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    If it's geeky I probably like it, and if you can add pink and make it girly then even better!

    In the next year I intend to do more photography, stamping and scrapbooking and improve my Welsh.

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  1. yeah, I've got them to about a stich or so and thought they had enough stretch in them it probably wouldnt matter too much! soaps is not something I've ever made though I love the thought of making something that smells just the way you like it.
  2. ahhhh, that's cute. have you made soaps before? @Maera this is where I am at with my little squares- still getting the hang of making them the same width lol
  3. It will be lovely to have you @Maera just be careful not to trip on all the yarn, I haven't had a chance to tidy!
  4. today i am very greatful for painkillers. without them I would ha e probably gone back to bed, but my headache is gone so I cam actually do something with my weekend
  5. that's a good idea, combine learning amd practice, but also not doing millions of squares of the same thing
  6. this is my little curly square lol and now I've sone some googling I have remebered that there are diffferent names for this stich in the UK and in the US. which I should have expected really *shakes head*
  7. I found my little bundle of crochet last night. I was looking for something else and came across the little baggy. Inside is a few thingys of yarn and my hook and things, and two and a half squares that I can barely remember making. I think I was going to make a blanket, so I will be picking that up again. The only trouble will be I can't remember what I was doing - it doesn't look quite like a normal crochet stitch- it might be a double lol.
  8. That's fantastic news, and a great way to round out the year/ start off a new one!
  9. ^ actual pic of grays when one of us needs a hug
  10. sung like where is Carman San Diego I hope
  11. Today I am wishing all my DM family a lovely Christmas
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