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  1. .. Schemes and Secrets and Dark Reflections .. ►▼◄ The man walked the streets of Jehannah as if he did not have a care in the world. He was dressed like a beggar, in rags, but his piercing azure-blue eyes had an intelligence which did not fit a beggar, neither here in Jehannah, Capital of the great nation of Ghealdan, nor anywhere else for that matter. His gait, his manner of walking, was not that of a typical beggar either. He walked with the relaxed confidence of a soldier or a nobleman. He did not seem to care that to any experienced eye he would look conspicuou
  2. .. Taking Courage from an Ancient Aes Sedai Queen .. ►▼◄ Finally on the second day, on a late morning with sunny rays reflected on the Arinelle river, the main city gate to the Saldaean Capital Maradon opened and a horse and rider appeared. The Lord Dragon, as his commanders had come to call him (he was not overly enthusiastic of the title but his objections had led nowhere so he accepted it), was quickly notified and stood ready to meet the messenger or envoy of the Queen as he presumed it to be. The rider approached carefully and stopped ten or so p
  3. .. Speculations and Machinations .. ►▼◄ “Sendhira Aes Sedai.” The Master of Ceremony’s voice was loud and clear as he banged the ornate ceremonial staff three times on the floor, announcing the visitor to the Queen. The Queen of Altara by the Grace of the Light, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms and High Seat of House Selnobar looked up as the Sister of the White Tower approached her throne, passing several dozen people dressed to the nines that comprised her court. Sendhira Aes Sedai glided across the floor of the Hall like a Qu
  4. This is one of my many concerns/worries as well. As previously mentioned I am also genereally concerned that it will not be a faithful adaptation (and by faithful I don't mean with no changes at all, but the right changes, so no major changes with regards to main characters (keep them as in the books, no merging of characters, changes in gender/orientation etc), story-arcs and the main plot, rather removing less important descriptions from the books, less important sub-plots / characters etc). The Wheel of Time is so monumental in detail and intricacy and nuances that it will be an
  5. .. Amid Rivers of Blood .. ►▼◄ Adriahna Sedai’s dark oval eyes widened in disbelief! and she cried out in shock as a shield was slammed between her and the Source! She could still sense Saidar inside her, like a shining light that burned beautifully, but she could no longer reach it. It was as if an invisible wall stood between her and the One Power. She could not believe it. It was impossible! She looked frantically around for whoever was responsible, all acquired Aes Sedai calm gone for the moment, but saw no one in the corridor. She was
  6. .. The Karaethon Cycle: The Prophecies of the Dragon .. ►▼◄ The Dragon Reborn. That was who he was. It was a truth he could no longer escape. Ter Sanduahl, a red-haired, tall young man of nineteen years with piercing blue eyes and a strong chin, ran his fingers through his hair as he stared in silent contemplation at the city gates of Maradon, Capital of the Borderland nation of Saldaea, a quarter mile or so to the north-west. His army was camped behind him, tents in rows and with banners swirling in the soft north-easterly bree
  7. .. A Darkness of the Soul .. ►▼◄ The hundred feet wide gateway opened right there in the air before an astonished company of armed Whitecloaks that was ready to depart on a mission - and thirty female channelers of the Ayyad stormed through, weaving Saidar as they threw fireballs and lightning at the defenders! A shout of “Witches!” came from several places in the enfolding chaos before the walls of the Fortress of Light in Amador, Amadicia. Soldiers wearing the white cloaks of their order drew swords and tried to defend against this powerful surprise attack but th
  8. .. To Become Aes Sedai .. ►▼◄ "Adriahna Meryhn, you are summoned to be tested for the shawl of an Aes Sedai. The Light keep you whole and see you safe." Tarihna Semendhei, the Mistress of Novices, was formally dressed wearing her fringed shawl as such an official occasion demanded. Her voice was matter-of-fact, her face smooth but there was a glint in her blue eyes which the young dark-haired Altaran woman staring back at her recognized. Adriahna’s heart stopped beating for a moment, her breath shallow. She had known this moment was coming soon, her tra
  9. @Delirium Yes, you are correct. Well done!
  10. .. Memories of the Past .. ►▼◄ Visvana Loratehl. That had been her name. Arementhe Senican remembered how amused several of the Sitters had been when she had announced in the Hall of the Tower that she was taking on a new name upon her ascension to the Amyrlin Seat. It was an unusual thing to do, but the Aes Sedai histories told of it having happened a few times before so it was not totally without precedent. Her reason for making the change had not been outwardly known, but was in truth an inner desire to make a fresh start in her new position a
  11. I am glad to say I have finally returned to some DM RP, adding another new chapter today to my Revolution 1 'Magnum Opus' many character-filled dark Solo-RP 'Chosen to Reign', my most ambitious and demanding RP-undertaking in 20 years of Wheel of Time RP. I hope to add further to this ambitious project over time. As for my oldest DM RP character, the many-times before bonded IC Warder Elessar, he is currently unbonded and in hiatus (inactive). Perhaps in time he will be active again, will have to wait and see.
  12. .. Pools of Darkness .. ►▼◄ Raphael stared with desire at the beautiful red-haired woman seated opposite him. Deleyhna stared back at him with amusement in her emerald green eyes. They glittered as they often did in his presence and she knew very well what effect she had on him. And as always she felt drawn to him, to his attractive good looks and knowing he was a dangerous man. It excited her and she felt a thrill run through her body as she imagined him in bed with her. She knew he felt the same way and she loved teasing him, holding back just so, keeping him fro
  13. I do hope they keep the 13 Forsaken as in the books and canon and in accordance with Robert Jordan's vision. It will also make for interesting and dark intrigue on screen. There will be more than enough (too many some of us believe) changes elsewhere in the tv-adaptation, and if they start merging Forsaken characters or dropping several of them, individual storylines will be affected which will affect the story as a whole. 13 is also a special number in The Wheel of Time as we all (incl. Rafe) know, and should not be tampered with. If it's not possible practically to 'act out' 13
  14. Very interesting subject matter you bring up, I have thought about this myself also since I have lived with the Wheel of Time for almost 30 years and wish the tv-adaptation to be done right. Being a fan of staying close to canon in the tv-series (but, like you say, understanding the need for some changes in a visual medium; I just hope the changes are necessary and minor on the whole personally) I too was somewhat concerned when I heard what you mention. PS. I see another member writes that he believes Brandon was not 'as blunt' (at least not quoted that way) as you say about disli
  15. I don't know how I ever missed this Towers of Midnight trailer, 10 years ago when it was posted or ever since, having been highly active (RP) here at DM more or less all those years, but this is the first time I ever watched it. And I must say, it is awesome! Great job, Jason et al! And Sarah, what a brilliant Moiraine you made in this clip, that close-up eye-picture above is simply mesmerizing!
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