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  1. EP, welcome back. Hope you'll visit on more than just rare occasions.
  2. (Hugs her Green family) My mother passed last night. There had been months of surgeries, procedures, medication. She is no longer hurting and is at peace. Thank you all for being there to support and comfort me. My mother didn't exactly understand DM, but she knew I considered DM a home and you my family. She would often ask how everyone on DM was.
  3. Dar'Jen Ab Owain, Green Sitter My mom's homemade fudge was always a special treat.
  4. When I think of Warders, I think independent and dedicated. They are capable on their own, but are loyal to the one they are bound to, and to The Tower in general.
  5. Crafts comes to mind when I think of the Gray Ajah. They have had some great threads on hand crafts and cooking.
  6. Thinking of the Blue Ajah makes me think of fantasy and games. There was a fun choose your own adventure quest hosted here once that was a lot if fun.
  7. Learning and seeking knowledge, and obviously books, come to mind when I think of the Brown Ajah. I may be Green, but I definitely have a broad brown stripe in me. The Brown Ajah is very welcoming and open to good discussion.
  8. Bright and light comes to mind for the Yellow Ajah. I tend to think of growing things as well.
  9. Kind and logical, are words that come to mind for the White Ajah. I miss the monthly logic puzzle that Ben used to post.
  10. Welcome to the Green Ajah. Hope you enjoy your visit. Feel free to ask any questions.
  11. Keep us posted, Myst. Saying prayers for a speedy recovery.
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