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  1. I looked and looked and found no option to edit my original post but had updates to make so this is my solution!
  2. 1 - Done 2 - um uh excellent question but I first joined in 2006 and legit do not recall 3 - Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah
  3. Jeannaisais, Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah I'm just glad I didn't have to teach any high school kid's on April 1st because that's always a dicey endeavor lol
  4. The book goes much further with some of the psychological aspect, especially in regards to Ender's reactions to what is being done to him. It's been a bit since I've watched the movie but that was what I missed the most from the book was Ender's thought process. Which is, of course, the most difficult thing to show in film format. Other than that, the filmmakers did a beautiful job with the story. They did leave out some of the Peter/Valentine subplot, but that didn't bother me too much.
  5. @Arie That's awesome on the essay about that! I have copies of Animal Farm in my classroom but I haven't even read it myself yet. Took me a hot second to get through The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin, then I raced through Red Rising pretty quick (I noticed I read books written in present tense faster than those in past - shrugs). The Crown of Gilded Bones releases Tuesday and I'm sure that'll be a pretty quick read for me since the first two were. Her prose can be repetitive but the characterization is on point and I need to know what happens to those characters. And then I'll be w
  6. Oh I started Jemisin's The Fifth Season, the first book in The Broken Earth Trilogy and.... those first few chapters are a bit trippy but intriguing. I'm curious to see how the story progresses from here.
  7. That is awesome!! I love it when a book becomes the catalyst for turning a non-reader into a reader 🥰
  8. I have read the main seven of Throne of Glass, just picked up The Assassin's Blade this week. Some of Maas's books in that series I really enjoyed - I believe my favs were actually Tower of Dawn and Empire of Storms (yup, I said it, I enjoyed Tower of Dawn because I liked the new world building and cultures explored there, plus Yrene is my favorite lol) That's awesome on starting FBAA! There are definitely critiques I could make on it, as there always are, but I am definitely excited for book three being released next month and that is the first book I have ever personally pre-orde
  9. You're right, it probably does exist somewhere! Also, just updated by book challenge post to add that I *finally* completed Feist's Magician: Apprentice. Had no inclination to pick up book two, but then my husband told me that book two has much more magic and now I'm intrigued lol However, I need a break from Feist so I picked up Jemisin's The Fifth Season and decided to start Maas's The Assassin's Blade, alongside my reread of Ender's Game and Hamlet as I teach both of those! I'm so ready for summer when I can really up the reading consumption again - work takes so so
  10. Hmm my favorite thing about fantasy novels.... is probably the fact that they're so far from reality but still feel so real. And, of course, magic and fantastical creatures are the best lol And hey, totally makes sense on not wanting to read a book if it's genre isn't what you typically enjoy - there is nothing wrong with that! I read it because it was recommended to me by several people who raved about it. I, too, am not usually big on romance but there was enough of the paranormal fantasy elements to keep me intrigued!
  11. I am still trudging through Magician's Apprentice. It hasn't sunk claws into me but it's not so dull that I don't want to read it - I can set it aside for an entire week before pulling it back out though. And that's funny about the FBAA series titles - the writing is decently paced and seems to pull you along even though it's definitely not as creative and beautiful as Sanderson or Jordan could do, if that makes sense.
  12. Lurking mostly - I get email updates when folks respond to threads I've commented in before and sometimes I forget to pop in and *actually* say something.... Work has been up and down with teaching full time face to face and trying to convince high school students to keep masks on as the district now requires but... it's all in a day's work lol Reading has been a great escape from reality, as has been getting back into some creative writing 🙂
  13. Harlem Renaissance is the best! I did a presentation on Alice Dunbar-Nelson and really enjoyed her "April is on the Way" poem. In fact, Harlem Renaissance poetry is probably my favorite type! I don't teach seniors but I had this year's group of seniors last year. She was also a part of the group I sponsor and was always helping out with things around school. One of those kids that almost always had a smile on her face and would say hi to you every day. She's missed, for sure. I have the first three of Stormlight but am just not ready to dig in to that world yet. I think
  14. I find I often get disappointed with standalones because if I enjoyed it, I want more! So I would have to say series so I get to hang out with the characters for much longer!
  15. 1 - Crafting that writing style would be more difficult than just reading and responding to the questions but, alas... the plagiarism happens 😢 2 - Prefacing means setting up the story, doing anticipatory sets to get students in the right frame of mind for the time period and the characters. We discuss who Fitzgerald was as a person, we review what the 1920s looked like for all races by reading pieces of Harlem Renaissance literature before digging into The Great Gatsby. These are all things I didn't do well with Fahrenheit 451 this year and will need to make adjustments for next
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