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    Some knitting, mostly crocheting, assorted geekery, WoT (obviously :P ), my three cats, my son, and my husband. ;)

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  1. Hey, the New Kids On the Block were awesome when I was 13. Lol! And that's probably the last time I cared about boy bands. Never have I ever...been able to eat cornbread that didn't have sugar in the recipe. (Sorry, native residents of the Southern U.S. But I feel like it tastes like dirt. )
  2. I'm a redhead, so...there's that. Lol! *tackleglomps Myst & Tal* Hi!
  3. Yep. You're a proper cat owner when you realize that the cat is in charge. Worth it though. I'm glad to see that he's on the mend.
  4. Mirshann Uuranor, Aes Sedai, Gray Ajah. Poll: Do we have time for a poll? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] What? [ ] Tacos There. I helped.
  5. Oh, Elgee, I'm so sorry about your kitty. :( I just lost one of my kitties to illness about 3 weeks ago. Hang in there.
  6. *snorts awake* Heh? What? Where? *mutters something about Gray and Aes Sedai-ness and resumes snoring*
  7. Mirshann Uuranor, Gray Aes Sedai, and some other stuff and things that I'm too tired to remember right now. I'll think about Christmas after we move and after Thanksgiving. I've got too much on my plate to worry about it any sooner.
  8. When did Dar become Jigglypuff? Aw, man. I hate when that happens.
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