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  1. Jagen nearly huffed when the man across from her suggested she was not being "willing to work" on their situation. What else did Aslan want? There was a prick of irritation, but she buried it. Light curse this bond. At least Aslan wasn't implying he was in charge of their bonding. That was good; he could have been worse. Perhaps Jagen had lucked out among them. "Such things, they take time, Aslan. You must understand that. Bonded though we may be," it was becoming easier to say that, surprising as it was to her, "that does not mean we know each other. I do agree we must become as... working companions, but it will take time. After all, only a few weeks ago, I would be trying to see how to gentle you, not asking how you take your tea." Her comment almost made her want to chuckle about the whole thing, but any amusement was quickly swept away. "Many Warders stay in Tar Valon; others keep barracks with the guards. Since the first would be wise and I doubt you want the second, I will find a room here. I will write a notice to our Ajah head of where I put you--a few rooms down, or an open apartment closer to mine, might work well, yes? Quite an honor it would be for you." Let him see she was willing to work with him, though she was worried about giving him too much he requested; it was why she told him that this was, indeed, an honor. Sitters did not jump to others' beck and call, after all! At least, they weren't supposed to. Everything is upside down, curse it!
  2. I think I might do current timeline. I think I want both my Red and White along. I'll write up something later today or tomorrow then!
  3. I'm so, so sorry Eqwina. I know what it is like to lose family unexpectedly, and it is so hard. I also shouldn't pretend to know how badly you're grieving, of course. You have my empathy. I would not mind using my Yellow, Celestine, if you started this thread. Maybe Yellows often council grieving Tower members...
  4. @Liitha Would you be interested in joining if it's in the current time?
  5. HAhaha. No problem. I don't really have a strong preference of when it's done. Though if we do it current timeline, perhaps even an Asha'man could get involved, if he wanted to.
  6. Oh are we no longer allowed to Retro-RP? Or should I have stated that ahead of time? Ah, I rather just do it in the current timeline then 🙂
  7. Eqwina, That would be great! Arie, what do you mean by per-cursor RP? We'll certainly be taking time to set up. How do you guys feel about doing it pre-books, before all the new fancy Weaves were rediscovered?
  8. Yes, back on the original topic... I think anyone is welcome, the more the merrier. And if the Reds suspect the guy involved may be a channeler, they'll want to corner him (before escorting him to the BT, probably). So more than one or two Reds would be perfectly fine. And any other Aes Sedai who might have an interest. Any other sign-ups? Also, it might be more interesting to do this pre-Traveling/Pre-Dragon Reborn, etc. Thoughts?
  9. I've added two ter'angreal to the WT page... the Red Ajah's "Brother's Keeper" Box, and a Brown Ajah one called "Book Finder." I figure if we get a master thread, we might as well just link the BT and WT Objects of Power pages, and then perhaps have a list of ter'angreal out in the world.... maybe.
  10. Thank you! I would LOVE to create some ter'angreal concepts, I have a few in my head already.
  11. *opens a brown-fringed shawl wide like the Batcape and swoops in* I'll work on the an'greal/ter'angreal etc list! Also, where do you see the list on the website? I only found the request form. Can you link it please?
  12. Thank you, all! 😄 I'm glad to be an Official Information Seeker. A... Truth-Seeker? 😏 hehehe
  13. Wow casting already?! 😮 The choice for Rand, Mat and Perrin seem top notch. Nynaeve, too... Egwene? Eh, I guess why not. She looks like she could pull it off. I just hope these people can ACT. That's the main thing. Extra charisma = extra fans! I admit I always pictured some Tairens and Altarans as dark as the actresses do, with Sea Folk and other Tairens being the darkest people in WoT. Mat's casting looks amazing, but he seems out of place among the others; Rand is supposed to be the only oddball out.
  14. I definitely will ^-^ ...wait, where is this list? 😮 In the website I found all the forms for angreal, ter'angreal, etc but not the actual database of what we have.
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