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  1. Isn't it crappy when RL throws curveballs like that. I had a similar trajectory with being thrown for a loop, popping back briefly but ultimately having a long lull before returning. I'm glad you got the itch to return, in any case, and hope you enjoy being back! RP boards aren't currently as active as they were in the early days, but they might pick up again as people follow/read with the TV show?
  2. Sounds great, I'm looking forward to reading the bio!
  3. Haha, that's gold! I felt a bit the same way about her actually, started reading the series when I was about 14? Left off after KoD for yeeeeeeeeeeearrrrs and came back to finish it this year - totally different take on her!
  4. Also, I wonder how they go with high-impact sports, like netball? I expect you'd need pretty strong intrinsic muscles to make up for the cushioning a traditional shoe provides in those cases?
  5. 🤣🤣😋 Interestingggggg, ta for the reply! I'm procrastinating an assignment, so had a look at a couple of studies that basically support what you're saying about starting slowly, in the sense that they give pretty rotten odds for stress injuries if you do transition... Basically they both show a correlation between use of minimalist shoes (Vibram Five Fingers being the ones tested) and a the development of bone marrow oedema over 10 week periods, when transitioning as advocated by Vibram... One of the studies (link) had 10/19 in the test group develop bone marrow oedema, and the other (link) had 8/18 (vs 1/19 in the control group); with a couple of the Vibram group also developing stress fractures... which, honestly, sounds pretty rough. But, as a positive, the latter trial also showed that the runners trialing the minimalist shoes developed increased abductor hallucis (intrinsic foot muscle) size (which -unrelated article- may help maintain arch height and control excessive pronation/preventing overuse injuries...), and total running volume was maintained (by all runners). Looks like those who developed the oedema also had significantly smaller muscle size (predominately women), so they suggest that foot muscle sizes is 'appears to be important in safely transitioning...' I saw no mention of ankles so far! Other than one (which I think you reference?) that suggests increased joint torque at hip, knee and ankle from more usual shoes - though they also suggest that joint contact forces might be affected by shoe compliance to the point where it offsets increases in joint torque... What sort of terrain do you run on, and how far? Do you find a difference in the distance you can run in minimalist? How much do you miss the 'spring' in the step from cushioning? I like to run a mix of trail with road when I have to, and farrrrrr, but have inflammatory arthritis and so am prone to self-destructive joint tissue 😕 Trying to figure out how to keep running with minimal damage/pain is tricky!!
  6. @Krakalakachkn /anyone Have you run with Newton Running shoes or the Vibram Five Fingers? I'm so curious to hear actual reviews!
  7. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A re-read! I haven't done this yet <.< Welcome! Any changes so far?
  8. Ooooh yey! Taymist should be responding/ getting the bio etc up and running soon!! Let me know if you need a WT char to interact with at some point, I have a Novice there that I need to do more with, and should have more free time in a couple of weeks! Have fun!
  9. Yey!! Welcome to DM Ardua! You're in a good place if the series is becoming one of your favourites... Just be glad you don't have to wait years for the release of each 'new' book 🤣 I love hearing of people starting new to the series, what got you started? What's been your favourite part so far?
  10. Ooohhh, hello!! I hear you on the itch, welcome back and congrats on the daily write! What years did you rp? I think I remember seeing the name Covina on the boards, but I may be wrong? I've been here on and off since '98/'99, with a big break after 2003ish I would think you should be able to revive your old characters 🙂 ( Depending on when you left, there might be some tweaking required to get your characters in line with the "current" events for each group, but it shouldn't be too hard 🙂 ) I see you found the WT sign in board, yey! The next step would be to have a look at the current bio guidelines/requirements for each group you're interested in and have at it and then send to Bios@dragonmount.com 🙂 The WT and Warder bio/submission guidelines are a couple of posts down in this thread. Aiel come under the Freelanders And, if you want to create a Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower or Wolfkin character 😉 , the intro info is here. Don't be too discouraged by the lull that's going on over some of the boards at the moment, we had a change up and are still getting back on our feet, but there are a few people around and keen when you get started! ^.^
  11. Hi hi and welcome (to the books as well as here)! I haven't heard of the asoiaf series <.< (disclaimer: I may live under a rock) but will have to check it out! As for navigating these forums... My suggestion would be have a look at the descriptions under each main board and segment here: https://dragonmount.com/forums/ And then pop in and say hello in whatever areas interest you! There's space specifically for WoT themed topics - everything from the books themselves and reader experiences and theories to the upcoming TV show; a 'social side' which is super friendly and covers social groups for chats, discussions and info on a huge range interests, and often includes random fun and mayhem; and role play, where you can 'create' your own character for a WoT world and write then into adventures with other "players". The first two threads here https://dragonmount.com/forums/forum/72-introduce-yourself/ could also be good for starting out/if you have more general questions, but really, feel free to get excited and jump on in wherever your fancy takes you!!
  12. Hi hi and welcome!!! And yep to multiple characters! (Your second one should totally be for the Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower or Wolfkin 😉 ) ^.^ We're a bit quiet at the moment, but it's always good to see a new face who likes to RP, have fun with the bio!!
  13. Have you role-played before? It's been a bit quiet of late (we had an upgrade and things are are rolling back into place slowly) This << is a good info/intro post for getting in the role play at DM, and the main rp boards are >> here. I thoroughly recommend the Band/Black Tower ❤️ or Wolfkin if you feel like mustering up some extra activity 😉 No bias there at all as the Alliance (Band/Black Tower/Wolfkin) 'mod' at all <.< Hit me or @Taymist up (or any of the other mods, really) if you have any questions!
  14. Helloooooooo! I don't know 17th shard? I'm in the middle of the second last WoT book. This might get me shot a little, but I'm liking the Sanderson style there. Where are you up to and how are you finding it? And Yes! Yes we do, and we l<3ve new players 🙂 *Steals you*
  15. Hi and Welcome Howard, I am currently on a WoT read and listen also! I can't help you with the songs question (unfortunately, since I think it's a cool idea!) but if it exists, someone here will definitely know! 🙂 Cass
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