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    I LOVE teaching! I greatly enjoy the English language, and the Spanish language, and want to share my love of this with all the kids I can!

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  1. Jea - Archers Stay safe Cairos - don't stress too much about us, we're doing what we can to hold down the fort. Or, um, the tavern at least.
  2. @Shad_ I haven't read anything WoT since 2015 when I finished the series. I joined a FB group for the TV series and man, I've forgotten..... a lot 😳
  3. So Paolini is writing more but I don't think it's Eragon's story anymore. Not sure if it's in the same world. I believe the title is "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars"? I never finished reading Brisingr and never started...is Inheritance book 4? Idk I lost interest in Brisingr for some reason. May have been my college reading load impacting my personal reading time though. I will be putting LOTR on my bday wish list but that's November. Gives me time to finish my mission by then (ha - 40 books by November....right....)
  4. And all the other readers of the book tell me that you MUST read the unabridged edition. I was informed of this about 80% of the way through reading an abridged copy. And yes, it has been tricky navigating social distancing with a 3year old. He doesn't get it. He loves giving family hugs but, thankfully, not as quick on the draw with complete strangers lol
  5. Agreed! And....I still got nothing for a WoT based drinking game lol Other than, y'all better keep the liquid in your cups but take a drink with every post. *finds Cairos's stash of MG Brew* Should have found a new hiding location there MG. *takes a small sip before replacing the stopper* Not taking any chances this time!
  6. Oh no! Stay safe MG and....enjoy more virtual alcohol?
  7. Yep, keeping our fingers crossed for a June 2021 visit! And with the civil unrest here now, Lake of the Ozarks is definitely yesterday's news. I'm home full time for summer break now, won't have to return to work until August. Places are starting to open back up and I'm hoping pools will open soon as well so I can take the kiddo and not be cooped up inside all summer! That would be the correct Lady Susan film! And we watched the version where Jim Caviezel portrays Edmond Dantes.
  8. @Cairos still waiting on my MG Brew! Need it for those thought-provoking juices lol
  9. Oh, Toleda was amazing. We got to visit as part of one of our program excursions. I went with Academic Programs International - they were amazing and incredibly helpful all around! I also really enjoyed visiting El Escorial. We also had excursions to Cadiz, a flamenco night (amazing) Yeah - Lake of the Ozarks got mocked a bit after I mentioned that. I'm in Northwest Missouri in one of the cities on the Missouri River. I've done pretty good with staying home except for grocery shopping and the times the school district insisted we go to work (twice per week from mid-March to mid-May, that was....annoying). There's a movie for all of Austen's books. Her writing is decent and I've always enjoyed her style. I finished Monte Cristo. Apparently I had an abridged copy though so will have to read the umabridged edition someday. Watched the film too and that was....frustrating lol I'm now reading the Hobbit and have determined that movie Bilbo was not appropriately preoccupied with food lol
  10. *returns from her quick shower, hair still soaked and smiles back* No worries, I found a way to get clean and out of that sticky mess! @Cairos I'd like a proper MG Brew now, if you please? It should assist with creating this WOT-inspired drinking game....
  11. Update on my reading - Read Alexander Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo. Discovered half way through that my copy was abridged so will schedule a reread with an unabridged edition. Now working through Tolkien's The Hobbit. I think I may DNF Queen of the Damned....I dread picking it back up but might try again when I finish with The Hobbit.
  12. I've seen that Paolini is working on more. I'm currently on a personal challenge to read all of the books I already own and we don't have Brisingr or the fourth book so, I'll add those to my list of gift ideas to give to family since they never know what to get me lol I always forget that Ender's Game is actually part of a series since it works as a solo novel as well.
  13. I....I got nothing. *digs out another MG Brew, just regular brew this time, and downs it*
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