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  1. Hey, the New Kids On the Block were awesome when I was 13. Lol! And that's probably the last time I cared about boy bands. Never have I ever...been able to eat cornbread that didn't have sugar in the recipe. (Sorry, native residents of the Southern U.S. But I feel like it tastes like dirt. )
  2. I'm a redhead, so...there's that. Lol! *tackleglomps Myst & Tal* Hi!
  3. I would definitely go into a book shop that had this on its sign. Or, at least, I'd be very, very tempted to. Lol!
  4. Hi! I found this today and thought you lot might get a kick out of it. (Big pic warning!)
  5. Yeah, that's how come my family member's records were so good. Lol! She and her family are LDS.
  6. I have a family member that recommended Rootsweb to me too when she learned I was looking into family history and such.
  7. Oh, I'm sure there is someone impressive in your family tree somewhere. I had to go back almost 400 years to find mine. (Ancestry.com and good record-keeping on the part of other family members helped a lot on that.)
  8. Edward Fuller, his wife, and their son, Samuel Fuller, were the ones listed that I am related to.
  9. It's funny that I should find this thread now. ("Funny" as in interesting, not "funny" as in comical. ) I've recently sent off my "preliminary lineage review" form to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. I'm waiting to hear back from their historian now.
  10. I've recently learned that we can't get Kinder Eggs in the U.S. (The gov. decided they posed too much of a choke hazard for small children or some such. ) But my husband has been experimenting with a dark chocolate semifreddo recipe. Still trying to figure out how to get the texture just right, but I think we nailed the dark chocolate flavor. Last time he made it we used a Ghirardelli 86% cacao dark chocolate to give it the dark chocolate flavor. It worked! The recipe he used is on Food.com.
  11. I doubt he'll have a reliable bedtime/wake up time for a long time, but I'm rolling with it. Bedtime is a moving target like that. I rescued some books that were laying out on the lawn next to a dumpster at my church the other day. I think we rescued them just in time too. It rained really hard last night and they most certainly would have all been ruined. Looks like some old coffee table books for the most part, I think.
  12. Sorry. I'm late to the party. Happy wedding, Jea! <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3ZCRZmQtio
  13. *sigh* Well, the last two nights have kind of shot any opportunity for reading to bits. Bubby randomly decided he wants to change his sleeping schedule. *headdesk*
  14. What little bit of Elantris I've been able to read so far I have really liked. I just wish I didn't get interrupted so often. What is this "Goodreads" link in your sig, Basel? *pokes at it apprehensively*
  15. That sounds like an interesting book. My reading is going slowly too, though that's not unusual for me, even before baby boy was born. I only recently finally finished off Towers of Midnight. I've just started Elantris though! (And yes, I am kind of pleased with myself for that. Ha! )
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