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  1. @Arie no repping necessary/feel free to join -this is just a fun general game! Dragonmount-peeps using MU as the board ^.^ Having said that, I think the championships are starting May 10, so if anyone's keen, we need to get on it for a nomination/invite...
  2. Yeyyy @Shad_ you tagged the peeps! As for community liaison, I don't really foresee there being much need for liaison, but is there anyone keen? Are you otherwise staff, Shad? Would it really matter? @dicetosser1 @Nynaeve @Hallia? Happy for my name to be put in if need be, but we all know I'm really not the most reliably contactable or attentive, so also happy for it not to / there'd better be a hydra!!
  3. Yes! I think we could even set up a home away from home at MU and use their bots if we need a mod ?🤔 so @Illian Tear ; @Zander?; @dicetosser1; @Wildfire Sedai; @The Crusher; @Darthe@Krakalakachkn; @Shad_; @Andrej; @ed2funy; @Lizabeth? Anyone else?
  4. *pokes thread* Whhhhat is it @Darthe? How long does it take? How many players??? So many questions, and since I'm supposed to be working, so little time to Google...
  5. Hello and welcome! Which book are you up to, this time around?
  6. No worries! Can't wait to see what you get up to, and definitely don't hesitate too much with posting 😂 It really is a pretty easy-going community, and there's no great harm done if you raise something of interest that might have been raised before - posts etc. can be shifted if really bothersome, and it's always fun seeing the series again through the ponderings of fresh eyes/times/minds! I hadn't frequented the discussions area for a while (until your post), but heads up - DON'T click on the recent 'An opinion of Nynaeve' post unless you want spoilers which include a (very neat) breakdown of several very important events in the series, including the end! Yes, we have RP (since the beginning of the site, but the boards etc have changed plenty of times since then) 🙂 . Players come in fits and starts these days, but it can be a lot of fun. There are two main sections at present - one based on the Wheel of Time world and one anything-goes. One gets started in the latter simply by posting here, and the former by thinking of a WoT-esque character they'd like to RP and writing a basic biography as application. From there, access is granted to the relevant planning boards etc and the author can post their stories/join in 'In Character'. If you're keen on more details, there's a very detailed post here that outlines step-by-step and etiquette etc. Feel free to hit me or the RP-boss @Taymist, up with any questions along the way!
  7. Absolutely (and neat summary ☺️). There's no doubt she's an incredibly pivotal character, and the storyline would have been lost without her - would Rand even have [spoiler] cleared OR survived the madness of the taint[/spoiler] without her, for example? 🤔
  8. Welcome, Reyr! Is funny how the Wheel of Time can suck you in, hey... DM is certainly the place for such 'nerdom' and discussions! It's also a pretty great community (this from somebody who first stumbled upon it in 1999 in a search for similar 😉 ). Check out the discussion boards if you haven't already (most spoilers there should be easily marked🤞🤞). Feel free to post up new topics and queries as you go along, too! And if you're into writing fiction, and would be keen on getting into the rp here, we'd be happy to have you poke around/throw out ideas/instigate stories there also 🙂
  9. Hiya/Welcome, Ranch! Totally understand the confusion, but hopefully that won't last for long! Basically, once your bio is reviewed and approved, you post/play out most threads on the Dragon Reborn IC - Main board (found in the drop-down under the banner of this/the WoT Role Play Club board). You may not have access yet, but I look forward to seeing you around as an Asha'man / in 'The Alliance' (Black Tower/Wolfkin/Band of the Red Hand). If you can access it, this is a handy starter/info post. I'd be happy to chat via PM and/or on Discord if need be too 🙂 I'll add you there after I get home from work!
  10. Ooohh, I skirted that area visiting friends (from Dragonmount!) on my last O/S trip (3 years ago 😭). It was awesome - I really loved the US way more than I was expecting. I wish I'd taken time to dig more into native history there too *adds to list*. Yesssssss. Special place in my heart for the highlands there, in particular. Helps when you have extended family to stay with too 🤣 When were you last there?
  11. Wheeee!! Welcome to the Band then Aisling, you've come to the right place for tall stories and travel talk! 🤣 Where in the world do you hail from? / What's been your favourite travel experience to date??
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