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  1. March 2018 Roll Call

    something chocolaty. or a really really nice vanilla.
  2. lighter evenings so i don't have to walk home in the dark
  3. Elayne's lifespan

    I think Cadsuane will keep to the Oaths - to separate them from the Kin maybe. I think if there were to be a change it would happen in the future both to accustomise Aes Sedai to the notion (they not being great embracers of change) and for everyone else. I think Elayne would rule for a while, make sure she has a competent successor (whether that is her daughter or granddaughter) and then renounce the throneand go off and research ter'angreal for the next 2 hundred years.
  4. Perrin an Aes Sedai?

    I was always amused at Egwene's amazement when Perrin just showed up out of the blue with all this knowledge and competence in the dream. I mean, we as the reader knows he has been going there for a while, and can do things like following people, but she doesn't. So she's ready to give a 'this place is dangerous' lecture (or maybe she does? I can't remember) and he just shrugs a bit like 'I know what I'm doing and have to be off cos I've got my own stuff to do.' I also had the impression that Aes Sedai think dreamwalking is related to chanelling, but the Aiel dreamwalkers - some of whom can channel and some can't - show this isn't the case.
  5. I've taken this as our Dark One deciding she has a new minion! Welcome Lord Luc
  6. February 2018 Roll Call

    I don't care as long as it is less wet
  7. Hi, welcome to Dragonmount! Head slaps a plenty around here - I'm sure you'll fit right in :)
  8. Hiya , WoT's up?

    Hiya and welcome! There are plenty of places to have a water balloon fight in the social groups - and some places to hide from them as well, lol
  9. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Valentines Day Riddles

    a kiss? (though I'm not sure about the lieing and buying part!)
  10. Brown Ajah Chocolate Week - Chocolate Delivery

    Just butting in to say this is for @blank who is working so hard to find such tasty treats for everybody
  11. January 2018 Roll Call

    post in roll call on time?
  12. Looking forward to being told to RAFO!

    Hi, welcome! You sure do have a lot of reading and a lot of finding out to do
  13. sorry, this isn't ground breaking enough to make you read it twice!
  14. Just one single favourite scene? No way! :) Mat turning up at the Stone, Mat with Snakes and Foxes, Rand in the pillars, Perrin forging his hammer, and those scenes in the border tower: "we hold until we are relieved". I have them all bookmarked for quick reference :)
  15. The Ultimate Battle of Wits [Me'A November Game]

    thanks for the heads up verb and ithi