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  1. Moiraine IS the embodiment of what an Aes Sedai should be. So is Nynaeve, and Egwene. All the characters who aren't Aes Sedai just have prejudices working against them; they won't accept that Aes Sedai aren't from one mold; even though the White Tower very much makes them that way as much as possible, they still have their own personalities. So saying they "don't meet what a Aes Sedai should be image" just means that they don't match that character's assumptions and prejudices of Aes Sedai.
  2. Who's going to JordanCon 10?

    All you really need is the shawl.,... heyyy you can go Clad in the Light and pretend you're a newly raised Aes Sedai ;) hahahahaha
  3. Who's going to JordanCon 10?

    Aww. Man I want to do a sul'dam but I have no way to do their dresses. Any chance I can see a sneak peek of yours? :o
  4. My Fan Art

  5. Who's going to JordanCon 10?

    Honestly, just my Red Ajah cosplay. Unfortunately I do not have the money to put anything else together. But, I have a lot of pride in being Red, so I'm good with doing that all three days--with different outfits :D
  6. I have also tagged people and they're not getting the notification, either. I also think this is one of the coolest new features. Also, I don't know if this is a problem per say, but we used to be able to turn off our signature if we didn't want it showing up in a post; now we can only turn it on or off for all posts at the same time. I really enjoyed being able to use it in some posts and not others (very useful for RP). And lately, whenever I receive a notification pop up at the bottom of the screen, I see the white text that says "You have a new notification", but the rest is all black (black text on black background) so I cannot see what it is. I don't remember this occurring before (the problem), but it does it now.
  7. WoT's Up: Fan Art Sharing

    Thanks Chaelca :)
  8. WoT's Up: Fan Art Sharing

    And one I justtt finished :) Of my OC, Jagen.
  9. WoT's Up: Fan Art Sharing

    My own art; original here.
  10. You don't see off to the side, the newest threads with posts? I see it. Though my main screen isn't narrow, either. (I'm using Firefox browser, as I'm guessing that might be causing the difference)
  11. One more, I think: Some people aren't being notified of receiving PMs. (I was told by someone else, if I recall correctly.)
  12. *drops off some red and yellow roses for Kat*




  13. These are very beautiful! The red door in the Red Ajah pic is PERFECT! It has the ancient Aes Sedai symbol! :D I need to hunt down other pictures of that door! I love Nynaeve's, too. I daresay to add a bit of green and blue in there, since Lan likes those colors, so Nyn wears them often LOL.
  14. Wow, that post covered many of the ones I knew about, so I only have one to add, I think: When searching for keywords in a title of a post, nothing pops up at times, even though I know the post exists (For example, I searched for "Brother's Keeper", but nothing popped up. However, the thread did exist, but I found it only by accident when searching for other things).
  15. Tipping is horrible

    I can't hate on the servers though. I mean, they're working with a broken system. Some succeed, others don't.