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  1. Also you may want to tag everyone in the Ajah in one of these threads because I didn't even know we had a board till I went looking today
  2. Is that necessary? Or is it something that creates a sense of onus in people that causes them to be repelled by the board in general? we get a lot of burnout here.
  3. I get that people have a history of not wanting to make things easy here but looking at it objectively, we lost a huge percentage of people with interest in the WT by requiring a very work like class, and then a lengthy leveling up procedure. if the board wants traffic, if it wants to be a place people come for socialization and entertainment, I really think that all needs to change. the more things are like a job the less people will want to hang out. It's a different world, and people use the internet differently than they used to. we want to welcome new people who may only be familiar with a TV series, and we don't event know what that Tv series will be like yet.
  4. I thought I created the new library thread? was that a dream Lol? Maybe. i don't see a way to post on the private board?
  5. Wednesday is back to the dentist day. I hope this doesn't go on for months.
  6. Keith Richards has some pretty tufted ears.
  7. But is it blue black or brown black or red black? Cause black black isn't that easy to accomplish
  8. I'm good with any of the northern guesses
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