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    If it's geeky I probably like it, and if you can add pink and make it girly then even better!

    In the next year I intend to do more photography, stamping and scrapbooking and improve my Welsh.

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  1. Hello my beautiful sister!!!! Not even time and distance can separate us or keep you from my heart!!! I LOVE YOU 

    1. Elaevia


      A Wild Gudrean Appears!


      Hellllooooooo *hugs tight*


      *lays out a trail of cookies to lure her in*


      Once a bonded, always a bonded 😄

    2. Gudrean


      *follows trail of cookies* *gobble*  ....  *gobble*


      I'm getting so excited about all the things up and coming for The Wheel of Time. I've been watching all the movies the actors are in to get a feel of them. What are your thoughts on the main 5? Of course I love Josha and i'm sure the other 2 guys will do great. I wasn't sold on the girls at first but i'm warming up to them. aw well, we shall see. I love you and miss you and we need to video chat and catch up ...realllly soooon!!!!

  2. we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the Gray Ajah, it would be Grayt if you could join us! 😄
  3. hiya, welcome to the site! Generally we are definately up for discussion, as long as behaviour meets our Code of Conduct, so doesn't get personall to other users etc. There is also part of the site that is more social, which is the groups part, where lots of non-Wheel of Time stuff takes place. If you can maybe say exactly what it is that you don't have permissions for that maybe you should, one of the admins will be along to soet it out/ tell you what you need to do to get access?
  4. Thanksgiving celebrations have started in the Gray Ajah...... we'd love to see you all there ?
  5. this is really stupid but I can't find where the bit is to put in sigs in this new place - is it just cos I'm on mobile at the moment ?
  6. ooooo I had loada of notes on this, I think I got rid of them in my recent move though. Grand Mentor: I think Christine (Gray) Mentor: Leala (Blue then White) Me: Gray Mintees: Cindy (Brown)
  7. I wouldn't have the time to do it justice I'm afraid
  8. *hears the sound of people being creative* *walks in the door* *sees an assortment of body parts* errrrrr
  9. I find myself a little bit reluctant to read non-cosmere because I'm thinking 'surely this can't be as good as cosmere'. Is it? That being said I've read Snapshot and really really enjoyed that.
  10. hope everythings ok! I haven't read anything White Sand / Sixth of the Dusk related, but have read all the others and their short stories. I think.
  11. that's awesome! I always assumed you were a WoT reader first blank, lol I think I feel the same Cindy - it was only fairly recently that he became more widely available here
  12. I love mistborn era 2 most. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that Stormlight is what he will be remembered for, and it is brilliant, but it's not as easy to digest lol I like the way era 1 has been built on, and Wax and Wayne have some of my favourite interactions
  13. It's good to see it goes both ways, as it were. Ah Asmodean, do you think they still think 'I wonder what happened to him'
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