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Chocolate Week: Delivery Service!


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most of you know how this goes, but a reminder and for those who get to experience this for the first time. 


welcome to the Brown Ajah Chocolate Delivery Service! 


the only place, the only time in the year that you get to send anyone on the boards a happy thought and some chocolate. here's how it works: 


if there's someone here you'd like to give a chocolate to, simply PM me,  provide their name, any message you wish to send and whether or not you want your name attached or wish it to remain anonymous. once i get it their special treat will be posted here with a tag for them to come see their surprise. 


its a great way to send some love. and it'll be open for business ALL week long. so come on! 


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13 hours ago, Cross said:



My old friend, I'm so grateful your path has led you back to us. You're bringing so much fun and wisdom to me personally, and to the WT/W! Lots of love, from Elgee.


prompthunt: **knight in armor, hyper realistic, 4K, armor is chocolate chip  desert camouflage and he's holding a gun, chocolate chip desert camo, tri  color desert camo armor

Thank you Elgee!!


And I don't know who picked that image but it is awesome!

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@Kathy Campbell  Thank you for providing us all this wonderful space to relate, be more than a little whacky, and develop precious relationships. Everything that goes on behind the scenes can be stressful and we all appreciate you and what you do.   -WT/W


Italian Flourless Bittersweet Chocolate Cake - Torta Barozzi - cook like  james

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