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  1. Welcome back to Black Tower! Getting people added to the private boards is at the top of my to-do list.
  2. Paneer . Well spiced.
  3. The Way of Kings

    It was fully non-fiction but kinda interesting. At least fulfills my goal of reading non fiction. I personally recommend Small Gods by Terry Pratchett if someone just wants to get a flavour of Discworld without worrying about timelines and characters and stuff. But I would second reading in chronological order if reading the whole series. Its just easier to read it that way and might be a good way to realize why Watch books are great. This reminds me I should read the rest of the books starting from Wee Fee Men
  4. Seeing this feels sad after having my facebook timeline flooded with spoilers and friends bringing up spoilers in random conversation.
  5. What is the last movie that you watched? 5 points for signing in, 5 for answering. Bonus question (no points involved): What do you think is the difference between signing in and answering and in which case you are doing only one? The last movie that I watched was La La Land yesterday because I was passing by my friend's room and another friend was explaining how well shot that movie is.
  6. The Way of Kings

    I am thinking of starting Sapiens next because someone keeps recommending that to me.
  7. Black Tower Roll Call--April 2018

    I am trying to pass the finals too (most of my classes have 50% weightage on finals so...), especially electrical technology. I have no idea why my college thinks that it's a good idea for everyone to study that. After that...wait, it'll be summer before I have time for myself :(
  8. The Way of Kings

    One of my reading goals for this year is to read a classic and read a piece of non fiction. I think I should change it to read anything because I am still on my first book of the year.
  9. Flowers , pretty flowers everywhere
  10. Check In - NEW DM Role Call

    *looks around* This place looks familiar
  11. November Roll Call

    Little cut while cutting fruits
  12. Workshops?

    I am learning Photoshop and video editing and various steps in filmmaking. I would be interested if someone does a workshop on that. Elements of art sounds fun. How to choose colours, how to make things out of basic stuff, etc.
  13. It's still a few minutes left in my timezone but in some parts of the world, it's already November. So, here is the Roll Call. Question: What silly superpower (that only affects you) would you want to have? 5 points for signing in, 5 for answering. I would like the power to change clothes or get dressed in an instant without effort.
  14. Because I am hungry And because I needed to mention food.
  15. Because I am hungry And because I needed to mention food.