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  1. Here! I am currently doing a MOOC on Trading Algorithms. I recently got a remote internship in a trading lab and it was a course they suggested to do (Me learn to make money. Me get rich. Me buys books. Me happy...forget that they said that those strategies will not necessarily make money). I am also trying to do a MOOC on Greek and Roman Mythology because I thought it would be fun. I have also been rereading Wheel of Time since early February and have made my way to A Memory of Light finally. I had NO idea that I missed so much the last time in my hurry to finish it. I am also trying to get through watching Game of Thrones but progress is slow on that count. I recommend reading. Reading is good.
  2. Sure I would love to share some recipes... I am taking some time to do cooking these days so have some recipes handy. What kind of recipes would you like? (Base ingredients, cooking style, lunch/breakfast/dinner, complexity)
  3. That 3 layered was a consolation for them while you enjoy ...
  4. I do feel like I have been through a polar bear's stomach. Last year got pretty hard. I used to wonder how it is possible to function on 4 hours of sleep when TMD used to mention that he generally didn't get much more sleep a day. Finding the same was not pleasant and combined with a medication which had mild depression as side effect...I still don't know how I got through those months. 2020 was a bit better until the whole situation for the world went downhill. Still studying. I am making my way through a masters degree. I am half planning another masters or PhD in future so I don't know when studying is going to exactly end.
  5. Welcome to the Light Lava! (Please wait till I try to remember how to give out points)
  6. #10 An Indian thali Sadly I haven't ever had a thali this huge...or even half this much. I think I had something maybe one-fourth of this
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