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  1. Did We Survive?

    It's been... so long... long... LOL
  2. A quick apology

    Glad to hear :D I hope you're doing well!
  3. Anyone want to play?

    There is also customs listed in the Blue Ajah Info thread on your board ;) Also, yes, I'd love to meet your Blue. I think I'll use Astradore for that :D
  4. Anyone want to play?

    That sounds awesome :D I'd like for one of my AS to meet your Blue too :D
  5. Please Check Your Character... (WT Webpage)

    She's been added to the website, bio and scores :)
  6. So I'm Looking to Bond an Asha'man...

    Good to hear, Matalina :)
  7. So I'm Looking to Bond an Asha'man...

    Myself and Aslan were double bonded but we never explored the bond itself much. Jagen doesn’t want to be bonded but would like to hold a bond. Though who knows what will happen. :)
  8. So I'm Looking to Bond an Asha'man...

    Oh, those were some of my favorite scenes, too :)
  9. So I'm Looking to Bond an Asha'man...

    I will have to see what type of guy Merdyn is... and if he'll be a compatible bond mate for Jagen! :) Well she and some other AS will be visiting the Tower soon. So, we shall see :)
  10. Lastly: If something still needs updated, added or amended or removed, please let me know. Thank you.
  11. Welcome to the Freelanders RP Section (START HERE)

    I'm pretty sure I can see all the boards I need to... uhm, this one and the FL training grounds is all I need to see, right?
  12. So I'm Looking to Bond an Asha'man...

    Perhaps we shall just call Asha'man ... Bonded. And the Aes Sedai can do the same. "This person is my Bonded." And the capital B can be heard ;)
  13. So I'm Looking to Bond an Asha'man...

    This is true Me AND my character have to get out of some traditional thinking, it seems! (Though, I think the Reds very much think of it as a Warder bond, ICly)
  14. In interest of fulfilling the Reds' agreement with the Black Tower to bond Asha'man, I'm looking to bond a Warder with my character Jagen. She was previously bonded by Aslan/Jakar, but his writer seems to have left DM. So I was given permission to dissolve that bond, which I did ICly by having Jagen and Aslan pass the bond(s) to an NPC Red. Jagen does have interest in being bonded to an Asha'man, however, and not just in interest of keeping her word to do so. Those who wish to bond need to be willing, of rank, and of course, not bonded already. :)
  15. Welcome to the Freelanders RP Section (START HERE)

    I have two Freelanders, both Seanchan :) A sul'dam: Cura Tenshi A so'jhin: Meissa Turan They're both in a thread here, currently the only RP I had going with them: House Elioth