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  1. Might as well give this a try... As Moiraine I will done a dark blue silk dress bearing the red, green, and white bars of House Damodred down the front. My hair is adorned in an elaborate coil, the kesiera chain woven into my hair so the small sapphire hangs in the middle of my forehead. I will find a good baker from whom I can purchase a variety of fruit tarts and honey cakes to bring to the festivities. Lan can assist in carrying and delivering these with me me. As to decorations, I will acquire bouquets of flowers that are in season. I will have these delivered fresh to the hall.
  2. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Asha'man Light So I am definitely Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit for the myth and magic and lore, but WoT for the grandness and scope. While LotR is epic, there is something to be said for the intricacy of WoT.
  3. (Stabs Arie.) Just a little stabbing to get things moving...
  4. Dar'Jen Ab Owain Asha'man Light While I prefer a good book, I appreciate a movie, obviously for time constraints. As to adaptations of books, I do generally prefer the source material, but can critique the creative licenses used in bringing it to a different medium.
  5. Seriously, now. We cannot risk loosing you like this. (Reaches in and hauls Asha'man out of moat by back of his jacket.) You're not supposed to use yourself as bait.
  6. I would like to welcome our newest Black Ajah member, Arie. We will greatly benefit from her talents with our plotting and subtle nudges. We enjoy utilizing the shadows in our pursuits. For now, help me celebrate our newest member. Enjoy some refreshments, and perhaps some stabbings.
  7. We've been quiet for such a long time. Any ideas for mischief?
  8. I'm still here. The format of the "clubs" has been a frustration, but I'm still here. I'll try to post more.
  9. Welcome... Oh, lovely to have more evildoers joining us.
  10. Welcome back. Always thrilled to see folks returning to the Tower.
  11. (Stabs Lily) I wish I could D&D, but no local group that I'm aware of....so Skyrim and Oblivion for me... I appreciate all the geeky fandomness.
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