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  1. Ahh! *proceeds to insert condensed character summary..* Laith has an interesting backstory. His mother was Aes Sedai and his father a warder. See bio...☺️ Feel free to reach out!
  2. Laith has been weary of becoming a warder lately. He thinks of his parents. Their love and their bond couldn't save them. Probably want to save him. However, these thoughts are to be challenged. With that, I'd probably work through the mechanics of Laith being bonded to an Aes Sedai. Through the bond, his loss of sight is healed by the one power. With restored sight, his technique and strength increases. The healing is temporary, however, and must be restored at any given moment. So, the arc is simple. Laith must learn to trust and depend on being bonded to an Aes Sedai if he is to fulfill his goal of never again losing someone he cares for.
  3. I haven't gotten around to DnD but it's been something on the to do list. Would like to get something going. I also have not ran a play-by-post. If a rp is out together I would be interested in joining.
  4. Name: Laith Arrya Age: 32 born (Adar 998 NE) Place of birth: Cairhien - River Erinin - Selean Physical Description Height: 5'9' Weight: 185 Eyes: Dark Brown Skin: Dark Hair: Black Body: Slim/Muscular Other: High cheek bones makes him handsome but as a woman who's face was chiseled from stone. Has scar over left eye. Personality He is very out going. Highly optimistic. Aside from being disciplined he can be a tad bit adventurous. Character History Brenin Arrya was a good man born in a Arad Doman. He was an even better warder. Celia Selana was the daughter of a carpenter. From Cairhien. Laith came along shortly after the two had met. He never knew either his father nor mother. He knew that his mother was a commoner from Cairhien and his father from Arad Doman. The midwife had told his uncle that his sister Celia had died clutching the boy in her arms. His father was a man who took hold of his bond an rode off to protect it. He also died soon after his Aes Sedai had sacrificed herself to protect the White Tower. Brenin Arrya simply gave up hope soon after. Before he died have gave Laith his cloak in hopes that after year's of training Laith may also become a warder. Since the day both of his parents died Laith went to live with his uncle and his best friend Calin Draman Arrya. Calin happened to be his cousin. The boys were always getting into some sort of mischief. Chasing off Miss Parram's chickens and the such. Even playing jokes on the other commoner children. The two once snuck into a prominent chapter house outside of Cairhien where illuminators stored their fireworks. The boys thought they would light a few and scare the town folk. When the door was closed behind them Calin handed Laith a torch. Laith bent down to light the waxed tail of a firework sticking out of a box and the boys turned to scurry towards the door. The door would not open. When the box went off they are trapped inside. The explosion could be head from Selean to Taien. The house collapsed. There was not much left of Calin when his father, Laiths uncle and the towns people arrived. Laith also had lost his sight in his left eye and bares a scar on his face to remind him. After the incident Laith blamed himself and became anger that he had lost most of his family. Driven by his desire to make a life for himself and to live up to his fathers expectations he decides now is the time he picks up the warders cloak. One day he tells his uncle that he wants to train with the warders. He's ready. He would rather die with honor than to die in as a commoner. If he is to lose his life then he dies he will be with those he lost. Laith is sent off with his fathers cloak as he packs in into his traveling bag he smiles at the thought that he has a chance to make his family proud. Character Reputation: He is know to be loyal to the end. Sacrificial to a cause.
  5. What has been your feelings towards Nynaeve's book character vs Nynaeve's character in the tv series? Nynaeve's character is known for her angry. This anger is a conduit for her channeling. I've come to conclude that as a character on paper she is highly abusive in almost every way. Nynaeve "switches bottoms, slaps and punches the man she loves, often takes of hurting her friends." However, in the tv series I wonder how her Character will develop. I have to say that I strongly dislike the way Nynaeve's character reads on paper.
  6. *try to keep spoilers to a minimum. Thanks!👍 I have officially read books 1-6. I am starting book 7 soon. Tel'aran'rhiod was interesting to dive into. Robert Jordan is able to build a world that revolves around all the worlds linked to the wheel of time. Just thinking about that initially made my head spin. What stood out to you about this, "unseen world", when it was first introduced? I am hoping to get more context on Tel'aran'rhoid through the books.
  7. New here! Looking to grow with the community. I am truly a harder at heart. That is all.
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