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  1. I think I may have made the wrong impression. So I'm going to suggest you think of me as... Well, Luc, in the early book 4, 'hero' of Edmonds Field/Two Rivers. No need to shiver at my name, I'm totally not going to kill anybody. I'm also intrigued by the fact that you swim in food... and spray each other with tequila? Anyways, seriously though, I'd love to join the pack.
  2. Lord Luc

    November 2018 Roll Call

    New, but may as well not miss the role call. November felt a lot slower than October
  3. Lord Luc

    Join the Clan--Sign Up Here!

    DM Handle: Lord Luc Timezone: GMT -8 What does "honor" mean to you?: Honor is undefinable, it is a value, a virtue for yourself. To me, honor is a morality system, where there is respect for others, to earn the honor after losing it is harder than gaining more because honor is respect, but respect is not honor. You should just look at my great respect in Edmonds Field in early/mid-book 4, let's not talk about my... Wolf habits.
  4. Lord Luc

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I murder cross because of their harassment of Illian, a faithful servant to the Great Lord I'd assume. And to question somebody who questions your question is just too much question for me. *stab*
  5. Lord Luc

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I murder Cross for claiming I disrespected their Ajah, when I speak only truth, Mordin . And if you wish for me to not disrespect your Sedai status, then become the Keeper of the Chronicles and then maybe, you filthy, dirty, witch. My point still stands. Just to make sure your dead, a little *stab* in the brain can't hurt can it?
  6. Lord Luc

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I murder cross for being a Brown Aes Sedai, the most filthy Ajah's of them all, along with being a filthy witch, it's just disgusting. Even a yellow is better than brown *shivers* I'd kill a Sedai any day over those wolves.
  7. Lord Luc

    November 2018 Roll Call

    November has been incredibly slow for me, and to answer the question, N/A. Just cheese, but if I HAVE to choose a topping, Ham, a.k.a. Canadian Bacon. Also *stabs Moon Sedai* No Sedai will leave my sight without a stab in the back, you filthy witches :)
  8. Lord Luc

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I murder Illian for being a Master of time when there will be no time when The Dark One rules and those who served them well will be rewarded with great power.
  9. Lord Luc

    Mass Murder: The Person Above Me

    I murder the person above me for being a Tar Valon witch even if they're Black Ajah.
  10. Lord Luc

    October 2018 Roll Call

    Almost missed it, but I've already worked for a small haunted house run by my church which was fun, as much as I'd wish to go big, the best I can do is try to scare the little children.
  11. Lord Luc

    September 2018 Roll Call

    I am looking forward to Fall, or Autumn, and especially Halloween, at this point, I just love scaring the kids. Love going to the super decorated houses, and have been looking at helping out with them, my church runs an awesome little festival for its members with different games and 'attractions' one being a 'Spook Alley' which I enjoy helping with. And afterward a Trunk or Treat, so all in all, definitely looking forward to it, and also, if you couldn't tell, yes I'm here.