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  1. *glomps* Wow...welcome home!! Are they in trouble now or what?? who's idea was it to call us all back??
  2. As usual, I'm late...and probably more than fashionably so... but at least I'm here. So good to see everyone!
  3. Hello all, I accidently deleted my Sig and now need a new one. If any of my bondeds see this and have 'ours' I would love to have them back. If not, I would love a new one made. I would want something that reps the Green Ajah - if there is a person should be a girl with brown hair, blue eyes (if noticable) fancy dress. But really just looking for something kinda darkish and fun.
  4. what kind of character are you thinking of making? The first step is to make up a formal bio for your character for approval. this description will help you get a handle on some nuances of your character and help introduce the character to us. It will also help ensure that your character falls in line with things that would be found in the world. I.e. not a dinosaur or a trolloc Aes Sedai. once you have the bio completed, you can submit it for a review/approval by the staff. If there’s any issues with it, then we will let you know where we think things need to be adjusted and as soon as it is good to go, we will get you set up with an RP so we can get playing. if you want any assistance or direction, feel free to ask and I would be happy to help you out. And if you want to just give a quick blurb here while you’re working on the full bio, it would be cool to note your idea. The format for the bio should look something like this: Name: [Full Character Name] Age: [Age in the current timeline / Character's current age] Place of birth: [City/Town, Country. If you don't have a small town name, you can make one up or list a general geographical reference; i.e., "southern Arad Doman." City and country names, as well as facts, are found in our Geography Information Thread.] Physical Description:[A full physical description so we know what your character looks like.] Personality: [Your character's personality. "A character’s personality is more than just a list of traits; it’s a complex web of interrelatedcharacteristics that determines how a character thinks and operates, as well as how they perceive and interact with the world around them." (quoting the author KristenKieffer) Here you can also add things like hobbies and idiosyncrasies.] Character History: [This is when your character was younger and what lead them to where they are today.] Character Reputation [This is applicable to characters who have been in any area for a certain amount of time, ranging from between a month to many years. How is your character perceived by others? What rumors might others have heard about them? Are there past incidences your character might be known for? (i.e., your character might be known for how they liketo dance all day or night at festivities, or fortheir pickiness about clothing or other such behaviors).]
  5. Welcome!! what kind of RP adventure is it that you are looking for? We have the New Beginnings board: a full Wheel of Time based world where you can make your own character and play out the life of that character within the world. It is a grandscale situation, and you can be any type of character in the world. There is a structured advancement program to help develop your character from a Beginning level Character all the way up to a master of whatever group they join. You can play by yourself or we do have people to play with and people to help you get through the structured ranks. If you were looking for something a little more loose and fun and free, we do have the campaigns board where you can join in to any ongoing RP’s if the person who created it is agreeable to that, (some of them will be closed and limited) or you can start your own adventure based on anything you can imagine. Let us know what you are looking for, and we can put you in the right direction and help you get started!
  6. that sounds like it could be really fun. Anything that’s not in the timeline of the new beginnings RP would be posted in the campaigns board. There is basically free range to play whatever you want there. If you start the RP, then you are in control of who can play with you and the rules as you make them are up to you. Using the campaign boards, would also save you from having to create the bio and go through the structured training RP’s before jumping right into your planned storyline. Feel free to make a post here or on the campaigns board outlining your RP plan to see if there’s others around wanting to join you, and feel free to just start our peeing on the campaign board in Character if you would like.
  7. I would probably suggest for you joining the new beginnings RP world. You can make a warder character there and then play out different RP’s to have that character go through training and then go out on missions. Even meet another player to become their warder. There is some structure on the warder training which you would have to play with another person to complete, but lots of opportunity to create your own adventures and play them out with other people and other characters. The first step with that would be to write up a bio outlining the history of your character describing why they want to be a Warder. There are examples in the new beginnings board of other previous bios if you want an example of how to start, and I can get you some more direct instruction from someone to help you with the bio if you would like.
  8. This seemed to fizzle out. But we’re doing a refresher on the group and would love to get you guys started up! You guys still interested @Qstar @Siera @CaddySedai @allende dhamel If so let’s chat about what kind of character/story you want to run do we can help you figure out how yo get started.
  9. Hello! Who’s here? How are you doing? What brought you to Roleplaying? Have you done Roleplaying before? If so, what kind? Where? Let’s get to know each other.
  10. Welcome to the Role-playing Group! We have a few sub-boards people can RP on, so let's explain those first, because we have a few options! Portal Stone Adventures / One-Shot Campaigns Do you have an idea for a WoT adventure (or even non-WoT) you want to run, and you just want to jump in and get started? This board is the easiest to get started in, as you set the timeline and rules in a make-your-own-adventure style campaign. Basically, you act in the role of DM in your own RP thread--you start a relevant OOC/Info/Recruiting thread, and then an IC/RP thread where people will write. You and a friend can set up your own adventure and have at it, or you can invite random people to join. How you do it is totally up to you! To get started, begin here with this thread! RP - New Beginning This is our current, large-scale structured RP. To join and be able to post, you must read the rules and come up with a character. This RP currently takes place a few years before the Dragon Reborn proclaims himself, allowing people to simply enjoy the world of the Wheel of Time before it all descends into large-scale Light vs Dark chaos. It is possible to bring in old characters from previous on-Dragonmount RP (the so-named Legacy RP) here too. If you want to join, please start with this thread. RP - Legacy RP on Dragonmount goes back to the near founding of the site, and that timeline and setting has, to our best ability, been saved here in RP Legacy. This board is only for people who want to pick up their old characters in the old Legacy setting. Nothing new can be started here, and people who want a large-scale structured RP should join the RP - New Beginning instead. ON THIS BOARD: Please do make new posts in this board to mingle, get to know each other and chat out of character. ACCESS/POSTING/SIGN-UPs: Currently, the RP - New Beginning and RP - Legacy can be viewed but not be posted on until you are granted access. However, anyone should be able to start something at any time on the Portal Stone Adventures / One-Shot Campaigns board! Please respond to this post to sign up for access to the sub-boards to post. Current members can post which groups/boards you need access to and I can add you!
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