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  1. I loooove chocolate covered gummies
  2. We used to g hundreds of posts a day. Now one post takes ove a minute. And there aren't enough people to make the new goal or any goal. you don't have to give up, but it's mathematically impossible and annoyingly slow to even try.
  3. It's not worth it. It's too slow and too shaky and there aren't enough people. It was fun while it lasted and much spam was completed. RIP thread.
  4. And autocorrect is clearly beyond salvation
  5. Well more things are working for me today, but it comes and goes and everything is very slow. Notifucations are different.
  6. Sorry, didn't realize where I was when I could post again. Carry on with your scene 🙂.
  7. I'm afraid you'll have to do it without killing fellow BTers. We're running low.
  8. Oh I can post again too. *shields Illian from doing very naughty things to other humans with the power*
  9. I think this was the last night for king cake cause lent just started
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