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    In the next year I intend to do more photography, stamping and scrapbooking and improve my Welsh.

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  1. ooo - it's way too long since I've read the books really - I used to know loads of this stuff lol
  2. so I have this colleague who works in another office who is really getting on my nerves becuase they keep asking if things 'should' be done when it's actually up to them to decide that. Any advice how to deal with them?
  3. see there's never any gravy left when we do a big roast dinner, as we mop it all up with potatoes lol! those bacon wrapped veg look awesome too
  4. sweet potatoes and marsmallows? like the things that go in hot chocolate?
  5. Come share what you are thankful for Share your favourite foods or come play a game! https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/106562-gray-ajah-thanksgiving-whats-in-a-side-dish/
  6. you just have to find the right shop. Some markets have them as well * nods*
  7. I'm in. As much as I don't know much about traditional Thanksgiving food lol
  8. Welcome everyone to the Gray Ajah Thanksgiving event! When the threads are posted I will pit some links here, but if you want to sau hi in here that's fine too 🙂
  9. take all the skin off first or you'll burn your fingers
  10. Moghedien for the pure sneaky sneakyness of it all - I'd love to be behind the scenes, prodding people along.
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