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    I LOVE teaching! I greatly enjoy the English language, and the Spanish language, and want to share my love of this with all the kids I can!

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  1. Hip hip hooray for duolingo! I have the app send me a daily reminder to practice, and that usually helps me stay a bit more consistent. My faltering is when I get sick I was on like a 30 day streak and then became basically an invalid last week with a UTI turned bladder infection turned almost kidney infection and could do nothing but lay there and sleep. But now that I'm all better (hooray for modern medicine!), I'm back to a 5 day streak and plan to hit the 30 day streak again soon, especially with being stuck at home so much right now. We're waiting to decide on the trip until the end of April. I know this pandemic came in like wildfire and shocked a lot of systems so I' m hoping that in a month maybe the world has figured it out? For now, keeping our fingers crossed for sure!
  2. Realized this past week that the school is mostly made of cement bricks. That might be hard to sterilize by fire? Things you realize when there are no students distracting you every five seconds.....
  3. *pokes head in* Whew, safe to enter, had to make sure everyone was six feet from the door!
  4. I think 12 is a good round number - does reading the novel I wrote myself in 2015 count towards my goal, I wonder? 1. The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice (2/3 complete) 2. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand 3. The Twin Blades by myself
  5. I've been practicing Italian on Duolingo! Love that app! You can use it on your phone or on any web browser and it's 100% free (just add some ads to suffer through at the end of each lesson). I also use this to stay brushed up on my Spanish skills. The plan was to use it to be ready for my trip to Europe this May/June but not sure sister and I will get to keep our trip now 😢
  6. Navigating teaching remotely when no one knows if we can really hold the students accountable for the assignments we're giving them right now so, keeping it simple and not going crazy with assigning things (some short stories and a novella). Other than that, enjoying some reading, relaxing at home, probably going to work on some writing as well.
  7. I've been using so much lysol spray and clorox wipes #teacherlife Although, schools are currently closed for me until April 3rd and doing distance learning but teachers must still report to the buildings so.....yeah, strange times we're living through! I'm sure sterilization through would work pretty well though. Hmm....
  8. So, about those Brews.....I know, I know, I should've taken better care of them and all that, but we needed people back in the taverns and, well.....oh who am I kidding, we figured a new and better recipe 😉 *slides one over* You'll notice we're not nearly as steadily active as we used to be, but at least people are around! Be sure to give the baby extra snuggle. I miss the snugly days - now I have to chase mine for snuggles 🤣
  9. 😲 Dude - go back to snuggling that adorable new baby of yours! We got the Band handled 😉 But....I can't promise others won't try and kidnap ya 🤣
  10. Thanks! Today's the official anniversary - we celebrated early since I'm busy with parent teacher conferences this week 😞 Also, I was never super close to Kristine but it's super sad to hear of any member of our community passing 😢
  11. Lav - planning and wishing both lead to kidnappings lol And thanks, we enjoyed our time having a child-free evening to just roam the town and eat out and all that stuffs!
  12. Survived the second full week of school of the new year....barely lol Doing a night out on the town for an early wedding anniversary celebration (kiddo is staying with my parents and he's going to have an absolute blast!) so we're excited it's the weekend! Hubby is getting a blood draw this morning to hopefully get a better premium rate for life insurance than the last one we got.....our initial quote was for $25/month but after the blood test they said it'd be $100/month because nobody told him to fast for it and his cholesterol numbers were astronomically high. Bank account has been better though - been using YNAB (a budgeting software and mobile app) that has done wonders for our financial life!
  13. Oh, it was mainly that I wasn't the best team player at times - I was 100% against any type of mention of drinking in my younger days....then I shipped myself off to Europe and changed my ways a bit! And, there's no way you're going through all the threads - there's just too much!!
  14. Um, how far back did you go? Because younger me was a bit.....different lol
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