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    I LOVE teaching! I greatly enjoy the English language, and the Spanish language, and want to share my love of this with all the kids I can!

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  1. I'm sure the dust will settle eventually and we'll all just have to be patient! Any more of those MG Brews floating around?
  2. No idea about a Moscow Mule, but I sure did miss having my secret stash of MG Brew lol I'll just have to pester Cairos for more 😉 But those flaming shots have always been perfection! Any other threads we were planning on moving over - just curious for regimental purposes how that's going to look here (probably too clunky for my liking but I will still be active and get over it).
  3. Ah congrats on the little! Movement is good for a healthy pregnancy - when doctor approved of course! I worked out up until the day I was induced but I lived an active lifestyle before the pregnancy. And I'm a high school teacher so there's not a lot of sitting down on the job (well, I'm not the kind of teacher that does anyway). Hooray for MG brew and um, Cairos - wasn't you that asked me what that was a few weeks back? Be careful with the stash, it takes a while to replace if I recall correctly 😉
  4. My workouts keep me sane lol Seriously, I'm not sure who I would be without them! Every morning, I get some type of workout in - I'm a cranky beast if I don't.... Thanks for the flaming shot Thane!
  5. Well, it's 5a.m. here - gearing up for my early morning workout but I'll still take a virtual flaming shot 😉
  6. Spent this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana and had some pretty awesome food and some not so great food. Went to a pizza restaurant and meh - salad was not that great because they're vinaigrette was too bitter for my liking. The pizza itself was burnt but not beyond eating (we were starving though). Maybe I shouldn't judge on pizza though considering it was a Gluten Free crust with no cheese because I'm allergic to gluten and dairy (it's okay, I'm good with it now lol). Went to a Bru Burger Bar and I got SUPER excited that they had gluten free buns and vegan cheese. Had the BEST salad of the weekend, then a lovely 'cheese'burger and it was AMAZING! Liquid nitrogen vegan ice cream: yep, that happened. Yum! Name = Sub Zero. Food trucks - we tried BBQ but should have gotten tacos. Also had a vegan vanilla gluten free cupcake that was super yum!
  7. I never officially signed back in on this page but I'll take option 1 😉 I'm an archer through and through!
  8. Teacher me loved the organization we had going - for all of the Social Groups! I can see why all the different threads might be overwhelming but in a way, not sure this is any better. I don't like how there's a 'feed' of what's happening when. And sure thing, just let me know when/where I can help!
  9. My issue is that it feels SUPER clunky and unorganized. The previous one was so nice and neat - I knew there would be a switch but didn't think it would *this* different. I'm here to help keep up activity and can do things to help out if absolutely needed. It's been quite a few years but I did hold pretty much every major leadership role within both my regiment and the Band as a whole throughout my tenure (I'm okay with those who are currently in charge as well, just saying I'm here to lend a hand if needed).
  10. I will also take a flaming shot - maybe it'll help these new 'forums' make more sense?
  11. Yes, some sentences are quite odd - I've flagged a few and mentioned that they don't sound right in English or that they're illogical. One was about a cat jumping into a bathtub and.....yeah, that's 'normal' lol Hmm I'm very new to the podcast world and mainly using it for personal development at the moment (teacher ideas, side hustle things, budgeting, etc.).
  12. You will have to put up with some ads but yep, completely free and they have SO many language options. I studied Spanish in high school/college and studied abroad in Granada, Spain in 2011 - I use duolingo to help me not completely use the language. I'm nowhere near as fluent as 2011 me was at the end of my stay in Spain but I'll get back there 😉 And i need to look into some of these literature podcasts being mentioned. Right now I listen to Chalene Johnson, YNAB, and have been looking into some teacher podcasts, oh and Darren Hardy.
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