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  1. Very interesting subject matter you bring up, I have thought about this myself also since I have lived with the Wheel of Time for almost 30 years and wish the tv-adaptation to be done right. Being a fan of staying close to canon in the tv-series (but, like you say, understanding the need for some changes in a visual medium; I just hope the changes are necessary and minor on the whole personally) I too was somewhat concerned when I heard what you mention. PS. I see another member writes that he believes Brandon was not 'as blunt' (at least not quoted that way) as you say about disliking one particular change, but my impression from what I have heard (having followed Wheel of Time podcasts and blogs for months on end) is as you say that there was one particular element which displeased him somewhat (he was not that happy about) and which could upset part of the fanbase (though he was very supportive of Rafe's vision overall). And on this basis I will share my reflections on this matter. I agree on this, I too think Brandon would not be too pleased (for the reasons you mention) with adding a bunch of modern-day swearing to the tv-series. However, I am somewhat doubtful that this is what Brandon had in mind with his comment, since I think doing this change would only irritate parts of the fan community (some of the purists) while others would not care (and newcomers to the tv-series would kinda expect some at least modern-day swearing in a tv-series like this I guess). (personally this is a change that would not bother me that much unless it goes too far into vulgarism) This is another possible change that Brandon could have been somewhat unhappy with as you mention. I too, however, wonder if he would have reacted strongly to a (possibly necessary) plot change. The fanbase would be split I think on issues like this (some wanting few changes, some being open to many changes) and most fans of the saga expect a number of changes. It does depend a bit on how the changes would play out though, how fan reaction would be. The greater the change, the greater the reason (hypothetically) for Brandon to react. It is one thing to change the order of things at the Eye of the World and Tarwin's Gap or make minor tweaks, quite another if say the two Forsaken at the Eye are dropped from the tv-adaptation and the whole Eye plot from the book is revised. All in all I am doubtful if this is what Brandon had in mind, but it does depend somewhat on how big a potential change we are talking about in this instance. (personally I would be very displeased if a major change was done to the Eye plot and that at Tarwin's Gap, say removing the two Forsaken from the story + the Greenman, revising much) This is another possible change as you mention. Purists might react at such a change (especially those who were not that keen on this romance to begin with, and/or hoped the whole romance might be skipped in the tv-adaptation) while pragmatist might not mind. I don't think it is such a big deal either way that Brandon would react strongly to it, so I don't think this is what he had in mind. (personally such a change or addition would not bother me that much; I am one of those who thought it was nice/charming to see Moiraine find some happiness in her personal life after a lifetime of working for causes for the White Tower, it made her somewhat more 'human' in a way, but it would not have mattered that much to me if this romance had not happened in the books, and so I am relaxed as to how they depict this matter in the tv-series) Another possible change as you mention. I have seen others mention this too. I don't know how big a deal such a potential change might be for Brandon. It also depends on what is the change. If Min becomes a transperson in the tv-series, that would be a major departure from canon and also influence how one views Rand (if the two are in love like in the books). If she is depicted as bisexual, that might be a slightly smaller departure but still far from canon. If she no longer is in love with Rand in the tv-series, that would be another big change. I think if there is a major change with Min, that could easily be the 'one big change' Brandon is talking about. As for the fanbase, again I think it would be split between those who would be very displeased by any major changes in Min's gender identity / relationship with Rand, and those who would not mind (i.e. who see the tv adaptation more as a separate telling of the story and so are fine with a huge departure from canon) (personally I am in the first category here, and would be very displeased with any major changes to Min's character in the tv-series; this goes for all our heroes/heroines from EF as well as Elayne and Aviendha; I want to see the characters with their traits from the books on the tv-screen.. 'smile') Another potential change as you mention. I agree with you, I too feel such a major change from the books might make Brandon very displeased, also seeing (as you say) that he himself got to write them both at the end of the story. This could be what he had in mind when he mentioned the 'one big change'. Here too I think the fanbase would be somewhat divided, some being fine with such a change, others thinking it's too drastic. Neither of these two characters seem to be overly loved by the fanbase in general is my impression, but I think also many of those who are not great fans of them would like to see them both in the tv-adaptation. (personally I want, as mentioned, to stick as much to canon as possible when it comes to the main storyline, main characters and the main events in the books, and so I would be unhappy if they combined the two characters or dropped one or both from the story; they each serve a purpose in the story) Interesting point. I would very much understand if Brandon would react strongly to a major change with Tel'aran'rhiod, say removing it altogether from the tv-series or changing it in a major way. I do, however, highly doubt Rafe would make such a drastic change since the World of Dreams is, as you mention, an integral part of the Wheel of Time going forwards. So I don't think this is what he has in mind. (personally I would be very displeased indeed if they removed the World of Dreams from the tv-adaptation, neither would I be happy if they changed this concept too much; I am excited to see how it does play out on the tv-screen) I agree that these points above are also potential but less likely changes that would elicit such a comment from Brandon. Cutting the Trakands would upset part of the fanbase I think (say removing Caemlyn) while the more 'pragmatic' fans might not care that much. Beefing up Logain's backstory etc seems to be something most fans believe will happen and I can't either see this would upset Brandon (quite the opposite I would imagine). Nudity on screen: this might be divise among fans, but I agree with you, don't think this would be a major thing for Brandon (it will be interesting to see how far they do go with nudity on screen though, since as we know there is much nudity in the books but much of a non-sexual nature). I don't either think cutting 2nd tier characters would upset Brandon much either, he understands that this is necessary with the huge amount of characters in the books. I don't think potentially cutting the Voice would upset him that much either (will be interesting to see if they do keep it in the tv-adaptation; is important in that case that it does not become cheesy I think most would agree). (personally I hope they keep the Trakands and Caemlyn in season 1, I like the idea of having more of Logain's backstory even if we don't have much of it in the books; I have no strong opinion on nudity in the tv-series but I feel natural nudity (f.ex. with the Aiel sweat tents etc) was an element in the books that could be included in the tv-series without going the 'all-out sexual route' of Game of Thrones). Cutting 2nd tier characters is the kind of change I am fine with in the tv-series, it will be necessary in many cases. As for the Voice, if done right I would like to keep it but it's not a big deal for me if it's removed) I agree with you, you are not alone in your musings. We all want the best tv-adaptation we can get. For most fans a major change in the tv-series will not be a dealbreaker, but it sometimes depends on the change and one's personal opinions. I used to be of the opinion that it is preferrable to have read the books first and then watch a tv-adaptation (you know the story and can enjoy the visual presentation), but I have gradually moved to the opposite view, that it actually is better not to have read the books which the tv-series is based on, that way you can enjoy the tv-adaptation for what it is without bias or preconceptions (or high demands and sky-high expectations). Others may disagree but that has become my opinion. A couple theory-additions of my own: - Reducing the number of Forsaken in the tv-adaptation We touched upon the matter with the 2 Forsaken at the Eye, but say Rafe decided to opt for keeping just a few of the Forsaken in the tv-series (say 6 out of the 13), that I could easily see Brandon would react strongly to. As with the other matters discussed above, the fanbase would be split on this I think, some reacting strongly in major disappointment, others not caring that much since it is an adaptation. The number 13 does have a special meaning in the Wheel of Time though as we know, so cutting down on Forsaken, combining Forsaken characters or similar, would certainly be a major change. Will it happen? It might, for practical purposes (fewer actors needed, more focus on a smaller number of Forsaken) and storywise (some of the Forsaken are, as we know, less involved in the story/saga and, in some cases, get killed off quickly). It will be very interesting to see how this matter is handled in the tv-series. (personally I very much hope they keep all 13 Forsaken in the tv-series, even should we not see them all acted out (but we are told they are there); 13 is as mentioned an important number in this universe and here I want the showrunners to stick to canon as to names, character traits etc) - Not going for distinctive language traits for inhabitants from various parts of 'Randland' Rafe might decide that it is too complicated and too much to expect from the actors that they all speak acccording to the region whence they come, and so lets them all (incl. f.ex. the Illianer characters) speak 'the New Tongue' generally. It would not surprise me if Brandon would react to this being an author himself and thereby very concious of language and nuance. At the same time he knows that with the multitude of nations, characters etc in 'Randland' this may be too great a challenge and might even perhaps confuse viewers (who become fastened on language/dialect more than the story). I don't therefore think this is likely to be the 'one big change' but I thought I would mention it. I think most of the fanbase would understand if all characters speak 'the New Tongue', without dialects etc though it might be fun to hear some 'Illianer-speak' and, of course, 'the Old Tongue' from some of the Forsaken, Mat etc. (personally it does not bother me how they speak, but I want some 'OId Tongue' like in the books from Mat and some of the Forsaken, it kinda bridges the gap a little between the 2nd and 3rd Age as I see it) That's all I can think of for now. Thanks for starting this interesting thread and subject matter. It is a 'clean' reflective discussion which should please everyone.
  2. I don't know how I ever missed this Towers of Midnight trailer, 10 years ago when it was posted or ever since, having been highly active (RP) here at DM more or less all those years, but this is the first time I ever watched it. And I must say, it is awesome! Great job, Jason et al! And Sarah, what a brilliant Moiraine you made in this clip, that close-up eye-picture above is simply mesmerizing!
  3. I don't personally think she looks that old myself either, but then again it is often difficult to judge age and my impression (being a westerner) is that Asian women often look somewhat younger than they are.. I was not sure if it were allowed or frowned upon to post external weblinks here at DM, but since you ask I presume it is fine. The info I found was in a UK newspaper article (reputable/respectable London Evening Standard) where it says in an article called 'Meet the new generation of acting stars on the rise this autumn' posted on 6 September 2017: Kae Alexander GoT fans, look closely and see if you recognise Alexander. Granted, it’s not easy, given that the 32-year-old played one of the Children of the Forest, Leaf, in series six: so heavily made-up, with prosthetics glued onto her entire body, that ‘I was getting picked up at midnight to get into make-up at 1am, to be on set for 10am!’ Born in Kobe, Japan, at the age of 10 she moved to north London, where she became obsessed with Pineapple Studio classes and, aged 14, got into acting after she was dragged down to an opening day at the BRIT school by a friend.. This is the beginning of the part about Kae in the article, you can read the rest about 1/3 down the page in the link below: https://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/esmagazine/meet-the-new-generation-of-acting-stars-on-the-rise-this-autumn-a3627211.html As mentioned, I can't confirm if this info is correct, but it looks like a serious article on up and coming acting stars from 2017 from a pretty reputable source.
  4. There is nothing wrong with looking up info on persons/celebrities on the internet. Millions do this out of natural curiosity and a wish to know more about people they admire. In this time and age we are told to feel shame/guilt about so many things in life and I think that is wrong. According to a UK news article I came across on the internet (I have the link) this actress was 32 years old in 2017 which would make her around 35 years old now, presupposing the article was correct. But as someone said before, age will not matter here since make up artists will have no problem making her look a bit younger if that is necessary. I am more intrigued to see how the showrunners are going to make the Aes Sedai faces smooth and ageless (and thereby clearly different from that of other women incl. the female Forsaken) like it is depicted in canon. As for Min, I am glad she is finally cast and hope she will stay the same character in all ways as in the books.
  5. I am partially lurking at the moment, intermittently checking the boards, got a little 'burn-out' after heavy RP-writing with my Revolution 1 Chosen-character over a period (my DR Warder character is on hiatus) but hope to return to more active RP soon.
  6. Yes, that is correct. According to the WoT Companion, Warders' cloaks are made from fancloth, a synthetic fabric that duplicates its surroundings for a full camouflage effect. This material is produced by a Ter'angreal in the White Tower.
  7. As I said in my former post, it is always a matter of perspective and opinion. You asked for reflections and I gave you mine. Your opinion is just as surprising to me as mine is to you. Though both adults with many years behind us we are different people with different stories and thereby different interpretations and insight. Unless Robert Jordan said anything specific about the Aes Sedai over the years (I don't know myself), we can only speculate whether the sacrifice and isolation of that very special group of women was something he admired or scorned. How effective they have been in de facto 'ruling' and keeping the peace can of course be debated. I think any organization in life will at some point experience power struggles and intrigues because people are people. How they deal with that will always depend on circumstances. The White Tower was perhaps an extreme example but all the more fascinating imo. If a group of people make the ultimate sacrifice, we can cut them some slack as they say. The Aes Sedai were far from perfect, Robert Jordan never intended them to be, but their main cause (to fight for the Light despite often being unappreciated by the populace of 'Randland') is to be admired imo. When I joined DM first time back in 1999 when this site was all new, we had masses of activity and members discussing the books and issues like you mention here. It is great that a series of fantasy books can give so much food for thought and I hope more members here today (though activity is at a totally different level atm, though that could change when the tv show comes) will share their personal reflections and views. I don't have anything more to add to this matter but thanks for the interesting discussion. Keep enjoying Robert Jordan's wonderful books and best of luck!
  8. I can see your point with the Aes Sedai, but for me it is the exact opposite. I am glad Robert Jordan 'created' them as they are. That they do abandon connections to normal life, family etc makes them more unique and mythical in a way which I appreciate(d), more 'special' and interesting, and makes their great sacrifice (can there be greater sacrifice than to abandon your family and relatives?) in service to the Light that much stronger and more powerful. Had they been depicted as 'normal' women with family-associations etc just with the added One Power and the White Tower the effect would have been poorer for me. I was also from the beginning fascinated by the political intrigue and 'in-fighting' of the Aes Sedai and enjoyed that part throughout the series. Personally I disagree with the Aes Sedai lacking in depth also. If there is any group I think Robert Jordan described in depth and gave (individual) character, it was the Aes Sedai. So many women, all different in many ways from different countries and different destinies, but also all the same. Fascinating I think! Reading your reflections I think your opinion is coloured by your family situation and that it seems inconceivable to you to not have some connection to family whatever one's position and journey in life, less 'human' in other words. And in real life I think most people would agree with you. Family is most important in life for many people. Some will agree with this also for the Aes Sedai, but for me atleast Robert Jordan made the right decision, emphasizing their 'specialness' and the huge sacrifice they make on behalf of mankind. I felt it so when I first read the first books back in the early 1990s and I still do now almost 30 years later. For me the series has not changed much over the years. I have read and re-read the books many times and on the whole I feel the same about the series as I did in my younger days (fascinated, excited, thrilled and impressed by the scope and depth of Rober Jordan's fantastic story). Some things here and there I may look at differently today, but most things, the important bits, have stayed the same for me. I know others, however, whose views have changed as they have grown older, making them appreciate parts more and also some less, and this will always be individual and personal.
  9. The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, what some might refer to as the ‘Old Age’, before the Internet, social networks, mobile phones and modern computers we had.. books. And so it was that in early autumn 1991, I believe, I came across this great-looking big fantasy novel in the fantasy-section of a major bookstore in Oslo, Norway. Having become a fantasy book-fan some years earlier, having read and been totally mesmerized by JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings, and having enjoyed Terry Brooks’ The Sword of Shannara (nearly a copycat of The Lord of the Rings but since I loved the original that was certainly fine by me) as well as Stephen Donaldson’s The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, I was more than ready for a new exciting fantasy epic. The book cover caught my eye and picking up The Eye of the World that day, finding what stood on the back cover also interesting and encouraged by The Great Hunt which stood beside it on the shelf, leading me to believe that there would at least be a trilogy (the more the better I felt, I was eager to immerse myself in a new fantasy world), little did I know that this would put me on a journey of almost 30 years of The Wheel of Time. In reading - and loving - the complete epic saga (which came to be my 2nd favourite fantasy book saga of all time after The Lord of the Rings) chapter by chapter, book by book, and almost 20 years of fantasy-roleplaying in Robert Jordan’s wonderful world, here at DM (beginning in 1999 for a couple years, then back from 2010 until now) and at other Wheel of Time roleplay-places on the internet. Thank you, Robert Jordan for introducing me to your fantastic universe of The Wheel of Time, and many congrats - also to Harriet and the whole 'The Wheel of Time family' - on this 30th Anniversary of the first publication of The Eye of the World.
  10. Tbh I never knew any place listed any movie as having a single star lead, thought it was always a question of interpretation and impression. Since I am the only person playing this game (bar 1 of 9 questions), I think others can take it the rest of the way. Happy New Year!
  11. Okies, here is another question: Does the movie have a single star lead?
  12. Thanks for elaborating a little. Among the multitude of films there will always be exceptions like those you found. Perhaps elsewhere there may be info how much a movie earned at the box office. N/A answers are unfortunate but you did give a hint yes as to the final option (when we get that far). I do hope though that we have seen the last of the N/A answers ? Like you I try to figure out the movie in question by the answers given to questions here, using IMDB/other movie-lists for help, and then when narrowing down options further in the end with the help of 'tools' like you used. Time will tell if it pays dividends.. ?
  13. Could you please elaborate a little on these N/A answers (obviously without revealing anything about the selected movie), you have 2 of them so far out of 8 questions. It seems obscure and surprising seeing as we are used to yes/no answers in this game. Is this a movie it is realistic we may be able to uncover by use of IMDB and similar internet-'tools'?
  14. Is the movie’s Gross (USA) Box Office $40 Million or less?
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