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  1. .. Pulled down by Black Moods .. ►▼◄ “God dammit, Myrrhi! He’s getting away!” Elessar swore, casting a black look over his shoulder, as he stormed out of her room and down the corridor in pursuit of the thief. ● Some hours earlier they had enjoyed the respite, a welcome distraction in the fashion of a gleeman’s performance. For a time, the Warder had been able to put away his frustrations and doubts, losing himself in pleasant memories and old stories, but it had not lasted. After the performance they had taken a walk in the darkness outside
  2. I agree with almost everything in this post (and what you said before in this thread). Changing Mat's story with the dagger (esp how he gets it) changes how we perceive him as a character. It has consequences. I too am concerned that the showrunners will make changes for change's sake and as you say, if they can't stay true to the small detail it's a lot harder to maintain confidence that they'll stay true to the big things that matter. We all know that some changes (not major ones) are necessary in a visual adaptation, but since signs (unfortunately) are that major changes from the books will
  3. .. A Moment of Serenity .. ►▼◄ Elessar could not remember the dream. And that fact annoyed him mightily. Because he knew somehow that it had been important. Profound. Special. Something deep inside him told him the dream had resolved something. But he did not know what and his not knowing gnawed at his temper and well-being for the next several days. ● He suspected that Myrrhi sensed his unease through the Bond, perhaps she had even seen him toss and turn in his sleep at night, he could not tell. He did not usually f
  4. .. What the Soul craves .. ►▼◄ The outside air was fresh but cold. That was Elessar’s first thought as he stepped outside the inn early the following morning. A wind was drifting in from the west and it made the temperature feel slightly lower than it actually was. Gazing down the village street, his eyes closed on the blacksmith shop which they had passed on their way to the inn the day before. He fancied taking a look at some of the blacksmith’s work and so headed that way, passing several wide-eyed villagers who were clearly not used to have a fully-fledged Ward
  5. .. Ending the Battle & Questioning .. ►▼◄ Thunder crashed and lightning lit up the dark skies, the rain falling heavily as Elessar fought the brigands. His sword clashed against a brute’s blade and then he swept inside the man’s guard, past his armour, and his sword slid deeply into the man’s chest and he was dead before he hit the ground. The man’s horse ran off but the highly skilled Warder was already moving Stormbreaker toward the next brute and swung his blade hard at this other man. The man deflected deftly and swung at Elessar, but the Gaidi
  6. .. Reflections as Darkness falls .. ►▼◄ Elessar stared out the small window in his room on the second floor of the inn but did not really see anything. His thoughts were elsewhere, thinking back on the last part of their journey here to this small Altaran town of Moisen. He grinned when he thought back on Myrrhi’s reaction to his statement that he would scout the camp area to ensure that there were no hungry wolves nearby. It had almost looked as if she were choking on his words and she had glared at him, saying with clear intent that she hoped it was a joke. Her
  7. .. In the Aftermath of Battle .. ►▼◄ Back to back, the Warder and his Aes Sedai fought off the attacking wolves! They came at them from Elessar’s side, golden yellow eyes fixed on the two humans, sharp teeth flashing, as the Gaidin’s blade swung at them and Myrrhi sent blast after blast at them, Air and Fire wrought by Saidar smashing into the grey beasts. Finally they were all dead and the stench of burning flesh covered the nearby area. ● Holding onto his sword in case any more beasts came rushing through the trees, Elessar s
  8. .. Dances With Wolves (Redux) .. ►▼◄ Elessar was caught in a Dance of the Blade. Several vicious wolves threw themselves at him as he moved aside and his sword blade swung in lethal arcs, cutting into flesh and bone. He had been forced to dismount after the first charge of the wolves, having placed himself in the center of the charge as a protective shield in front of his Aes Sedai, Myrrhi. He had killed two wolves from horseback including their pack leader, but soon saw that it would be easier for him to fight on the ground. His war hors
  9. .. Ballad of the Lost Prince .. ►▼◄ They stopped another time before they reached the town of Alkindar. Resting their valiant horses by some tall willows enclosing a small piece of grassland, Myrrhi and Elessar enjoyed some light talk while rays from the late afternoon golden sun sliced through the leaves on the trees. The Gaidin’s mind was elsewhere though. He was thinking back on what Myrrhi had told him after they had left camp further south. About her earlier experiences in life with the similar-looking boy that could in part explain her unusual r
  10. .. Memories of the Past: pain and duty .. ►▼◄ Dawn broke over the woodlands north-east of Ebou Dar. Elessar was already up and about checking the perimeters of their camp area. He had woken early from his half-sleep as he liked to call it, had gone to the brook to wash himself and had then put on his travelling garb. Sword in hand he had walked to the outer limits of the perimeter to the east and had followed it all the way to the western edge. A few forest animals scurried about in the nearby brush but otherwise he saw nothing of interest. When he returned to the
  11. .. Heading Eastwards for a new Destination .. ►▼◄ Dust rose into the air beneath the sunny afternoon sky as Elessar and Myrrhi rode north-eastwards in Altara along the Great North Road that led to the town of Alkindar. The town was located on the west bank of the River Eldar along this main road, between Ebou Dar and Lugard. They had been riding for two days and planned to continue the journey almost until nightfall. ● Their plan was to follow the Great North Road to the stone-walled town of Maderin and then to cut across country directly eastward in t
  12. .. The Results of an Interrogation .. ►▼◄ Elessar’s eyes were cold as death. Myrrhi turned sideways and exchanged a glance with her Warder. She saw the look in his eyes and what he held in his hands. She decided to let him have a go at their prisoner and moved a step back. Schirrù turned his eyes on the Warder, saw the icy stare and pretended it did not affect him. He sneered as the slave to the Aes Sedai, as he saw him, approached him. “So now it is your turn, huh?” He spat. “Your witch was unable to break me, and you believe you can?”
  13. .. A Solution to a Predicament presents Itself .. ►▼◄ “So”, Myrrhi said, taking a big breath. “This is the time for you to tell me why you know my name.” “Is that so”, the man replied. The corners of his mouth twitched. “This could be the time for you to tell me why you are going through my papers”. ● The silence lengthened once again, the flickering of the candle lights breaking the Shadows - and it gave Elessar the moment he needed to settle his mind on a plan of action. If you are hard pressed in a situation, catch your opponent
  14. .. Even the best plans.. .. ►▼◄ “So, Myrrhi Aes Sedai - do you have a good explanation for breaking into my Manor House and going through my private papers in the dead of night?” ● The darkness of the room was partially lit up by the two candle lights the man they knew as Master Schirrù held in his hands as he stared hard at them there they stood beside his work desk, Elessar still holding onto some private papers he had found in the desk drawer and Myrrhi placing on the desktop the parchment she had been reading in the half-light from the moon outside.
  15. For PARTS 1 and 2 of this RP-thread see ->> https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/98565-a-bond-of-redemption-attn-myrrhi-aes-sedai/ https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/105817-a-bond-of-redemption-part-2-attn-myrrhi-aes-sedai/ ----------- PART 3 ----------- .. A Return in the Light .. ►▼◄ They had difficult decisions to make. Having discussed the matter the day before, they went over it another time over breakfast the following morning. The Common Room was half-empty a
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