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  1. Who's going to JordanCon 10?

    Wonderful! I've wanted to meet you for awhile, Jennifer :D
  2. Who's going to JordanCon 10?

    Fantastic! I’m so excited to meet all of you. It’ll be my first DragonCon! <3 I’ll be cosplaying all three days. :D
  3. I'd love to meet up with fellow DMers (though I do imagine almost everyone going IS part of DM, somehow.) ETA: It's my first JordanCon also :D
  4. I really like that explanation. I have been wondering about the Eye for a long time.
  5. How do we revive the forum?

    Come to the RP sideeeeeee *tries luring people over*
  6. Atha'an Miere india?

    Actually the red dot, or kisain in WoT, is NOT a Sea Folk thing... the Malkier women do that. I've personally always pictured Sea Folk to be African in appearance, but later descriptions of "straight, glossy" black hair threw me off, because this type of hair is more in line with Indian than African texture. However, hair stated as "tight black curls" is described later, and this seems it could be African texture. I don't know. But consistently Sea Folk are described as the darkest people in WoT. I've started to picture a mix of both Indian and African features. The exception to Atha'an Miere being the darkest is that some Seanchan are that dark as well: Also, RJ has before mixed up features a lot. While many Saldaeans are described with "hooked noses" and "tilted eyes" (Asian eyes), Sheriam is clearly Saldeaen with tilted eyes but her eyes are green and her hair red. And she isn't the only one in WoT that is described in a way we would [almost] never see on our Earth. Not trying to get off topic, just trying to be thorough.
  7. Accuracy of Badali Dragon pins

    I actually bought and wear a silver AS ring. I always wear silver jewelry so it was a plus, but actually, for cosplay, I took my ring and spraypainted it gold. It... was okay for a photoshoot, but the spray didn't last long. (when they came out with the cheap fake gold ones, I bought two, for cosplay reasons). I actually think the Asha'man pins look awesome as is. Definitely get the red enameled version. But, this is from someone who hasn't personally bought those.
  8. I just want to pop in and say I'm really enjoying your guys' discussion :D
  9. Art of my character is my own. I do take character commissions! View my gallery here: DrowElfMorwen on deviantArt

  10. New Speculation over Wheel of Time Ending

    I've thought about the implications of several things, but as such implications seem obvious post-WoT, I've never bothered asking. So, as for secrets, I don't have a clue :p
  11. I wish to know why I keep seeing Moiraine spelled incorrectly with two r letters. Is this changed in some other language version?
  12. WoT Fans MeetUp in Seattle? Who'd be interested?

    I haven't continued talks on it, but I'd still love to get together with other WoT fans. Even casually.
  13. Dragonmount.com is Reborn

    I am loving the deep red banner at the top of the page! :D
  14. Horse Breeds... Calling Horse Experts!

    What do you mean??
  15. New

    Yes, welcome! And yes, spoilers are EVERYWHERE... so be careful :)