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  1. Also @TrippedOnReality - great shooting/case wrt Halia, I was listening to Killer Queen at the time of flips and totally got "Extraordinarily nice She's a Killer Queeeeeeeeeeeen Gunpowder, gelatin, Dynamite with a laser beam Guaranteed to blow your mind!" stuck in my head/linked with your game 😁 Thanks for nailing up a Wolf!
  2. Please, no. Lololol!! I definitely had this as a niggling # fearworld possibility in my mind btw. Shoulda thought a little harder and dismissed it entirely, but I was stuck on the fact you mentioned enjoying Scum more than Town rather than considering the fact it was ?Scum?AJ who initially intro'd that idea. Then you picked AJ for what I saw as such a relative non-event with the Nyn comment, and then hyper focused... I wasn't sure you'd be so excited as Town, and that plus a few little things had me on edge. On the bright side, I put some effort into trying to learn more about your play, and feel like you're less slidey now! But still twisty 😛
  3. AJ: Kill IT: Cass starts to have a mental breakdown of me/Len wolf team (<3). She probably still wants me to go first, but then my flip looks bad for both Kat (who she thinks is my partner and who I will continue to be noncommittal about for that reason) and Len in her eyes. She probably still goes Kat over Len unless something big happens after me. I think Lenlo likely would as well. Lololol ... It's just like @Andrej owns my soul or something... AJ: It’s more that Cass wants me to come back and talk about Len/Kat to try and figure out who I’m partners with. I will not indulge lol Darnit, it was so much this! @darc-star fwiw, I was feeling off on you after re-reading your early posts, but your come back was strong and a distance from what I understood of your Scum meta - turned my suspicion away from you, well done! AJ: I can’t let Day drag on for another 24 hours. Let’s put her in the hot seat and hope she screws up >.< H ❤️ t e y o u I was sooooooo counting on/needing that extra time!! Shoulda gone gut and shot you immediately (when I felt off about that and super off about your push on me for using meta/discounting my extra work), but then I ... don't even know what my thought process was in the end, apart from panic at the 'lack' of time and falling back on my earlier Scum!?Kat read >.< >.< >.<
  4. Good catch Len, sorry I let your enthusiasm for it spook me so much!! And ❤️ Oh KatGOAT!!!! Why do you doubt yourself soooooooooooooooooooo
  5. Light darnit!!! I'm sorry Kat/Town ❤️ I had so many tinfoil worlds and so little time. I did wonder at AJ's last snipe at me and ending day early, but going back to re-read so many posts of his were just so possi-Town I overrode the niggles - GG AJ/Darc - grats!
  6. @Katiora Who's more likely Wolf out of AJ/Lenlo, iyo? What do you make of his radio silence here/the fact he has been online but zero comments here, leaving his PoE soft today and not answering questions? Personally I feel like it's very against AJ's Town meta to not be here at this critical point in the game with a gotchya/solvey/hunty Town!AJ vibe. @darc-star You've answered the first question here, but what do you make of the rest?
  7. *allllll the hugsssss* Ta I think either is possible, really, although I think it would be a pretty ? unlikely??? Scum!Kat move. Nope. K. So it was a random thought, but assuming that's the truth, Dice probably wasn't NK'd because he was the only one left with knowledge of your Scum game. Ta.
  8. I'm off to bed, and leaving early for work tomorrow, will attempt to be around/reading between jobs. ❤️
  9. Where are you at with the two of AJ/Lenlo now? Who is more likely to flip Scum iyo?/Odds of them being WW? Maybe... but LYLO and no trials... this round should probably be mostly about consensus imo. Do you think it's likely that a Wolf doesn't notice votes are locked and votes a Townie that's gunning for them so early this phase? Ta 🙂 So, multiball but you and Dice were both Town here. Have you played together besides that game and the more recent Buffy one? ( @dicetosser1 lol sooo many ENFPs and you getting lynched in your sleep/AFKness 😛 )
  10. What in the world is this Ragnarok game and all the never dying? I haven't and won't likely make it all the way through, but fwiw I got some good lols at @Katiora's gifs and am mulling at what I've found of AJ-Lenlo's back and forth.
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