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  1. Writing in an RP has always been tough to get off the ground until people who are really good at *starting* actual RP come around. I'm great at collecting and recording and disseminating information, so that's what I like doing (and do!), and I like seeing people write--but coming up with RPs people can jump into isn't my strong suite. I know I came up with a Seanchan house idea a while ago, but alas, without players, there is no one to jump on board with it. ^^" I would say, "Well, I don't like the Amazon show because it didn't give us the influx of players we were hoping for!" but I don't think that's what you meant 😄
  2. Ryrin!!! 😄 So nice to see you!! Welcome! I'm excited to have you and can't wait to see your bio~!
  3. Welcome Serena! Itmight not seem like much is going on at the moment in terms of the RP New Beginning, we do have a couple of active players! And anyone can start a Campaign, their own story/world/scenario if they wish, and they can run that from the campaign board! There are really no rules there and you can make your own to suit what you want going on 🙂 I moved the main information thread for RP New Beginning to its main board here so it's easier to find and get started with that, should you so wish! I've also edited the starting post on this thread to have the relevant information and be more clear, so please do give it a read. 🙂
  4. If I can ask, I cant' really tell what or when or where this RP idea takes place, can you add more detail?
  5. Oh, thanks for the reply! 😄 Could be fun, especially I was thinking--we could do both short-term and long-term RPs, just have a house there when people want to engage with it. I hope some more people get interested in joining the RP forum itself though as "the more the merrier!" XD
  6. @Cass Yes, I play D&D 5e! (and before that I played 3.5) However I have not done play-by-post with mechanics, and I'm assuming you mean tabletops mechanics while posting?
  7. Very good bio! I apologize for the delay. I think I missed this because it was posted in the Club instead of the RP forum. I'm not sure if you noticed but all of our RP stuff has been moved over here: https://dragonmount.com/forums/forum/610-rp-info-bios-character-development/ Bio approved, so please start having some fun 🙂 But I will move your bio over to the appropriate board!
  8. I don't know how I missed this post 😮 I think I didn't scroll down enough, not realizing there was posts below the other boards 🫠 I'm here and doing good ^^ haha When I first joined DM way back in .... 2000? 2001? RP was all I was interested in! For a time I even ran my own WoT RP site, called Patterns of Time. I also RPed on Lavender Eyes, a Drizzt Do'Urden/ Forgotten Realms site that had a great RP forum for a time. I still RP, but not in a traditional sense: I am often on Second Life!
  9. If you guys were to start this type of short-form RP I would love to join too!
  10. I was musing today about how this RP could potentially really open the world up towards the beginning of the Wheel of Time story, especially in regards to conflict with the Seanchan. In the books, whispers of people arriving from the other side of the Aryth Ocean start occurring at the beginning of book 2. In the grand scheme of things, this is pretty early on! And we know the Seanchan are already going to be a force to be reckoned with. I'm going to be bringing in a group of NPCs that are all set in the same house, House Elioth. As I was thinking about this, I wonder if we in our RP shouldn't introduce the Seanchan a little sooner--have them arrive before the Dragon begins his journey (before he is found, that is--as our RP begins about 5 years before that point). If we have them arrive before, we can plant a noble house at Falme already! What do others think?
  11. Name: Diamanda din Urein Age: 37 (Born in 961 NE) Place of birth: Aryth Ocean, on the ship Blue Star Physical Description: Diamanda has the typical dark skin of the Sea Folk, black wavy hair past her shoulders and dark brown eyes. Her face is round and soft, and she is of a 5'4 height, making her look a bit younger than she actually is. She has a six pointed blue star tattooed between thumb and forefinger on her right hand, along with a couple of other smaller tattoos there. On her left hand are stars and seagulls among stylized waves, showing her clan and family line. She wears no jewelry, but sometimes ties her hair back with a simple ribbon. Diamanda also walks with a grace obtained from her life growing up on ships. Personality: Diamanda has a friendly personality, but is stubborn in the sense she likes getting her way, especially when it comes to pursuing her goals and interests. She would rather read or draw than converse with others, often feeling on the outside of any social group she is actually in. However, she also had a strong desire to be admired, and to be powerful, and so was studious in any goal she pursued. Character History: While she performed well as a crew member growing up on ships, she had dreams of seeing more than just the ocean from the decks. It was, for a while, her ambition to become a Sailmistress, but many around her did not think she had what it would take. Instead, she got into the habit of reading books about different cultures and lands, and thus that wish to command a ship waned in favor of adventure elsewhere. Around the age of sixteen, with both pressure from her older sister and a desire to be something more than she was, Diamanda asked to be tested three times to become a Windfinder. She did not think she'd actually be able to channel anymore than she'd manage to go off and have adventures, so it was quite a shock when the test confirmed she had the ability to learn. Diamanda spent the next five years as a Windfinder apprentice on three different ships. But as she neared the end of her first stage of apprenticeship, she had the epiphany that she did not want to be stuck rising and falling in rank for the rest of what would be a long life, and if she became a Windfinder she would never be able to see the lands as she wished. Thus, at twenty-one, in 982 NE, during a port call in Bandar Eban, she snuck her things off-board while helping to move cargo, and simply did not return to the ship. Diamanda made for the other side of the city without looking back, lest she question her own actions. Knowing she had to get away as fast and far as possible, she spent days in an inn until she overheard word of a trading caravan heading for Saldaea. She offered this caravan her skills as a guard (fighting skills had to be learned by all to help fight off pirates, if any were silly enough to attack their ship) and so secured her passage. She stayed with the caravan for a year, until they found themselves in Shol Arbela in Arafel. It was in this capital city Diamanda heard of Aes Sedai visiting the king, and it was this simple comment that made her think she could become Aes Sedai herself--what better way to become more than what she was? Thus in 983 NE, she found herself in Tar Valon, and she wanted nothing more than to become one of the powerful women of the White Tower. When Diamanda arrived at the Tower, she lied about her age and said she was sixteen. Soon after was put in novice white, it did not take long for the only other two Sea Folk in the Tower to find her. Both older Brown Ajah sisters, they made contact with Diamanda early on to assess her. When they realized she had not been sent to the Tower as they had, they admonished her rather harshly, and would variously visit her while she was still a novice to make sure she was doing her duty to keep the secret of Windfinders. Both her own honor and fear of their wraith guaranteed her secrecy. Character Reputation: As a novice and Accepted, Diamanda did her best but sometimes had trouble focusing and truly absorbing her learning, and with learning to channel she was fairly mediocre even with previous training. Diamanda is known to be stubborn, impatient and for being compulsive, rather than carefully planning anything out too far. She has a lively personality and can be out going, but refuses to talk about her past on the salt (the term Sea Folk use for the ocean). Unfortunately her insistence on this secrecy earned her few close friends. She spent eight years as a novice even working as hard as she could. Diamanda is known to be reliable, organized and practical in her decision making, but her impatience and desire to get to results quickly often worked against her. In 991 she was raised to Accepted. As she matured, she also came to be known as being rather productive, liking to keep herself busy and finish any projects assigned to her by her teachers. She has somewhat grown more patient but not by much. She spends time in the library when she can, studying about other cultures or reading history. Diamanda is known among the novices to settle disputes they don't want the Mistress of Novices finding out about, and on the other side is also known for being a somewhat strict, results-oriented teacher who does not like laziness in novices. The older Sea Folk sisters still contact her once in a while, trying to guide her into choosing Brown when she is raised, but Diamanda thinks she will chose another Ajah.
  12. Name: Jagen Halin Age: 70 (as of 998 NE) Place of birth: Tanchico, Tarabon Physical Description: Jagen is 5'7 tall with dark blue eyes and long, red hair in a multitude of beaded braids, and a doll-like face. In Taraboner fashion, she more often than not wears a transparent veil across her face and dresses from her home country. Her eyes have a certain brightness to them that bespeaks a curious personality. Personality: Jagen shows little sympathy for those who breach protocol, laws, customs or generally cause trouble. She dislikes to see people whine or act illogical, especially anyone training in the Tower. Jagen almost chose the White Ajah, but decided on Red in her last two years as Accepted. She is strong-willed and confident. Above all, she despises Darkfriends. Despite her usually strict attitude, she likes to teach classes, but Ajah priorities always come first for her. She is a woman of tradition, always dressed in red Taraboner dresses, or red-accented ones. She always wears her Aes Sedai ring, but often wears her shawl, too, even when it's not needed (like most Reds). She's a woman of pride and station. Character History Jagen Halin was born in 928 NE in Tanchico, Tarabon. She grew up just outside the capital on a farm, where she helped her mother weave rugs and step-father grow ice peppers. At age sixteen she started working in the Panarch's Palace as a servant, mainly to get away from the farm, but also to earn coin. The main driver behind this move was her stepfather, Darin, whom she discovered having a secret meeting with another man who turned out to be a Darkfriend. She soon put together he was one as well. At first too scared to warn her mother, she went to the city to work. She did keep visiting the farm to see her mother and sister, but on a particular visit home, it was to find them and her step father murdered. She fled again to the city and stayed in the palace. While working in there, a visiting Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah, Vera Cadsanome, sensed the ability to channel in Jagen as she was serving the Sister and the Panarch drinks. After the Sister's business was concluded, she brought Jagen to the Tower. This was perfect for Jagen since she wanted to get as far away as she could from where she was now. Jagen was 16 at the time and was enrolled in the novice book in 944 NE. She was fascinated with the ability to channel, and the move was perfect for her to join the White Tower, achieving her goal to move up to a higher station in the world. White Tower Life At the Tower, Jagen paid swift attention to her studies. She got in trouble enough for speaking her mind perhaps a little too directly, whether she thought she was being polite or not; a few other times, if another novice made her angry in a situation she felt was unjustified, she found various ways to get back at them, including rubbing itchoak in dresses, using the Power to make chair legs weak (and have the person consequently fall on the floor) and even once dunking a girl's head in sink water after being insulted. While her anger got the best of her in rivaling situations, the Taraboner was overall a good student; she was not one for silly pranks nor straying from her tasks. She spent five years as a novice and in 949 NE passed the Three Arches test, spending four years as Accepted. Jagen was raised Aes Sedai in 953 NE. There were a few Ajahs which interested Jagen when she was Accepted, but Red took the cake. She had little interest in being cooped up in the library, though she loves books, learning and teaching, so no Brown for her. She was very close to choosing White, but felt she did not need to be part of them to pursue her own interests. With the Red, Jagen felt she not only had some versatility, but also one of the most worthy, and challenging, causes of the Tower. The idea of men channeling also frightens her. At first joining the Tower, she knew she wanted to gentle them all, for the world's safety and their own. Joining the Red would also allow Jagen to travel far and wide in her pursuits. And though hard to convey otherwise, joining the Red had always felt 'right' for her. As soon as she was raised, Jagen's enthusiasm was set to begin working for her Ajah's goals. She is one of the strongest women in the Power at the White Tower, and a hard woman deeply set in her duty. Being a bookworm herself, while in the Tower she spends a lot of time in or around the Library (without the obligations of the Browns). She has a history of teaching novices and Accepted when she is there for a long period of time. Her specialty area of study is observing the Heavens. She has been known to visit a shop in Tar Valon run by a Sea Folk man who makes lenses, and she has built telescopes and shared some of her observations with other curious sisters. She has also used her telescopes in lessons. For casual hobbies, Jagen has and sometimes plays a cello. She has a few acquaintances in the White and Brown Ajahs. For companionship outside of other Sisters, she also has animals she cares for; two horses and an owl she adopted after it was found injured on one of her rides. Jagen has also been known to leave the Tower often as well, either for Ajah duties or simply on trips to find girls to bring to the Tower. She is determined to see the novice quarters fill up.
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