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  1. (Hugs Lily) Miss you too. So my son and I are officially on the lease at my dad's apartment. After fearing we were being forced out, we were added to the lease today. Been here 4 years, but it's official now. So that's a blessing. Work has been overwhelming, but thankfully tomorrow is Friday. And I'm blessed to be able to work from home, so trying to see the positives. Trying to find out how my son's school year us going to start. We've chosen on-line at least for the first quarter, but still waiting to find out how this is going to work. Hope you are doing well.
  2. I am here. I like The Ways. It was fascinating to consider how they used to be and how they had become corrupted by the times of the series. Definitely like the ideas of the gateways. Just open, step through, and close. But they could be dangerous. I think I would most likely enjoy the more "normal" mode of travel by horseback.
  3. I can see those as legitimate levels for viewing literature. I'm sure I've even thought of it in similar terms as I've read certain things.
  4. (Ponders about the coffee, due to Lava's mischievous grin.)
  5. August 5 is the birthday of the lovely @Lessa Nikia Here is a tasty cake And a new dress Hope you enjoy.
  6. Good luck with creating more space in the garage, Lily. Two days of mandatory 30 minute lunches. At least tomorrow I get an hour. I'm looking forward to it. Might manage a short walk before getting back on the phone.
  7. Not the "whole" book, but there's definitely a lot of clothing references. I'm wanting to design a resource for regional clothing. I really want to design an Illian dress, and so that inspired this. Today was a very long day for "work", but I survived. Glad you got a short run in.
  8. You belong to horned serpent. Named after a ‘great horned river serpent with a jewel set into its forehead,’ the house of Horned Serpent is inspired by the creature that Ilvermorny founder Isolt Sayre had a special relationship with after her arrival to North America. The house represents the mind and favors scholars of intelligence, diligence, and logic.
  9. Welcome to another Harry Potter Week in the Blue Ajah. I'm assisting with some if the festivities. You can take the The Ilvermorny "sorting hat" - American Houses test here : https://www.buzzfeed.com/themadhattertwo/what-is-your-ilvermorny-house-3gbsc or here : https://www.magiquiz.com/quiz/which-ilvermorny-house-do-you-belong-to/ Feel free to share your findings.
  10. You can do it, Lily. Today I'm starting a re-read of WoT and taking notes. I'm watching for clothing references.
  11. Hope you are ok, Ryrin. Enjoy the swimming and BBQ. Wish your son happy birthday for us.
  12. I can help if you need me. Just let me know.
  13. (Hugs Elgee) Sorry to hear all this, Mother. Thinking if you and hoping things improve.
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