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  1. I did a double blink at that - I don't think they even read a wikipedia article let alone the books 🙂
  2. with the dragons and the belt buckle..... that's awesome!
  3. the most important question is do I start my reread now? or wait for more of the early character cast announcements to be made to so can start picturing them in the story as well?
  4. am starting a new Today I thread!🙂🙂 Today I am also getting distracted and lurking in all sorts of casting discussions across the internet, and am fed up of work!
  5. I would love to see Sean Bean as Lan 😄 or have him as a random villager / towns person at some point...... have him exchange maybe two lines with someone in a tavern...... all set up to be a main character....... then trollocs attack and next we see him he's dead and gone already 😄
  6. To be honest, the book covers are not an accurate portrayal of the contents. For instance this scene never happens. Does Perrin use a shield? Where did that head band thing come from? Not sure Mat was waring fancy shirts at this point and Rand certainly wasn't dressed as some sort of noble with a nice clean white shirt thing. I was kinda glad when the UK editions changed cover style as I didn't really like most of this sort of one, despite it making my book shelf look odd. Though I love most of the ebook cover art, accurate or not. I can honestly say I have been influenced by the covers, my own bias about fantasy as a genre, and my tendancy to skim personal descriptions (so it's took me longer to recognise certain characters than it should have done) but I don't think any of the casting decisions are bad ones, and I can't wait to see how they will look in costume. Back to the casting: Marcus with an axe over one shoulder, Barney peaking out from under a hat, Josha working the sword forms. I can completly see Zoe staring down the village council. I think I'm having more trouble with Madeleine because in the head shot they are using she is the only one not looking at the camera, but maybe that's a 'looking for adventure' type shot. I am excited because each time we get information like this the series is actually getting realer to me.
  7. Welcome to the Gray Ajah – kick off your shoes and curl up on a sofa to relax and have a chat. Book Grays are mediators and diplomats, but you will find the Gray here on Dragonmount a bit different as the site has it’s own moderators and admins. Here, the Gray aim to create a tranquil haven from the outside world. That doesn't mean things are boring – indeed we can get quite animated when talking about our passions – but there is no drama here and it’s a place for discussion, not debate. Many Grays drift in and out of Dragonmount, as we are usually a ‘doing’ sort of person– art, writing, crafting, gardening, studying, crochet, baking, cooking, photography ....... the list of our hobbies is almost endless. Not only do we like to share our own with you but we love hearing what others are getting up to and being inspired by each other. We put a little bit of ourselves in every cake we bake, scarf we knit or plant we grow: and love to share these with others. Our activities are done with meraki: passion, dedication and enthusiasm. We are not adverse to a bit of fun, but if you want to spam please start your own thread instead of derailing someone else's. If a member of the Gray asks you to stop something, please respect them as if they were admins as this is their home turf: just like everywhere else we adhere to Dragonmount’s Code of Conduct. For any queries please contact: Head Clerk: Elaevia Sitter: Cairos
  8. as long as we all agree on the general scope of the tasks, so we don't inadvertently make it 'easier' to get the credit for one compared to another. It might be good if they could come up with their own task: start them thinking of what is most appropriate and really get to know the different ajah's / disciplines. Though of course with people on hand to give ideas / set a task if they need help.
  9. awww, cute kitties no furries at the moment I'm afraid - they lived short yet happy lives stuffed as full of sunflower seeds as they could be
  10. oohhhh thank you! how are the kitties doing?
  11. @Crossoh, Mint choc icecream is great, it's one of my favourites. I have the shorts and skirts out too, which is nice for a change yep @Mashiara Sedai things go missing, but the cookies survive! cookie are eternal! @Mrs. Cindy Gill *glomps mintee close and stuffs an throws an extra cookie her way* It's good that you have AC though. I spent quite a bit longer in the supermarket the other day because it was lovely and cool in there
  12. So this is the new place, is it? *Peeks out curtains, runs finger across shcelf looking for dust* Well, it feels a bit weird and empty, but I'm sure we can do something about that. I'm not quite sure where the Gray kitchens are, bubbles of evil and all that, but that never stopped me before! Cookie anyone? What's going on with you? We are having a period of warm weather here - not as sweltering as the heat wave that hit Europe a few weeks ago, but just warm enough that I wish I were in a beer garden with a nice cold drink than in a stuffy office!
  13. I did it! It was a really good atmosphere - lots of people at the start and people came out of their homes on the route too - the little kids were particularly cute holding their hands out for high fives on the way past. I was really proud of myslef that I ran the whole way, even up a really steep hill bit, and managed a time of 37 and a half minutes. Wohooooo!
  14. Well, I don't think I'm lean exactly, but I can now run a 5k! The programme is really good, but the suportive people in work have been the best bit, particularly went we got up to running for 20 minutes. I couldn't have got this far without them. I can now run a 5k in about 43 - 45 minutes. A bunch of us have signed up for a race in a couple of weeks and I would be very happy if I could do it in 40 minutes.
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