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  1. Vexed by this new game of sentence starts with a letter, but I like it.
  2. Welcome. It is always nice having someone to pester. *dunks THTC in chili*
  3. True, business cards, why I don't know. The person below me is afraid of spiders.
  4. True, three cats. My family used to have dogs as well but they passed due to old age. The person below me likes to play video games.
  5. True, yeah lunch. The person below me likes animals.
  6. True, This is what i get for staying up so late. Baka. The person below me like to put jigsaw puzzles together.
  7. Rest and relaxation are nice to do while it is quietude. Edit:(not sure i used that right)
  8. Oh I see, you are a clever son of a gun. I am not sure i would have gotten it so quickly if not for Cindy. Z
  9. Here. I know it can get to be around a 100 F (40C) but generally it stays in the 90 F during the summer
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