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    I LOVE teaching! I greatly enjoy the English language, and the Spanish language, and want to share my love of this with all the kids I can!

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  1. And this: http://botrh.proboards.com/board/181/training-game You should be able to read the boards there but probably can't post anything.
  2. I can probably find the old proboards again and since I was MG when those were running, I think I still have admin access over there! That and, my brain since I've played the game a time or two 😉
  3. Live one?? Old school? What have I gotten myself into.....and, uh, I will be double checking those rules are accurate before we begin! *thinks about pouting that she isn't getting anything special for the joust, but remembers that she has some mean flaming arrows and a beautiful bow - Ingoria is totally ready to dominate this joust 😉 *
  4. If I set a reminder to check first thing in the a.m., I always get some "comp time" during my morning routine, but I'll have a tad more time on Saturdays and Sundays as Monday-Friday I run a pretty tight schedule! @Taymist Um....what's with the hiding from me....? I've got a pretty mean bow stored up to battle Dice with 😉 @Cairos Hopefully you can regain access to the Campfires - lots of good info stored there!
  5. We can start whenever - DM used to send me e-mail updates about posts being responded to but haven't had that happening now so probably need to check settings and we can decide on a turn time limit before the other can double up on turns? Give each other a week at a time perhaps? lol I'm hard pressed to sit and eat in peace during the week much less have time to get on DM (especially since it's blocked at work *le sigh*). Once I'm home, it's cook dinner, wrangle toddler, collapse of exhaustion, wake up and repeat! #adulthood...yay?
  6. I'd definitely be up for a joust! Might be good for Lav to watch one first - they can get quite involved. I wonder if that dice roller page still works....hmm It's been a hot minute since I've done a joust but I'm sure I'll remember the vast majority of how it works lol
  7. The jousts were tons of fun - I'd love to do them again as they're great for those creative juices lol And you can tag people in posts now? Wow! Maybe they'll show up!
  8. *sits down with a flaming shot, watching the folks fight over the new recruit* Lav - we archers are relatively quiet. We sneak in at the last second and convince you that we're the best. We do have the best drinks after all 😉
  9. Not sure if I have to include a video link but currently listening to kiddo watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 - he just met his mom lol
  10. The best way I've always found to get back into reading is to reread one of your favorites - you know what to expect but you'll fall in love with it again and be more likely to search after a new book!
  11. I really enjoyed the first novel in the Mistborn series, the second just arrived yesterday and am certainly eager to dive in!!
  12. Waiting on Zanatron to agree the archers make the best drinks lol
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