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    If it's geeky I probably like it, and if you can add pink and make it girly then even better!

    In the next year I intend to do more photography, stamping and scrapbooking and improve my Welsh.

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  1. Today I am hoping my DM and Gray people are safe and well.
  2. Today I get to be off work for 4 whole days and can't wait for the sleeps
  3. nice pizza rolls sound good too @Lavandula I used this recipe @Elgee https://bakingamoment.com/easy-homemade-croissant-recipe/ you sliver the butter and mix it in to the dry ingredients, then add the wet. you still have to chill it a bit and roll and fold a few times, but there is no rolling a big slab of butter out or anything. Gives you lots of flakeyness pretty easily. when I get these right I'm going to add chocolate too 🙂
  4. I made crossiants for the first time today. I know the areas I want to improve but they weren't as difficult as I thought and omg I am so proud of myself
  5. well Ì can probably tell you how not to do it lol
  6. oh, I am still working on that! doing lotsa little squares and will sew them together.
  7. well, on top of learning crochet, playing around with photoshop and digital art I want to dabble in editing some game footage and I randomly thought of learning morse code!
  8. candles? four candles? handles.... for forks. sorry, this is where my mind went. I have no serious suggestions for you.
  9. Good Luck Cairos!!!!! I've just done a rollout of a new process at work and I am sooooooo tired of being asked the same questions again and again lol
  10. hello Lavandula, glad to see you are getting comfy. In the last couple of months I've thought of about 6 new things that I want to learn / do and I don't know where I'm going to find time for it all.
  11. yeah, I've got them to about a stich or so and thought they had enough stretch in them it probably wouldnt matter too much! soaps is not something I've ever made though I love the thought of making something that smells just the way you like it.
  12. ahhhh, that's cute. have you made soaps before? @Maera this is where I am at with my little squares- still getting the hang of making them the same width lol
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