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  1. Yes, you are correct. Well done! Am glad to see someone recognize this (at the time, in the 1990s) landmark sci fi-series which is, perhaps, less well known than Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica and the like. I love Babylon 5, it is my favourite sci-fi series of all time. It may not have the modern cgi/special effects of newer sci-fi shows but man does it have an ensemble of great and memorable characters (among them Delenn of the Minbari pictured above, played by Mira Furlan) as well as an excellent 5-year story arc.
  2. Ok, here we go: what is this picture taken from? (bonus question: which actress/character)
  3. Cool. I enjoyed Chicago Hope back in the day. Okies, I'll have the next one up shortly.
  4. YES, you got it! Well done, Taymist! It was 'A River Runs Through It'. I am so pleased you got it since I struggled with the answer to your last question. I did find it somewhat ambivalent since the director (Robert Redford) does narration on that movie and that could perhaps be defined as a kind of voice-acting since he also is registered on the movie's cast-list on IMDB (Narrator, voice - uncredited). Personally I would have said no, he is not acting per se in the movie but it was a bit difficult to judge. I edited my reply to (hopefully) avoid confusion but main thing is you got it! *grin* The genre according to IMDB was Drama and you guys mentioned all other possible genres in your answers but not that one, some other expected questions did not come either, so I was starting to wonder if you would make it.. but you managed it just in time! lol
  5. My initial answer may have complicated things unnecessarily, hopefully this will make it clearer. It will be question 19 on the list. If by acting you mean playing a person/character in a movie one is also the director of (like say Ben Affleck in 'Argo'), then the answer is No.
  6. Oki, I'll have a go at this too. Seeing as I am another oldie I do remember this actress, Christine Lahti, back in the 1990s. Is it from Chicago Hope?
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