book, I appreciate a movie, obviously for time constraints. As to adaptations of books, I do generally prefer the source material, but can critique the creative licenses used in bringing it to a different medium.
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