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    Some knitting, mostly crocheting, assorted geekery, WoT (obviously :P ), my three cats, my son, and my husband. ;)

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  1. Just as well. Someone may or may not have also stolen your pants. Relatedly, the M'hael's garden is looking nice today, don't you think?
  2. So how are those new socks working out with only your right shoes?
  3. Nothing a few cinder blocks and some boards can't fix.
  4. *ponders storing guitar picks in Talmanes' socks*
  5. Took you long enough. Lol! Oh, and I totally have nothing to do with your missing socks. *innocent*
  6. Yep. You're a proper cat owner when you realize that the cat is in charge. Worth it though. I'm glad to see that he's on the mend.
  7. Thanks! *hands out cupcakes and all the left shoes from Talmanes' quarters* Oh, look at the time! *flees*
  8. Here-ish. I dunno. I guess chicken, in varying presentations. We seem to eat a lot of chicken at home. And, of course, desserts. Always desserts.
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