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  1. Hm yes, that's a good point! So it seems Jagen would get Warder benefits--nice!--but did Jakar add some Compulsion element? I'm good with whatever you decide for sure. ?
  2. Jagen did not immediately move, studying him. Through the bond there was not much emotion to feel, for the moment she was calculating. "I suggest you pack your... coat. Yes, your uniform." She was just going to have to get used to working with him. With reminding herself he was an Asha'man; not a rogue, but trained in the ways if battle. Deadly. For a moment she mused that it wouldn't be much longer before Greens held most of their bonds. "We will have to reveal our presence, our stations, once we figure out what is going on. Presuming none of these villagers have seen an Aes Sedai. And, for the public to see the White and Black Towers working together, it would be well, yes? You never know when you might need it. Then, yes, we may go join the others."
  3. Oh, did we ever settle on what was to be taught? Some Weaves, or is it a different type of class? >_>
  4. "Tsk. That simply won't do," Kiyi muttered. Astradore drew her attention from the buildings and to the other Sister as she rapped on the ceiling. The litter came to a halt. "We appear to have an imminent delay up ahead, Sisters. No need to disturb yourselves. A minor matter. I'll deal with it, and direct the men to bring the litter on behind." "Oh? Yes, of course," she replied. The White had been daydreaming about the beautiful architecture. Every time she did venture out of the Tower, the Tairen always told herself she would spend more time out in the city, but it never came to be. She was sure her free time was ample, yet most of that was reading books, for both pleasure and research, and doing mathematics. By the time the litter stopped and Astradore got out, she caught the tail end of whatever Kiyi had been saying, talking about the Amyrlin Seat and a conversation about how brave the people of Tar Valon should be. Ah, so that's what Kiyi was doing. The White watched the crowd disperse, and in that dispersion she saw a rat running under a stall. She was not disgusted with the animal at all, but was indeed disturbed by what their presence meant. Shen glided over to join Kiyi as she requested some tea to be sent to the Tower. "That was very good, Kiyi," she said with a hint of satisfaction in her voice. She kept glancing around, however, not looking at her sister. The crowd had thinned, and that was fine, for she was sure the shopkeepers would be much more useful. "Mistress Danein, was it?" she asked the woman selling tea, her eyes finally settling on the woman. There was no point in avoiding the topic, and people gave plenty of space to the two Aes Sedai. "Tell me, and do be quite honest, have you seen ghosts in Tar Valon?" She did not think of being more discreet, for what was the point? Indeed, she needed to get right to the point. "Or do you know anyone who has claimed this?"
  5. Things are going to get ugly if Jagen ever realizes she'd be Compelled to obey Aslan with whatever order he wanted. Ouch. XD (I'm assuming the AM/"wife" bond works the same way on a female channeler as on any woman). But it could definitely make for some interesting RPs. XD ON the AM-AM bond: Would you have to obey each other? Oh my... LOL.
  6. Jagen walked in and stopped after only two steps. She looked around and blinked. What in the Light?! The smell of... Earth? ... hit her as she walked into his given apartments. Her blue eyes took in the skins and herbs that were definitely not there before. Well, they had given him a fairly plain room. She was sure that carpet hadn't been there before, either. And it smelled. Her nose wrinkled. "Well, I see you have been busy." She stuffed down the rising negative feelings at the thought of him using saidin to hop between the Black and White Towers. She did not like that at all. Some rules would have to be set in place. A concern she would definitely bring up the Hall next time they all met. Goodness, but he smelled like he just came back from hunting. The room did, anyway. "Aslan, you might appreciate the news I bring back, yes? The Amyrlin Seat, she has chosen a few select sisters and guards to attend to a mission. And the Amyrlin asked for you to accompany us. Me, I was going to bring you anyway, but I'm sure you would have agreed nonetheless. How does a trip to Saldaea sound, to investigate what might be a Power-related trouble in a small town?"
  7. The Crazy Manipulations one? I just know a few people expressed interest, and at least one was going to play an AS, but I think they disappeared again. I thought we should have some more sisters, but if worse comes to worst I guess I'll play Jagen and my White, Astradore. Oh, I did just reply for Aslan though XD
  8. Oh yes, that might be it indeed. Apologies @Oddpositions Please don't wait on me >_>
  9. I feel I got backlogged on some things, and I apologize. But I did want to say two things: 1. Someone wanted me to post in their 100 Weaves, I believe, but I cannot find the information on the boards or in PM. I feel like it just disappeared. I apologize to whomever I owe a post for that. (Was it you, @Arie? I can't find the IC thread). 2. I have not posted in Crazy Manipulations again because I've been waiting for other Aes Sedai to join. *hops up and down with pom poms* Come one, come all, on this adventuring party!
  10. Jagen folded the paper in her hand and tucked it away in her larger belt pouch. "I must see to getting Aslan, then," she told the other sisters. "This group, let us meet in an hour and a half on the main floor in the meeting room. We can discuss our traveling plans." The Red then swept away and made her way up the Tower proper to the Ajah quarters again. Some sisters in the hall nodded appropriately as she passed; Jagen was sure they were wary of her now since her bonding. The Taraboner thought she was handling it quite well, circumstances considered. She knocked on the door of the room she had given her new.. Warder. Or whatever he was to her. "Aslan?" She opened the door to tell him the exciting news.
  11. OOC: Hmm, I realize I don't know what Kiyi's Ajah is?? **************** Astradore nodded back to the other Sister who arrived. She had been told three would be chosen altogether, including herself. She was especially pleased when another Tower guard showed herself. "Perfect," she said in reply to the Yellow. "As I'm sure you all know, there have been rumors of ghosts, of all things." She kept her tone cool despite her words. "We'll head to the south east district, near the Ogier Grove, and work our way counter-clockwise. Keep you eyes and ears open for people talking of the matter, or perhaps even screaming in the streets. Right then. Shall we hire a litter, then?" she suggested to her si9sters as they made their way to the main Tower Square. The whole thing was strange, but Astradore figured if so many of these rumors were going about, perhaps there was a bare hint of truth to them. But what, really? They finally reached the Square, and finding a litter wasn't too hard. They came here because Aes Sedai often hired them, and she was sure they had to be out all day doing this. She wasn't going to walk around the city for hours. Better to support those who were offering their services. The Tairen climbed in first, leaving the curtains open. They needed to see what was going on in the city.
  12. Jagen made herself comfortable on the chair as she could while still sitting properly straight before the Amyrlin Seat. It always pleased her to come into the Amyrlin's office and see a former Red on the Seat. Shevara was only a little younger than Jagen and only a bit weaker in the Power. The Taraboner always made a point to be an ally for Shevara, possibly even a friend if Shevara wanted it, but their duties kept them from getting too close to one another. Jagen was, overall, proud and satisfied she ended up on the Amyrlin Seat. It's too bad it would be improper now to ever ask her about her homeland in more detail. She was always curious about that. She listened closely and nodded her head a bit at the comment of how foolish young girls could be, but this was an unusual situation. This lord must have been abusing his power, but how were the people of his township letting it happen? Raslyn handed the paper to the Red Sitter. "I'm placing you in charge of this expedition, Jagen. All the pertinent details you will need are recorded in that document. Get to the bottom of this, quickly." Jagen nodded, and Shevara's face was serious and focused. "And take that Asha'man of yours...what's his name?" Jagen's mouth twitched on the corner. Well, I was thinking of bringing him anyway. "Aslan, yes... take Aslan with you. It will be good experience for you both to work together outwith the Tower. It will not be said that we shirked our side of that treaty!" That indeed. She was reminded she was stuck on the wrong end of that bond. If Aslan ever tried to manipulate her in the way some Greens manipulated their Warders..... well, that did not bear thinking about just then. "Yes, Mother," she responded dutifully. It was best to keep a tight reign on Aslan, anyway. Any it would indeed be a good learning opportunity. Especially--yes, what if this lord could channel? Aslan would be a very valuable asset indeed. She listened to the Amyrlin finish up, "....then we are done here. Safe travels, Daughters." Jagen stood with the others and kissed her ring and curtsied as appropriate. "We will be swift and on point, Mother," she assured her. They all left the study, pausing in the antechamber. "Has anyone been to Saldaea so we may Travel there? The town is... let's see... near the southern end of a river called Chulane."
  13. Very nice ? Yeah so much great stuff happens, keep at it!
  14. Astradore worked her way down the final steps of the winding stairs that worked themselves all the way up to the top of the Tower, a walk she never particularly liked. A small smile crossed her lips as she mused. A gateway from our Ajah quarters to the main floor would be useful. They would just need to pick a spot to as to not accidentally open a gateway on a person. She tapped her finger on her opposite hand. What would happen if you criss-crossed two gateways atop another? The White was sure something disastrous would result. Experimentation was not worth the knowledge or proving a hypothesis. Dressed in fine white-slashed gray silk, a pearl-beaded hairnet catching her long hair, Astradore was far from a plainly dressed White; she wore the most fashionable things she could find. She spotted a young Tower guard--no, wait, that was not a full uniform--and a sister of the Yellow wearing her shawl. Clouds covered the sky, but Astradore had a feeling it would not rain. "Kisathera?" she asked, recalling her name from her own orders. "And you?" the Tairen sister asked the guardsman. "You look awfully young; are you a trainee then? The guards could not spare a fully-trained man? No, nevermind. If they could, they would have, so no matter." She turned back to Kisathera. "We're headed to the southeast district to investigate... rumors." Ghost stories, she thought. Ghosts didn't exist. But she kept her face cool. "Shall we?"
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