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  1. ok I see the class reqs here are the reqs for raising being hammered out still?
  2. I share my babka with tubby and toddle him off to the shadow
  3. Demandred it is then. Seems like a silly system where you have to speak the words but there ya go.
  4. These are really well done, and it's a shame people are missing them. Thanks for doing this, I am enjoying it,
  5. Can I ask... how far back would you go to hide a pic? Like first second page or anywhere? its just so slow trying to load pages here. Maybe I'll try on the chromebook later 😕.
  6. Demandred is such a loser but unless he was snuck up on and didn't realize the spell caster had to speak... but he could have been snuck up on? And destroyed? or is the battle more of a planned thing so no sneaking?
  7. Though the Nazgul don't seem to have much in the way of real power beyond fear ... they also seem pretty much unkillable. The worst you can do is unmount them iirc barring ring destruction. so... ya, nazgul.
  8. Not my favorite character but... I know him lol. And he seems ridiculously powerful so... ya. Fain.
  9. You know who didn't use it well was that one episode in the last season of GoT when they started really fighting the deaders and everything was so dark you couldn't see what was happening. We rewatched it recently and I think they went through and lightened it up because it was much easier to see what was going on. I think they meant the darkness and confusion to make us feel the darkness and confusion of battling or maybe just to save some money, but it didn't work.
  10. Oh no, hungry tubby! lets make you a nice peanut butter and jelly French toast with a side of ham. back to the shadow you go with your syrupy sticky little paws, dawww.
  11. Awww poor tubby... have some fresh bread and butter and back to the shadow with you
  12. That's not a page turner ayup. I'm listening to the outlander series. It's better than I expected. And indeed, every cat and child in my family since my mom started reading these when they came out has an outlander name. They thought I'd never read them but now I know.
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