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  1. Why Moirraine? (Spoilers, be warned!)

    In the reality in which the books take place, she's the first adult woman he meets, is a mentor and protector, doesn't bed him, and is an appropriate mother figure. As was nynaeve. It would be a while before he met the aiel. Nothing wrong with a lot of badass women watching out for you.
  2. Wait, we're letting folks in without vetting them on princess bride?
  3. you're welcome. i wonder if so,e of the othe problems are just not knowing how to do stuff yet. I don't meant the ridiculously complicated notification workarounds or the obvious glitches, but maybe other stuff? yesh I think we need some kind of user manual or faq.
  4. Why Moirraine? (Spoilers, be warned!)

    He was a motherless child. He needed moms.
  5. (Down bottom left of the reply box you see click to choose files; click and it lets you choose your photo library, pick a pic, tap it to upload, then save the post and it's there) yeah the img code hasn't been happening for me. Neither is media code but I finally figured that one out. I need a user manual for the site :/.
  6. Aes Sedai oath question

    It's addressed in knife of dreams. Robert Jordan answered it straight out in an interview but it would be a spoiler for you atp.
  7. What is the best quality of the Ogier?

    I think those things are more at the core of what they are, creators and builders. If you asked an ogier they'd probably say they enjoyed that kid of work.
  8. This may be just something I haven't figured out yet, but it seems nearly impossible for me to post a picture that isn't in my own camera roll. The only workaround I've managed consistentkynis (why would autocorrect come up with non words again and again? Consistently is dammit) a screen cap and that's often something I do not want to do.
  9. The Tainted Times - February 2018

    Yay! Thank you!
  10. The Way of Kings

    I love 18th and 19th and earlier novels. David copperfield is brilliant.
  11. @Elgee you use the @ and start typing a user name. It pops up users for you to choose from, and you choose the one you're calling. for most people, they get a notification that they've been tagged in a post, and they come check it out. for at least one person I've spoken to, @blank, she doesn't get the notification that she's been tagged. which is a shame because it's one of the most useful new features imo.
  12. What is the best quality of the Ogier?

    Ya, I get that, I just don't think it's their best quality
  13. What is the best quality of the Ogier?

    They could have left and taken the story. Everyone ended up battling in the last battle but that's not something I enjoy in books, and it's not among their best qualities to me. They're giants and they can swing an axe. Sure they can come with a chopper to chop off a head. Meh, most anyone can. I really think their purpose im this hero's journey and piece of lit and all is the classic one of the witness. That's their main reason for being.
  14. I see the newest posts, from any threads. I don't see the newest threads. I see someone necroed a thread here or posted in a mafia game there, but what I'm interested in are the new threads that have been posted. I can get the new post information by looking at the main forum, it doesn't need its own frame.
  15. I could add a frozen (that's what it made of "few dozen") things to the formatting issues, like the way it randomly inserts emoji or text corrections where the cursor ISN'T, or the bizzare autocorrect red t that creates errors (I'm leaving that "red t" in by way of illustration), but I think it all falls under the bad text interface category.