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  1. June 2018 Roll Call

    I am here.
  2. Hope it's ok for me to set this up. So, glad DM is back, and that we can hang out in the Black Tower. Let us know you are here. And as for a question, what is your favorite summer pastime?
  3. June Game - Animal Train

  4. June Game - Animal Train

  5. June Game - Animal Train

    Hey, folks. Was so happy that DM is back, and that I'm able to get back on and see you all. Bear with me as I am sick, and work is draining, but I am here. And now time for the June game. Hope you have fun. So I list an animal, the next person lists an anal that starts with the last letter of the previous animal, and so on. Ex. Tiger Rattlesnake Elephant And so on... So, hope you have fun, and let's get started. Alligator (Next animal needs to start with an R. Have fun, guys.)
  6. [GotAK] Animal Personifications

    I like these. I'm sure there are some that may be more familiar in one region than to another.
  7. [GotAK] Animal Personifications

    I like sloths, but they are very slow. I've heard busy as a bee, but busy as a beaver is possible too. I know beavers have amazing building skills. Wise as an owl, is another phrase that sticks out for me.
  8. Hello folks. (Sets out plate of fresh brownies.)
  9. [GotAK] Animal Personifications

    Animals have been used to personify particular traits for ages. Perhaps some of these are more accurate than others. I am sure you have heard terms like, quiet as a mouse or sly as a fox. What animal personification do you like the most? Which do you think are accurate or inaccurate? Feel free to share with us your thoughts on animal personifications.
  10. Welcome to the Black Tower, haycraftd!

    Welcome to the Black Tower. Enjoy your time in Scotland, and best of luck with your studies. You sound very talented in Traveling if you are able to snag a phone and be gone so stealthily. (Shudders, thinking of drinking cell phone.) The tainted brownies are tasty here.
  11. So many cute fuzzies. I miss having a snuggly. Though admittedly, he was more scaley, I do miss it. And yes, beardies can snuggle. Nice shirt, Songstress. I'm guessing that is another series I should put on my To Read list.
  12. Welcome to the Black Tower Oddpositions

    Welcome to the Black Tower. Hope you will enjoy it here with us. Oh yes, we like brownies, and other tasty treats. My favorite desert, besides brownies, would have to be pecan pie. Mmmmm, you mentioned caramel. That sounds very tasty. I'm currently in Book Nine, first time through. Looking forward to when I can do a re-read and find details I missed the first time through. Good luck with school. So, besides baking and reading, what other interests do you have?
  13. May Roll Call

    Star Wars fan (mainly original trilogy). Fan of Han, and for villains, Vader.
  14. May 2018 Roll Call

  15. Black Tower Roll Call: May 2018

    I am here. Last movie I saw, actually in the theater, was Infinity War. I saw it with my son. Signing in is just that, stating your pressence. Answering the question, would be providing an answer to the question asked. Seems pretty simple to do both.