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    If it's geeky I probably like it, and if you can add pink and make it girly then even better!

    In the next year I intend to do more photography, stamping and scrapbooking and improve my Welsh.

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  1. Hello my beautiful sister!!!! Not even time and distance can separate us or keep you from my heart!!! I LOVE YOU 

    1. Elaevia


      A Wild Gudrean Appears!


      Hellllooooooo *hugs tight*


      *lays out a trail of cookies to lure her in*


      Once a bonded, always a bonded 😄

  2. Today I went on a run for the first time in months
  3. nooooo I love looking at pictures of brownies almost as much as I like eating them! 😄 and it's great that you could put them together in just that extra ten minutes - sometimes baking / cooking can be offputting because it takes so much time, but it doesn't always!
  4. you can send me the cake of you like @JamesBrown lol this is what going to a workplace used to be good for: you could have all the fun of baking, keep a bit for yourself and then give the rest to the ever-hungry people in the office.
  5. ooo, that's a great idea! it's great to see people using what others have shared in the receipe book 🙂 I do both, but baking is more for pleasure, to make something that's a treat and a bit different.
  6. yes, that was so cool. plus, this week I went from awwww to yay to noooooooo to ooooooooh
  7. oh god, my mind has gone complelty blank!! I can't remember what this was!!!
  8. Yes! nom nom nom nom nom. Time for one more? yeah, let's go! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _
  9. It's just a little thing but right now I am Thankfull for my bed. I was hunched over the computer at work all day and back / shoulders were aching (I know! bad posture!) but my bed is very comfortable and despite that I got a great nights sleep.
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