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  1. I stopped coming around because I can't get into the new site. and now I peeked In hoping to find an iota of comfort because I expect I may never see most of my family or any of my friends again and I live in fear every day. and people say things like so what only 2% of us die and our economy will be broken and I am so filled with rage and disgust and sadness and disappointment in humanity because I never really learn no matter how many times I see it I don't learn... I don't want to know there are humans who think this way. maybe you'll still feel this way
  2. How could they not have kept the ogier? Aside from being the witness narrator role in the story, they're probably the most important fantasy trope.
  3. I'd them to make the black tower what it should have been, strong. After the cleansing a powerful ally and second half of the white tower. A check and balance for it, not just some weird side story that ends with open plot holes everywhere.
  4. I think you had very close to the right guess and I'm pretty sure I guessed the letter you had wrong so just giving you the opportunity to guess the puzzle if you still want to. ill guess it if you don't want to anymore.
  5. So... we don't know the raising reqs anymore unless we mentor someone? And people sign up without knowing what the reqs will be? Or am I missing something?
  6. Awww tubby, why they leave you so hungry? I better feed you up better so you don't get hungry so fast. how about a nice roast turkey with stuffing and mashed taters and gravy, hmmmm you need some fiber too so how about some buttered Brussels sprouts... and nice jellied cranberry sauce, very tasty... oh, and delicious warm rolls... with pumpkin pie for dessert. that should fill you up and make you nice and sleepy for the shadow sitters... be well little tubby...
  7. Poor tubby ? I will feed him a whole loaf of bread and butter and send him back to the shadow.
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