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  1. September 2018 Roll Call

    I am looking forward to Fall, or Autumn, and especially Halloween, at this point, I just love scaring the kids. Love going to the super decorated houses, and have been looking at helping out with them, my church runs an awesome little festival for its members with different games and 'attractions' one being a 'Spook Alley' which I enjoy helping with. And afterward a Trunk or Treat, so all in all, definitely looking forward to it, and also, if you couldn't tell, yes I'm here.
  2. Ah yes, which is one of the many reasons I was thinking about it. I don't like the idea of being a Dreadlord, however powerful, converted by a rite, nor a Shadowspawn, a mindless creature of brute force, but more, a Sly, cunning hunter. Which makes it seem more and more like the group I'm going to apply for will probably be BA, once I get 100 points, that is.
  3. I'm tied between Moghedien, Ishmael, and Rhavin. I'd love and have played the part of being behind the scenes, pulling all the strings when others think it's themselves, but I'd love the idea of apprenticing under who I believe was the original Nae'blis and learning a little about the True Power and how to use it. But learning Compulsion would be very useful for many purposes.
  4. *Stabs the people above me very carefully through the spine* How did this thread get so off topic? I made this cause I was curious about different peoples opinions and what they think would fit the persona for their current faction! XD
  5. I've already seen why you pledged to Shayol Ghul, but why did you choose your group, Black Ajah, Dreadlord, or Trolloc? As I near being able to select one, I'm curious what different people think of theirs. Personally, I've been leaning towards Black Ajah, as I don't like to think of myself as a Monster, even though some may due to my, over excessive wolf killing habits. So what do you think and why?
  6. I joined, because well, I've always been a fan of the villains, and here we aren't villains, were normal people spreading what some would call evil, around, to me, things like hearing the death howls of wolves and being a man of two souls, no other cause would suffice for my talents. *stab*
  7. August 2018 Roll Call

    None of the above apply to me
  8. I'm here, also I love me some Mexican food, carne asada to be specific. But don't forget evil, I'm working hard to be able to chose a inner faction *stab* easiest just to kill wolfs
  9. June 2018 Roll Call

    I've been inactive lately, but I'm back to slay some more wolves *stab* I'm here as well.
  10. The Meadow

    Mhmm, I'm just looking in here, I am technically a wolf, yet I'm also the slayer, my sides are conflicting, yet this meadow brings peace. Hows it going peeps? These flowers do smell nice *curls up under a tree*
  11. Two Truths and One Lie - Shayol Ghul style

    Killa lets here you lie
  12. April 2018 Roll Call

    Present! *stab* I'm sort of late, but if I was earlier, I went to Utah and did some awesome laser, uh I mean, True Power tag, (laser is light, AVOID IT)
  13. March 2018 Roll Call

    I am present. Mint Moose Tracks. Also, I feel like this month needs a little more evil now that the winters finally lightening.