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  1. Sweet. Thank you :)
  2. Did we have a Falme? And do the Seanchan only hold Tarabon?

    Ah, that is a good idea. Thank you Taymist :D
  3. Ahhh, good point. I would love to see the quotes. Also this is why I have the .pdf or other electronic formats of the books too--soooo much easier to scour!
  4. I would love to have Jagen (my Red) or maybeeee Celestine (Yellow) in this event :D (Maybe both?)
  5. Bios

    Yes Also yay on Muaghde!
  6. Did this RP thread already start? I’m wondering if one of my AS visiting the Black Tower could be there when it strikes? Also, what two-headed and talking animals?! I don’t remember that at all :o
  7. Did we have a Falme? And do the Seanchan only hold Tarabon?

    The "solution" is to have Tay play Calder and the DotNM, if she felt so inclined :p That would be cool, @Cass! (on the thread idea)
  8. Did we have a Falme? And do the Seanchan only hold Tarabon?

    Thank you. Also is it possible to pin the new Seanchan thread? I will keep the Panarch as an ally to the Seanchan. I wouldn't mind if the King had been beheaded though. It seems a logical thing to have had happened. Also, I'd love to do a thread where the Mistress of the Ships is captured too, but we have no active SF, either. (This could be an admin role, maybe? If we had enough Seanchan characters who wanted to do it?) The Seanchan did not get far, actually, not yet--everything stopped right after Calder & Party got out of there. So one of the things I would love to do personally is send the forward troops out to pursue, but without someone playing Calder/DotNM/Etc group, it's kinda impossible to do, unless we go with the same "solution" as above. Nonetheless, both RP ideas would have to wait on getting more SC players, too.
  9. Did we have a Falme? And do the Seanchan only hold Tarabon?

    From the RP thread where Ruan was kidnapped by Calder, it seems the Panarch actually is an ally in our PSW and not a da'covale. Is that correct? Also, for now the Seanchan are only in Tarabon? It's too bad the RP thread for Bandar Eban seems to be non-existent; I found threads that ICly take place before and after all that, taking place as far back as 2006.
  10. I am wondering if we ever had a Falme... my memory tells me no, but I could be wrong. Searching these boards is tough because I can either search one forum at a time, which will we result in NO results back no matter what I search, or order the search function to search "All Content", and then the option to chose a certain board disappears, which means the search function will then scour the ENTIRE website forums. So I have to rely on others' memory of events, because I seem to have already located all IC Seanchan threads (which I do by searching character names--the only reliable way to search only the RP IC side of the site). Also, we only hold Tarabon and no other places? I would love to make up a map for where our Seanchan are :D
  11. ~*~ THE SEANCHAN ~*~ In Service of the Emperor, May He Live Forever! :: Seanchan PSW Website Link :: CHARACTERS Emperor - (Yes, we have an Emperor, not Empress) - NPC/You Are Not Worthy to Know His Name Ruan Andradem Shoa Paendrag - Daughter of the Nine Moons (NSW) The Blood, So'jhin & Voices Muaghde - Captain General of the Corenne, High Lord/ M'der'morat'raken, Former Commander, Air Corps/ Failed in the Hailene but chosen to lead the Corenne - The Don Joran Mandara - Blood, House Mandara - James [Bio Missing/Unavailable] Lijah Opeth - Soe'feia; Voice of the Blood - Lih-Lyh Meissa Turan - so'jhin, House Elioth - Jagen Sedai Those Who Serve - Military & Da'covale Caidin Tomagura - Seeker of the Truth - WolfbrotherKronos [Bio Missing/Unavailable] Kirsnan Vandell - Seeker of the Truth - ??? Lilune Zarvayas - Seeker of the Truth - ??? Seidh - Seeker of the Truth - Daetirion Loman Vidain - Commander, Seanchan Navy - Valorian Ahtuk - Seanchan Army; Rank Unknown - Sam Addison Andres - morat'lopar - ??? Craytos Sturm - morat'raken - Tigara Sabelle Bakarath - Low Blood and der'morat'raken - Liitha (and Ata Dorje?) Charas Assunda - morat'torm - ??? Cura Tenshi/Relis - der'sul'dam - Jagen Sedai (Two bios found; will have to condense into one final version. Oops!) Ikena Adelar - sul'dam - TaeaDawn Sephera Eltika - sul'dam - Formerly a PC; now an NSW - Jagen Sedai Chali (formerly Jia Mingzhu) - damane - James Feen Kirwan - damane - ??? Tovinia Antlon - damane - TinaHel Lenia Volethi - damane (NSW) Other NSWs & NPCs - NSWs are permanent characters that can be passed from one specific player to another as needed, and they have approved biographies. NPCs, on the other hand, are non-player characters, "extras" if you will, that still generally belong to the person who came up with them; they will not have a biography. Gian Darug - NSW Menala Seroth - NSW Velar Suloth - General - NPC Kaede Sekar - der’sul’dam - silhouette HISTORY Summary: Latest Events: The Daughter of the Nine Moons, Ruan, is operating out of Tanchico, Tarabon, using the Panarch's Palace as her headquarters for the Corenne. Calder, the leader of the Band, met Ruan there while he was under house arrest and proceeded to kidnap her with the help of the Band. Skirmishes ensued throughout Tanchico and their escape. House Elioth is about to find out about the kidnapping of the DotNM and will soon become aggressive in their efforts to locate her. Earlier Events: The Seanchan Emperor decrees that the time has come to reclaim the lands of his forefathers. Five hundred ships sail out of Seanchan. A hundred of them sail ahead of the main fleet to scout the situation and begin retaking the territories if necessary. The Hailene (The Forerunners) arrived in Bandar Eban in 999NE. This is where and when the alliance between the Band, Aiel and Wolfkin formed. They aided in freeing Bandar Eban from the Seanchan later that same year. Thus the Hailene failed, and the Seanchan retreated; Muaghde was a Commander for the Seanchan at the time. When the Corenne, the Return, arrived and invaded Tanchico, however, Muaghde accompanied the Daughter of the Nine Moons, raised to the High Blood and chosen to lead the Corenne. The invasion and takeover of Tanchico and Tarabon were a success. Note: If you know any additional information please post below. RP Threads: All of Seanchan related past RP Threads, some more important than others. Will be going through them to give a summary of each one. Arranged from Oldest to Newest. Dates reflect when the thread was started. RPs are listed as minor or major depending on if they affected larger world events, or something occurred that other characters might have heard about through rumors. Therefore Major RPs are not necessarily those with many players or replies but rather the significance of the events that took place. House Elioth :: Elmora, Tarabon (Seanchan Open RP) - July 27, 2015 [Ongoing/Current] Possibly suspicious circumstances surrounding the High Lady Elioth's death attract the attention of a Seeker. High Lady Retamin Elioth now leads the house after her sister's death. The Blade or the Leaf - July 15, 2013 [Band of the Red Hand RP] Arinth and Arkin, BotRH members, meet some Tinkers while camped out after the escape from Tanchico with Ruan, the DotNM, and Calder Berrick (our "Mat Cauthon"). Janos, a gleeman who also serves the DotNM is in the company as well. This is Some Rescue... (Daughter of the Nine Moons Main Plotline RP) - April 30, 2012 [Major RP] Through the Fire and the Flame - July 27, 2011 Kaf House Rendezvous - OTA - November 6, 2010 Sul'dam Cura meets with a Soe'feia, who works for the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Those Who Come Before - Seanchan, to me! - June 22, 2008 The Seanchan prepare to launch the Return. A meeting with Destiny - August 30, 2007 Sabelle Bakarath, a morat'raken, receives a promotion from Ruan, the Daughter of the Nine Moons, to become der'morat'raken. Preparing for the Return - September 25, 2007 The Seanchan begin to mobilize to move to the Westlands, Artur Hawkwing's kingdom. Jia, Jia, where art thou therefore Jia? - September 16, 2007 [Minor RP] A member of the Seanchan goes to see his former captain who was collared as a damane. Leash Swapping - July 13, 2007 [Minor RP] Damane Chali works with a different sul'dam. What lurks beneath... - September 15, 2007 Time to Report - December 26, 2006 [Minor RP] Out of Thin Air - November 25, 2006 [Minor RP] A Dreadlady, M'Bela, who is currently Leashed as a damane in Seanchan, is freed by Peaten al'Kar, the Slayer. He takes her from Seanchan to Andor by physically going into the World of Dreams. Entwined Threads - November 25, 2006 [Minor RP] Sul'dam Ikena buys her own damane and names her Chali. When evil walks among us... - May 23, 2006 [Major RP] A bubble of evil strikes in Seandar. CREATING A SEANCHAN CHARACTER There are a couple of unique requirements when making a Seanchan character on this side of the Aryth Ocean. For the convenience of an RP setting and for players, and to help keep the Seanchan an active part of this PSW, most if not all characters should be in the same vicinity as House Elioth, or even part of it (such as being stationed with/ transferred to the House). This is a high house that is positioned in Elmora, Tarabon. With the kidnapping of the Daughter of the Nine Moons, Elioth finds itself on the front lines of the Corenne and expanding the Empire in the glory of the Emperor (May He Live Forever). OLD-TONGUE TERMS Hailene - A Seanchan term meaning forerunners, Those Who Come Before. The Seanchan who first arrived on the mainland called themselves the Hailene, or the Forerunners; they planned to retake the continent if necessary for the Corenne, or the Return. Corenne - Old Tongue word meaning “The Return.” It was the name given by the Seanchan both to the fleet of thousands of ships and to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers, craftsmen and others carried by those ships, who came behind the Forerunners to reclaim the lands stolen from Artur Hawkwing’s descendants. The Corenne is being lead by High Lord Muaghde. Rhyagelle - In the Old Tongue, “Those Who Come Home,” or “Homecomers.” It is another name for the Seanchan who have returned to the lands once held by Artur Hawkwing. RANKING Seanchan take their rank in society, whether civilian or military, very seriously. Here is a list of ranks from the highest to the lowest, covering almost all of Seanchan society. Nobility - The Blood Emperor or Empress Daughter of the Nine Moons Royal Family Members - The Empress/Emperor and immediate members of the Imperial family shav their heads entirely and lacquer all of their fingernails. High Blood - High Blood let their fingernails grow to a length of one inch and shave the sides of their heads, leaving a crest down the center, narrower for men than for women. The highest level of the High Blood are called High Lady or High Lord and lacquer the first two fingernails on each hand. Those of the next level of the High Blood are called simply Lord or Lady and lacquer only the nails of the forefingers. Low Blood - Those of the low Blood also are called simply Lady or Lord. Those of the higher rank lacquer the nails of the last two fingers on each hand Those on the lowest level lacquer only the nails of the little fingers. Seeker for Truth - A Seanchan police and spy organization charged with Imperial security. They hunt out Darkfriends, act as secret police and root out treasonous behavior, often using torture. Most are da’covale and property of the Imperial throne; as such, most are marked on either shoulder with a raven and a tower. Their headquarters was the Tower of Ravens. Seekers are subject to few limits, even with the Blood, since they report to the Empress/Emperor. Listener - Spies for the Empress of Seanchan. Listeners are always hidden, and they have no authority whatsoever. Their duty is to report everything they see, hear, or learn. Anyone can act as a Listener, even a servant whose family has served a noble House for generations. Some Listeners are what might be thought of as professional spies, while others are brought into the fold through rewards, threats or blackmail. [See tWoT Companion for more Info] So'jhin - the hereditary upper servants of the Blood, they outrank free men and women. It is one of the few ways to advance beyond one's station of birth. A particular class of da’covale, so’jhin are hereditary upper servants of the Blood. So’jhin have considerable status and can in some circumstances give orders to and have authority over free people. The Seanchan Imperial bureaucracy is almost entirely so’jhin. Many free people would not object to becoming so’jhin, regarding it as a step up. Voices of the Blood are so’jhin, and theirs is a coveted position. They can own property, unlike ordinary da’covale, and they are never sold except perhaps as punishment for a crime. With permission of their owners, they can arrange their own marriages; permission is rarely withheld. A family line of so’jhin would always belong to the same family of the Blood. Ordinary folk do not own so’jhin. Military Ranks of the Ever Victorious Army: Marshal-General - This rank is temporarily given to a Captain-General who is put in charge of a war. Captain-General Captain of the Air - Low Blood Lieutenant-General - Low Blood Banner-General / Captain of the Green (Naval Rank) - Low Blood Captain Lieutenant Standard Bearer - This rank has an insignia on the helm of the Standard Bearer in the shape of a "small crest like a bronze arrow head on the front." der’morat - A phrase used by the Seanchan, placed before the name of an animal; it meant “trainer” and/or “handler” of the animal. For instance, a der’morat’raken was a trainer of raken, and a der’sul’dam was a trainer of sul’dam, a sul’dam in charge of other sul’dam and their damane. morat - A Seanchan term placed before the name of an animal to mean handler of the animal. A morat’grolm, for example, was a handler of grolm. There were also morat’lopar, morat’raken, morat’to’raken and morat’torm. Elite Military Groups: Deathwatch Guard: The personal guard of the Seanchan Imperial Family, composed of both humans and Ogier. Each human member of the Deathwatch Guard is da’covale, marked with the ravens on his shoulders as property of the Crystal Throne. Ogier members were called Gardeners. Deathwatch armor was painted red-and-green, and they carried what appeared to be black tasseled spears and black-lacquered shields. The black is actually a very dark green, and the Guard themselves think of it as green. They serve as protectors of the Empress, the Empress’s family and those appointed personal representatives of the Empress. The Deathwatch Guard are considered the elite troops, the best shock soldiers, in fact the best soldiers overall, in the Ever Victorious Army. They will kill or die with equal fervor, whichever is necessary. A Chooser picked out young male da’covale for the Deathwatch Guard. Fists of Heaven: Lightly armed and lightly armored Seanchan infantry carried into battle on the backs of to’raken. Morat Ranking: der'sul'dam sul'dam der'morat'raken der'morat'to'raken morat'raken der'morat'torm morat'to'raken der'morat'lopar morat'torm der'morat'grolm morat'lopar der'morat'corlm morat'grolm morat'corlm Note: It is curious that s'redit and morat's'redit are no where on this list. PLACES IN SEANCHAN Cities Anangore - The ninth-largest city in Seanchan. Asinbayar - The fourth-largest city in Seanchan. Imfaral - The sixth-largest city in Seanchan and home of the Towers of Midnight. Kirendad - Seanchan’s second-largest city. Noren M’shar - Seanchan’s third-largest city. Qirat - The fifth-largest city in Seanchan. Rampore - The eleventh-largest city in Seanchan. Seandar - The capital city of Seanchan. It is the largest city in the Empire and is where the Court of the Nine Moons holds the seat of the Empress or Emperor, the Crystal Throne. Fourth Circle of Elevation -An institution in which the Imperial Record House of Seandar is found. Shon Kifar - The tenth-largest city in Seanchan, it is also a seaport. Sohima - The seventh-largest city in Seanchan. T’zura - The eighth-largest city in Seanchan. Notable Landmarks Towers of Midnight - Thirteen fortresses of unpolished black marble located in Imfaral, Seanchan. At the time of the Consolidation of Seanchan, it was the center of military might. The final battle of the Consolidation took place there, leaving Hawkwing’s descendants in power. After that time, it was unoccupied. Legend said that in time of dire need, the Imperial family would return to the Towers of Midnight and “right that which is wrong.” Deain, the creator of the a’dam, was imprisoned there, and it was said that the towers were shaken by her screams. Tower of Ravens - The central Imperial prison of Seanchan. It is located in the capital of Seandar and serves as the headquarters for the Seekers for Truth. Members of the Blood are imprisoned, questioned and executed within it. The questionings and executions have to be accomplished without spilling a drop of blood. Most prisoners who learn that they are going to the Tower of Ravens attempt suicide. The Tower of Ravens is the symbol of Imperial justice; an image of it is displayed on a Seeker’s plaque and tattooed on a Seeker’s shoulder.
  12. A Request for the Seanchan

    I know RIGHT?! I wanted to see that SO BAD. I'm so so so curious as to what happened between those two and how she felt afterwards. Also, don't forget about Egeanin/Leilwin Shipless... she was pretty awesome.
  13. Roll Call - May 2018

    New or Returning: Returning Character Name(s) (if bio written): Cura Tenshi (der'sul'dam) and Meissa Turan (so'jhin) Freelander Guild: Seanchan
  14. A Request for the Seanchan

    Fantasticccccc :D I will be working on this in the coming week. @Oddpositions, I do know what you mean! I find the Seanchan crazy interesting but I would HATE them in real life, so it's a little fun to play them here. Interestingly enough, watching the Handmaid's Tale made me understand a bit more (somewhat) about how Seanchan culture might work with such a strict hierarchy (and Janine/Ofwarren seems almost perfect example of showing the mentality of a Seanchan damane). @The Don You may be interested in this thread? If you have a Seanchan character (or will be making one) please let me know!
  15. Anyone want to play?

    Haaaa nice. I like both of those first ones, for sure. Maybe the picking flowers can be some silly prank set upon him by fellow guardsmen? :p Don't go to the Red Garden! HA! (or maybe do... :p ) If you start a thread I'll follow along with whatever you come up with.