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  1. I'm sure you'll be fine! Have fun!!!
  2. Mine too 🤣 Is it just Alin you're looking to bring back/ play?
  3. Welcome - Definitely a good community to join for the chats! I do wonder how some things will convert to the show, fingers crossed they do it justice!!
  4. 😮 WB !!! *Wonders if she should go hunt down Kaylan so the twins Shem and Joesh can steal toilet seats again...* Love seeing the 'old' faces !
  5. Welcome to DM (and WoT)! Got any favourite scenes or characters from the books yet?? The community here IS pretty awesome, have a look at the different clubs and feel free to message/ask more questions on any of the themes/topics you like ^.^ hopefully you'll love it as much as the series/we do!
  6. Welcome! Hopefully you'll love it here as much as the books - it's a really good community 🙂 Your enthusiasm is infectious, reminds me of all the feels when I started (in '98... though I only finished the series last year!!) I hope it grows as you read! You'll find plenty of topics/places to discuss things on the boards here, just shout out if you need any help. Do you have a favourite character so far??
  7. Ooohhh *claps* Hello and welcome (?back) Elgen! The boards have had several revamps over the years, one not too long ago, which is why old emails might not register. Now I'm curious though, what name did you use, which chars etc and around which timeframe? There are still a few of us around from the good old days, and we love to see a new-old face 🙂 The RPG has changed quite a bit since the beginning of DM, and activity goes up and down. Don't be put off by the quiet spell though, when new RPs go up people tend to come out of the woodwork. Most active chars are in the White Tower and The Alliance (Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower and Wolfkin) these days, I think. What chars were you thinking of starting/ bringing back?
  8. Welcome back! Always good to have other Aussies around. I haven't read Stormlight, but I probably really should... Enjoy!
  9. I... don't know what animal crossing is 🤔 but I'm super envious that you have bath jets!! Reminds me I have one stretch that really helps take the load off my lower back when my sciatica plays up (hopefully that link works, I think you can also do it seated). I've just been searching Youtube for yoga vids... picking out ones that target trouble areas/have instructors that are enjoyable to listen to. 'Yoga with Adriene' seems to be ok so far!
  10. I think that's completely... human. Hierarchy of needs etc, it's a lot harder to focus on 'frivolous' when the world is feeling thick with threat/ uncertainty/ pain (also, boo! Sciatica sucks 😕 ) Do you get any time for R&R? Even just half an hour for a nice bath or something pampering with no pressure to do anything else but relax here and there might help! I've started attempting some gentle yoga this week- it's surprisingly nice and grounding/fortifying 🙂
  11. *crashtacklehugs* Boooo Depression - saps so much energy, hang in there! If you want to try smaller pieces or a RP lmk 🙂 I should be free of (M. Teach prim/seconday what am I doing?) assignments in 3ish weeks. How's the home teach transition now? Is it expected to last much longer where you are? Our kids went back this week o.O
  12. Hello, welcome back! Looks like I started WoT just a few years after you... were you on DM before '09 with a different handle? There are a few of us 'oldies' still around/popping back in and out after absences who might remember ... Enjoy the return and re-read!
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