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  1. Welcome to the Black Tower, idiotsavant

    Welcome to the Black Tower. Do you have any questions for us?
  2. September Roll Call (2018)

    I like the change of colors. I like the crispness that can be in the air. I like the earthy scents.
  3. Black Tower Roll Call: September 2018

    LZM, that sounds a bit dangerous. By the way, great to see you again. I don't think I've ever played canasta. I'll have to check it out.
  4. Let us know that you're here. As to a question: what game have you not played in ages, but would like to play again? I have not played pick up sticks in a long while. Thinking I might pull them out the next time my son mentions being bored.
  5. (Nibbles brownie. Sits out fresh plate of brownies to share.)
  6. September Roll Call

    Seagulls! (Stop It Now) by Bad Lip Reading makes me smile. It's a catchy tune. If I'm feeling down, I can watch/listen to this, and it makes me smile.
  7. Movie wishes

    Oh, I can think of several. I'd like to see the Ranger's Apprentice series of books turned into a movie series. That's one book series my son has enjoyed.
  8. September 2018 Roll Call

    I enjoy fall/Autumn. The change in colors can be beautiful. I like days where the morning starts out crisp, and warms nicely, and an occasional breeze to play with the various hued leaves.
  9. Adastreia

    Congrats, Adastreia. (Offers celebratory stabs.)
  10. Word Association

  11. (Takes cover and munches a brownie, watching things flying through the air.)
  12. August Roll Call

    Lazy day would be nice. For me it would be a combination of reading, video games, and hiking; the last two, with my son.
  13. Happy birthday, Mother. Hoping you had a wonderful day.
  14. Choose Your Minion

    I like the discussion. I'd thought of butterflies, but they would be limited to particular seasons and they are a bit delicate. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  15. Asha'man Uniform - Why Wool???

    The largest event I attended was at Perryville, KY. Need to get to more events. It's been far too long and I miss it. There may have been several reasons for the black wool. The black was to be opposite to the white tower, though black absorbs the heat, which sucks. Part of it could have been as another factor of ensuring only the best survived. Sounds a bit heartless, but it could be a harsh reality for them.