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    I LOVE teaching! I greatly enjoy the English language, and the Spanish language, and want to share my love of this with all the kids I can!

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  1. Welcome to the Band Aisling!! I'm a few states south of ya lol In good ole Missouri.... but I have family up in Minnesota so have been to the Great Lakes area a few times. So pretty! And, Scotland sounds exciting to visit! I have so many places in Europe I still want to visit!
  2. Jeannaisais, um last I knew rank was Aes Sedai lol, Brown Ajah Looking forward to? Idk every day is survival mode here because I'm a high school teacher that's currently 100% face to face and worried what'll look like if we don't stay that way
  3. Cake sounds great and, like the others, been here/lurking/involved much longer than a year. I think I first joined in 2005. Think. Idk. High school me didn't care about dates and adult me isn't much better lol
  4. I rambled, but I do that sometimes. My academic and creative writing is much more nuanced than just plain old me writing 😉
  5. Right?! Though, I lean more towards ice cream than plain chocolate lol I'm 20% of the way through Dracula right now and... it's been a tough one for me to get into by I'm getting there.
  6. Ah yes, percolating, perfect. Love it. Howdy @Phaedra We do like peeps, but we really enjoy our books and chocolate. And tea, of course. Darn, it's too close to bedtime for tea for me here but I shall enjoy several delicious cups on the morrow!
  7. Y'all, it's been too long again. What should be my drink of choice to get drunk after the first full week of in-person face to face teaching with minimal health and safety procedures? Asking for... ahem... a friend....
  8. Aaaaahhhhhh not August, never August make it go back to July k? thanks! Jea - Archers
  9. Glad to hear you're doing well @Cairos! @Taymist That stinks that so much of your usual annual income won't be coming in 😢 As for how I'm doing.... I'm a high school teacher... in a small rural community... who acts like they're immune to the world around them. We head back 100% in person with students on August 24. No requirements for how the desks should be set up, or if students and staff should wear masks. Just a reminder to stay home if you're sick and, if not, come on in because it's time to get back to school. Which, to be fair, in many ways will be good for us all BUT, makes me a tad nervous at the same time? Idk we'll see how it goes. My largest class at the moment is only 12 students so, that's a plus?
  10. We got a bartender? Huh, that's new. So, um, where they be? 🤣
  11. Jea - Archers Stay safe Cairos - don't stress too much about us, we're doing what we can to hold down the fort. Or, um, the tavern at least.
  12. @Shad_ I haven't read anything WoT since 2015 when I finished the series. I joined a FB group for the TV series and man, I've forgotten..... a lot 😳
  13. So Paolini is writing more but I don't think it's Eragon's story anymore. Not sure if it's in the same world. I believe the title is "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars"? I never finished reading Brisingr and never started...is Inheritance book 4? Idk I lost interest in Brisingr for some reason. May have been my college reading load impacting my personal reading time though. I will be putting LOTR on my bday wish list but that's November. Gives me time to finish my mission by then (ha - 40 books by November....right....)
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