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  1. *watches from corner* I wonder if it's safe to come in
  2. It is oversaturated with 90% of employees being unemployable. A lot of large companies rely on being the source for outsourced jobs. The mass recruiting firms have horrible working conditions like people with offer not getting to join the company, getting fired before they could even work, working according to American timings etc. Some of the better colleges had to ban those companies from campus placement because of their working conditions but lower colleges don't have that option. It isn't bad if you are from top government colleges (and a couple or so private ones) but otherwise IT is a job that sucks away your soul because there are so many people who are willing to do the same thing for lesser amount.
  3. I don't imagine IT to be much better in comparison. Maybe things will get better now that outsourcing is being cut (much to the sadness of Indian companies if newspapers here are reliable). Upgrading skills is pretty much a requirement to stay in IT as far as I have heard.
  4. I can translate to Hindi but I don't know if there is a market for it.
  5. I loved the Dungeons too. I missed being in Dungeon the first time so next time when opportunity presented itself, I deliberately worked to be thrown in the Dungeon .
  6. We are mostly distancing ourselves from men hating stereotype (and Elaida). The Red Ajah in books had a purpose and some of them worked hard for it. Pevara, Silviana, etc are some Reds whom I respect/like.
  7. Dear Ryrin, I am in bed. It's cold outside.
  8. Boo? Did I scare? Did I scare? Ghost association won't let me join unless I scare someone
  9. Dear Myst, I don't have pictures of before where you can see the length of my hair. I kept it tied up. And I got the haircut before I saw your message. Dear Torrie, Don't cut your hair. I have learnt that cutting hair wasn't the best decision. I am waiting for mine to grow elbow length again so I can properly tie them back. Pony tails aren't as comfortable as braid or bun. Dear Reds, I hate short hair. They are harder to manage and I have to use rubber bands to tie them. Its too hot to keep them open
  10. Dear Reds, I am thinking of getting a haircut. Basically, reducing my hip length hair to shoulder length. It pains me to consider doing that but long hair is difficult to manage with the way I have classes. Panchi
  11. I didn't like Blues in books but I love Reds here. Hi Jivenrah! I am also a Red. I don't think we have met.
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