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  1. I'm also lurking XD But mostly if anyone needs me for OOC stuff, or if someone needs an extra AS for some RP 😄
  2. Oh yay! September is always a month of "beginnings" for me some how... glad it is at DM, too! 😄
  3. I love RPing Seanchan if anyone is still looking. Though mainly I've been lurking in the background. Very busy in RL since March ~_~
  4. New Spring is my favorite of them all! ? A must-read!!
  5. Oooh I remember you, Caladesh ? Not least because I went through just about every WT roleplay thread available and read when Caladesh died ? Welcome back!! Great to have you! It's a good time to return with the show about to come out and all. RP forums are definitely around and active; @Taymistis the RP Group Head Honcho XD
  6. Jagen was present standing between the other two Sitters, all in their formal, long-fringed shawls. All wore varying shades of red; she was in her deep colored Taraboner gown. Tatiana, to her left, seemed dwarfed more than her usual short stature standing next to the taller woman, though both of them came from Tarabon. Viviana, the oldest of all of them, was on her right. They stayed still while Jagen stepped forward, near the young sister who held the newly sewn shawl, the fringe bright red and long. Ceremoniously, Jagen reached for Viviane's left hand and held it up. Holding the
  7. Hm yes, that's a good point! So it seems Jagen would get Warder benefits--nice!--but did Jakar add some Compulsion element? I'm good with whatever you decide for sure. ?
  8. Jagen did not immediately move, studying him. Through the bond there was not much emotion to feel, for the moment she was calculating. "I suggest you pack your... coat. Yes, your uniform." She was just going to have to get used to working with him. With reminding herself he was an Asha'man; not a rogue, but trained in the ways if battle. Deadly. For a moment she mused that it wouldn't be much longer before Greens held most of their bonds. "We will have to reveal our presence, our stations, once we figure out what is going on. Presuming none of these villagers have seen an Aes Sedai
  9. Oh, did we ever settle on what was to be taught? Some Weaves, or is it a different type of class? >_>
  10. "Tsk. That simply won't do," Kiyi muttered. Astradore drew her attention from the buildings and to the other Sister as she rapped on the ceiling. The litter came to a halt. "We appear to have an imminent delay up ahead, Sisters. No need to disturb yourselves. A minor matter. I'll deal with it, and direct the men to bring the litter on behind." "Oh? Yes, of course," she replied. The White had been daydreaming about the beautiful architecture. Every time she did venture out of the Tower, the Tairen always told herself she would spend more time out in the city, but it never came to be. She was
  11. Things are going to get ugly if Jagen ever realizes she'd be Compelled to obey Aslan with whatever order he wanted. Ouch. XD (I'm assuming the AM/"wife" bond works the same way on a female channeler as on any woman). But it could definitely make for some interesting RPs. XD ON the AM-AM bond: Would you have to obey each other? Oh my... LOL.
  12. Jagen walked in and stopped after only two steps. She looked around and blinked. What in the Light?! The smell of... Earth? ... hit her as she walked into his given apartments. Her blue eyes took in the skins and herbs that were definitely not there before. Well, they had given him a fairly plain room. She was sure that carpet hadn't been there before, either. And it smelled. Her nose wrinkled. "Well, I see you have been busy." She stuffed down the rising negative feelings at the thought of him using saidin to hop between the Black and White Towers. She did not like that at all. So
  13. The Crazy Manipulations one? I just know a few people expressed interest, and at least one was going to play an AS, but I think they disappeared again. I thought we should have some more sisters, but if worse comes to worst I guess I'll play Jagen and my White, Astradore. Oh, I did just reply for Aslan though XD
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