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  1. surprised my refresh button made it through. I was thinking out might give out on me the way I was abusing it.
  2. I'm so glad its all coming coming together smoothly for you! When do you start? What courses are you taking?
  3. Oh gosh!! That sounds so scary. I hope you are holding up alright and I hope he is healing well. No worries here of course.
  4. So excited for you!! It will be an adventure.
  5. April is over and I've had some time to sort out real live things that got laid aside - bills, housekeeping, quality time with my kids etc. - so I am ready to start easing back into DM. That said, this place exploded while I was gone (in a very pleasant way) so I do have a LOT to catch up on. Please be patient as I go through all the new things and try to settle back in around here. If you need anything don't hesitate to PM or email me. I will be focusing mostly on reading through Tay/Chae/Kyn/Ajah Head related posts and checking PMs before I really get back into 'interacting'. So if need me, reach out to me in PM or Email. To all the many many many new/returning members, WELCOME!!! So happy to see you all (again).
  6. I should disapprove of this. But I really really don’t. Unless my disapproval would be met with gifts/bribes. I do so love gifts/bribes. From all ajahs equally of course.
  7. *drops off some red and yellow roses for Kat*




  8. Aes Sedai Information and Links ***NOT ACCURATE/Subject to Changes/Broken links etc.*** Character Creation and Bio Format Information Just as Aes Sedai in the Wheel of Time Series start out as Novices and work their way up through the ranks of Accepted to Aes Sedai, then join an Ajah, so must your 1st White Tower Character climb those ranks. 1st Character Rules/Guildlines: Here are few other things to take into consideration when preparing to write your bio: Your 1st White Tower character must start out as a Novice. You can create either a Traditional Novice or Salidar Novice. The PSW WT was not split, so all Novices will live in the White Tower together. The difference is that a Traditional Novice comes to the Tower between 13 years of age and 19 years of age, whereas a Non Traditional/Salidar Novice comes to the White Tower between 20years of age and 70 years of age. All Novices need to be female; this is not to say that a male cannot make a female character and play her, for that is done often. Your character cannot have the spark inborn unless the RGL has given her approval. This means she cannot 'channel', but she can 'learn to channel'. Your character cannot be a true born Two Rivers character, this includes Emonds Field, Taren Ferry and the surrounding area We will accept bios that say the character's family are refuges from (insert country name) and are now resident in the above areas. Your character cannot be a Wilder You can can create up to 3 channeling characters in the WT RP Group For a full list of Rules and Guidelines on Character Creation please refer to the White Tower Website. Another thing to be aware of, is that here in the White Tower RP Group we play our characters in what is called Retro. This means that when you are playing your Novice, you are basically going back in time to tell us what happened 'back when you were a Novice'. Until your character meets the requirements to become an Aes Sedai, your character will not be allowed to participate in events in the Main Timeline. When your character meets the requirements and becomes an Aes Sedai you can play her as she would be in the Main Timeline and you will be able to participate in RPs that revolve around current events with your character being fully Aes Sedai. The only exception to this rule is if you are creating a Novice who comes to the White Tower during the Main Timeline. If you choose to have your Novice come to the White Tower in the Main Timeline you must be sure to play out modern events with your character as a Novice with limited channeling abilities and limited freedom to leave the White Tower Grounds. Bio Submission Format When you are have read all the information and are ready to create your Novice, it is time to write your Bio. Please copy the following format and email the completed form to WTDiv [at] dragonmount.com. The Bio Checker will read through your submission and either approve it or reply to help you work on making a well rounded, believable character. When the bio is approved it will be posted on the Biography Board and a Staff member from one of the other RP Groups will double check that your bio follows all the rules, and that your character is believable in the setting of our PSW. When this is done, you will receive an email from the bio checker with some more information on the WT RP Group and a short Novice Test. You will then receive instructions on how to determine your One Power Score break down. Once that is done, you will receive permission to begin your training RPs!
  9. Warders Information and Links WORK IN PROGRESS Master at Arms – Kilrin Seail (NSW played by Staff) Links: Warders Wiki Page Warder WS Advancement Warder Rules Warder Bio Guidelines
  10. Bio Submission (Warder and Aes Sedai): Email: Bios [at] dragonmount.com and cc kat.alcorma [at] gmail.com Send All Character Bios (New, Returning & 2nd/3rd) here for approval before RP'ing the character. Character Requests and General Inquiries: Aes Sedai: Email: WTDiv [at] dragonmount.com and cc kat.alcorma [at] gmail.com Send all inquiries for Character Requests that need Staff approval - RP requests, Talents, Angreal Use, Bondings, etc. to this address. Warders: Email: WarderDiv [at] dragonmount.com and cc kat.alcorma [at] gmail.com Send all inquiries for Character Requests that need Staff approval - RP requests and Bondings, etc. to this address. Chain of Command: If you do not have a character yet, but have questions about making one, please read the information posted in this board, and read through the website carefully. Then direct questions and concerns you still have to the Tar Valon RGL. If you have a Novice or Accepted please contact the MoN for all IC and OOC questions, concerns, requests, and inquiries. If you have an Aes Sedai please contact your Ajah Head with all questions and concerns. If you are an Ajah Head please contact the TV RGL or WT AGL with all questions and concerns. If you have a Warder Character please contact the Warders AGL with all questions and concerns. Please follow the proper chain of command and send requests to the proper location for the best and fastest results. If you have read through the chain of command, and all of these options, and are still unsure who to contact with your enquiry, contact Kathleen through her personal contact information or through the WTDiv [at] dragonmount.com or the Warderdiv [at] dragonmount.com email address.
  11. The Portal Stone World (PSW) and Tar Valon Role Play (RP) Staff Information There are many parts to the Tar Valon RP Section and it takes quite a few people to keep the whole place running smoothly. The following is a list of the Staff who watch over the Tar Valon RP Section Boards. Feel free to contact these people should you have any questions or concerns about anything in their line of duty. The PSW Administrator Team: DR PSW RP Administrator: Taymist The administrator oversees and has responsibility for the entire PSW, its Staff and its members. The Tar Valon RP Section Staff: White Tower and Warders RP Group Leader (TV RGL): Kathleen Emails Personal: kat.alcorma [at] gmail.com Aes Sedai: WTDiv [at] dragonmount.com Warders: Warderdiv [at] dragonmount.com PM: Is checked on a daily basis Assistant Group Leader (Aes Sedai AGL): Hrafnhidr Email - for now : hayley.wd [at] hotmail.com Assistant Group Leader (Warders AGL): _Kynwric_ Email - Warderdiv [at] dragonmount.com White Tower - Aes Sedai Staff: Out of Character Ajah Heads Black Ajah: Kathleen Blue Ajah: --- Brown Ajah: --- Gray Ajah: ---- Green Ajah: U4ea (Lor) Red Ajah: Jagen Sedai White Ajah: ---- Yellow Ajah: Kathleen IC Mistress of Novices (MoN): Hrafnhildr Warder RP Staff: Out of Character Staff Master at Arms: ---- IC: Kilrin Seail (played by Staff)
  12. Please bear with us as we merge these two groups into one. There will be a lot of information shifting around and being updated. This post itself is under construction as I work on setting it up to give a good understanding or what you will need as either a Warder or Aes Sedai. If you have any questions please feel free to post a new thread on this board or PM me directly and I will do my best to help you out as soon as I can.
  13. After you have had your Warder or Novice/Aes Sedai bio approved and have received the confirmation to begin RPing email, please post here with the following information: 1) Your Handle: 2) Your Character's full name: 3) Your Character's Type and Level (New or Returning: Trainee/Warder; Novice/Accepted/Aes Sedai - Traditional or Salidar): 4) Do you have see/have access to post on the RP IC boards? 5) Do you see/have access to post on the Tar Valon OOC sub boards? If you can't see them, please state so here and I will be sure to look into it for you. When it does get sorted, please edit your post to show that you have access. Please do not spam this board. It is for usergroup access acknowledgment only. If you feel you need to say something that does not have to do with the above, please PM.
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