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    I'd love to play, but assignments and moving house gonna suck all my 'free' time for next few weeks :/ Also, mafia fb page?

    CONGRATS AJ/FAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear ya! We had the same with no. 2 ... so ... strange
  3. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    No.... it isn't Watch: Darthe Game > Work Ta-Da!
  4. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    Nope!!! <3 <3 Yep, I knew you totally had me dude, wp! Sorry for the long absence, I both had a massive freeze, and really was at work (and yep medical stuff (paramedic) I did see that question but didn't get back to it). It does affect my play time, but so does randing scum <.< GG FWIW, days off started this morning and I was probably going to be on here all night . *FB stuff added to post with QT
  5. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    Naaaah, for that to be beneficial at all I'd have to be actually capable of committing to a decision
  6. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    ^ AJ This I actually wouldn't have done it at all as Town I think? Leave it to the wolves..? But I was short on time and we needed the lynch/ I was afraid it would swing to us so ... <.<
  7. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    Too hard for me to QT on mob at work, and had to keep it off computer screen at home so Rich wouldn't see. Gotta get going but I'll post tonight if the others don't
  8. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    Darthe - This man herds cats like noone else. Thanks for that :D and carrying things ... You made scumming bearable/fun right from the rand <3 Calder - Scary Scum!! You could've made just one or two more posts and reeeeallly rekt us I think, but thanks for being such a good Scum pirate D1, and for calling me out so nicely/making that pressure more bearable Apologies for dissing the move D2, needed to keep Eld and Rich onside and try to discredit your wisdom. (And then I felt bad and froze, lol) Rich - honestly so impressed, watching you bring the logic and banter to the game made it for me, really ^.^. Don't be p'd about the end, you got dis and are gonna be a force whenever you play!! ( I still thought you were gonna crush me at the end lol). So much tinfoil. But also <.< Dice - x 10 0000000000 Thanks for getting Rich involved/giving him OOC grief, ya dirty Blue Amega - GOAT called it straight out the gate that I was playing both sides of Dice/Eld, and I really liked your stuff from there, was sure you were taking us down today. BG - lolololol! >.< Awesome gut reads though. Thanks for making my weekend easier (I TOTALLY get you about D1 btw - I did the "try to find evidence for gut feels and end up doubting myself" thing too. I thought you impressively followed it with logic/solve from there and was scared lol). Eld - lolololol! >.< also So much relentless solve and pushing. You're hard to keep up with and I thought you were obv Town... fwiw, you were also half right on the self protect! Kat - Darnit, I knew you weren't cop!!!!!! But you totally played it perfect from the start, gg <3 Thanks for the game and one-liner flips Nyn... h<3te and BFG for keepin it real!
  9. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!! And FB Stuff
  10. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    ^ Better than OK!!!! Particularly the logical approach and ability to no BS explain his thoughts. I was super impressed. And his explanations for the read on me made sense, pretty sure logically he would've still taken me out of it came down to it. ^
  11. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    But also for a moment I was totally
  12. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    vote: BG
  13. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    Meep Sorry Eld :(
  14. PotC Mafia Game - mafia won!!

    YOLO Vote:Eldrick Sorry if we're wrong Eld