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  1. There's the "visit threads" and then there were visits with each Ajah, where certain amount of points. Maybe points can be replaced with an activity with each Ajah and Warder group. 1. Class with Teacher (Novice/Warder Path equivalent, at least a month minimum, can take longer) 2. Get Mentor 3. Activity in each Ajah and Warder Group 4. Chose path Aes Sedai or Warder (Accepted/Warder Path equivalent, at least a month minimum, can take longer) 5. More in depth Activity with Aes Sedai or Warder Group 6. Time to Explore to decide Home 7. Pick Home (Aes Sedai/Warder) Just some quick thoughts.
  2. I like them Arie. I do think there needs to be a visit of some kind with each group as to provide opportunity to get familiar with them, so an educated choice in Aes Sedai and Warder, and then home, is possible. Keep the tasks simple. Easy to do, but effort needed. Option to do more at their own pace.
  3. That was a fun game. I like to think that collectively we're just that awesome.
  4. At the top where you would choose which Ajah to view, you can choose Overview and it shows the latest posts as far as I can tell. I use mobile.
  5. I think there should be something to earn, and thus be proud to have accomplished. It is finding a home within the White Tower. If it's just a matter of pick an Ajah or become a Warder, then RP club may be best suited for them. But to be a part of a real community, I think there should be some path to follow. With that said, I think it can be a simple path, but there should still be effort and an opportunity to explore to find their home. The initial class is a good intro. Having a mentor is a liaison to the Tower and understanding the process. There needs to be visiting and an opportunity to go more in-depth with top choices so they can find their home. The previous points could have been a bit daunting. So we need the process, but keep it simple and straight forward. Hope that makes sense. I'm glad I joined The Tower when I did as my advancement felt like an accomplishment. However we revamp the process, there still needs to be that sense if making an effort and advancing so it can be a meaningful experience and accomplishment.
  6. This is so fascinating. I'm eagerly waiting to learn more.
  7. Mother, these are reasons why you are the ideal Amyrlin Seat. Congrats, haycraftd. It was a great ceremony. Eagerly anticipating your continued advancement.
  8. Sounds like this will be a very beneficial class. Hope you enjoy it while you're learning new skills.
  9. When you said black, black, black, green I was drawn back to my childhood playing duck duck goose. Not even sure why, but it made me smile. Thanks.
  10. Hello, Blues. Popping in to say hi. Not working on a re-read, but finally on Book 12 of WoT.
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