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    High fantasy literature (reading and writing); pro wrestling; heavy metal music (especially female-fronted); history (Plantagenet, Tudor, Stuart, etc.); mythology (Greek, Roman, Norse, and Celtic); comics (anything involving Phoenix and mutants!); video games (single-player RPGs); DnD 5th edition; Dagorhir battle games (sword, spear, or bow, depending on my mood); cosplay; and Goth/alternative fashion.

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  1. What are you hoping to do with your degree? I used to be a support group co-facilitator for NAMI several years ago before I drastically changed career paths. Congrats! And good luck and all that. ?
  2. I'm just horribly disappointed that we never saw Logain and Taim's first meeting, and their early days at the Black Tower.
  3. I've seen several threads devoted to Logain vs. Taim and their respective strengths in the Power, but this one is purely subjective. I'm just curious: which false Dragon's your favorite? Mine's Mazrim Taim, but it's a close call. (This was originally supposed to be a poll, but my phone derped, so.)
  4. For men, my answer is Mazrim Taim, hands-down. "....a physically powerful man, with something of a Warder's deadly grace. Shadows seemed to follow him as though half the lamps in the room had gone out. Not real shadows, but an air of imminent violence that seemed palpable enough to soak up the light. Taim radiated danger the way a fire gave heat." 'Nuff said. Closely following the M'Hael are Logain Ablar, Moridin, Demandred, and Mat. I largely prefer men, but I still think Birgitte and Aviendha are hot (although Birgitte is the only female WoT character I consistently like as a person). Also Min, to a degree. Nynaeve strikes me as being more beautiful than "hot," TBH, but I like her, too.
  5. So I accidentally bumped into a random guy outside GameStop and muttered under my breath, "I have t'oh." His eyes lit up, and he said, "Be my gai'shain!" Yeah, I'm never using that one again....
  6. Asha'men, grill? XD Are you by any chance the person who posted the "Asha'man, grill!" joke over on Tumblr? 'Cuz I reblogged that recently. LOL.
  7. Hi, there! I'm Jennifer K. Barry (Ayend'an over on Tumblr), a 29 year-old pro wrestling manager-in-training, metal music journalist, and proud member of Team M'Hael. My favorite Wheel Of Time characters are Mazrim Taim, Logain Ablar, Moridin, Demandred, Asmodean, Mat, Birgitte, and Nynaeve (in that order). I would say that I'm part Birgitte and part Moridin (I act/speak like Birgitte and think/feel like Moridin - sans omnicidal impulses, of course); I'm also Nynaeve when I'm hangry, but that's besides the point. XD I would probably belong to the Green Ajah (I participate in a lot of combat-related sports, so I like the idea of a Battle Ajah) if I had to choose, but my allegiance is really to the Black Tower; I just relate to the Asha'man better. Oh, I was wondering how everyone feels about thread resurrection? I've been lurking here on Dragonmount for a while, and there are several older topics I'd love to bring back, but I just thought I should check before pulling a Dark One on ya'll. XD
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