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    I LOVE teaching! I greatly enjoy the English language, and the Spanish language, and want to share my love of this with all the kids I can!

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  1. I had some good and some bad for 2019, overall wasn't too shabby! Hoping for an even more amazing 2020!!
  2. Hmm - do you remember a specific location you went to in Spain pretty well? You could do a review of that! Like an overview of the city you went to? I'm curious where you went - I studied abroad in Granada, Spain in 2011 and LOVED that place. Going back in May/June this year! 🥰 Lol nice! That's a logical number of levels I suppose.
  3. Haha SAME! DM used to be one of the first places I would visit....now it's my budgeting app.....or Facebook 🙄 Need to break that habit, for sure.
  4. Crazy how quickly the holidays are done and over! Going back to routine always feels sad too 😢 Good, but sad at the same time.
  5. Jea - Archers Become a published author before my birthday (November 15), re-lose the 10 pounds I gained last year using a water first, veggies most approach with my fitness, and become consumer debt free by December 2020 (or sooner) while still cash flowing my Europe trip with sister. @BridMorgan @Cairos and @Taymist - I've been in the whole 'helping people with weight loss gig' for a while so let me know if I could help at all! I do everything at home and still enjoy treats within reason!
  6. It's okay, at least we get to steal you back ;) holidays/school year gets INSANE! I've been dealing with a variety of illnesses between the three of us as well, bleh.
  7. Hooray! That's awesome! It's definitely relieving when you get the job you were hoping for, and that is in the field you studied! Congrats on getting the job!
  8. Works for me!! Now I can't recall if I'm supposed to give you another task...yes, you're supposed to get one from me that would lead to points. If I recall correctly, you already did JoTS verses for your MG task, yes? If not, you can do some verses on the awesomeness that is the archer's regiment. If yes, write a review of a concert, restaurant, or vacation you have gone to/taken within the last year (give or take)!
  9. Thanks @Lavandula and hmm....naming contest for the drink....I was thinking "Rose Lily" to honor the brotherhood of the lily and the brotherhood of the rose - the two avenues for archer's to take once they have chosen their regiment and are working on choosing their weapon of choice.
  10. Not sure @Cairos has made an 'official' announcement anywhere, but he asked me to step in as Archer CG for the time being and I agreed to do so!
  11. I guess by 'lost' I mean stopped? It's all in good fun though!
  12. I need to pull this app back out and freshen up on my Spanish and learn some Italian before I traverse those two countries with my sister this coming May/June! We're hitting London, Seville, Granada, Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and Venice! Super excited (and while I love to hear about other's fav places in Europe, our agenda is set and already quite tight as we're doing all of that in just 13 days from arrival to departure!!) Also, I used duolingo as a supplemental activity when I taught Spanish!
  13. I'm not sure either lol The toddler interrupted me at level 12 and I lost!
  14. So close to meeting my goal - I've got some reading to do in the coming days!
  15. A glass of tea, what a wonderful idea! Will definitely help these stubborn sinuses of mine! And, we always practice virtually first, right? lol
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