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Damar, Aeodan - Nobility, Ebon Vanguard


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Aeodan Damar

Place of birth:



Physical Description:

height: 6 foot 4 inches
build: Tall, Athletic, Strong

Tall, Dark, definitely a nobility to his appearance. He wears the traditional garb of a Guardsman but also keeps the clothes found in noble circles in Tear accessible and hidden for formal reasons or should he be called to return home.



Formerly a Nobleman of Tear, his stature and how he looks down on people never really go away, though most of the time it's a mask. He defaults to how he was brought up and shows only what the world wants him to show; formality, noble blood, and obedience.


Character History:

before the yard

The Damar Family is well known as one of the major Nobility families in Tear. Aeodan's father a High Lord of Tear, part of their council. It was strongly expected that Aeodan would follow the same political path as his father, and Aeodan's younger sister married into another to build their family strength and power. From the moment he could speak, he learned how to speak like a Lord. From the moment he could read and write he was learning Tairan laws and political allies and enemies. Tactics and battle, he played war games with his father by the age of 7 and learned how to win and very much how to lose. More than anything, it was drilled into him that he would not be good enough until his father deemed him good enough. Something to this day that has never happened. Upon his father's fall from the Council for his scheme gone array, Aeodan took off, abandoning his family in fear that he would be forced into his father's place. The world beyond had changed much in the years that followed the Final Battle, and the tradition he wanted to avoid seemed better broken where new roots were growing.


training with sharp things

Aeodan took to the sword and bow like a fish to water. Already trained in some swordplay, Aeodan's training with the Ebon Vanguard was less about skill and more about attitude. He had a deep chip on his shoulder and through those terrible teen years, he struggled to think outside of his own head. It was during a training exercise along the northern Borders that he learned how little his life in Tear actually meant to him and that his friends and companions in the Vanguard were now truly his home.


simple life but a complicated future

Aeodan has been a member of the Ebon Vanguard for 15 years, of which the past 7 gained the rank of Bannerman. He works closely with the channelers of Merrilor, primarily the Aes Sedai who have better information networks to what may be occurring in Tear. Aeodan now works towards becoming a Blademaster, feeling close in skill to challenge one currently in residence in Merrilor. He is also starting to feel ready to dedicate himself to the right Aes Sedai, though he still fears the pull to return to Tear, as his Father has long since returned to his seat but is aging and starting up sending letters demanding his return.


Character Reputation



Aeodan has a respectable reputation in Merrilor. He is known for being very skilled but lacks a certain trait to seize responsibility or ownership in a higher rank. He is a favorite among the trainees, inspiring pride and honor to those he teaches. He isn't one to punish, instead focuses more on discipline and reflection.


Character Connections


Josinda Avinry - An Aes Sedai he has traveled with. They have a curious relationship which on the surface appears to be very sibling-like. 




Though his alliance is to the White Tower, he has Noble Blood, and he fights with himself should he be called home to challenge Kings.

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