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  1. The Tainted Times - January 2018

    Ya that's the impression I got, and yay for simplification. i just wanna see some soldiers. We're pre-last battle here.
  2. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Chocolate Discussion/Questions

    Slovakia? Estonia? Kazakhstan? Are we at least number 11?
  3. Welcome to the Black Tower, failemandarb!

    If you Go Light! The laziness may be permanent
  4. Earth = Giant Stedding

    They're not dumb questions. Some of them are answered in interviews and some of them are never really answered. Theoryland interview database is a great place to see what the author(s) actually said about some things and to get frustrated at what they never quite said.
  5. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Yeah they were just stupid and random like most of them
  6. Earth = Giant Stedding

    Ok well that's impossible for me to c/p properly - search theoryland interview database for terms Finn, ghenjei, etc. RJ didn't say that much about them and BS seemed confused about them.
  7. Earth = Giant Stedding

    9 INTERVIEW: Jun 10th, 2010 Plot Related Q&A With Maria Simons + New MAFO by Luckers (Verbatim) LUCKERS This is also from one of Brandon's hash outs with Matt from Theoryland. In it Brandon speaks of the nature of Parallel Worlds. Ok, my request for clarification is mainly concerned with that last paragraph—specifically it left me confused about whether Brandon is speaking about Parallel Worlds or Mirror Worlds. Brandon seems to lump both in together, describing some as shadowy, some as solid. Brandon describes the Finn world as THE Parallel World (we also know the Ogier world is a Parallel World), but in the same paragraph Brandon seems to define it as a persistent Mirror World of some form, and grants that same allocation to the world Rand and Lanfear visited in The Great Hunt. MARIA SIMONS Cut Brandon a break, here. I had to look it up to make sure that I had which one was which correct. The 'finn worlds are Parallel Worlds, the Ogier world is a Parallel World. The place that Lanfear, Rand, Loial and Hurin went to was a Mirror World, as were all of the ones in the Portal Stone incident. LUCKERS [Sorry Brandon! I am an uber geek and get carried away and never meant to attack you! Mea culpa!]
  8. Earth = Giant Stedding

    TED HERMAN Are they related to Tel'aran'rhiod or do they control Tel'aran'rhiod? ROBERT JORDAN No. TAGS aelfinn, eelfinn, finns, finnland, tel'aran'rhiod, souls, ghenjei, parallel worlds, 5 INTERVIEW: Sep 3rd, 2005 DragonCon Signing Reports - Matt Hatch (Verbatim) MATT HATCH The Finns reside in a Parallel World, is that correct? ROBERT JORDAN Yes. MATT HATCH Okay, so are Parallel Worlds and Mirror Worlds the same thing? ROBERT JORDAN No, they are different. MATT HATCH Okay, well then do Parallel Worlds have their own reflections? ROBERT JORDAN Possibly.
  9. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    omg the autocraps on this site
  10. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    :) welcome. i gardened in a similar climate for a long time. challenging but rewarding.
  11. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    Oh and Johnny jump ups are nice, a little weedy but sweet
  12. I want a garden and will pay with points.

    I can't manage images except from my own photos here yet, but things I've grown in a zone 3-4 (cold winter, short growing season) garden that were blue and worth the effort to me included: blue potatoes - prolific, easy to grow, fun for kids to dig up, replant themselves, and tasty onions, chives, etc., all have blue flowers. Butterflies love onion family flowers. irises - gorgeous and grow well
  13. Saidin Classes for BT Members

    I'm sure you'll be able to join this one soon, or the next one if not
  14. Welcome to the Black Tower Terra

    lol you know me well
  15. Welcome to the Black Tower Terra

    Actually, while the GLotD provides much, black tower brownies are full of tainted goodness, and are thus a product of the light. But we share freely with our shadow brothers.