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  1. Can I hop in on your arches thread? I want Jagen to also be helping to administer the test :) I won't write the tests she throws at Viviane though, unless you want me to do so.
  2. I can also have my White show up too. :)
  3. Yes, that sounds perfect. :D Thank you! And thank you for the other stuff too. Yeah I'll do the Aiel at some point and call it all done. :D
  4. No problem, I won't touch them. I was going to do the Aiel though, since they seem the only Freelander group that's missing now, and are not part of the Alliance--unless there is a website for them I don't know about o_O
  5. Ah, I see. No BT project then. :p Thanks for the information!
  6. Yesss! Please do it!! No reason not to. I did it for the WT.
  7. I could just move all that info to a sticky thread on the board like I did with the other groups... I feel maintaining and updating a thread is better than having a whole separate site for it, or even a wikia page. *_* I'm kind of debating doing the thread at all since all of the information is there. I would guess maybe @Taymisthas access, at least? Maybe? If not, I can do a thread and control of said thread can probably be passed to whoever heads the BT OOCly. (By which I mean they can copy/paste it as new thread and then delete my copy of the thread :P)
  8. I just have a couple >_> Missing Events: "998 NE - False Dragon Dramon Calgar founds the Black Tower in Saldaea." This is listed, but I thought we should add a bullet point for the BT headquarters apparently being moved to Tear when the DR took Callandor. (But in actuality it's secretly near Caemyln). The Cleansing. While we at some point started claiming ICly that this occurred, it seems to be missing altogether from the Timeline spreadsheet. I know it was never RPed out, so I think we're free to place it somewhere convienent--it must've been recent because the White Tower just learned of it, right before the Asha'man and Reds' Bonding. Perhaps it should be number #63, and the Bonding should bump up to #64. Never RPed Out / RPs Non-Existent? (Yet I can find much older RPs very easily). Bowl of the Winds, #60 & 61. The only RPs pertaining to it were that a couple of Sisters were still trying to find the Bowl; nothing was RPed after that; why is it considered concluded? Any chance others can RP this out? [Part 1] [Part 2] [Side Thread] #57. The Windfinder's Secret - 1000 NE (Late). Aes Sedai approach the Sea Folk vessels in Ebou Dar to discuss a possible co-operation concerning the Bowl of Winds... Another Missing/Unknown RP/ Wasn't Actually RPed Out? Should all of this be removed altogether? Or who may Retro RP it? Asking cause I'm very interested in making a Sea Folk character. There is a reference, #58, "Kin: The WT Knows"; I cannot find any RP about this anywhere. A search of Kin characters, including NSWs, resulted in nothing. Possible Moves: Seanchan take Bandar Eban is listed as #25, but the post where Nana and Elnora encounter the Seanchan in Bandar Eban is #22. I think the Seanchan Invasion should be #20, immediately after #19 "The Eye of the World". #53, the DotNM is kidnapped by Calder & Band. As far as I can tell, this just happened as Seanchan houses are just learning of it, and is not as old as the Timeline might imply. Should it be moved up? Also, I have researched extensively about events pertaining to the White Tower, and while my dates don't add up with the Spreadsheet dates at all, I'm 100% confident that everything I have listed is in correct chronological order.. I just removed the dates after Karana's Raising: White Tower Timeline. I think it would be good to add certain things from the WT to the Spreadsheet, such as who was Amyrlin (Raising dates only) as important reference points.
  9. Edit to Update: I have revised the Tower Timeline a bit towards the top. It is now much more accurate, and as best I can fits with the Official PSW Timeline.
  10. Another question; we had a Dumai's Wells but is there a thread for that anywhere? A copy we can repost?
  11. I've never watched Little House on the Prairie... OR the Sound of Music, for that matter.
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