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  1. Ooohhh, hello!! I hear you on the itch, welcome back and congrats on the daily write! What years did you rp? I think I remember seeing the name Covina on the boards, but I may be wrong? I've been here on and off since '98/'99, with a big break after 2003ish I would think you should be able to revive your old characters 🙂 ( Depending on when you left, there might be some tweaking required to get your characters in line with the "current" events for each group, but it shouldn't be too hard 🙂 ) I see you found the WT sign in board, yey! The next step would be to have a look at the current bio guidelines/requirements for each group you're interested in and have at it and then send to Bios@dragonmount.com 🙂 The WT and Warder bio/submission guidelines are a couple of posts down in this thread. Aiel come under the Freelanders And, if you want to create a Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower or Wolfkin character 😉 , the intro info is here. Don't be too discouraged by the lull that's going on over some of the boards at the moment, we had a change up and are still getting back on our feet, but there are a few people around and keen when you get started! ^.^
  2. Or if anyone knows a +1 ready to play now they could drag them in and I'll go sub/bow out til next game 🙂
  3. Hi hi and welcome (to the books as well as here)! I haven't heard of the asoiaf series <.< (disclaimer: I may live under a rock) but will have to check it out! As for navigating these forums... My suggestion would be have a look at the descriptions under each main board and segment here: https://dragonmount.com/forums/ And then pop in and say hello in whatever areas interest you! There's space specifically for WoT themed topics - everything from the books themselves and reader experiences and theories to the upcoming TV show; a 'social side' which is super friendly and covers social groups for chats, discussions and info on a huge range interests, and often includes random fun and mayhem; and role play, where you can 'create' your own character for a WoT world and write then into adventures with other "players". The first two threads here https://dragonmount.com/forums/forum/72-introduce-yourself/ could also be good for starting out/if you have more general questions, but really, feel free to get excited and jump on in wherever your fancy takes you!!
  4. Hi hi and welcome!!! And yep to multiple characters! (Your second one should totally be for the Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower or Wolfkin 😉 ) ^.^ We're a bit quiet at the moment, but it's always good to see a new face who likes to RP, have fun with the bio!!
  5. Apparently you're getting lynched D1 anyway <\3 <\3 <\3
  6. 'Mouth', 'ego', 'wolf hunting ability' don't have to be redacted, Z...
  7. *Nails @The Crusher to his assigned spot in the line up* *with love and sides of bacon* Innocentwhistle.gif
  8. [V]Dice[/V] confirmed not reading the thread...
  9. Also, hijacking the thread for a moment... @Nynaeve
  10. Yes pls! (Someone find a +2, or +1 AND finish my assignment! 🤣)
  11. FTFY (And calm ya farm, I'll sign up again for the next small-ish basic if someone comes along to take my spot before I can play this one ^.^ )
  12. All the good ones are, ask your partner 🤣
  13. Yep, if it fills without me and you can/wanna run straight up dooooo eeeeeettttt!* Might gimme a chance to watch and remember how to play 🤣 *As long a there IS another game with all frands within near future 😉
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